Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet Friday The 13th

The views from above 10,000ft were unreal. And the temp was about 15 degrees warmer than the Grand Valley. Every winter the bitter cold settles in on the valley and the warmer air moves over the top of the valley ( inversion layer ). The cold doesnt bother me, its the pollution that hangs around for weeks.

 The above photo is looking west towards the north side of the Grad Mesa. The Grand Mesa is the largest flat top in THE WORLD and host over 300 lakes back in its day. I believe that only about 150 lakes are left as most are dry as a bone. The Mesa is a really nice 45min get-a-way w/cabins, camping, X-Country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, etc. Its a place worth checking out.

Somewhere down and 2 the left is Grand Junction Colorado....... What A View...... A???

Training was been on par. My body has loosened up so much sooner than months ago. I can feel my posture self correct itself much sooner and w/more ease. My knees havent ached in the morning and my low back has been pulled on when I stand. Thank You Mr Psoas.

Thanx 4 stopping by my blog. More 2 Come

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