Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Video Log - Not Vlogging - Simply Creating Content

Exported in 1080HD, Turn It Up & Watch In Full Screen. Thank you so much for watching.

Smile Often,

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

September's Bitchin' Numbers

September produced some sweet numbers. Strava recorded my 3rd highest hours, only 226 miles, and 5 personal records. The hours sure do reflect the single track trails. My power has improved, thanx to spin class. The Boy Dog and I have a no excuse loop walk thats just under a mile. Him and I walked 41 miles this month on that loop. Dynamite

Haven't been in the gym as much as I would have liked but making the most of it. Still gaining strength but having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that Summer is over. Its October already!! Gr8 Summer but damn

The first Cycle Cross Race of the series was last weekend. The days leading up to it were awesome but the day of, not so much. Klishy & I had a great time building the corn maze of the course. We laid all kings of corn stock dow to guide the riders in the right direction. He designed and we built a righteous 1.8 mile lug burning track.

We were treaded with two days of old aircraft flying into GJ for the air show. Its amazing how slow and big some of those military craft can be. Flying in formation were 4 P51 style planes and they flew right over our heads. Wish I had a photo because those plane were so close over head and spotless clean against the Colorado Bluebird Sky. Perth, were was that magical eye of yours

I was totally blown away by the amount of Denver folks that drove over the Continental Divide to compete in our event. Racers from CB, Carbondale, Vail, Aspen, and Telluride all came to GJ to Cycle Cross their brains out. How Cool Is That

The next MAD event will be held on the 21st. Its a crazy cool cross fit style race. The race will be on an 18 hole golf course were athletes will start in waves and run down the fairway. Each green host a set of cross fit activities. This obviously goes on throughout the 18 holes. I'm really looking forward to it

Rock-Tober Goals:
Writing down my daily intentions has been quite beneficial so I am sticking with that plan
Will be adding more road miles to Strava this month
Finishing up the landscaping project ( time lapse to follow )
Hosting a radio show featuring clips from the TV show Taxi
Spending more quality time with the Boy Dog
Hopefully pulling together the funds to attend a Ortho-Bionomy conference in Dec

Hope you're a video watcher and appreciate the craftiness,

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hump Day Update

A really solid day in the gym, wrote down my intentions for the day, scored two free tix to the Mountain Film Fest by stopping by KAFM, and pulled more weeds at the OM House. That's four items fulfilled off the Goal List. YES

On the commuter bike yesterday for 5.9 miles of running errands around town. Beautiful day out here on the Western Slope of Colorado. The Fall Coloring has begun blanketing the valley floor, impresses me every year. GORGEOUS

First Cycle Cross of the year this Saturday, Oh BTW, Sunday is also the first day of October????? Summers sure do seem to fly on by these days. WOW

Riding to the gym for a Tricep/ Bicep day, meeting with MAD Racing at the library, and then to the office for the rest of today. SCORE

Hate Creates Deflation - Love Creates Expansion

Just for the record, I called in during the noon hour Public Affairs Program, the film fest crew were conducting an interview with Coach and offered up two sets of tix if you called in. I then stopped by and collected.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Apologies with Cheese

I apologize for my winey post yesterday. It wasn't that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or anything like that, just fustraded with the human race in general. Maybe I should have gotten laid last weekend or something because everything just annoyed the sh*t out of me.

Halloween Hippy Dogs

Like I had mentioned in that post, pro sports, simi pro sports, high school sports should be a time for enjoying the moment. So I regret my last post and I sincerely apologize to the 12 ( UP TO 42 OF YOU STOPPING BY YESTERDAYS POST NOW) of you that stopped by yesterday.

Klunker Krit 2015

Speaking of yesterday, epic little 15.9 mile outing. The Colorado fall colors have made there way down into the valley. I purposely left all camera equipment at home and just went for it with no alliterate motive.

Halloween in Vegas 2005

The gym went very well yesterday and only the Silver Sneakers were there for a Monday. Was able to throw in three super sets. I went pretty heavy on the chest and lighter with higher reps on the triceps. Overall, felt strong and relaxed at the same time.

Shadow Boy at 4 Months Old

Today is Back and Bi and more weed pulling at the OM House.

Just Because
Have A Wonderful Day,

Monday, September 25, 2017

Racing in Rifle Colorado

Mother Nature painted our sky with some of the most perfect post card moments in time. Each sunrise was worthy of a snap shot and everyone talked about the sunsets nightly. Fridays lightning storm was breath taking because each ground touching bolt danced in place for 3 to 5 seconds. Long enough that we could all point and "WoW" before those bolts faded away. EPIC

On the down side of Mother Nature rolling in, the Adventure Race was cancelled. The trails were battered by the front that moved in from the South Southwest. It was definitely a bummer because of all the work put in by EVERYONE but you just have to respect the trails and the flow of the land. DRAG

Side note; I am totally boycotting all sports media personnel because I can't believe the amount of political coverage hour after hour after hour. I simply don't understand it, regardless if I agree with it. Baseball and football have always been an outlet for me. Sports gave me the opportunity to check out from childhood trauma, frustrations, and environment.

ESPN played melodic piano scales, while showing in slow motion, photos of players holding hands with owners. We are so diverse, color - race - sexual orientation, the flag DOES NOT  represent politics or the military. Will athletes or Sports News channels ever "protest" Global Warming?? Teen Pregnancy?? Hunger in the Middle East??

We as a society, team human, and what not are facing world elimination with the rich only becoming stronger. So much time is wasted and I just haven't understood why. All sports athlete do so much behind the scenes but media focuses on the true BS of human interest. I know I am not anti ( insert government/ military/ American/ or other labels here ) because I do have compassion for life and its struggles but Phuc- Me.

I am sick of the flag at half mast everyday, unprofessional statements, pointing fingerers, lack of love, fellow bike riders that can't take the time to simply wave, poor customer service skills, and stupid people continuing to breed.

Goals: This week will be chalk full!!!
1) Gym in the AM
2) Yard work at the OM House
3) Pulling of files from this hard drive
4) Paying bills
5) Checking in with KAFM
6) Purchasing my pass for Friday's film festival at the Avalon Theater
7) Checking out the Air-show from a far BECAUSE
8) First Cycle Cross Race on Sunday October the 1st
9) Spend even more quality time with the Boy Dog
10) Write down on my dry erase board my intentions for the next day

Yes, September is almost dust in the wind.
Rock On

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fantastic First Half of the Month

Strava recorded multiple 40+ mile biking days during this month of September. A number of 20+ miles on foot and the commuter bike is back up to 10+ miles per day. SWEET

Last Sunday, hosted the Sunday Matinee on KAFM and what a blast. The whole three hours was built around The Blues Brothers and cover tunes. The phone rang off the hook and that sure put a huge smile on my face. After all, I was completing with Donkey Vision. DENVER BRONCOS FOOTBALL vs THE COWGIRLS

You can click here ---- --- for the next two week to hear my show. Only drag is the recording started at 1pm and not noon. So when you allow yourself to click that link, starts with Aretha Franklin's YOU BETTER THINK scene and number. AWESOME

Last week and this week, until this Thursday, gym life has been absolutely solid. I pulled out my "tracking card" that Crossroads gave me two years ago. I have my last years card attached and I was beyond stoked with my progress. Example; incline chest press with dumbbells started with 20lbs and now I have been regularly handling 40lbs. SCORE

MAD Racing heads for Rifle Colorado this Thursday to build and mark an adventure course for this Saturdays ( ) Roan Cliff Chaos Adventure Race. Klishy and I will work both Thursday and Friday until registration opens at 5pm Friday. BIG SHOES

Its hard for me to fathom the fact that its the 19th already. Sure, its been a good month. Yes, I enjoy the Fall Colors. Yes, The Boy Dog and I love snowshoeing. But damn, aging so blows!! The Boy Dog still walks our No Excuse with enthusiasm but he totally slows down when we return to our driveway. Last night, the satellites in the sky were unreal, we had a relaxing walk at just under 11min mile pace and I almost ran into the back of him as we turned onto the driveway. STAY YOUNG & STAY STRONG

1) Hit the gym with control and power
2) Ride the Midnight Racer
3) Design & layout a rock garden out back so that I can apply that vision next week
4) Turkey Flats Loop with the Boy Dog as the Aspens turn
5) Simply Dance Like Nobody Is Watching - Keller Williams

Seek The Best Possible Outcome,

P.S. Please watch the Soup Bone video of ours. Its a quick clip of the Boy Dog & I picking up his bones from Quality Meats. Its a short clip & I am pretty sure that you will find the humor in it. Plus, Shadow Boy is so damn handsome. Thanx in advance for watching!!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

August Kicked A$$

Well, August kicked my ass. Damn good numbers out of the Strava world for the month. Really solid days in the gym and I still enjoy riding my bike.

MAD Racing: Our last event went rather well and the cross country course was way cool. A majority of the runners gave us the thumbs up for creativity. Thats Cool

We will hit the ground running this Monday of Labor Day Weekend. Mad Racing has been given the opportunity to host the Desert Edge Triathlon Aug 9/10 2017. This event has been run by the inspiring Darrin from Underground Racing. We meet 10 years ago now, WoW

Underground Racing created an amazing family friendly event and that has worked in our wheel house because we have always focused on Family, Youth, & Out-Of-State competitors. Score

The trails are very well established so we won't be building!! Thanx Goodness!! Just loads of marking and checking and re-checking. Pretty stoked with Klishy and all the vendors, quality food trucks, and bands. Both Days Will Host Live Music

Numbers: I reminded myself that the twins were here, I missed a few days, rode hills, a mountain, & casual commuter rides. Having said that, August posted my largest logged hours at 24 hours, 361 Miles on the bike, & a season low 36 miles on the trails. Two Personal Records were also set in August. Amazingly, April recorded 41 activities and Aug recorded 21 activities. So More Than A Few Days Missed

My gym time has been totally consistent, not in stagnate or plateau way, Just Consistent. I have mixed up all exercises this month but not really lifting heavy free weights. Back&Tri rather than the traditional Back&Bi. And because of this switch, injury free was achieved. I focused all month on 10 really good/form/holds/ROM/powering up movements. That Rocks

Goals: I have some very simple goals this week. 
#1 Goal, not loosing my marbles when Klishy changes the map at the last second.
#2 Goal, greeting everyone enthusiasm and gratitude.
#3 Goal, think before answering repeat or obvious questions.
#4 Goal, sleep!!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Crested Butte Run

Love The Cooler Temps, Wild Flowers in August??, And The Best Boy Dog Ever. Life is good out here on the Western Slope.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

15th of the Month & Back At It

The Boy Dog loves the fact that I grew him carrots again this year. I harvested the seeds out of the flowering blossoms last year and grew some beautiful purple and traditional bugs bunny orange carrots this year.

Having a few, pre-dinner brews, holding my S&J huggie. Robert is toasting me with his 2107 F1 Australian Grand Prix huggie. Robert - PBR   Me - Pinner

Wednesday night BBQ last week. Yet another time lapse was created that night and you could watch it here.

Maybe a few more beverages and conversations. Wide range of thoughts were shared over the 3 weeks together. Never a dull moment or joke to be cracked. Or even an unwanted fart to be blown. 

Blood Road was a powerful documentary and I am so thankful that I caught its showing at the Avalon Theater. It just so happened that I found myself in a garage drinking with two vets from the mid 60's Vietnam era. The scenarios they painted were so bizarre for me to comprehend because they were both EIGHTEEN flipping years old.

This sunset photo was taken from on top of the Avalon Theater JUST after the completion of Blood Road. Rebecca Rusch set a local record out year about a year ago and I went into the movie ONLY knowing what I knew from the trailer. Seek Out This Documentary, please.

An Emergen-C before walking the Boy Dog. He was so funny that day. His little eyes squinted and his ears flipped back from my alcohol fueled breath breathing good morning greetings to him. He knew I was still intoxicated and he used every hair on his body to be patient with me. The Best Good Dog There

A horse and carriage just came rolling up 7th street the other night. Just your average summer of 2017  occasion. Nothing to see here....

My Fifth To Last Beer on Sunday. The way I saw it, should probably just consume the rest of the brew because I know I would have one Monday night IF it was there. So I took care of that situation and polished off the red wine so I wouldn't be tempted come Monday/Tuesday night.

So its still the Boy Dogs Birthday Month and another trail run is in the books. I'm two days sober and the Boy Dog is 15 days STOKED!!! He loves all the new treat boxes, the extra attention, just because car rides, and he is about to loose his puppy marbles because I am about to make up a batch of his favorite homemade biscuits. He supervises the SH*T out of me when he smells all those NATURAL & ORGANIC ingredients.

Current Update:
The gym treated me very well on Monday as a sub trainer taught Spintertainment in spin class. The video was from 3 major mountain passes in Europe that is used in the Tour de Giro. The views from this video was breath taking and caused me to spit out some crazy watts. Hung Over Crazy Watts. Rode 28 "miles" in the 50 min class with a max watt of 515 and an average wattage of 297 watts.

Before the class, Chest exercises, focused on form and happened to have weights that 10 reps were good enough. Before That, I stepped on the scale at 182.1 pounds. My race weight is 168 pounds. At the ends of June I was between 177 and 179. SO I am very surprised that I wasn't tipping into the 190's+!! I haven't lost much strength, just stamina. But very pleased with my weight and will be able to shed 5 pounds by the end of August no problem.

Today was a solid Back day and between clients and a meeting, passed on biceps to get the Boy Dog out and about. I'm thinking that I will hit shoulder and legs tomorrow and arms Thursday. Off on Friday and the Book It For Reading 5K on Saturday. 

The Boy Dog is keeping me young, I so enjoy riding my bike, and what happened to July?? Halfway through August??? Lets start eating more fruit. Lets enjoy our veggies. Lets stretch like nobody is watching. Damn, Its Been A Great Summer!!! Damn Good Summer!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Excellent Way To End The Week

Happy Flippin Friday!! So many things to be grateful for after this week. But most of all, I am so thankful for the Boy Dog. Damn, He IS Awesome!!

The Boy Dog wakes up happy every day and receives belly ups before we leave the bed. He still eats with enthusiasm twice a day. He stretches before every adventure, no matter how short it might be. He turns into a puppy whenever I return.

I had a really good week back in the gym after missing a majority of it in July. I was able to work in every muscle group and I continued to stay in control of every rep. Picked up a little soreness in the chest and biceps but nothing major.

Beyond stoked with Mother Nature as we have been in a Monsoon pattern for about 3 months now. Sure, I don't dig the humidity but the verity of clouds rolling through has been such a turn on.

Riding my bike has always been a joy but this past week has been epic. I haven't pissed and moaned about the head wind BOTH ways. I haven't invested any energy when a rider crosses my path without a wave of a hello or any kind of acknowledgement. I have been simply enjoying the moment and riding a weeeeeeeeeee bit stronger.

And BBQ'n ....... Love It!! I have had the best time hanging out back with the Boy Dog and turning veggies, not over cooking any dead animals, and watching everyones eyes when I walk in with perfectly smoked meals. Again, nobody loves BBQ'd food like the Boy Dog.

There is something to be said about GREAT beer. I have been frequently shopping at College Liquors here in GJ because they have a walk in cooler full of single beers. This is a nice way to try a brew without dropping a chunk of changes. A few would have pissed me off if I had purchased a 6'r. I was beyond stoked to see that our local Hula Hoppie was on sale and has been my goto this week. When I am thirsty that is. Wish they sold THIS brew because its by far my favorite!!!

The Dude is hosting tonight and then its Radio Days down at Kannah Creek. A number of live bands and for me its a great place because I can't stand their beer. Its been crap and always has been. BUT... BUT ... They are such solid community supporters!! They support ALL kinds of local organizations here in the valley. Doesn't mean I will buy their specially brewed 300 Watt Ale but I look forward to seeing everyone.This is a yearly event and I haven't missed one yet. Even back in the day when they created the 16 Watt Ale. Now we are pushing 300 Watts at the station but the 300 Watt Ale TOTALLY blows. It always cracks me up to see the reactions when someone first sips that ale for the first time.

Having said that, its always a great day with fun people and loads of photos. That means that today will be a chest and legs day, tomorrow will be back and arms, and then Sunday will be a hike on the Grand Mesa with the Boy Dog after I drop the twins off at the airport.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Week with the Twins

The Twins: Lets just say we haven't been dehydrated this month. The Dude, The Twins, & I jetted around Colorado like rock stars. Home Base was in Gunny, day trips to CB, and meals out of the ice chest. Homemade Wraps

I so enjoyed driving up Cumberland Pass and it was a classic pulling up in the rental car. All the ATV's and 4x4 drivers looked at us like," You made it up in that???" The backseat was full of empty beer cans and we sooooo looked like tourist. It was awesome!! I pointed out a number of vistas along the climb and I always enjoy looking down valley, seeing rich full colored wild flowers, and spotting water cascading from little outcrops or natures cracks really gets my goat. Dig Colorado

The Art Fest in CB was highly entertaining. I chatted with an artist and it was pointed out that this festival is APPOINTED only. Meaning, you gotta be on your game to be allowed a venter spot. Crested Butte is a magical location

Radio Show: Hosted a World Beat show not too long ago and my next show is scheduled for the 22nd of August. Will update my thoughts and playlist soon.

Upcoming Goals: Healthy goals coming up!! After this week of booze - n - out!! The Twins fly out this Sunday. A BBQ tonight, Farmers Market/Movie Thursday, BBQ Friday, and Radio Days Saturday. Just might have a whiskey soaked liver by Sunday.

Enjoying the gym so far this week. Monday was Chest and Spin Class. We had a sub in spin and it just so happen to be one of the creators of Spin-er-tainment. Its well done movies of our local trails and formatted for spin classes. I didn't paint a very good picture here but its awesome and kicks my A$$ every time.

Tuesday was an all arms exercise day. I haven't pulled out my stat card and just using weights I felt were right at the time. Some of my reps hit 20 because the weight was a little light. What I did do was focused on the contraction for one solid second. I don't feel weak at all which was a surprise. I just feel toxic and out of shape.

Today will be a shoulder day and leg day. Again, loading up on the reps rather than the weight. Looking for proper form and full ROM. There is a spin class today but I just don't dig the Wednesday Instructor's Style. Its my own SH*T and I know That.

I can also say, looking forward to riding my bike. Looking forward to hiking with the Boy Dog. Looking forward to some upcoming concerts.

Thanx So Much For Watching My Videos,

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Baby ... Lets Rock ... New Goals


Its the Boy Dog's Birthday Month and its such a difficult time for me. Sure, I enjoy the month of celebrations but rather emotional about his 13th trip around the sun with me. He appeared in my life at four months old and changed my life forever. He's Always #1


The twins are back again from Australia and were last here in 2015. Its always a gem having them around and I get a kick out of questioning them on their world travels. They average about 80,000 air miles a year and always upgrade double miles on their birthday. 

The Dude & I took them up the mica mine trail and I found this little beauty calling my name. I have quite a collection from this summers travels. Shells from Lake Havasu, ocean rolled pebbles from the California coastline, and the smoothest sucker from the mountains of Colorado. Anyway, gorgeous day along the trail as Mother Nature produced some cloud cover and cooler temps for our high desert living. Gotta Like That


Hosted a sweet Global Groove show last Sunday and I was so into it. Started receiving phone calls during the last hour from people who were completely blown away. "Who Plays Turkish Music?"       " Is This Lebanese?"    " Where do you find this stuff?"    were all some of the questions asked. Had A Gr8 Show

My next show will be hosting the Divided Sky on August 22nd at 9am my time. Will update as we near that date. Love Radio Shows

OK, July numbers on Strava were so lame that they are not worth mentioning. I spent two weeks in SD, an amazing wedding in Red Cliff Colorado, and now the twins are here. What I am saying is this," I am too much of a wussy to do anything hung over but crack another beer."

I' m not joking. I have spent a ridiculous amount of $$$$$ hard earned cash on booze during my birthday month and the twins are here until the 13th of August. Oh Phuc

BUT.... BUT.... Have had almost two solid weeks in the gym. During my first week back, felt relatively strong, I focused on the mechanics during each exercise. Not necessarily light weights but lighter weights and a full ROM. So my goal for the gym is to simply maintain a rhythm and control the weight during each rep.

I love riding my bikes. I can ride casually all day long. My goal for the bike is to gradually increase the milage after the twins head out. My vision will be riding a century during Labor Day Weekend on the midnight racer. Thats So Doable 

Another goal will be to incorporate daily intentions and a more detailed blog from my trail runs. Again, I created this blog for me myself and Irene. HA. But this blog has sort of evolved along the way. Some old friends have discovered this blog and a number of really cool bloggers have been following and sometimes dropping a comment. I haven't reached 100 readers in one day but scored 92 hits. Without doing the math, pretty regularly see 60-69, I average about 55 hits per entry, post, update,etc. THATS AMAZING IN MY MODEL OF THE WORLD.

Having floated off there for a second ...... detailing feelings about that trail run, nutrition, mileage, upcoming events, and head space in general. I have even considered vlogging but I am not quite there yet and still unable to justify all the time that goes into editing for the "hits' "affirmations" "recognition" or even accolades. I do waste a lot of my time on 1 minutes and a few second time lapse videos that I have been "producing" for a few years now. But Vlogging interesting and relevant videos??? I don't know

I have a month now to hone in my visions, share my stories, and upload some sweet time lapse videos. Like This Kick A$$ Flight with 88 views. Its also odd to me that 88 strangers have watched my little insignificant moment in time. Crazy

Last But NOT Least >> Ortho - Bionomy << Ortho IS Everywhere 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Solid Week & Back At It

Buckled down and had a solid week in the gym. Strava put me at 36.4 miles for the week with a run tomorrow and a road ride Sunday. Took it way easy lifting but still felt like I was in control. Will lift again tomorrow night and take Sunday off from the weights.

Tomorrow night is the BIG crazy Demolition Derby at the fair grounds. Thats always a hoot!! Will do a BBQ at FJ's and might just have a few brews with the twins. Must Snap Photos For Perth

Last night, at KAFM's Radio Room, Moors & McCumber performed their last American show before they jet off to Ireland. The time lapse above turned out pretty well and has had a number of views. So Thats Cool

I am hosting The World Harmony Show Sunday the 30th of July at 9am Mountain Time Zone. Check out KAFM's Live Link HERE to stream and watch The Boy Dog on the web cam. Reggae On

Tomorrow will have an ugly early start. SH*T Fire. Heading up the Grand Mesa to volunteer during the Grand Mesa 100. This will help pay for next years entry. I am familiar with those trails already and am already looking forward to it. Obviously I won't be running the 100 miler but the 30K is so on my radar like a hummingbird zooms in on a red tip feeder.

Tooting my own horn without trying to sound creepy .... It was awesome walking back into the gym this week and having so many people ask, comment, or welcome me back in. I have always taken the time to listen to the Silver Sneakers so I kind of expected that from them but all the random folks that wanted to hear about whats up in my world really put a smile on my face. Sometimes we all forget about the impact that we (project??) during our daily routines.

So I encourage you to randomly say hello or compliment others throughout your weekend. No expectations, just offer a pleasant remark and carry on. Try It

Until The Next Time,
Stay Strong

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jammin' Out & Looking Up

Hosting Bluegrass & Beyond today at 4pm Mountain Time Zone. Stoked to be air on as I will be recapping my summer adventures. So its a more of a Beyond than bluegrass. Well, Bluegrass with a lot of chatter and some Shel Silverstein mixed in. Its going to be epic

Speaking of adventures, traveling by air is rather a bitch these days. I flew a lot during the 90's and air travel just isn't the same. Oh Well

And flying, July has flown by!! And all the cocktails have caught up with me for sure. Way Fat & Lazy these days. Hell, Dennis and Rob from AUS land this Thursday so no rest for the liver anytime soon.

Spent my Birthday in Lake Havasu and pretty much haven't been to the gym all month. Weighed in yesterday and I was surprised to only be at 181.7 pounds. The drag was the 38 1/2 inches around my belly button. All that beer is just sitting here in my gut. Maybe I should switch to wine

Feeling lazy, DAMN YOU Pittbrownie!! Saw he signed up for the Lead King 25K and he will probably finish in under three hours, with a bum foot, sore back, and a cold brew in his hand. That guy is a machine and has a cool A$$ dog!! Check out his blog and new dog photos

So I have big or BIGGLY goals for the moth of August. May recorded 336 miles, June produced 367 miles, and 176.3 biking miles that month as well. July, an ugly 62 miles(23 on the spin bike Monday) and most of those miles were walking The Boy Dog. Ouch

Yesterday was a spin and an easy lift day. Posted 22.9 miles in 55 min on the bike and I didn't feel bad but didn't feel great. I definitely didn't have quick fiber firing muscles. Having said that, will be adding some serious miles on the bike from here on out. Realistically, trail running might not be in the cards until after the twins leave. And Thats OK

Anyway, this summer has been awesome, fulfilling, and rewarding for sure. I have enjoyed my own perspectives and look forward to spending a few weeks with the twins. Will be walking the Boy Dog on the No Excuse Loop nightly

Seek The Best Possible Outcome,

Thursday, July 13, 2017

GJ > SLC Time Lapsed Flight

This video turned out so well. Hope Ya Dig It As Much As I Did. Cheers


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Travel Day

Set up the GoPro while I walked with The Boy Dog. Music by Keller Williams and got all kinds of fancy A$$ with the Key Frames in GoPro Studio.

Rock On

Friday, July 7, 2017

Survived the 4th of July

The Poor Boy Dog Doesn't Dig Fireworks. He tried out his new Thunder Vest during the weekend and I became rather hopeful because all seemed well with the neighborhood pops. Friday seemed smooth and I almost fell into an optimistic state. Saturday, not so much. The 4th, Sh*T Fire

Radio Show on Wednesday was pretty damn cool. I was asked to sub in on Puttin' Down The Roots and I was in total "wing it " mode. Turned out it was a Gr8 Show!! About every third song drummed up a phone call. That Rocks .... Hint Hint ... Mostly a B-Side Classic Rock Show

Next Stop Sunny San Diego!! Heading for the coastline town of Pacific Beach, fresh produce at the farmers market in OB, and a whole hell of a lot of nothing on tap. I have been reaching out to friends and will be meeting at the Coronado Brewery on the 12th of July. Cant Wait

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Palisade Bluegrass And Roots Festival 2017

Friday opened up with a little known band named Let Them Roar. Families began pouring into the festival grounds while these mountain folk taped into a soulful roots, rock, and raw improvisational jams. A perfect welcoming while attendees were looking for that sweet spot between the speakers.

This Festival is surrounded by well established cotton wood trees, beautifully well kept lawn for NO dust, and the Mighty Colorado River flowing by with easy eddy outs for a quick dip. Come and take advantage of this event next year.

The Sweet Lilies, Mayhem Gulch, and Lonesome Days shined like a whiskey-fueled campfire jams on a crisp summer evening in the Rocky Mountains. I chose to bail out during the Friday Headliner Shel and stroll on back to camp where pickers were already finding their groove.

Front Country ( KAFM Radio Room Performers ) opened up Saturday with a powerhouse set. The Dustbowl Revival quickly became everyones favorite. Dustbowl Revival played it all during their short 1 hour and 20 min set. They brought some New Orleans Funk, Pre-War Blues, and Heart Pounding Bluegrass while smashing the sounds of traditional american music.

The Travelin' McCourys were a show stopper and commanded respect. So Tight, So Damn Talented. Amazing story telling between songs with life long dedication to the power of bluegrass music. Then, The Jeff Austin Band came out and covered damn near all the Yonder Mountain String Band Tunes.

Don't get me wrong, they were good, but predictable. They were basically a warm up for the Phuc-N Fantastic Grateful Ball!! This one of a kind collaborated set features a boundless musical adventure through timeless music of the Grateful Dead.

Accompanied by the most perfect sunset ever!! My iPhone didn't quite capture the true moment in time but damn was it ever memorable. All of us were singing and taking photos in rhythm of Grateful Dead jams.

The festival grounds were packed full of all walks of life. Most of us were singing along with the band and the ONLY disappointment was the fact that the set ended at 9:05 PM. We all kind of looked at each other as if someone had pulled the plug during a Jimi Hendrix solo.

We all filtered out to the camp grounds wondering why such an early ending but the picking in the camp grounds were Bitchin' Camaro for sure. We played under a near Full Moon, we sipped off different top shelf beverages, and 2AM appeared rather quickly.

The Camping area emptied out Sunday Morning??? It was clear to me that everyone was there for the Grateful Ball. Most of those folks missed out on a brilliantly timed opening act by Harpeth Rising. WoW!! Building from the tonal depth of the cello layer in the shimmering sounds of the violin and the strikingly natural additions of the banjo to create a sound at once familiar and impossible to categorize.

Bloody Marys tasted smoother while Harpeth Rising made way for Parsonsfield. Another tight traditional and jubilant indie roots music. A few cover tunes rang out but mostly an original set of tunes that were obviously well played.

I was excited to finally see LiL Smokies at 3PM on Sunday and they brought the beats!! They have a very unique blend of bluegrass, new grass, exquisite musicianship, and unique originals. They new grassed an original, into a Supertramp, into a Prince tune, and then back into their original song.

So Keller and The Keels had a little snafu at the airport in Denver so some locals took the stage and we VERY well supported by us locals who were still in attendance. Hugh Phillips and Pete Langford from Avalanche String Band joined two others from Bluegrass Offenders Band to play traditional tunes while we waited for the arrival of Keller Williams.

Keller and The Keels didn't disappoint!!! Holy Sh*T Fire!!

The phenomenal instrumental technique of this group is complimented by the amazing range of vocal styles captivating and inspiring audiences of/for all ages. They rolled through an edgy rock tempo, a bluegrass vibe with a ton of notes, into a Keller original, and back into a rock format without missing a beat.

At one point, they started Breathe > Steppin Wolf's Wild Side > Paul Simon's Still Crazy After All These Years > Butt Hole Surfers Tune > Breathe. Super tight and never stopped between songs. Even when Keller was addressing the crowd, Jenny Keel fingered her Phat Bass, then into the next tune.

I am bias when it comes to Keller and Jam Bands but these guys stole the show from the whole weekend line up of talented musicians. I danced my A$$ off and will always remember Keller and The Keels opening up with Port-a-Pottie. Totally scripted for my weekend during the 9th Annual Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Festival. I haven't missed on yet and I can't wait for the BIG 10th Annual Party!!!

Tomorrow I start working at Country Jam. Oh Boy. Country Jam is in its 26th year and always has remarkable line ups. Its going to be HOT, like cooking eggs on a sidewalk hot, Townsquare pays me very well so I can't bitch to much. But feel free to wish me luck during triple digits fahrenheit.


Friday, June 2, 2017

Its Junior College World Series Time

I so thrive on watching 18-21 year olds blasting the ball out of the park!! These kids are amazingly talented and the weather has been perfect for baseball.

Little History of Former JUCO players that made it to the Big Show; Bryce Harper ( Nationals ), Trevor Rosenthal ( Cardinals ), Brandon Belt ( Giants ), Adam LaRoche ( Braves ), Curt Shilling ( Orioles ), and the ever so loved Kirby Puckett ( Twins ).

JUCO is held right here in my backyard every year and brings in folks from CA, TX, FL, AL, UT, MO and TN.

Just to name a few states. These games are beyond exciting and almost every game posts double digit final scores. A few mercy rules came into play. And these kids are so fast that Triples are not uncommon.

I grab a pass every year which makes it so much easier to come and go and catch some of the action. I passed on most of the high noon games to dodge the heat. Sat, Sun, and Monday of Memorial weekend offers 4 games a day. And you ARE allowed to bring in your own food, snacks and NON alcohol beverages. The Dude & I consumed a full bag of peanuts that he brought in.

Its a double elimination tournament so every team is guaranteed two games. The fans/family members are passionate as all get out and have different traditions that are quite entertaining.

One group created a game that was addicting as all get out. The outfield fence is covered with sponsors. So everyone ( small group of us ) picked three sponsor signs and when the ball is hit to OR over that sign, you collect one point. Damn It Was Fun!!

Tonight is the Championship game between San Jacinto ( TX ) vs Chipola ( FL ) at 7:05pm. San Jac just so happens to be the defending Champions. Should be a pretty good games as both teams posted only ONE error all week long. A solid Defense wins Super Bowls, Tennis Opens, And World Series Titles.

One ... Two ... Three ... Take Me Out To The Ball ....


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Amazing Trails!!

The Grand Valley offers over 10,000 miles of trails. Think about that??? 10,000 miles of off road beauty. Click On These Photos And Picture Yourself Surrounded By Silence

In any direction, The Boy Dog and I can simply GO. Our Colorado Governor dedicated May 20th 2017 as Colorado Public Lands Day. Governor John Hickenlooper addressed a number of us during the Off-Road Endurance Race and delivered a brilliant speech. Many of us chatted about his inspiring words of honoring our public lands afterwards. It was so nice to connect with fellow man again

I am bringing this up because I have been thinking a lot about our trails, our water, our freedom, and ways of educating our youth. We all know that our youth is our future!! We know this. The youth will be the answer to cleaning up trash, i.e. NOT THROWING AWAY TRASH and packing it out. Educating the youth is my answer anyway. Thats the easiest ways of curing diabetes, eliminating obesity, and empowering ones soul. Wish Me Luck

My legs felt really good this month. The calf issue has gone away, my gluts are much stronger ( balanced ), and absolutely no new problems have surfaced. Todays Strava update will put me over 300 miles for the month and somewhere along that line I posted 3 new personal records. Righteous

I am totally looking forward to the month of June. The month starts off with the Palisade Grand Fondo this Saturday. Then, the crazy down hill enduro on Sunday. This is a 3 Stage race on Sunday June the 4th. Our Grand Valley will explode with excitement, will fill with tourist, and breathe life again. I am so fired up right now. I am about to lace up and take the Boy Dog out for a site inspection today. We are hiking all three stages and checking for that elusive perfect line.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Quick Mid Month Review

I am back on Spring Time chores again. Thankfully, I have the Boy Dog to supervise my every move.

 Gramps is still Gramps. He loves to eat and believes that any human in the kitchen equals a treat, handout, or an empty plate to be throughly licked clean. After all, he does have a purpose.

Recording some sweet miles on Strava and I am under the impression that the old Garmin is on its last leg. I tired uploading a No Excuse Loop but Strava had the big red bar "inciting a riot" No, how about indicating "missing data" to upload. Oh Well, The Boy Dog says he doesn't need to be tracked anyway.

 Our ever changing Colorado weather has lived up to its name. Mothers Day weekend produced a record high and then snow fell above 5,500 feet last night. The humor I find in this is a few gym members expressed their worries about their tomato plants freezing out. I laugh ONLY because every backyard grower plants tomatoes and I always feel that its just a waste of water. Think about it

I am also at fault here!! While I was watering the basil, chard, spinach, beets, carrots, peppers, and TOMATOES, this little bird hung out the WHOLE time. That bird didn't fly away when the dogs walked by, when I moved the nose, or when I walked by having forgot it was there. I took that photo with my phone and was only standing about 5 feet away. Happy Little Bird Looking To Be Added In A BoB Ross Painting

Epic Weekend Coming Up!! Epic Rides will be in town for the 5th Annual Off-Road Endurance and Downtown Music Fest. I highly recommend watching the video on that page. The 40 miler is closer to 50 miles with the course change and the 30 miler is spot on. The Klunker Krit and Criterium Race are both held on Friday. The Infamous String Dusters will be the big hit Saturdays night!! I'm pretty stoked with all the bands but the String Dusters are Phuc-N fabulous and ITS FREE TO ALL!! 

The gym has been treating me very well this month. For whatever reason this month, I took off the "heavier" weights and went with lighter weights and more reps. Not sure why I took this route but I have enjoyed the burn. Its much easier for me to focus on the full ROM and contract the muscle group near the end of each rep. I Like It

If you had asked me about mileage on the bike, I would have answered " Maybe 500?" And if you had asked me about milage for this week " No Clue" and those " Personal Records " are NOT anywhere near the top 100's from other recorded riders on our local trails. Well, let me toot my own horn here for a second, while on my commuter bike, I registered the 87th fastest time on the " Bridge Climb " up and over the mighty Colorado River towards the OM House. So Thats Whippin 

The next two weeks will include a lot of office time and we shall see how I manage training and Boy Dog time. This is a good thing but could be a little hectic for sure. I have two radio shows during the last week of the Month and Mr Jim might roll through the Valley on his return trip to California. 

So Until Next Time .... Eat Well ... Be Well ... And Smile For No Reason At All