Sunday, February 12, 2017

Forward with Fluid Movements

Training Miles : Strava is telling me I have 12 hours and 80 miles during this month of February. This is off by a few because I am still having trouble "telling" my Garmin that its a new activity.

The Boy Dog & I will hit a quick no excuse loop & that time will be added to my run. I am finding that the Garmin will only begin a new activity IF its the next day when I start a new routine or if I immediately upload and delete that particular run.

But I am sure getting a kick out of the maps and overall tracking. Cloudy days give the best readings. Tuesday's map had me running upstream ON the Mighty Colorado River. Too Cool

But damn, feel really good. Muscle memory is amazing and I am able to self correct my posture immediately. That feeling of recognition is brilliant and my body almost becomes fluid in stride after I fall into proper alinement. Actually, its a rather freeing feeling.  

Yes Perth, looking forward to some trail running and hopping off the treadmill. I will say that the Dreadmill hasn't been to bad because I switch programs every time I use it. I like how the incline mode engages at different times throughout the run. 

Truthfully, I still kinda get a kick out of watching all the new year resolution folks assess their situations around the cardio equipment. I always hope that they will come back. Maybe try it again and possible add another 2 more minutes. Hopefully experience a calling of sorts and do more than just a warm up and some quick channel surfing.

Office & Clients : Fantastic Week In The Office. Hope you watched the time lapse video!! The video starts in Black&White and become rich in full color. Its so damn cool having an office window that faces south and three floors up. I enjoyed making and tweaking this one in the GoPro Studio. 

Worked with another expecting mother and thats always such a powerful session. Babies, I don't want them, but They Are Flipping Amazing. Connecting with a baby and adjusting mom is unlike no other. What does that even mean??

Helping a mother find comfort, I as the partitioner AND mom literally experiences the babies nervous system calm and/or retraction of a limb so mom can breathe or bend easier, is just incredible. Every mom follows that with a deep breath and some times that strong wordless eye contact. Powerful

Worked with a massage therapist and we had a really good session. I was able to work with her ribs 1 and 2 and build a connection/relationship between her neck and her shoulder. I am not able to just drive right in with clients that are "unfamiliar" with their own bodies and how they move. Plus, the clothing on plays a roll as well. So Cool

Working with my regulars is also a blast. Their bodies respond much quicker and I am seeing clear blocks and/or unbalanced bone relationships. Finding a tight/shorten psoas has become automatic and is addressed during every session. My key has always been more bodies under my hands and notice what you notice. Now, I am in a principal based form of bodywork. Its Awesome  

A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.

Mark Twain

I have a full list of intentions for this coming week. Obviously lifting and more Dreadmill time, Spring projects at the OM House, Snowshoeing on the Mesa, & working out mathematical probabilities for March Madness. Let's Rock and Thanx For Stopping By.


Love This Guy 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Updates & Numbers

Here is a short 1:07 time lapse of our sun setting, catching the International Space Station, and the descending Moon and Venus. I was way surprised that the GoPro captured this because its not the best at night. I use the web site space weather dot com to find the Flybys.

January Numbers:
28 Hours
220.9 Miles
43 Actives
Jan 17th - 22nd ZERO!! Picked up a wicked head cold while on the plane.

I joined Strava this year and I am still learning my way around it. I did NOT go Premium so that may be part of my problem here. I was hoping for an easier layout and separation of actives.

Such as..... Where are my snow shoeing numbers, the no excuse loop with the Boy Dog walks, or the difference between a mt bike ride and my commuter bike rides. Maybe its all their but I haven't put the time in this AM to find all the cool functions. But I have time to write this, Classic.

Something else I haven't quite got the grasp of, Strava will combine my No Excuse Loop with my Commute to work. I was under the impression that if I turned off my Garmin then automatically a new segment would start. I know its human error so hope to learn more as I go. Google, here I come.

Here is what I noticed from taking a break off from the gym. I stopped lifting when I flew to Portland, didn't do anything but slept while sick, and then only walk/ran the Dreadmill when I returned to the gym. So thats a full three weeks off and my left shoulder doesn't hurt at all. Down side, I am flipping weak!! It was so hard to lift after running on the Dreadmill and I could have easily passed on lifting.

Mon - Chest - lighter weights and no bench. all dumbbells. 4 sets 12 -15 reps
Tues - Shoulders - again, lighter weights and focused on full ROM. 3 sets 12 - 15 reps
Wed - Back - went with heavier weights because I knew I wouldn't have time for arms

I will stick with this mental ( P***Y ) attitude for the rest of the week/weekend. Thursday will be arms, Friday is chest , and Saturday will be shoulders. Next week, finding my power. Plus, I am going to play around with the resistant bands. Wish Me Luck

Radio Show:
This Saturday the 4th of February at 6AM. I will be hosting Mt Bound from 6-9am and I am super fired up about it. I already have my show put together. Loads of bluegrass from 2017 live shows, cover tunes, and wacky comedians as well. BUT the really cool news is that KAFM has updated their web cast and streaming is clear and NO Flippin Buffering!!!

Ortho-Bionomy is beautiful!! I have had the best couple of weeks in the office. My clients are cool and the work is brilliant. I picked up a new client and are you ready for this??? This client went in for a routine colonoscopy and all seemed well. Two days later, she hemorrhaged and damn near died. Can You Wrap Your Brain Around That??

I have also been working with elbows and backs. Almost all of these injuries were snow shoveling related. We are so good about warming up before we exercise but never when we shovel snow. Lets call that job security.

Pretty much every session has some kind of psoas release. Most of the time, not always, this works into a knee and ankle release. Shoulders and necks are often treated during the session but I have had a number of folks tell me that they do not like their neck touched. I always honor this and I never speak my inside voice.

I have studied Body Metaphors and its something that makes perfect sense to me. The body metaphor for the back of the neck is guilt. We see this when someone makes a mistake of some sort and they rub/hold the back of their next while staring at the problem. The body has all kinds of metaphors but I don't always share this information unless I can meet them in their model of the world.

Now that I think about it, I released a lot of diaphragms. The whole thoracic and rib relationships are often addressed and the diaphragm has showed up quite a bit. Interesting, I should go back through my notes.

Our weather out here in GJ,CO has been unseasonably warm so I have a feeling that I will be working with legs and hips this month. Maybe Not, Maybe Yes. We Shall See

Until Then, I will stay strong!! I will add more veggies!! Making smoothies every morning!! Saturdays will add another Dreadmill session. I am going to do my first hour on the Dreadmill, lift, and then another hour on the Dreadmill. And as always, The Boy Dog will receive a lot of love and extra attention!!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

P-Land 2 SLC in 4min

I appeared from the airport terminal supporting a box of our local Enstrom Candies and I departed leaving a full 6'er of Lagunitas IPA.

Thanx Portland!! I will be back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hope The Airline Gods Are On My Side Today

Last few hours here in Portland and the meteorologist is claiming that freezing rain is on its way. This worries me but I am going to remain positive.

Plus, I can't be too pity on me because Portland is in bad shape right now. The snow from 7 days ago is still here. The packed streets have turned into approximately 2 inches of solid ice because nothing is plowed or shoveled. All of the gutters along the curbs are buried in ice.

Rip City is now forecasted to receive rain for the next 5 days from the full on Pineapple Express. This means that there will be nowhere for the water to flow. Local newscaster are "predicting" that they will see flood like devastation from back in 1996. Back then they saw snow, frozen temps, & heavy rains followed. The old 90's footage has been pretty rad.

AGAIN, Hope to be leaving today!!

Truth Be Told: I miss the Boy Dog like crazy. All this walking around town has been fun but wish the Boy Dog was with me. He loves snow as much as I & I can't wait to spoon with him tonight!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day #5 Portland.... Still Frozen

Pendleton on Ice

Low Brow Lounge & The Moon

The Alibi & Karaoke

Noticed That Its Big Waters B-Day

What A Place 
Bring On Some Football. With No Jordy Nelson, Cowgirls Win. Coach Reed has a stellar after Bye week record but the Steelers will win this one on the road. We Shall See


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day #2 Portland's Frozen Time Capsule

 No Cars!! Most Righteous Walkabout Ever!! I can't even begin to tell you how many Michael Jackson One Gloves were laying in the snow during our 5 hours of "walking" around the city street.

 Passed On Deschutes Brewery and Entered the amazing Rouge Brewery. The bartender didn't even say hello, just gave us a free sample of the Yellow Snow IPA, comes back to ask us what we would like to sample next. AWESOME!!

After those samples, I stayed local, Dead Guy Ale on tap. Stopped in the famous VooDoo Doughnut shop and NO line out the door that day. And how do they get away with not paying out royalties to The Simpsons?

Lets soak up this shot with nobody around. I'm telling ya, this city shut down. Wish I had a drone because these arial perspectives would out of this world. The bridges are well lit up, snow covered trees are reflecting so much of the light pollution, & nothing is plowed or shoveled. The footage could possible be a medal recipient.

Heading out now, staying in a new location the next two nights, & seeking the best possible outcome.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What An Adventure So Far...

A beautifully well hopped Sundial IPA. As expected!

 Looks Just Like Back Home. Un-Key-D and Big Water picked me up and we headed towards the coolest "bar" ever. The place is more of a hotel/entertainment building. McMenamins Kenndey School  ( click this link and then Gallery ) has it all. Movie theater, cigar bar, multiple water holes, community center, pool, seating area, and it continues to go on and on. Brilliant!! And right out of the gate, COOLNESS

So the snow is just starting to stick at 8PM

 Yesterday was a travel day. Its been awhile that I have been able to relax and observe mankind. Like, 9 hours worth in the Salt Lake City airport. My day started off early but A - OK. Our Delta Canadair Regional Jet-200 pushed from the gate one minute early.

Then, we sat... we sat some more.. we sat... For nearly an hour. Passengers started losing their marbles. Me, I put in my head phones and checked out.

The only down side of this, my connecting flight was a no go. I was conveniently rebooked on an A-320 scheduled at 3:11pm ( didn't go airborne until 4:57pm ) to Portland Oregon. Our pilot was fantastic as he mentioned we would cruise at 31,000ft, turbulence over Idaho, and a very bumpy approach into Portland. And that is exactly how it played out.

 Portland Oregon received a record amount of snow and has completely shut the town down. The three of us take turns running to the door and peaking out with childish excitement. The city is still, the noise is none, and the massive flakes are falling straight down as if we were in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon. "Should Have Made A Left Turn In Albuquerque"

Big Water has some a pair of telemarks so we are about to trek out to check out the purity from Mother Nature. Remember, Portland receives their far share of rain but never 14 inches of snow. This knowledge is being provided by Big and D who haves lived here for 16 years. We have the whole city to ourselves and that is an exaggerated statement.

Today Is 100% Totally Awesome!! I Am Right Were I Should Be, Right Here Were I Would Like To Be, & I Have A Free Day To Play.