Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally Posting Tuesdays Storm Photos

Freshie Fresh Fresh

Part Of Our No Excuse Loop

"Oh Ya, She Was Here As Well." Shadow Boy Says

Full Speed Coming

And Why Not

Poor Guy Thought He Was Busted. Just A Photo Boy

Wet & Heavy 
Thursdays Look

A High Temp Of 11F

Mother Natures Dumping The White Stuff, AWESOME!!!

So this weekends high will be around 17/19F. They say that snow should start falling Saturday PM. Lets hope "they" are right!! Tonight will be clear & cold. Something like -9F during sunrise Saturday morning as Friday will be see clear bluebird Colorado skies. Someday you should all see the 12,000ft peaks covered by a blanket of snow below a blue sky. Colorado Is A Must See

Today is my last day of Ortho Training which is sad & awesome all at the same time. I will recap last weeks training sometime this weekend. 

You Are Awesome

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