Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Colors

Had this wonderful experience and tales to share.....

                  ...... radio show was awesome and the body felt fantastic .....

..... and then The Boy Dog & I returned to hear about the passing of Arnold Palmer

I clearly remember watching my parents cry when they heard the news of Elvis. I was too young to process this information and I couldn't quite comprehend their grief. Now, as I have a few years under my belt, famous folks that I have crossed paths with, are stirring my emotions. And my niece said," Who was that?"

Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Week With A Skip In My Step

MONDAY: Started this morning off with a big ol foam rolling session. Did an incredible amount of standing Sunday while timing Powderhorn's last downhill race of the series/season. My hamstrings throughly enjoyed the proper pressure and I had no idea how beneficial rolling out the calves before starting my day would be.

Walked the Boy Dog and he was on pace. He even passed by his "normal" sniffing and marking locations. We just cruised on down the road. Also, WoW, this is the time of year your senses realize EVERY backyard has dope coming on.

Rode to the gym, didn't pedal very hard at all, and I felt loose and very present in my own skin. My workout was focused on legs and chest. This was my first workout in two months without the hired trainer pushing me on.

I set up a circuit of three leg exercise with one arm incline bench press as my main set. I focused on power and muscle memory for small correction on my form. Also, worked in inch worms in between seated quad lifts. Basically, what I noticed, so thankful for experiencing a trainers perspective. Had a really solid workout in only 47min and then finished out on the deadmill for 20 minutes on a random setting of incline, speed, and intervals. Pretty Cool

Love This Boy

TUESDAY: Ready for this, I drove to the gym!!! The Boy Dog & I started out on our no excuse loop but didn't get further then the corner. A bush fire had started up just a few blocks over and the air had falling ash mixed in with smoke.

I made the decision to drive towards the DMV building for new tags, pay the water bill, and drive to the gym. Back and biceps day with a focus on controlling the weight with a full ROM. The arms were so worked and fatigue was defiantly a factor. Even my grip became weak during my last few curls.

The night was capped off with a sweet radio show!! I covered the show New To Me, New To You. The idea is playing ALL new music off the new rack. So I brought in some new live shows, some new political clips, and new CD's off that rack to blend in during a proper show. Live shows from ALO, Twiddle, Drive By Truckers, Umphery's McGee, Sam Bush, Dr Didge (RIP), Keller Williams, Lotus, and Mr Blotto hit the airwaves. Super fun show for me but I was fading by about 11:30pm. A few phone calls, ton of texts, and a couple of CrackBook messages totally helped me push on through until midnight. Gr8 Night Really

The Boy Dog In His Element 

WEDNESDAY: Early morning walk with the Boy Dog before foam rolling wasn't such a good idea. He didn't care but my hips were so stiff. Aging so blows!!

After editing Tuesday's show, calisthenics, and enjoying some homemade quiche, on the commuter bike I rode. Headed for the bank, over to the sewage/sanitation building, post office, and to the office by 10am for my first appointment of the day.

Ortho is so damn brilliant!! A client was suffering from a "sore" shoulder and within about 10 minutes they were giving feed back. But here is the thing.... I only released the scapula!! I gave the wrist, elbow, and scapula options. Their shoulder blade gave a big old clunk and they immediately asked me if I felt that. A few follow ups with their neck, clavicle, and on down the hallway they happily walked.

Last client of the day had a horrible ankle injury about 3 years ago. They came off their bike with their right foot laterally rotated out and their heel caught the edge of a rock. Their medial malleolus exploded under the skin. Screws, plate, and PT later, we finished up on a good note. We have been working together for almost a year and they have referred a few more clients my way. The reddish purple of the scar has almost disappeared and its not as noticeable as it was last year.

Over to KAFM I rode for the pre-fund drive meeting. I always enjoy these gatherings because it gives us all the opportunity to see one another. Plus, hear about all the new news, updates from the past Summer fund raisers, and who are the next entertainers coming to the Radio Room. The big news was that the transmitter in Palisade is up and running now!! The Palisade Fire Department allowed KAFM to install our 100watt signal on top of their antenna after two years in the making. Fruita, GJ, and now Palisade all have the signal from our little community station that could. YES

A Thistle From Sunday On The Grand Mesa - iPhone Photo

THURSDAY: Early morning outing with The Boy Dog. Rode to the office, gym, and back by 2pm. The evening was spent with some of the best humans ever. The Dude & I drove out to the Palisade Brewery to fill up our growler of Off-Belay IPA. Over to Uncle Karls were Janet, Amber, The Blue Z, Dave, Mr Jim, Judian, and John for a gathering and BBQ took place.

We all met through our little community radio station back in 2001. We try and travel together but as years move on, new locations, new jobs, these reunions are even more awesome and special to me. Everyone shares as if we just saw each other on Monday. I Love These People

Photos were taken, dogs were petted, and smiles were shared. The Dude & I had to split just after 11pm. Half the group had already departed for their long drives home. While heading on home and reminiscing about this and that, a video text came in from Jen. She was watching the Wailers at the Sh*t hole Mesa Theater.

I went ahead and rode on downtown to see what I see. The Wailers were so loud that hanging out front was satisfying enough for me. After a few songs, plenty of people watching, a guy stumbled out for the night. He ripped off his wrist band and stuck the adhesive side to the railing of the outdoor smoking area. Thats My In!!! I causally walked over and carefully reattached that sucker to my wrist and walked in like I owned the place. Made my way down to the dance floor where I was amazed by all the familiar faces. We all danced the night away to one of the best cover bands ever. Excellent back up singers, really good young kid on bass, and a full on wanna be Ziggy look alike front man. What A Day... What A Dinner... What A Night

R-to-L: John,The Dude,Susan(facetime),Judian,Mr Jim,Dave,Blue Z,Amber,Janet,Me,Uncle Karl

FRIDAY: Woke up to rain!! Smelled wonderful!! Early morning calisthenics and foam rolling. Had every intention of heading for the gym but Mr Jim showed up. He was leaving for Denver but stopped by to see if I wanted to hit up a quick lunch with him. 

We rocked out the Nepal, said our good byes, and off to the office I rode. After my sessions, went very well, just had nothing left in the tank. Rode back here and the Boy Dog & I went for our no excuse loop. No Worries

Used this photo for my Tuesday CrackBook posting promoting my radio show

Radio Show This Sunday At 3pm Mt Time Zone.... www dot kafmradio dot org..... Not Entirely Sure What I Will Be Airing But Amy Schumer Will Be Involved..... The Only Goal I Missed Out On Was NOT Setting Up The Bike Trainer At My Work Station... Hit All My Other Goals... Fan-FUN-Tastic Week For Sure.... Be Safe & Stay Strong Folks

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fresh Eyes From Around The Valley

My Office & The Grand Mesa in the Background
My perspective has shifted since signing up for a little walk in Utah. Some occasions for the better and some for the worst. The positive aspect of my personal shift has been solid core work lately. Core is key as I am learning.

Looking back I believe that I was just going through the motions at the gym. Maybe even just rushing my way through. Now I have more of an appreciation for slowing down and completing a full range of motion during these exercises.
My Office on the Right & The Monument in the Background
On a lame note.... The Boy Dog & I went out 27 1/4 Road for some trail running. I was visualizing how I would explode up hills, controlled downhill, & allow the Boy Dog to check out some old stomping grounds. But I had no idea how mind blowing our experience would be. 27 1/4 is a fucking trash dump!!

Very long story short, Shadow Boy's first 7 years were spent out here at least every other day. After Sadie Girls passing, he & I haven't been back. So far about three years now, its an area I sort of left a part of my heart, kinda avoided the area really.

Him & I jumped out of the car with excitement and within about 20 feet we danced around broken glass, cheap shit beer cans, and TONS of expired ammo shells. Every turn lead us to trash piles, more discarded beer cans, and evidence of non responsible gun owners. Total A-Holes!!
The Beginning of it.... So Cool
On A Positive Note... Exploring new terrain has shifting that mind set. While in the office Friday, viewing Main St, the realization of the Monument is right THERE. I never played around the Colorado National Monument because its a non-friendly dog area. I am OK with that.

Above the Monument offers vast open space. All the way to Utah, trails in the Aspen trees, water holes, camp grounds, and a night sky of endless star gazing. Behind the Monument is the Uncompahgre Plateau Area with endless trails, camping, and rock hounding.
And Now.. Again, Monument in the Background 
Another amazing location is the Grand Mesa!! The fall colors are going off right now!! This is about the first time that I have ever seen patches of color with no rhyme or reason. Some of the Aspens changing are in the center of a grove, some color changes are near the edges, and some are deep emerald green right next to a full patch of yellows. Crazy Cool

The full moon Saturday into Sunday morning was inspirational to say the least. The moon light illuminated a grove that blew my mind. You could clearly see the straight line of the Mesa's flattop, that purplish blue sky just before sunrise, and that patch of yellow stood out like a sore thumb reflecting the moons glow. Flippin Awesome
The corner building dead center is NOW the awful Rockslide Brewery 
GOALS: A few goals this week....
#1 Core work 3 times this week at the gym
#2 Foam rolling often
#3 Setting up a functional work space with the bike trainer
#4 Epic radio show this Tuesday at 9pm color changing mountain time zone
#5 Showing up present
#6 Researching hydration vest
#7 Timing a mile at Stoker Stadium
#8 Experimenting with nutrition before/after training runs
#9 Last but not least..... Reminding the Boy Dog that he is loved

Yellow AND Green Aspens???
My iPhone photo from Powderhorn Resort... Look At That Aspen Grove... Bring It On.. Stay Strong

Friday, September 9, 2016

I Am In - Bryce 50K - June 2017

Pulled The Plug And Signed Up.

My First 50K will be in the beautiful and breath taking ( REALLY Breath Taking Course ) Bryce Utah. I have wanted to embark on this journey for a few years now and almost went for it last year but NO.

And Now, its really on the calendar!!! Any Advice Will Be Much Appreciated?!?!?!

Now The Pressure, Now The Focus, Now The Quick Freak Out, Now The Shoes Go On, & The Boy Dog Is READY!!!!



Another project in the books. Shadow Boy loved laying under the picnic table. He would dig a cooler spot and watch me mow the lawn. He would dig a little while I had a bike on the bike stand. Any back yard activities involved The Boy Dog observing from under the safety of the picnic table.

Pretty soon the table began to sink into his hole. A very long Long LONG story short, the house came under inspection. My plan was to buy about a half of yard of Colorado River Rock and do a simple fill-in.

While the Boy Dog and I walked around the Rock Shop yard, we stumbled upon a discounted pallet of Bear Gunny Flagstone. Shadow Boy is a Karelian Bear Dog so I made in even cheaper offer on the already discounted pallet.

So I purchased a quater yard of 1/4 inch Road Base and 220 pounds of Bear Gunny Flagstone for a grand total of $53.68

With the Boy Dogs close supervision, a hole became a small patio. Grandpa Smokey, Shadow Boy & I already had a BBQ planned for Saturday and now I have an announcement to make as well. I will be competing and FINISHING a 50K June of 2017!!!

Please, Offer Advice!! Give Suggestions!! What Works For You?? What To Avoid?? Pre-Race Meals!! Gels That Work For You!! Anything Homemade Rocks!!

Thanx 4 Your Time,

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Canning Summers Goodness Tonight

Reducing Backyard Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, and You Guessed It.... TOMATOES!!! 

I Really Love These Grippers When Water Baths Apply In The Equation  

Best Dog Ever ... No Boogie Men Got Me While Canning 

Best $5 Yard Sale Purchase ... Total Score 

These Onions Are So Sweet To Taste... Peppers Are Perfect & Super Mild 

Waiting For That "Ping " 

Little Out Of Order But This Was The Harvest Before Labor Day Weekend  

Sealing The Lids That Contain Pure Goodness 

Stir Fry For Dinner While All Of This Took Place 

And Oh My God ...... Do You See This.... This Is One Of Three Or So Original Photos Of Shadow Boy.... I Believe This Was One Of His FIRST Sitting Photos.... He Was Only 3 Months Old Here And We Just Celebrated His 11th Year Old Birthday Month.... Its blowing my mind that he is 11 now.

Wanna talk about loyal, this dog has put his life in front of mine a number of times. Granted, never a true life and death situation but in his model of the world it was. Like the many times a stray dog has approached, the territorial cat hissssss from under that abandoned vehicle, or that every elusive bunny bounding near by.

Countless times we have crashed out somewhere were he need to plop his hind quarters ON me as to sleep looking towards danger. Moments later, he is rubbing his wet nose user the sheet as we play that every entertaining "under the covers" game. He has eaten with enthusiasm during every meal and never says no to a car ride. 11.... WoW.... Who knows how many times he has slowly worked himself into a roll over position for a belly scratch. Not a belly rub BUT a belly/rib scratch down. Sure.... You Get It... I Love My Dog

But do you know true companionship??? Maybe you have with another human?? Maybe you do with your current pet. Maybe you were lucky enough to have interacted with a verity pets throughout your life time?? Maybe you were a Zoology Major in Santa Barbra California?????

Anyway, I don't know were I am going with this but its just that its the last day of the Boy Dog's Birthday Month and I am happily sad.

When Sadie Girl was aging and suffering with Liver Cancer, I had the Shadow Boy to help me comprehend the cycle of life. So thats it!! I am at a crossroads. The Boy Dog is the one and only at this point. Thats what I have been processing these past few days leading up to blogging on this eve.
Even better, its my own aging process that has been on my mind. That damn selfish me Me ME attitude.

Like I had mentioned before, that client barking out about wanting more money, more time is all I would ever ask for.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Working Through The Weekend

Radio Show: Epic radio show yesterday. Why??? Because it rocked!! Opened the Sunday Matinee with Its A Small World. Who Does That??? ME!!! From there, Van Morrison > Bruce Hornsby > Dr Hook. 

Throughout the three hours, comedian Jim Gaffigan over children's lullabies covering Black Sabbath, Mr Blotto mash ups of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison into Pinball Wizard. Here is a link to that SBD Copy in 2002. 

Also played clips from the Jimmy Fallon Tonights Show featuring Jeff Foxworthy passing a kidney stone, stand up by Jenny Zigrino, Hashtags, and Thank You Notes.

Turned it up with some Moe's Yodelittle from 1999's CD L. That whole double CD is live recordings from 1999 Summers Tour. Tooting my own horn here..... Gr8 Phuc-N Show.... And YES... I Recorded It And Will Happily Send You A Copy .... You will be able to hear my Baseball Takes, Prop Bets from Vegas back in February, Horoscopes, and Crazy Classic Rock Parodies

Office:What a Summer It Was!!! My office mate spends her summers in Crested Butte and I had full access to the office 24/7. Amazing how many times I received a text about meeting in the office in the next hour or so. 

One of my highlights was seeing a kid from about 2 years ago. He is now a Sophomore and hit a major growth spurt. I personally wish he wasn't playing football but I would NEVER share that with him or his father. He has been suffering from Planter Fasciitis and I know exactly how to work with this. Ortho is brilliant work and I see these symptoms all the time.

Another highlight from last week was a first time client thats neck was all jacked up. She was referred to me, way cool. She came in full of old engrams and in full on Fight or Flight mode. I simply instructed her to remove her shoes and lay in the supine position. I began with ankles and feet and allowed her to feel ALL of the table with her own body. Wonderful session and she cried with joy. Her husband couldn't believe his eyes. Weeks of pain, 30 min later, her own occipital ridge found its axis ( C1 ) over its atlas ( C2 ) for pain-free support.

Last highlight was at a birthday party. Long story short, I explained Ortho-Bionomy by showing vertical demonstrations. I learned this as the Diva Release. Its not really a release but its way cool. It basically looks like this..... Your standing and I am behind. My hand/finger is on "that spot "above their hips/low back and I ask you to SLOWLY look towards the opposite shoulder until I fell a softening of tissue. I then ask you to SLOWLY lift your chin until a SHIFT happens. I lightly have my hand on that same shoulder and very lightly on that spot. The person finishes is a Diva Pose From Old Black & White High School Photos. Hints, The Diva.

Again, this is not an adjustment or release. Its just a shift in the body that others can feel. From there, we can discuss the nervous system, rebooting, positional releases, re-education inside your own body, organ nerve supplies, etc. 

Training: Must say," My Mind Is In A Quandary Right Now!" What I Mean Is..... Sept 9th is open registration for the Bryce 50 miler. Well, 100, 50, 50K, Marathon, etc. But my damn mind won't let the 50 miler go. Am I READY For A 50 Miler????

The personal trainer has been fantastic and my form wasn't as bad as I originally thought. He makes very small adjustments during my exercises. Like a side plank, my hips weren't in line with my shoulders at all. Once he turned OR opened my hips, my Glenohumeral Joint went pain-free. So Cool.

He also helped me with my knee alinement during squats, lunges, and leg lifts/crunches. What I appreciated was the fact that he could see the minor movements that were causing post workout aches and pains. He also kept referring me to less weight when I picked up a heavier dumbbells. MEANING, he heard me during our interview!!!

I have been adding some distance and time on the dread mill workouts. I have been using a "random" program that adds changes of speeds and but not the incline. I do find it rather rewarding leading with my chest, standing tall, and changing strides. 

Been foam rolling the sh*t out of my body all the time. During TV commercials, before bed, after walking the Boy Dog, its really helped me relax those small little stagnant areas, and hasn't been as painful lately. Thats Cool

Any Advice About Bryce Would Be Much Appreciated,