Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Another Quick Time Lapse From Grand Junction Colorado

I jumped on the commuter bike and headed towards downtown. About a block away, little snow flakes began to fall, back to the house I turned. Set up the GoPro on a ladder out back at 5 seconds, 5MP, and let the capturing begin.

One monster slap in the face happened today. My legs felt great on the Dreadmill and my posture stood tall. Everything was awesome as I finished up with 5.31 miles and thats when it hit me hard. Come June, I will still have a marathon after 5. whatever miles. WoW

Again, Thank 4 Watching!!


P.S. If you really like videos..... Check Out This Drone Footage of Oregon From The Adventure Blog

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Time Lapse Today

Check out these little birds and how they creep up the power lines, move into the little tree, and then attack the feeder in between the Bog Dogs pacing around. Classic

Its been a really good week so far in the office. I have been working with tennis elbow, bad backs, sore knees, and a wrenched wrist from falling down in the yard.

Yesterday was a 4.83 mile and today was 2.7 miles before Back/Bi lift. Morning and evening walks with The Boy Dog. Calisthenics before work, entertaining football games, & epic social engagements.

Thanx 4 Watching My Video,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Numbers And Goals For December

I have the privilege of hosting tonights Magic Carpet Ride at 6:30pm Mountain Time Zone. I am so looking forward to this show because I have been itching to play some tunes lately. I had this whole first day of December and wanted to play a Christmas show idea rolling around in my head like that damn belt on the Dreadmill. Old Bing Crosby, Cover Tunes Jingles, And instrumentals for mixing over some Jimmy Fallon clips.

But as of today, I am so ditching that idea. Tonight, lets hear music thats not top quality sounding. Really, I will be airing "Tapers" shows. My opener will be a movie clip from Blazing Saddles, The Juggling Suns will cover Stepenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride, & away we will ride.

I am normally a concert quality snob. I feel that live shows I play must be a SBD sound and that the LP I am playing must have crackles & pops. I also tend to be very anal with my meter output readings but tonight I am going to loosen up some.

I have some amazing cover tunes from Mr Blotto, newish New Monsoon, Zilla from 2004, Lotus, WSP, Little Feat from 10/14/1978 Grand Rapids, and some tasty treats from of that Dirk Quinn Band in New Orleans. All live shows from concert attending attendees. Again, I am pretty stoked. Hope you all stream live from 6:30pm -9pm.

Push Ups  - 1,050
Squats  -  1,100
Crunches  - 1,250
Commuter Bike - 15 Hours
Midnight Racer - 120 Miles
Spin Class - 6 Hours
DreadMill - 76 Miles
The Three Grand Challenge Was Met

> Adding in Lunge Exercises
> 20 count  sets of PU,SQ,CR,&Lunges every hour. Well, while awake or not around dinner time or if I am already at the gym or on a race day. Those will be some of my excuses and I am sticking to them. I think this may break up the monotony of last months challenge
> Snow Shoeing with the Boy Dog
> Selling Gift Certificates For Ortho Sessions
> Check out the new dance studio downtown
> Last Cyclocross Race of the Season
> Avoid Buying Sh*t

Above is my Turkey Dinner HD Time Lapse.
GoPro Silver 3 set at 5 seconds and 5 MP.
The original video came out of GoPro Studio at :59.
I slowed the video down in iMovie because 59 seconds was way too quick to really appreciate the interactions and activities.
Steve Kimock's Kickin' Up Dust from his 2010-10-01 show was then added while still in iMovie.

The Cast Of Characters In Order Of Appearance-ME, The Dude, The Madre, Loki, FJ, Heather, Malcolm, Patrick, Karen, & Erin for dinner. We originally were told that 18 people would be coming over and brining a side dish. And fashionably late - Hailey, Avery, Brendan, Kalinda, & Kyle.

Check out Avery spinning around on the kitchen floor, Loki making the rounds, and the cell phone usage. I shouldn't complain, it's Turkey Day, we don't need to have a conversation when we can text other people.

I can only hope that you have a wonderful December, that you reframe from catching a cold, your able to adventure towards something exciting, and a smile races across your face as you purchase your pets Stocking Stuffer.


I get no respect. The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.

Rodney Dangerfield

Monday, November 28, 2016

2016/11/28 Monday & Reflecting

Accommodating new views, understanding dynamics, and adapting to the situation at hand.

Thanksgiving has always had the same traditions ever since I moved out here to Grand Junction Colorado. The Morning would start with pulling the turkey/goose/and/or/duck from the 5 gallon bucket of brine.

A quick rinse off and onto the second rack of the smoker it would find itself. A very simple breakfast of eegs or potato added burrito or quiche would be snacked on and out the door as a family we would go. I can almost smell the apple wood chips right now.

The Dude and his family would always host and while the meal was smoking we would hike, walk with the dogs, or play a round of disc golf as a family. ( SIDE NOTE HERE: It Just Started Snowing & The Boy Dog & I Are Stoked!! ) We always had the best damn weather on Thanksgiving now that I think about it.

Thanksgiving was always so cool because unlike X-Mas gathers, we didn't have any expectations. Everyone that showed up would bring something special to add and the games ( cards, board, dominos ) would go on into the weeeeeeeeee hours of the night.

In Summery, The past 15 years have always brought on EXCELLENT food. Those dinners delivered something organic and complemented with fresh herbs from the garden. I mean, meals made with real love. FANTASTIC brew!! We always had a special brew for sipping on through the day and throughout dinner time. I so looked forward to the relaxing day of stories, games, and whatever football game was to be watched.

So moving forward ..... This past Thanksgiving would be something totally different.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016/11/24 Thank You

Happy Thanx-Giving!!! The Boy Dog & I crossed paths for the 1st time 11 Years Ago Yesterday. Thats Right!! The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Sadie Girl picked out the Boy Dog.

Halloween Hippies 2007
Sadie Girl was one of those kinda girls that liked other dogs and then every once in awhile she would loose her SH*T and scrap it out with another dog. My brother had a Blue-Tick Hound that Sadie Girl really like a lot but she hated his Boarder Collie.

Summer 2006
So the Boy Dog never left Sadie Girls side. He would constantly put his shoulder on her hip were ever she went. Thats basically how he got his name..... Shadow Boy

Only 5 Months Old Here
I am so thankful for were I am today. I have ALWAYS had clean running water, I have ALWAYS had a working sewer system, I have ALWAYS had a warm place to lay my head at night, I have ALWAYS had food in a refrigerator, I have ALWAYS had a proper running vehicle and/or bicycles, I have ALWAYS had pets around, I have ALWAYS had best friends that I could call at any moment in time, and I will NEVER take these privileges for granted.

Happy Thanx- 4 - Giving Folks!! Seek The Best Possible Outcome,


 I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car's headlights and tell you exactly which way it's coming.

Mitch Hedberg

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11/22 Another Bitchin Day

Nothing like waking up with The Boy Dog and to that wonderful smell of wet asphalt. Stretching and morning calisthenics have helped me out in more ways then I intended. My goal was simply opening my hips prior to Dreadmill training but I have gained so much than that. I went in very narrow minded physically and now reaping the benefits psychologically.

These past few months have allowed me to focus on goals and set clear intentions for my day and/or week ahead. When I started, my cloudy mind was all about how I screwed up this or didn't follow through with that or what ever old engram continued to play its self out. So cool to experience morning stretching and reflecting on previous events now.

Now, I have noticed that I have a longer attention span/focus while stretching or banging out a few ( 25 count ) sets of push ups. And speaking about that.....

Week of Nov 12th-18th
Push ups - 625
Squats  - 525
Crunches - 600

So clearly the Three Grand Challenge in a month was crushed. This challenge ends Dec 5th and I will be interested in what numbers come up then.

Things I Have Noticed:
My hams and gluteal muscle groups are often tight after Day 5
I can almost say that 25 push up sets are becoming easier
Taking one day off is key for me
Foam rolling has opened my hips, doesn't hurt as much, and breathing makes the difference for sure
Able to drop my butt a little low throughout the whole set
I can really burn my core by contracting my abs and then flexing up during crunches
My legs were a bit slow out of the gate during Spin Class

Early morning walk with the Boy Dog was awesome. The cold air was moving in from the west and damn near froze my face off. The walk back was tolerable. The commuter bike towards the office was brutal but the ride back was incredible. My legs felt so much stronger and pliable.

Tomorrow brings together family circles, added confusion, and I shall be quite an interesting atmosphere. Oh Those Holidays

Overall..... Pretty Sweet Day.... No Injuries.... The Boy Dog Ate Twice.... Pleased With This Time Lapse.... Its Only 40 Seconds Long.... Thank For Watching

Friday, November 18, 2016

MTB w/Style & True Balance

This Video Just Blew My Mind!! Horsethief is in my back yard and I defiantly CAN NOT descend this rock garden. This Guy CLIMBS it and then makes the ride down look effortless.

Copy and Paste in YOUTUBE if it isn't linked up.

Training: Solid week in the gym. Feel really good about where I am and miles on the Dreadmill. Basically, found myself listening to my own body and reassessed the days schedule. My hips felt tight on Tuesday so I backed off a "medium" pace day and took it easy. No pulls, tears, or WHY DID I DO THAT horsesh*t. That definitely made a difference and I didn't notice how good I felt until after spin class and while warming up on the Dreadmill. Stoked With Myself.

MON- 4.45 miles Chest/Tri
Tues - 3.37 miles Back/Bi
Wed - 45min spin class, 3.98 miles, and Shoulders
Thurs - No Gym/Rest
Fri - At least 5 miles and Back only
Sat - Easy 3 miles and Arms only

Push Ups - 300
Squats  - 425
Crunches - 450
( Mon-Thursday with Friday and weekend to be accounted for still )
Missed Tuesday PM walk with the Boy Dog but all mornings were met with happy paws

Ortho: Another really good week in the office as well. Started working with an expecting mother and feeling comfortable with meeting her in her model of the world. Helped an elderly gent with some knee issues. A few tune ups with some regular clients. Actually, its hard to believe that it is already Friday.

Looking forward to Portland and the Ortho conference. Found an every Saturday farmers market, an every Monday market, and found a bike shop that offers $20 day rentals. SCORE!

Goals: Deep cleaning at the OM House, editing some movies for my next radio show, meeting my daily numbers of Squats, Push Ups, and Crunches. MAD Racing has another cyclocross race on Sunday Nov 20th and the weather should be perfect. Also, I wanna start a new style of time lapse videos. I have some some ideas in my head so will experiment this weekend.

Overall, I am feeling really good and I sure do enjoy calling Colorado home. It was beautiful day yesterday and the Boy Dog didn't miss a meal. Have A Wonderful Weekend