Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Fancy Dancy & February Numbers

 I Asked The Zebra     Are You BLK With White Stripes      Or White With BLK Stripes    And The Zebra Asked Me        Are You Good With Bad Habits     Or Are You Bad With Good Habits      Are You Nosiy With Quiet Times       Or Are You Happy With Some Sad Days        Or Are You Sad With Some Happy Days     Are You Neat With Some Sloppy Ways      Or Are You Sloppy With Neat Ways     And On And On And On And On We Went      I'll Never Ask Zebra     About Stripes.    Again 

Shel Silverstein 

After vacuuming the whole house from top to bottom, began throwing out unused items, recycling all kinds of treasures, I am shedding my skin of old engrams like a snake slithering through the woodpile. 

One of the old VANS shoe boxes that I came across safely guarded an original 2GB KAFM Thumb Drive under those miscellaneous letters, postcards, ticket stubs, etc. 

I hesitated for just a second before plugging it into the old Mac. Not that there was anything to worry about but you know that feeling when diving into the unknown forgotten past.

Much to my surprise, only the best photos ever were still lingering around on this drive. All Boy Dog Photos and I can remember snapping each one of these. 100 Pounds Of Pure Love 

And so damn charismatic as well. He never had a bad day, even during those last few days. He didn't care so much when I pulled my duffle bag from under the bed because that was the bat signal for my departure. But The Boy Dog ALWAYS rewarded me with a constant reassuring reunion upon my return. So Phuc-N Miss That

I had the best dang day because there were zero expectations and I didn't disappoint anyone with their selfish needs. Nobody around to point out my short comings or asking me why I keep them at arms length.

But truthfully, I was pretty lonely overall. That is just me. I personally desire compassion and holding hands with that someone that wants to be with me. When I am with a partner, everyday is worthy of leaving treats with a posit note, stashing a love letter in their sock drawer, or slipping a simple drawing under their windscreen blade. Those are the memories I choose to cherish.

One of these days, hopefully sooner that later, my time will be shared rubbing a lovers feet while giggling like school children late at night when we are supposed to be sound asleep. Closing my eyes with my lips softly pressed against the back of this wonderfully enchanted lovers edible neck. Drifting Away Soundly   

Treating Silver Sneakers again and specializing in C19 vaccines relief therapies.  My theory is this, moving your own interstitial fluids before receiving the injection reduces soreness, redness, and / or other minor side effects. Apparently, the second round of puppy shots have been rather rough on folks. Three of my Silver Sneakers joyfully claimed no issues like their friends have spoke of. So they have been referring me like crazy. Right On Happy Lymph Nodes 

Had a first time experience and super pleased with the outcome. My first ever blind client came into the office with their assistant and clearly a stiff neck was on the docket. They walk with their left hand on the right shoulder of their assistant. NOT GUIDE as she is NOT A GUIDE DOG. Before I addressed anything, she told me that she IS THE Assistant. OK Cool 

The blind client asked if they could lay face up. " How about we begin with you in that supine position." I offered. "For us, that works better." I followed up with. You could literally witness them dropping into a parasympathetic state with my higher vibrational language statement and allowing them to keep their power was a game changer. Apparently they had a rough session in the past with a massage therapist that did not meet their model of the world. Bummer 

This poor client was a mess from C7 up. Or in medical terms, congestion distal of C7. So I began working with ribs 3 , 2, and 1, Released all 8 shoulder points in both shoulders, and then for good measure, released both major and minor psoas muscles. I have touched on this before that I never begin a session with working the problem because clients are way to in their own head to release and allow. Its just how we are wired. Example; head to the doctors for a "hurt" ankle and you just know the Dr is going to position that ankle into a painful rotation and ask if this hurts and you become totally on guard. Right??

So as I began to move through the Cervical Spine of the neck, my soft focus was on the reaction of the assistant from the spoken descriptive words of the client. " My thoracic cavity is unhinging " and " My neck is rotating in relationship to my clavicle " and " My humors feels medially rotated from my body " The assistants eyes were wide open like a little school girls offered candy for the first time. She clearly never spoke an interminable running anatomy dialog with this client and later on there will be a story from that observation. 

You see, this is another paradigm why I throughly love body work and living the practitioner lifestyle. I basically stimulate the proprioceptors in the body and their body heals from within. What was fascinating for me was how in tune this blind client is with their own self awareness. DUH !!! They allowed the work to happen and their mind never questioned or became a hindrance. Little kids also possess this ability. So after this session, they stood up, first words were," Are my shoulders level?" Their assistant replies with," Why yes there are. You are standing taller as well. How is that possible?" As to the title of this blog of mine, WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE 

The next night my phone rings with a 3## area code and my fingers were crossed that it was triple j but no. It was the assistant. She goes on to explain that this client acted radically different with me and in her words " Never have I seen them so F***ing clam around anyone before." She tells me that if she had not known any better, we had worked together for years. What was also amazing for me was how this lady was such a stick in the mud and her projection was high and all mighty. Now, it is this soft spoken inquisitively respectful human. She booked two sessions for the first couple weekends in March. YES


Tim and Amanda were celebrating their one year anniversary February 22nd. HERE is that post from their wedding weekend and my Sunny San Diego Vacation. The first photo is from flying high above Las Vegas at night. Oh, I So Want To Travel Overseas 

And it's been so refreshing talking with them as they have made such positive strides over this past year. Every time we chat, they have something new and inspiring on the horizons. They purchased a new mountain home, tackling home improvement projects, or simply walking together after dinner. Pretty Damn Cool


What a full moon it was and snowshoeing was a blast. Yes, little windy when exposed to the elements. The Dude brought his two dogs and they ran as if they had never been walked. Pure Solidarity 

We are still in bad shape snow pack wise but a few fresh inches fell prior to our adventure. Which was rather nice as each step was not as icy packed steps that sort of "hurt" the balls of me feet. In the trees, no breeze and a peacefully quietly experience. Up and down and off trail we tromped around like kids with happy dogs bounding around us throughout our saunter. How about that hobbit looking house with fresh snow covering the chimney??


And what do you know, back on air for this first time in well over six months. I am choosing to pass on airing dirty laundry at this time but let's just say that I purposely asked for a Saturday time slot. So I am hosting Blonde Roots this Saturday at 3pm Mountain Time Zone. You folks in the UK, 10pm. That would be 6am Sunday morning in Perth Australia. A perfect 5pm on the east coast.

Yes, that is my right hand after pulling old bearings from an elliptical machine. My poor baby soft massage hands tear fairly easy these days. Anyway, I am way excited about hosting Blonde Roots and I have about half of my playlist sorted out so far. Obviously, Loads Of Cover Tunes!! Little gems like Pink Floyd piano instrumentals, a few from Pomplamoose Music Group, and the delightfully seductive tunes by Morgan James. Blonde Roots will be a real hoot for three full hours this Saturday the 6th of March at 3pm. Click here to listen live and hopefully the live web cam. Not sure if the web cam is still in operation these days. 


There were a few icy days and that is my sassy way of saying that I was pretty lazy. Should have accomplished more but it really is what it is. And let us be honest here, haven't dug deep in many many moons. Simply riding to enjoy the views, observing the flow of the scary low Colorado River, and clearing my busy mind.

This photo above represents the last week of February. Will navigate Strava at some point to "find" the milage between running and cycling and snowshoeing and hiking. Until then, here are my loose ended numbers. Thanx For Checking In 

Run - Not Sure There Strava 

Ride - Unable To Access That Page Anymore

Hours - 38 

PR's - Goose Egg

Days Off The Bike - 6

Activities - 33

Total Feb Miles - 593 / 964km


What a rough few weeks. What a disastrous ending to the month of Feb. Had a big scare that didn't make me all that happy. One of my roommates turned up COVID Positive. Completely bummed me out and from there on out its been awful. Wont bore you all with the details but life was been challenging to say the least. Thinking back, I most likely didn't handle it all that well or adult like. What my significant problematic issue was that I had just spoke of how relaxed some vaccinated folks are responding to current situations. Example; three of us had a mask on, one did not. That mask less person says," Well you two have the vaccines so I'm good." That still bothers me as many of you can relate. But when I mentioned this encounter, I was not heard and borderline disrespected. Now, they are positive and full of BullSh*T justifications. Impossible to talk to and even now, look at. 

So I am now camped out at The Dudes for the unforeseen future. Not sure what my future holds or what direction to roll towards. Just thankful that I am healthy and have a roof over my head. Once again, find myself at the crossroads. Its so Phuc-N true, nice guys finish last. Being labeled as hypersensitive and I find myself once again shaking my head. I scheduled another test for this Saturday morning, after the food pick ups, before the radio show. Phuc Me 


  1. Smiling 
  2. Calling Friends To Check In Again
  3. Finish Taxes 
  4. New Rear Tire For The GT
  5. Hydrate Like A Mad Man
  6. Not Allow The Oldies To Frustrate The Living Sh*T Out Of Me 
  7. Lift With Lighter Weights For More Reps
  8. Speak With Clarity And Decisiveness 
  9. Cold Calls Hustling Lawn Care Jobs
  10. Researching Bike Routes From GJ to Moab,UT 

      I leave you with a one minute Time Lapse that was shot with an old GoPro3 Silver 

Stay Strong During This Month,


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Undulating February

What I like about you        You hold me tight        Tell me I'm the only one       Wanna come over to tonight        Keep on whispering in my ear        Tell me all the things that I wanna hear        Cause its true    What I like about you       What I like about you       You really know how to dance      When you go up, down, jump around       Think about true romance       Keep on whispering in my ear 


December 1979 


I recently became aware of STRAVA's changes that apply to us that do not pay monthly. Such as, I was able to click on TRAINING to see my weekly uploads. I could clearly see my snowshoe adventures, my cycling miles or hours, or uploaded trail runs. 

Now I get it, a subscription is pennies on the dollar. However, it used to be free!! If I was training for an event, I would be so bummed about this. Today, its just another technology update to deal with. Oh Well

Other random thoughts, I literally can't stand emoji responses. I have a client that asked me for non body work advice. After a little research to make sure I was on my game, sent back a thoughtfully worded text. They responded with the happy face wearing sunglasses emoji. There is a time and place for mediocre emoji inputs but I personally find them rather repulsive. I know, cry me a river. You all have every right to comment below with the letter K or an emoji. Set Myself Up On That One 

And then there are these two rambunctious little ones to free my mind of penurious emoji sending behaviors.

                                               So Full Of Life

  All the toys in the world and wood splinters from the fireplace are the game of choice 

                                                          So Cute

            After a bowl of tuna juice , the ritual cleaning of the paws begins 

Just how nice would it be to be a kitten in a house full of love?? To be a kitty kitty in a house full of empty cardboard boxes?? Or to be a kitty cat with an indoor jungle gym like this one?? Like Sign Me Up 


Been throwing well as of lately. Somedays, most days, my putts are fairly piss poor. But damn I enjoy tossing plastic in the afternoon. Its Free, Very Rarely Keep Score, And The Camaraderie Is Uncanny 

Heading down to Watson Island to throw a round, whats this. I could see the off color smoke as I approached and was thinking that someone was burn some weird Sh*T in their fireplace. As I approached the alley, the pops / crackles were pretty loud, thinking someone was burning green waste in their backyard. So I rode down the alley I came across this plastic green city trash can melting. Always Something 


Solid week back on the bike and collecting miles on the River Trail. Haven't been hammering out miles but enjoying the simple rides just the same. Just casual solo rides without anyone telling me what I did wrong or asking why I say the things I say. At the same time, would enjoy sharing these moments in time with paramount lover. 

In this above photo, beautiful day for a ride, right?!? When I last checked on-line, a balmy 31F / -0.5C at the start of my mini tour around the Grand Valley. Unfortunately, we have almost hit 60F / 15.5 a few time early on during this month of February. 

Why is that bad you ask?? We have cooked the past 4 winter seasons during February and that only jump starts new growth. Those poor buds start popping out blossoms on the early varieties of peaches, apricots, and cherry trees. A March freeze always blows through the valley and completely wipes out our agriculture friends. Last year, wine grapes were also a complete loss because of the warmer temptress waking them from the sleepy dormant slumber.  

So Think Snow. Please, Think Snow!! Been effortlessly riding the River Trail and the wildlife viewing is such a cheap form of entertainment. A head down Bambi in the early morning, a Fox or two scurrying along the under brush, and countless birds in flight are just a few highlights on any given day. Our sunsets have been pretty damn spectacular as well. 11 days into February by the numbers; 18 hours, 212mi / 341km, and 16 Activities. 


Please, keep thinking snow. Yes, Colorado saw a few flakes recently but so dry. Like Arid Dry 

And its so much better walking in fresh snow. The crunchy sounds under your snowshoes, the wet heavy snow bending the evergreen limbs towards the ground, and the clean fresh air are all byproducts of Mother Natures new blanket. More Of This Please 


One of the lamest games for sure and I can't even blame the pandemic.

I rode in the AM under beautifully cold Colorado bluebird skies. Haven't mentioned my calisthenics program lately but still on track with that. Started cleaning up after my shower while waiting for the game. Cleaning, another chore that carries merit. I moved a bunch of indoor plants out back for a dusting off and saturated them under the green hose of goodness. Pulled out the vacuum and sucked out all the upper cob webs from this past winter. All the bathroom rugs went into the wash and closely followed by my bed sheets. Love A Clean Pillow Cover 

Used a putty knife and shop vac on the BBQ. Moved the garden hose around to the trees. A nice slow drip at the base of every tree for the rest of the evening. Moving the hose from tree to tree was a pleasant distraction from the game because it was over by mid through the 2nd quarter. And for me, BBQ'n with a fresh cocktail in hand was better than subjecting myself to that pathetic game. 

  1. Pick Up The Pace On The Miles Front 
  2. Upload Creative Time Lapses 
  3. Repeat Hill Climbs On The CO Monument  
  4. Research Summer Events Possibilities  
  5. Practice Putts And Mid Range Drives
  6. Consume MORE H2o
  7. Be Nice
  8. Play Nice    
Last on the random list, HERE is my one minute piano filled time lapse. 
Turn It Up And Click Full Screen

Stay Strong,


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Numbers From January 20BLK Jack

Cover Me, When I Run     Cover Me, Through The Fire      Something Knocked Me From The Trees    Now I Am On My Knees     Cover Me, Darling Please      Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey     Monkey Monkey Monkey   Don't You Know Your Going To Shock The Monkey       Fox The Fox      Rat On The Rats      You Can Ape The Apes       I Know About That      Cover Me, When I Sleep    Cover Me, When I Breathe     You Throw Your Pearls Before The Swine       Make The Monkey Blind      Cover Me Darling Please      Don't You Know You're Going To Shock The Monkey?

Peter Gabriel 

September 1982


Burning the quads and racking up the snowshoe miles during the month of January. Some of the outings weren't all that great because of the lack of snow fall totals this winter. COLORADO IS BONE DRY 

You see, the thin snow pack draped over the landscape is thawing out during the day, deep freezing at night, melting off in the day, deep hard freeze overnight, and the sedentary habitual pattern continues on and on and day after day. So walking on the frozen tundra ice cap kinda blows with traditional snowshoes.

As you can see in the upper photo, ZERO fresh snow in the trees. OK, there are a few patches of snow on the north facing branches but nothing to get all worked up over. No Snow Angels 

But under those dramatically dry conditions, better than my best day at work. And the below photo, too funny! Loki caught the sent and we humans followed him on the hunt. Check It Out 

Yes, that is Bambi's front leg sticking out there off DEAD center. My best guess is that a mountain lion took her down and buried her a few weeks back. The hungry coyotes have dung her up by the evidence of fresh poop piles near by. I passed on posting the photo here of her head with those sweet black eyes resembling the shock of death. I did send it to a few California friends that day. I also sent a pretty damn entertaining video that was met with both friction AND humor. 


My re-entry from the vacation with The Dude was just ok. Not crazy. Not all that exciting but just what one expects. However, I hit the ground running and its been a rather busy couple of weeks. Appreciate You Checking In KB. But my bump in the road was knowing that I wouldn't be spending as much time with The Dude anymore. He is back at teaching at the college, I am doing my thing, and time is flying on by. 

When I was asked about my "favorite" moment by Perth, its gotta be spending time with The Dude. We speak to each other with no judgment, mornings are for sipping a nice cup of joe while bringing life back into our sleepy bodies, planning our daily route with both parties interest in mind, and rolling with the flow when plans are spontaneously altered. Some of my favorite moments were the conversation while following that elusive BLK Audi. Plus, he is one brilliant Mother Phuc-R.

And the other advantage traveling with The Dude would be that we seek similar interest and we thoroughly enjoy the adventurism of the exploring new found adventures. Right?? And damn we can make each other laugh. I mean eye watering laughter. Sometimes its silly but The Dude's sense of humor is infectious. Damn We Laughed A Lot 


Check out those numbers for the week! My running ( 4:52 ) hours out numbered my riding ( 3:34 ) hours for the first time since the Boy Dog passed. Now I don't know top dog Jean but he must reside somewhere warm, local Peter is a machine with 12hrs on the bike with these winter time temperatures, Max is a stud and runs circles around our group every week, don't know N b.i.l., I worked with Jim's wife and he is putting up some impressive numbers for the week, don't yet know Scott below me, Tom is a stud, he has been in this blog a few times before, and a very likable soul, Bonnie is a flipping rock star and miss seeing her smiles at work, And Dawn wraps up the top 10 and looking forward to meeting up with her someday. 

By this photo below, how can you NOT get outdoors and lose yourself for awhile?? Yes, its only about 26F / -3.3C in this shot but Mr Sun feels so warm. Embrace Life 


Scored another part time job and who knew that this would materialize into so many opportunities. I am now cleaning hot tubs for extra hours on the pay check. The chemistry is so in my wheel house, flushing sediment out the pipes has become a no brainer, and I am happy to head over to different homes and clean away the time. 

Here is another little job that saved $$$$$. These replacement ropes for the pull down tricep machines cost bank to order band new. So purchased feet / meters of basic white rope, feet / meters of 1 inch heat tape rubber wire sleeves, screws / washers, and pirated the old parts off the black rope. Bingo, new accessory for under $7 Smackers. Simple 

And now, new strain of COVID or not, full gas in the Ortho world. I'm going for it. Not only that, I am really Phuc-N good at it. I have been working three to four part time ( all of 2020 ) jobs for awhile now and I am burnt out. Well, not burnt out but its not rewarding. These mindless jobs are not at all fulfilling. Its not my calling, it sure as hell its my passion, and I am just not stimulating myself like I would want. Don't get me wrong as I am very thankful for the past paychecks. This is no way shape or form of poor me. It's just that I love being a practitioner and working on humans is beyond words. I really wanna safety open my practice again. Chips Are All In 

For example; I was DRIVING to work on Monday morning, before sunrise, snow fell during the night, this Jack A$$ is so close to my rear bumper that I could not see their headlights. So of course I lifted off the accelerator, they pull around me, and sped off. Not far up the road they lost control on the icy road. You could clearly see their tire tracks in the snow where they over corrected, hit the brakes, and high centered on the median just east of the Horizon Drive Round-a-Bout. Classic! Why am I driving to this job?? I have YET to drive to the office!! Proud of the fact that I have always rode the commuter bike to the office ever since I landed that sweet office space on Main Street. Ortho Is My Calling 

And here is my new logo!! What do you think?? I began with an ear, that spiraled into a foot, and outlined with a hand. All the main reflexology points and hopefully speaks body work. Any advice is welcoming. New Biz Cards, Rack Cards, And Three Panel Brochures are on the way. YES

One of my volunteer gigs that has been on going for years now is picking up denotations from restaurants, catering companies, the food bank in Palisade, and grocery stores donating expired / out of date items for the church to support their outreach program. So this dish above, 100% free!! The salmon and strip came off the grill last Sunday between the AFC / NFC Championship Games. The veggie rice pilaf, cut up fresh organic fruit, grilled yellow/red/green organic bell peppers, and a delicious organic green salad were also free from Saturday's pick ups. With a belly full of nutritious goodness and oats wheat barely, I began walking. And Walking. LIKE REALLY WALKING

With a few cans in my jacket, I begin walking towards downtown Sunday Night after those volatile championship games. So damn beautiful strolling around the mean streets of GJ without a soul in sight. And Yes, The Phuc-N Christmas lights are still up. Keeping GJ Lame  

I start another house sitting gig this month and couldn't be happier. They have little kittens now and I don't plan on relaxing or getting much sleep. Kittens, so dang cute but pretty flipping rowdy during the night. I have worked for them before when they had dogs and they have always taken really good care of me. SCORE

Ride - 97.3mi / 156.8km
Run - 40.7mi / 65.5km
Activities - 42 because thats always the right answer 
Hours - 37 
PR's - ZEROOOOOOO000000ooooooooo
Days Of No Activities - 2 
Total Combined Miles For January 20BLK Jack - 152mi / 244.6km


  1. Lifting With Intention 
  2. Finesse My New Putting Position
  3. Shooting Better Photos And Showcasing Creative BLK & Whites
  4. Weather Permitting, Doubling Both Hours Of Running & Riding
  5. Gather A Tribe For February's Full Moon Snowshoe Adventure  


Perth, you are such a wonderful woman and I am truly looking forward to staying with you and your husband someday. For those of you that don't know, Grace was the first person to ever post a comment on this blog. As you could imagine, that was a very exciting day for me. Many moons later, Perth still inspires me. This video below is from the vacation through AZ, the Biosphere 2, all 4 disc golf courses, Vegas, and home cooked meals. When I uploaded all the clips and photos, 53 minutes long!!! I edited down the video to 15min and could possibly be a few minutes shorter if I got a little jiggy with it. But I am pleased to have this in the history book, will enjoy glancing back some day, and thank you Perth for nudging me to create this mini documentary. Thanx in advance for watching and its totally fine with me if you only watch the Biosphere 2 footage!!


Play Nice, Smiles Pretty, And Inspire Those Around You,