Sunday, August 12, 2018

August Update

The Smoke Filled Valley Has Become So Damn Depressing.

I mean the smoke offers up some brilliant sunrises but come on. It Sucks

Right Ear - Normal 
 And check out this lovely ear hole. Minding my own business, I was attacked my a number of WASP and one tagged me right in the ear.

Left Ear - On Fire

These photos are from the second day after the bite. The weird observations are that my stung ear feels completely clogged as if I was under water but unable to clear them and how I can feel my ear but its damn near numb. I am going to use this word one more time - SUCKS

Went and pre rode the Triathlon course the other day and popped into the State Park Office. Their display table was rather interesting and a picture really IS worth a 1,000 words.

The Birthday Boy Dog Is Always Ready. He says he couldn't give a rats A$$ about all the smoke. Or he thinks he could eat. Not sure but ether way he is game.

Finally!! Some Good News Here:
1) I performed an Ortho session on an advanced practitioner for a feed back documented session - All went well and exceeded my expectation - Opportunities were discussed and I am thankful for the constructive suggestions - Ortho-Bionomy, we do nothing better
2) Crossroads Gym offered an August special of $49 unlimited with a personal trainer - So I jumped on that deal - Focusing on Gluts, Hamstrings, & Core - Been sore through the side oblique & ALL medial quad muscles - Righteousness
3) 14.3 miles of Blissful Mill - Remember, smokey out - 307.9 miles on the bike - Remember, smokey
4) Hosting a radio show on Sunday the 26th of August - The three hours will include Vibe Street, Manic Focus, Sunsquabi, Big Wild, Terravita, The Glitch Mob, and audio clips from The Big Bang Theory

And Here You Are!! The String Cheese Incident For 22 Minutes. This Was The Saturday Night Birdland > Fearless > Freight Train Boogie > Wheel N Hoss > Birdland

If you listen really closely, thats me losing my mind in the crowd,

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer Tour & July Numbers

What a magical run!! This week has been in the making for 15 years now and damn did it live up to its expectations!! Friday the 13th offered a Flash Flood Advisory and all of us campers were excited to party down in the rain. 

Side Note - Due to drought conditions, designated areas were assigned to cigarette smokers. Brilliant idea for a number of reasons!! Non of us are turned on when someone sets up their camp next to ya and starts puffing away. Plus, the smokers enjoyed each others company in these designated areas. Last But Not Least, No Butts Everywhere 

Love This Guy
Saturdays line up was just OK until each performer/band took the stage. Tyler Childers was incredible with companied stories along the way. Larkin Poe sounded much better from a far and thats on the house sound and not the act. Big Something was epic!! Mike Campbell from Petty was righteous and all. Sheryl Crow opened with her happy song and proceed to belt out all of her hits. Then, during The Cheese, the sky opened with with rain and the band blew the valley of Telluride apart. I Mean YES
Corn Fields Galore 

Sunday was an early outing to the ONLY bar that opened at 8:30am for the World Cup Final. A couple other establishments, we heard later, opened at 9:05am. Bastards!! Our watering hole was split down the middle which really made the match even more exciting. I couldn't care ether way and I was stoked with the 6 total goals. 

The music was a little less muddy on Sunday but was piss poor overall. New Respects opened up the venue with a number of decent covers. Quaker City will be a headliner soon. Dhani Harrison ( son to the late George ) went electronic and vibrated the valley floor. Chris Robinson looked so shockingly old. Couldn't believe it was him at first, told myself it isn't him, and lucky for him his voice is still stronger than ever. Grace Potter and Joe Russo's Almost Dead sets were totally robbed by weather, lack of ticket holds, and a horrible muddy PA. 

My M*A*S*H Tribute Radio Show
Again, the sound for The String Cheese Incident wasn't great but damn that light show was unreal. The drummers opened up their set and the full band proceed to jam and improv until the very LAST second before curfew. The members are clearly enjoying each other and jam sessions were perfectly laid out for ALL to enjoy.

GJ Rockies Rookie League - 17 to 19 year olds

The following weekend offer The Cheese at the ever so world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater for a three night run. Friday's show topped Tellurides weekend and there is no way that they will be able to impress me Saturday. Guess What?? Saturdays Opener, Miss Browns Teahouse, 1st song The Cheese played at my first show. From there, WoW. Amazing. Mind Melting. A Grateful Dead cover into a Led Zeppelin cover, and back into a Dead cover. They went deep, they mixed up the tempos, and they haven't played this tight in about 12 -15 years. Haven't Seen A Bad Cheese Show Yet

I took the opportunity to thank and cross pollinate with some of the original rail riders throughout the weekend shows. I expressed my gratitude and/or explained how they influenced me over the years. Or how they taught me the protocol of the Cheese family. Or shared an experience when that certain person that was in attendance during that particular show. Or for inviting me to witness their wedding vows. And to my surprise, all the folks that I really wanted to see were there at Red Rocks. I am telling you, it was an unforgettable week.

Highest I Have Seen The River in Three Months


My goal for July was to top the 500 mile mark. Ready for this kick in the  ....... gut?

492 miles on the bike
42 hours
ZERO running
15 Personal Records
Cracked the top 50 on two Strava Segments

Now, I am keeping this in mind. I missed my mark by 8.1 miles BUT with my travels I missed the opportunity to log miles and shatter the elusive 500 miles club. Reflecting for a moment, the rest/recovery was ideal.

Not Sure Why But I Really Like This Photo 

August Goals:
1) I would love to shoot for 609 miles. BUT The Weather Channel just listed all 118 wild fires out west that have consumed 700,000 acres. Our air quality so sucks!!! But Killer Sunsets
2) 100 Running Miles as these legs feel fresh
3) Celebrating The Month With This Birthday ( Beth wished him a happy BARKday Month ) Boy!! He Enjoyed Another Year of Me Cuddling Him, Lifting Him, & Hiding Treats Around The House. Sarcasm There, He Is A BOY Dog After All.

Stay Strong, Keep Yourself Hydrated, & Think Of Others

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Quick Update Before Telluride Colorado Adventure

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this time lapse. Thanx So Much For Watching!!! Cheers 

Cribbage w/The Dude at the Copper Club Brewery 

Their Deck Showcased Breweries From Around The States 

Moments Before A Mountain Lion Scared The SH*T Out Of Me

When Pigs Fly 

4th Day In A Row of 100F+ YIKES

Me & The Boy Dog Taking In That Sunset - Oh Baby

The Dude Handed Out The Yeti Stickers In Thailand - He Received This Text From A Local Merchant 

My First Top 25 on Strava!! Completely Unexpected!! 

Whats Missing In This Photo?!?!?!?

Friday, July 6, 2018

A 5K In Beautiful Meeker Colorado For The 4th of July

Its been such a damn good month so far. Like Scary Good

Adding the miles in the saddle towards the 500 miles goal for this month. Been spending a fair amount of time on the River Trail along The "Not So" Mighty Colorado. Check out the photos below

Feeling stronger at the gym after a couple weeks off during Country Jam. I started back at it with calisthenics, for the most part, more reps than real weight once I went that way. Only took about a week to find my groove again. My arms didn't fatigue as much but my chest took a hit. Legs and Back felt excellent under heavier loads. So Thats Cool

The Boy Dog is a month shy of 13 years old and he slept through the fireworks for the first time ever. I couldn't believe it. Been taking him out into the mountains to avoid the fireworks but not this year. I returned on the 4th and him and I played all afternoon. He completely crashed out about an hour before the major Stoker Stadium Show.

May 11th The Colorado River Peaked A Month Early

July 1st 2018 - Unreal 


1) Re-Read Its A Dogs Purpose For A Good Cry
2) Ride A Half Century On Saturday
3) Love On The Boy Dog
4) Start The Prep Work For Telluride
5) Enjoy A Session With My Ortho Mentor

Have A Brilliant Weekend, Learn Something New, & Stay Hydrated Folks,

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Interesting June & Numbers

June was a blur of a month with so many activities/obligations to attest to. My practice was grown quite a bit this year and I found myself in the office a lot this month. MAD Racing hosted a huge Grand Enduro the first weekend of the month, Ridgeway mid month, and we then traveled to the magical valley of Crested Butte to finish on a high note. I miraculously pulled off 7 FULL days of work during Country Jam on about 20 hours of sleep. The Boy Dog & I walked our No Excuse Loop every morning and sometimes at night when HE was up for it. I neglected the gym for about half the month BUT thankfully I have been spending hours on the saddle clearing my own headspace. Yes, June Flew By!!

JUNE Numbers:
429 Miles On The Bike
21.4 Miles On The Treadmill
2 Actual Days Off
3,151 Push Ups For The Year

And The Most Important Number Of All

                      43 Miles Walking w/the Boy Dog

One down fall here is that I haven't been able to host a radio show for quite some time now. My creative side is burning as I have two projects that I am jonesing to share over the radio waves. The Radio Station is my drug ( best hobby ever ). The Program Director reached out a number of times in June but I truly haven't had the time to volunteer or help out. I even sent him an e-mail explaining my schedule and to please NOT be discouraged with my consist " Can't Do It" right now.

Another a little hiccup that took place in June, actually really shifted my perspective for the better, found clarity, which has allowed me to achieved a number of personal goals with a quiet mind. Every gorgeous evening of each Solstice, I go name by name in my address book, sending out positive affirmations. I received a number of replays, some were related to the day, others were thankful, but the one person I really wanted to hear from sent a lame A$$ response. I was on work day number 17 in a row and was rather disappointed to not have the opportunity to share with, catch up with, or even explore the best possibilities. But it is what it is and I choose not to read much more into it at that time.

Then, two days later, a text came in that confused the Sh*t out of me. It was a very fragmented thought and after annualizing this reply a few times, my mind spiraled a weeeee bit out of control. I questioned my own judgment and came to the realization that there would never be any answers. Self discovered a valuable lesson here, riding my bike never felt so good, and texting has never been my strong suit. When I have a client that sends me a text about availability, I reply with just my phone number. You Know What I Mean

I enjoy comic relief, I enjoy sharing moments in time, I love what I do, I seek new discoveries, and I simply don't have the time to allow someone else to puke up drama like back in high school. I realized that there is no need to subscribe to this type of behavior. I kinda found a new sense on relief after kicking my self down for a few days. I felt the anxiety lift from my shoulders and I am enjoying my cheerful life style again.

I personally think its not all that difficult to embrace compassion or understanding the perspective from someone else's shoes. I thought it was a curse way back when but I completely believe that its a treasured gift. To truly be present with someone and keep judgment at bay. Simply waking up happy, sharing energy, and closing out the day with a job well done. Thats Satisfying For Sure.

So how does one start a new month off on the right foot??? Iris was born on July 1st at 5:20am. She was actually born on her due date!?!?!? The Dude is a Grandfather for the second time and here he is with his flag from Thailand. His grandson Avery now has a baby sister to look after. Baby Daddy & Baby Mommy are both doing well and this birthing experience went much smoother than the last time.

I am hoping to meet Iris before heading out this week. I am also excited about observing Avery Charles with these new set of rules to the family tree dynamics. Let's watch these kids grow up and become influential members of society. Life Is Good

1) Topping 500 riding miles during this month
2) Becoming more reliable in B&H's world as they will need all the help they can get 
3) When distractions arise, remain present and investigate options 
4) Comfort The Boy Dog And Enjoy Each And Every Day 
5) Remind those around me of their strong attributes 

Until Next Post - Be Brave, Smile Often, & Grow With Grace

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Photos From Some of the Adventures

Avery Charles 
Take Me Away 
San Juan Range
Kebler Pass 
Lake Irwin
Palisade Colorado 
10th Anniversary of the Roots & Bluegrass Fest 
Seen It All Now 
Country Jam 2018
Mexico vs Germany at KAFM 
Nest Stop, Crested Butte Colorado for Bike Week