Saturday, December 28, 2013


...... In the car I drive
New Years
Photos Are Coming Soon

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More 2 Come

Russ Chatman

Craig & Angles


Dark Night After Glow

Who's Who

The Lady Of Light

Monday, December 23, 2013


Coming Back Around & Looking Healthy

A few weeks back, my drear friend Kelly asked me if I wanted some succulent plants. When I agreed 2 stop by, I had no idea that she was talking this pot of SUCCULENTS. Look at the above photo. This was an amazing arrange of plants. Like I said, I p/c these plants just before the hard freeze rolled into the valley like a blanket of fog over the city of San Fran. You can see that the ends are still holding brown. And now the tops look a beautiful green. Totally Alive!! 

About two weeks ago......... I finally had that "RIGHT" idea. My grand idea is this.............

Areal View Of Some Transplants 

I am recycling plants, glass, & soil for my Christmas gifts this year. I only had 2 purchase a 5lb bag of fish aquarium rock. Simple steps here. The blue rock on the bottom for draining & an indicator for not over soaking. After all, its a succulent. A small amount of top soil from last years garden that I didnt use for what ever reason this year. Classic. I dug around the root systems & placed them in their new locations. Maybe home??? Added a little more soil around the root ball & watered. Quite a fun little project 4 X-Mas.

Merry Merry

Back 2 the longest day of darkness. Last Saturday started rough w/a drunken text at 1:40am from a friend. Dealing w/a new phone already made me uneasy about waking up at 4:45am 4 my radio show at 6am. So the rest of that night was filled w/Shadow Boy stretching & rolling around until I just realized that I was going back 2 bed. Thats when I saw that Mother Nature was there & ready 2 entertain me. Ready 4 the show I was, NOT being late was on my game. I enjoyed the hell out of my radio show. Not because it was snowing, that just helped. After my show was road trip time. Paonia was calling my name & away I went.

Craig Childs is an author, story teller, traveler, holy sh*t fire extraordinaire. He packed in the Paradise  Theater 4 his version of Winter Solstice. Local bango player Russ Chatman open w/a reading & away the night unfolded. And unfolded it did. Characters came up from the depths, apparitions were in the room, & visuals were displayed at the right moment in time. I so hope that someone recorded the show because I would love 2 hear it again. You must understand that by the 1st intermission my brain was overloaded. Completely. At one point, Craig is telling us that the boots he IS wearing were his Grandfather's boots & that story lead us into Craig holding his heart attack Grand dad while doing CPR & looking up at his dad asking 4 help. Could you imagine being in the same room w/your dad while your grand dad is passing??? What a dynamic!!! The whole night consisted of crazy wild tales. And done very well!!! By the whole town!!! Paonia, What A Place.

 And now I am out of time. The last game ever in Candlestick Park. That place was built 42 years ago. Can ya believe its that old????? Stay Tune & More 2 come. And as always, thanx 4 stopping by my blog.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Happy Tuesday Folks. Yesterday was quite the bike ride. Good News: NO HEAD WIND!!! The odd news was that I saw nobody riding around town???? Way Odd. Maybe it was a time thing or an area thing but I felt like I was on the moon or something. GJ,CO only had a high of 24F so the side roads are still frozen and if a tree cast a shadow at all, 4get about it. Shady areas have at least 2 solid inches of ice covering that whole area. While riding my bike, I position myself firmly near the back of my saddle, stay true w/my handle bars, evenly pedal, & just ride w/the idea that if I slip & slide I will be able 2 recover w/ease. 
My quads felt strong, my ankles havent popped 4 some time now, & my cardiovascular system is coming around. FINALLY!! I covered a lot of ground 4 a Monday running my normal chores of paying bills, buying groceries, & thinking how nice it would have been 2 ride at night w/all the X-Mas lights around the valley.

2day I will be building my X-Mas gifts. Simple succulents, rocks on the bottom of a masonry jar, & soil. Super easy & cheap. Not that I am a cheap A$$ but the Boy Dog's bag of food is now $52 damn smackers!!! $36 when he was a puppy & $50+ some 8 years later. Well SH*T

I will be posting photos from my little project and here is a question 4 ya............

What would you do if you hit the big mega lotto??? What would you do if you had that winning ticket?? Feel free 2 comment on the top 3 things you would do if you won a BILLION dollars.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet Friday The 13th

The views from above 10,000ft were unreal. And the temp was about 15 degrees warmer than the Grand Valley. Every winter the bitter cold settles in on the valley and the warmer air moves over the top of the valley ( inversion layer ). The cold doesnt bother me, its the pollution that hangs around for weeks.

 The above photo is looking west towards the north side of the Grad Mesa. The Grand Mesa is the largest flat top in THE WORLD and host over 300 lakes back in its day. I believe that only about 150 lakes are left as most are dry as a bone. The Mesa is a really nice 45min get-a-way w/cabins, camping, X-Country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, etc. Its a place worth checking out.

Somewhere down and 2 the left is Grand Junction Colorado....... What A View...... A???

Training was been on par. My body has loosened up so much sooner than months ago. I can feel my posture self correct itself much sooner and w/more ease. My knees havent ached in the morning and my low back has been pulled on when I stand. Thank You Mr Psoas.

Thanx 4 stopping by my blog. More 2 Come

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12-11-13???? Already???

Hard 2 believe that 2013 is almost in the past. And just what will 2014 bring?????

I have a busy next 3 days so I will update training log, holiday parties, & what nots this weekend.

Until Then......... Think Of Others........ Stay Hydrated........... And Thanx 4 Stopping By

Monday, December 9, 2013

What Is Ortho Bionomy??? Could It Be 4 You??? Why Wonder

Shadow Boys Wet Nose Was A Little Chilly
High Temps 4 The Week
 Training was been on the back shelf during the month of December & I am sooooo OK w/that at this time. Interesting fact that stuck me last week is that I drove the car 5 times in a row. Way back in 2001 when I moved 2 GJ,CO I was working 4 NBC & I rode my bike a majority of the work week. Then, I started riding almost everyday just because my co-workers couldnt believe I was riding that far from home. Funny little TV people, right? While working in downtown until about 2005ish I refused 2 pay meter parking everyday 4 work. Who in the H E Double Hockey Sticks drives around 4 miles each way AND pays out $$$$ so that the car can sit & wait. NOT THIS GUY!!! Hardly ever dove 2 The Letterpress during my press operating days. Most employees didnt even think I had a car. My last job, driving trucks 4 a company based here in GJ, I never drove. I didnt drive because at O Dark Hundred it takes longer 2 scrape the windscreen & warm up the car as it took me 2 ride my bike. After driving all day 4 work, all I could think about was stretching out the legs after a long day of developing flat butt disease. So Again, I cant remember the last time I drove my car 5 days in a row. Awesome
Can We Eat Now

 I dont really call our "no excuse" loop training. Shadow Boy & I have come up w/a mile out, block up, & mile back that we do everyday. Hints: No Excuse Loop. The photo from above is from our morning walk & he is pretty sure that I havent feed him in a few days. Like he has ever missed a meal. And the photo below....... well..... should I say more????? GJ picked up another few inches of that beautiful white stuff during the night of SNL. So Sunday B4 I took the Boy Dog out I shoved off the driveway, the back steps, hot tub, picnic table, & both neighbors sidewalks. I do this because I really enjoy falling snow & fresh snow. 4 what ever reason the northern neighbor dropped off a collection of the Dead as a thank you. I will import them & happily return them. Classic. I say classic because I have shoveled out both neighbors 4 years & they really dont bother saying anything because I am one of those guys. Plus, my south neighbor has every tool possible & always gives me that nod when I ask PLEASEE PLEASEEEEE PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEEE.

OK, The Stash From The Grateful Dead
And now 4 the answer.............. Ortho = Straight, Bio = Life Nature, Nomy = The Study Of Nature Laws....... Ortho-Bionomy was developed in the early 1970's by an Osteopath, Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. He drew some of his understanding from Osteopathy, Martial Arts, & Homeopathy. I have been working w/Othro because its simple principles resonates w/me so well. I love this principle, MOVEMENT AWAY FROM PAIN. These principles totally relate & they are in no particular order, DOING LESS = MORE. Love that!!! Doing less to initiate the self-corrective reflex which allows the person 2 do more 4 themselves, "less is more". RIGHT RELATIONSHIP, EXAGGERATION OF THE PREFERRED POSTURE, HONORING WHAT ARISES, & NON-JUDGEMENT. I can remember that lost feeling when others were talking of these principles & I felt as if I had 2 study these & all those old engrams would resurface & on & on but now.......... The principles simply show up & they make so much sense 2 me. Awesome 4 Sure

During class last week: Partners came together w/the same pathologies but didnt even know until after the work was done, partners ( LIKE ME ) had no idea what was going on during the demo yet achieved success while working together, & we had such a wonderfully talented group 2 work with. Our days went by like the sun across the sky. Everyone was so responsive & because we believe in our instructor & we believe in Ortho-Bionomy, the work worked w/ease.

I am standing on an amazing milestone right now & I have no reserves about my next step. My hesitations have melted away & believing is my new leader.

Yes I Can & What Else Is Possible

Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally Posting Tuesdays Storm Photos

Freshie Fresh Fresh

Part Of Our No Excuse Loop

"Oh Ya, She Was Here As Well." Shadow Boy Says

Full Speed Coming

And Why Not

Poor Guy Thought He Was Busted. Just A Photo Boy

Wet & Heavy 
Thursdays Look

A High Temp Of 11F

Mother Natures Dumping The White Stuff, AWESOME!!!

So this weekends high will be around 17/19F. They say that snow should start falling Saturday PM. Lets hope "they" are right!! Tonight will be clear & cold. Something like -9F during sunrise Saturday morning as Friday will be see clear bluebird Colorado skies. Someday you should all see the 12,000ft peaks covered by a blanket of snow below a blue sky. Colorado Is A Must See

Today is my last day of Ortho Training which is sad & awesome all at the same time. I will recap last weeks training sometime this weekend. 

You Are Awesome

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ortho- Bionomy

I have been in class all week and totally spaced posting photos from yesterdays storm. I have videos and photos coming your way 2nite. Thanx 4 stopping by my blog.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013


Shadow Boy Is Smiling 4 Ya

Crossing The Rail Yard

Over The Colorado River

Just Pulling Along

The River Went Greenish Blue

Totally Awesome 

Me & My Shadow Boy


Shadow Boys Shadow

We Picked Up The Pace

Clearing Out The Russian Olives

I Dig This Area

Ready 4 This??? I was navigating around my blog and found " MY " audience. Check this out. I have had viewers from the U.S., Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Serbia, Albanya, & Brazil. Unreal Or What????

So I say Hellllllll00000000ooooooooooo & Thanx 4 stopping by!!!!

Yesterday started off w/a brew of some awesome coffee. The coffee came from my friend Abbie from when she was in Moab,UT. She believes in this guy that has a little off the beaten path coffee hut & I scored a 1 lb bag. I was then cutting up fruit 4 my yogurt & granola breakfast before I headed outside 2 rework my little make shift green house. The sun was out & GJ was looking at a high of around 45F & I wanted 2 wet down the carrots, beets, & lettuce. Everything was a deep green & the beets have the most awesome red veins running through their green little leaves.

I started my stretching route & Shadow Boy went 2 heighten alert status. He would watch me, then out the doggie door, then back 2 see what I was doing, then back out the doggie door,etc. He told me that his agenda was WIDE OPEN 2day. He started 2 lose his marbles when he saw me packing up my backpack. HE DID NOT WANT 2 BE LEFT!!! I then made the mistake of telling him that," He Gets 2 Go!" Let the tornado began.

Our walk started off rather cool as a very light wind hit us in the face as we headed west. The 1st mile was odd 4 me as my fibularis tertius & extensor digitorum longus tightened up & just wouldnt relax. In another words, the front of my shin was on fire & I couldnt point my toes.  I was having trouble w/my rhythm because the side streets were packed w/cars coming and going. I had it in my mind that I was going 2 stretch out my legs at the big Cluster Phuc Intersection of GJ where 1st st, Grand, Broadway, Pitken, & 6 & 50 all meet. BUT NO!!! Not a car in sight. It was so odd. The side streets were busy as can be but the main roads remain empty???? Our 1st bridge over the rail yard when I noticed my feet & hips were finally relaxed & a weeeeeee bit more fluid. Thats Good!!!

We then began our trip over the Mighty Colorado River. Still, minimal traffic on Broadway. I took a quick photo of the Boy Dog 2 show that cars are missing & how low the Colorado River is. You can clearly see the bottom of the river & it scares the crap out of me when you see how far away the river rock is from the river. River Rock, Tall Grass, Sand, & THEN THE RIVER. Not Ideal At All.

Shadow Boy & I were keeping up a solid pace until we hit the Connected Lakes River Trail System. Remember, the main streets were empty??? Thats because everyone was taking advantage of the sunny conditions while they cooked their birds. Road bikes, mt bikes, runners, walkers, the classic father watching over his daughter while she wobbled along on her bike w/training wheels, people walking their dogs, and photographers capturing whatever their view finder sees. This is when Shadow & I lost time. I always pull him off 2 the side & completely stop. It doesnt made if its a car, people, or cyclist. Shadow Boy knows that we pull 2 the side & wait 4 them 2 pass. Its safe, we wait, & its what we do.

The rest of the walk was just as awesome as I wished. My legs felt stronger as we went. My posture was upright, yet relaxed. Our cool down walk 2wards my brothers was rewarding & I could feel my enter self smiling. I can see it now, but was unaware at that time because I was sucking down h2o, watching 4 neighborhood dogs, wild rabbits, & dodging cars again as we were in the hood. Not really a hood at all but that sounded good.

Shadow Boy headed 4 the backyard 2 let the neighbor dogs know that Sgt Shadow was on duty bitches!!! He puffed up, walked the property line, shaped Max & Blue back in line, & then dropped some serious mud like a big dog. Total Classic Boy Dog. He enjoyed the backyard while we all ate, socialized, & watched the Cowgirls game. We then walked the dogs through the HOOD as a big group & the dogs knew that this was their time & this walk was JUST 4 them. I so love that.

Turkey Day was a success!!! Life Is Gr8!!! And Shadow Boy Is The Best Dog Ever!!! Thanx 2 everyone 4 stopping by my blog. I should be able 2 post more photos from the events coming up this weekend. Keep stretching, pound the water, & believe in yourself.