Friday, April 3, 2020

March 2020 And My Pathetic Numbers

What A Cool Treehouse!! Has its own slide and two swings attached. This beauty was recently erected and I could hear the laughter of children as I rode by. Made Me Smile


Hours - 17
Miles - 227
Obviously riding much slower at night so no PR's posted.
2020 YTD Miles - 717
Oh, I Have Stellar Excuses, Just Ask

21F / -6C When I Woke Up This Morning - 30F / -1C When I Started Off 
As for reference here, March 2019 numbers where a little more productive. Rode 611 miles, 46 hours on the saddle, and 15 personal records. And check out that "eyebrow" all scrunched up. Can you tell I was flustered with my iPhone?? Of course the problem exists between the iPhone and the saddle.

However, if you were ever considering riding a bike, this would be the ideal time to adventure on. There are fewer automobiles on the road and under less polluted conditions. And courteous?? I have experienced a number of drivers waving me on or a least acknowledge me at intersections. Before Corona Virus ( BCV ) my commuter bike's saddle bags were too small to see, my rear bike light wasn't flashing bright enough, and countless times I have almost been clipped by motorist distracted by who knows what these days. Not these mornings, granted I am not riding the commuter as often, smooth sailing and friendly drivers. GET OUT AND RIDE

The River Trail at night is something really special. Particularly now that Mr Moon is making an appearance. Even though its less than half full, the trails characteristics stand alone under minimal illumination of moonlight. Sliding on that double edge sword, the twinkling stars are not quite washed out and the constellations are very recognizable. Orion when I ride west and Pegasus hangs in the eastern sky during my return trip. Venus is way A$$ bright right now, Jupiter is rather noticeable, and Mars is there if you look closely. Riding At Night Rocks

I will admit that nighttime activities lack one aspect for me. During the day, I can check out. Evening rides require a little more intensive focus. But on the up swing, enjoying the audible sounds of darkness. No Earbuds Needed


THIS IS MY OWN OPINION HERE. KAFM locked their doors to all volunteers and went 24/7 computer programmed automation. I sure as hell do not agree with this for a number of reasons. At least one staff member should be on air from 9am to 6 or 7pm. Not hosting a show but simply being a presence on air. "Your not listening are you?" I am asked. "Absolutely not." has been my response. I don't believe in automated shows EVER.

Again, in my opinion, KAFM is essential to community outreach, updates, and reassurance. A number of us in this Valley don't own TV's or prefer to NOT turn on that idiot box these days. We rely on the radio for entertainment, regional updates, or quite possibly a daily soundtrack while we work, house clean, or prep meals. I am aware of MY first world problems and there ARE bigger issues taking precedence. Like parents realizing that teachers AREN'T the problem. AGAIN, just my opinion here.

Before the doors were closed, the Program Director was sending out updates via e-mails. The PD even made statements about how listeners have really enjoyed the shows during the beginning of the pandemic outbreak. How the programs were the perfect distraction from these current events and complete BullSh*t updates from mainstream media sources. For me, its just really frustrating. If one staff member is in the building, opens the disinfected door for the ONE volunteer, guides them to the studio so both parties know nothing extra was contaminated, the program host the 9-noon time slot, escorted out, and this is replayed two more times. The 1-3pm show and the 3-6pm time slot. To me, THIS IS Essential to the community. While box store are open, no Phuc-N way can they sanitize everything touched. KAFM sure as Phuc should be broadcasting live. Again, this is my take and my rant. What Do I Know


This was sent to me and its gotta be the worst one yet or at least the most difficult of ones. I guarantee you can't solve it. My friends know I enjoy solving picture puzzles and that I am a game nut. Playing cards, board games, a brain teasers etc are highly entertaining to/for me. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment area below. Good Luck

Keeping GJ Lame - The Highest Level Of Stupid  


  1. At ( $.47 a liters ) $1.79 A Gallon, Road Trip 
  2. Longer Daytime Rides 
  3. Keep Up With The Pyramid Push Up Routine 
  4. Pull Those Lovely Weeds 
  5. Finish Reading Jitterbug Perfume 

Well, hope my overall attitude shifts for the better in 30 days. April has been a rough start but confident that April will end on a high note. Again, remind your loved ones why you love them. It Helps To Hear! Feels even better when a little gratitude is expressed and received.

Stay Hydrated,

Friday, March 27, 2020

Thankfully There Are 31 Days To This Month

When I am asked how I am, only one answer comes to mind. Bewilderment!! Where the hell did January, February, and now March go? Seriously, where does the time go? Poof

I was on a road ride earlier in the week and was totally lacking motivation with riding hard or for power or for speed. Eat It Strava!! Just riding the River Trail to simply ride. Then it dawned on me that one of my goals was to check in with folks that I hadn't talked with in over a year.

So that is what I accomplished. Talking on the phone while pedaling along the Not So Mighty Colorado River. Phoning folks was a very simple process really. I hit the call button of the desirable contact, speaker phone icon, and slipped the phone in my flannel pocket with the mic facing outwards. Chatting Away We Went

My overall milage is short of impressive to say the least. But I am actually enjoying meandering along the desolated River Trail System. That is when a dose of reality dawned on me. Riding for the pure joy of riding. Its so important to keep anything fresh, enjoy the moment, and discover something new around each bend. Cycling In Its Unadulterated Form

I wish I could offer up the ability to share more information about these creative photos from above. I was just googling patio covering imagines and basic gazebo plans and these photos popped up. Well, the first one came up of the crescent moon, dolphins, and the serenading apparition with that recorder. That imagine took me down the rabbit hole to initiate impulsive clicking.

Crushed our latest round of disc on Tuesday. Like unreal throws and thankful The Dude was there to witness my shots. Hole #1 I let go way late with my driver. That disc flew under a willow tree branch, just cleared the top of a fallen dead cottonwood tree, and skipped off the walking path towards the basket. EASY BIRDIE. Hole #2 My driver landed further than I expected and BIRDIED the second hole for the second time now. Hole #3 and my driver danced gracefully in the air with the lofty winds and landed feet from the basket. First time that I have ever birdied those first three holes. The photo above and below are The Dude's putts. Notice below that his yellow disc bounced off the basket in mid flight. He did that all day. Drilled the hell out of the baskets but never landed inside for the make. Thankfully, We Never Count Mulligans

I've began night riding again as Colorado is in Stay-At-Home mode. I could easily roll around in the daylight but I feel more like a rebel during the moonless nights through the mean streets of GJ. During the night, critters are so active, riding without a worry as to exactly where my derailleur throws the chain upon the appropriate cog. I just cruise lightless, turn when I feel like it, and seek nothing but freedom itself.

I would enjoy socializing while riding but the higher authorities continue to remind me that distance is my best medicine. But Damn It!! I do miss companionship. For those of you that are married or have that someone special, embrace the moment. Turn to them right now and tell them why you love them so. Share with them a behavior they exhibited or presented lately that really turned you on inside.


Also, I really appreciate how many of you have streamed my latest radio shows. The show on the 18th with the Yoda quotes has 41 hits and the Global Groove show on the 22nd has 17 hits. I would be so grateful for some feedback. Good AND Bad. What would you prefer hearing, do the trivia segments bother you, or does the sound of my voice cause you mild seizures or tremors?? The link to the 18th will only be accessible for a few more days as the 22nd has about 9 days or so.

Think Snow,

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Thanx For Thinking Snow - We Needed It


The Ortho world was been effected for sure. As of this morning I have only had two clients call AND back out. Most, I talk out of bailing. Here is what I say on the phone. Your are stressed = bodywork , your lymphatic system is you bodies immune system = bodywork , my building is damn near empty and I will meet you on the street, open the door, push the elevator button, and sanitize my hands in front of ya. The clients sheepishly agree to keep their appointments and thank me afterwards for holding them "accountable" because they feel relieved. Three clients in particular told me that it was the first time that they "relaxed" in weeks. There really is something to a para-sympathictic state of being. Thats Right, Being

Karma Cupons Here - Switched Out A Toilet Seat - These New Suckers Took Some Thought - I Then Had To Follow The Given Written Out Instructions - Not Like The Old Days - Two Plastic Bolts And Done - Now, They Are A Whole New Lock-N-Bolt Action - I Guess Thats What I Get For Saying," Sure, There Easy, I 'll Do It For Ya." 

Just as I was happily falling back into a rhythm with swimming, Cross Roads closed their doors. Talk about bummed. Its really a bummer on so many levels. So lets be optimistic, lets have fun with it, and lets do this. Morning calisthenics, road rides of the River Trail, and washing them hands.


So stoked about the lack of pollution. HERE is a link of photos and videos coming out of Venice. Dolphins have returned to the harbors, locals admitting that they have never seen the bottom of the channels before, and how the airborne nitrogen dioxide has plummeted over China recently.

And a Pro Cyclist that I follow posted a video from a hanging valley back in November during Turkey Week rides and then again from Monday. The air quality was remarkable. You could see another mountain range in the distance. The Clarity

And nobody was at the Hot Springs!! Its a hippie dippy carry out what you carry in. I was the only human there, week day of course, the audible sounds of birds blew my mind. Its as if they knew the humans were locked away in fear and they were singing with celebration. Another Righteous Byproduct From This Pandemic


I find myself tooting my own horn here more and more. If you met me in person, hope that happens, you will hear me deflect praise. Like with MAD Racing. There are times when I "give" advice for a project and when someone gives me the acknowledgment in front of others, I politely find a way to point outs someone else achievements. Using The Force

Having said that, THIS SHOW WAS STELLAR!! The show opens with The String Cheese covering Walking On The Moon, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi banter, and then Purple Disco Machine covering Devil In Me. I began the show at about 5:20ish AM but this link starts from the 6am hour. My format or playlist if you will consisted of 1970's tracks, silky smooth reggae beats, and a number of female vocalist banging out cover tunes. As transition between songs, played more soundbites from Yoda Movie Quotes. They're Killer

The 16 Watt Awakening (  LINK HERE  March 18th ) has a sweet time slot with plenty of morning faithful listeners. KAFM began with only 16 watts and a few years ago was granted with a grant that pumped us up to a mighty 300 watts. The 16 Watt Awakening is one of the original shows from 1999 and has had two solid volunteers holding down that time slot. One programer is an original and the other has been around for 4, 5, maybe 6 years now. Its A Well Received Time Slot

Snow On The Valley Floor

I purposely never made reference to the virus or the fact that I should have been waking up in Vegas rather then spinning tunes. Projected positivity over the airwaves for 3 full hours. Hope Ya Stream And Please Turn It Up!!!

This Late Snow Storm Hit The Valley Thursday Before Mr Sun Came Up

Then, I received a quick fill-in call from Coach."Can you please cover the Global Groove show Sunday?" HERE is the link for ( March 22nd ) that show. Went very well by the amount of texting and phone calls. It was lively for sure and I enjoyed myself as usual. Probably had something to do with the magnetizing  trinket left by JJJ. Once again, I made NO reference to the virus and stayed clear of the soap box urges. So now you have 6 hours of stimulating music to entertain yourself with. Find That Sweet Spot Between The Speakers

Hippy Jim far right's B-Day - Me, third from the left 


The Dude & I threw a round of 18 as this storm front was approaching. It was windy as all get out but it didn't matter to us. We only keep track of the birdies anyway. Speaking of which, I birdied the 2nd hole for the first time ever. Totally wind aided, my driver flew on and on and on. We laughed and chalked it up to the Disc Gods on our side. May never birdie that hole again. Here is a photo of The Dudes putt on 17. Funny thing about this photo is it was suppose to be a video for Tim in San Diego. Classic

Wednesday Before The Storm 

I was suppose to be on the road towards Marble Colorado after my radio show this morning. But the first e-mail this morning, Gunnison Country said NO, the AirBNB organization set out some kind of notice to the tune of owners are not allowed to rent their places. Now, I'm just not one to be hunkered down on the couch. Marble was totally ideal and I planned on riding my bike, cooking fresh veggie meals, tromping around in the fresh Pow Pow, and reading my book. Marble has a current population of 57 full time residents and NO COMMERCIAL MERCHANTS. There is no virus, hardly any people, and I am happy to keep my paws to myself. So another day trip up the Grand Mesa it is. WTF

Met Steve - One Happy Dog Here 

I only hope that in 6 weeks or 6 months from now, when humans roll back out from isolation, with that full sense of freedom in our hearts, we are a little better, more empathetic towards Mother Earth, a little more productive, understanding of ourselves, more appreciative, more humble, a little more loving, then we were yesterday.

Stay Hydrated,

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Easing Back Into It, Not So Easy Really

Slowly started turning over the cranks on the commuter bike and instantly became hooked again. I love swimming but there is nothing like a casual bike ride. I am able to smile when I swim but not freely smile like while riding a bike. I am feeling stronger in the gym but not strong like grinding up a hill climb on the road bike. I feel completely in control in a plank position but nothing controls my perspective like a downhill decent on the OLD 575. I Have Focus Again

After rescheduling clients from that mini hiccup in the get along, been enjoying time in the office again. Catching up with old faces, two new clients, and a couple of funny ol Silver Sneakers. Its been a really good mid month practice.

One of the new clients is a trail runner and a part time road rider. We met on the River Trail and they were going on about nagging aches and pains. I normally go into Ortho mode but I felt as if a neuromuscular massage would be rather beneficial in this case. A neuro session really depends on the clients ability to find eco-pressure with me. Take the belly of the quad ( Rectus Femoris ) were I use my elbow and begin at the origin / attachment of the muscle. I apply as much downward pressure as I can, the client contracts the muscle fully, releases, and I micro move towards the insertion / opposite attachment. I move a little, they contract, I move, they contract, through the entire functional muscle group. But the client must be able to contact the muscle fully. Its a client directed session for sure.

Another session with a Silver Sneaker went well. They were suffering from upper tramp tightness and headaches. I believe they healed themselves when I allowed them to work in the supine ( face up ) position. They explained that a massage therapist MADE them lat face down which was very uncomfortable. Their daughter recommended me "because you will listen" was their words. I truly believe that they healed themselves because I didn't take away their power. It was quite the empowering session for all parties involved. Dig That


My January numbers were solid and then February hit. Starva was even kind enough to send me an e-mail with 184miles less ridden miles then last month, 9 hours less than last month, and 2,800 less feet climbed then last. Great!! And if that wasn't enough, my annul adventure to Vegas is out the window. NCAA cancelled the March Madness Tournament for the first time ever. SUCKS


Just before the world class Belly Up in Aspen shut its doors because of C-19, Umpherys did their best to blow the place up on night one of three. What A Night!! First opener was Higgins > #5. Both of these tracks are legendary cuts. Push & Pull was the next long jam and a favorite of mine. Little did I know what I was in store for. The melodic intro of Breaker began to build. Breaker is a song that I am not all that similar with but the UM boys teased Marshall Tucker Band's Can't You See. I thought that they were going into the song but pulled out of that and went deep into Cut Off and morphed that into The Police's very own Can't Stand Losing You. My Phuc-N Eyes Welled Up. That cover tune jammed into Similar Skin to put an exclamation point on the first set. MIND BLOWN

I literally had to step outside during the set break to collect myself. The night air was crisp, the stars were plenty, and all the hip youngster puffed on their vape pens. As I headed back down the staircase of the Belly Up, Little Gift was the second set opener into a signature jam Into The Kitchen. That jam teased Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away two different times during the jam. Impressive Really. As they came out of it for the second time, light show was amazingly off the hook in that room, Thin Air rounded off the 3 song opening set. I would have been satisfied had the show ended there but no. Resolution > Can't You See > Resolution > Upward > Plunger to end the set on a non-stop 45 min block of tunes. Love That

UM walks back for an encore and not just one song and boogie off. How about a 20ish minute jam of Phil's Farm > Cocaine > Phil's Farm. How do they do it? Night after night? City after city? Silky Smooth, Flawless Cover Tunes, And Jams That Suck You Without The Bottom Falling Out. Phuc-Yes Umphery's McGee


My next show will be Wednesday the 18th at 6am and I am itching. I'll be hosting the 16 Watt Awakening with a plethora of tunes to showcase. Yoda Willing, tasty cuts from the 70's, remix bonus tracks, and deep reggae vibes from unknown artist. You will be able to STREAM live and WEB CAM as well. Hope You Can Make It


Lifting again feels good yet I am beyond weak. I even backed off the weight and controlled 15 reps per set. But damn it worked me. And sore, son of a witch with a capital B. My chest was so tight that I could hardly hug myself. Yes, I Do That Often



  1. Hydrate Like A Mad Man
  2. Steady Rides With Longer Milage 
  3. Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
  4. Snowshoe Around The Full Moon Time Frame
  5. Contact Friends That I Haven't Seen In At Least Over A Year  

After All, We Are What We Are And We Are Just That,

Monday, March 9, 2020

Time Is Flying By Because I AM That Busy

What Happened To February?? Wait, What Happened To January?? Its Already March WHAT?!?!?!


The Ortho world took a hit this past week and I am way bummed about it.

After my San Diego trip, I was full stream ahead. I literally landed in the Grand Valley, unpacked, packed, and went from sea level to 7,200 feet in 14 hours time. MAD Racing was invited to time the Regional Youth Cross Country Invitational. Teams from New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, And Idaho were lined up to tackle the groomed trails around the Odin Rec Center. Couldn't Be Happier

Live IS Good!! Working in the mornings, snow shoeing in the evenings, and sleeping in yet another bed. February was ending on a high note. No Complaints

But Monday Morning, The Chest Felt Off. Super Bummed!! That first week of March was packed in with clients, gym routines lined out, and an aggressive cycling schedule. All That Went Out The Window

I started calling clients and they could hear it in my Southern Georgia Whiskey Cigar Smoking Voice that I was sick. Of Course, everyone knew I was in CA and promptly associated the C-19 virus. We live in such a fear base society for sure. And rescheduling is such an inconvenience for all parties involved. Another real downer was I had coordinated a video/commercial for my practice last Saturday.

Sound Asleep 
I hired a film crew and scored a willing model for simple knee and ankle release pieces to be shot. Designed a story board for how I was thinking things would flow, wrote out scripts, and was pretty excited overall. Rebooking that was a royal pain in the A$$. Sucked Really

And all of this was my own damn fault. It wasn't the traveling. It wasn't the late nights. It wasn't burning the candle at both ends. It wasn't the forgiven uncomfortable beds. It wasn't the three jobs. It WAS the fact that I didn't wash my Phuc-N hands Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, after the relay races, a number of the head coaches sought me out while I was breaking this down and loading the work trailer. They appraised me for all of the work I put in, how I conducted myself all weekend, they complimented me on my empowering words to their racers at the start lines, the constant reassuring messages to each racer before the tag of their relay leg, and one coach asked me about a possible interview via a phone call later in the week. This means I shook a lot of hands and was starving at the end of the day. The MAD Crew had prepared homemade chili, sliced avocados, grated cheese, and tortilla chips. Covered In Germs, I Ate

What do you suppose the idea is behind SPAM Calling and SPAM Comments?? Does anyone actually bite on these? Would you really answer this call?? Does anyone clink on the SEE THE SWIMSUITS LINK or FIND YOUR NEW LOVE HERE LINK??  My phone rings about 3 to 6 times a day with these Colorado Spam Calls. I have listed my number on the Do Not Call List but to no prevail. Those Bastards


  1. Wash My Hands
  2. Eat My Veggies
  3. Hydrate
  4. More Fruits
  5. Slowly Start Morning Calisthenics
  6. Ease Back Into The Road Miles 

Its very unfortunate that it takes a deadly outbreak to remind us to wash our hands, takes an F4 tornado ripping through a grass roots town to prompt us to a Red Cross donation, or a tragic auto collision to bring awareness to just how precious life truly is.

Be Kind, Think Of Others, & Smile,