Thursday, October 21, 2021

What A Full Moon

When The Sun Comes Up On A Sleepy Little Town     Down Around San Antone     And The Folks Are Raising For Another Day     Round About Their Home     The People Of The Town Are Strange       And They Are Proud Of Where They Came   Well    You Talking About Your China Grove 

The Doobie Brothers

The Caption And Me 1973


A Silver Sneaker was sharing a story with me about their useless daughter's boyfriend. There is always two sides to the story and in this case it could be more like four sides to every story.

The situation basically was the daughter is relocated to Durango Colorado and the boyfriend is a flake. Does this sound familiar?? 

The more that I listened to these passionately descriptive stories filled with utter disgust, I chimed in. The deal I struck with them was that they would pay for my room, my meals, and that I would drive the Uhaul both ways. Wasn't all that fired up to help unload but for some reason I offered my services. Dumb A$$

They couldn't believe it, wasn't quite sure how to take it, and even made mention as if I was serious. Give me the address here in GJ and the address in Durango and you can count on me. They Were Stunned 

I went over the night before, after the truck was loaded, see you in Durango. I departed early that Tuesday morning and the drive to Ouray was simple. As I was heading up Red Mountain Pass ( Million Dollar Highway ) I knew the Bald Eagles were was calling my name back to Ouray. Both hands on the wheel, I drove like a ballerina dancing across the mountain range. I was creeping up the hill near Purgatory Ski Resort when they pulled along side of me all smiles. Party train the rest of the drive and unloading was easy peasy.

We casually made our way over to Steamworks Brewery for a bite to eat and a few delicious adult beverages. I went into reminiscing mode as there was a race that went through the brewery. I kid you not!!! Back in the day, the entire weekend was an event. Friday night was check in and packet pick ups. There was a bicycle parade that evening and costumes were encouraged. Saturday morning started off with a race against the train to the town of Silverton and then riding the train back to Durango. Sunday was the town crit and the brewery would remove the massive glass window, set up the wooden ramp, through the bar, out the backdoor, and down the ramp to the alley way. 

The criterium was an hour long race and you would try and complete as many laps as you could. Then, a bell lap would ring out and it was an all out sprint for the win. I would always hang back at the start of the crit races and allow those 15 inch spandex calf muscle to lead the way. Those serious monsters could easily conquer double digit lap counts but not me. After about lap 8 or so for me, I would let a little air pressure out of my rear wheel, find a little space, ride through the window frame, and pull a wheelie the length of the bar. The crowd noise would be deafening and I loved hamming that SH*T Up. Durango Kicks A$$


Left Durango before sunrise and rolled into the sleepy little town of Ouray. I notice two Marshall trucks parked about a block away. All be damn if two bears were in this Ponderosa Evergreen. The two officers made it clear that I wasn't wanted and to move along. So I politely continued walking towards Main Street and on down near the public pools. I dig the Koi Pond there and stretched out before heading back to the empty mechanical machine that awaited me. 

With a fresh cup of Joe in hand, I decided that I should selflessly take full advantage of my time here in Ouray. Even with tourist around every corner, Ouray is worthy of a visit. 

After a few more photos to send / share with friends, decided I had time to hike a section of Bear Creek Trail. The thought of driving back to GJ quickly became less of a priority and hiking topped my list of To Do's. And hopelessly glad I took the leap of faith. So Picture Perfect  


Back up to Marble for two days of cleaning up after a drywall job. Yes, it was completely uninspiring work but it pays well. The guy that pays just finished drywalling an entire Victorian Home and I was manual labor boy for the day. Great 

The next morning, the air was flipping chilly, I walked down to the main park for a quick round of Disc Golf. To my surprise, folks have added 5 or 6 new holes to the old course. They definitely put in loads of hours mowing down weeds, digging out new tee pads for concrete pours at some point, and hippy signs with arrow markings towards the next tee. 

Two of the new holes will be impossible in the spring and summer. The new baskets are single chain only and unfortunately ankle putt baskets. Meaning, cheap baskets but for free, Oh Baby!! And as I was walking along a fairway after my piss pour drive into a tree, a two headed deer stood there in the sunshine checking me out. Even they disapproved of my lame drive. 

OK, you got me. There were four little Bambis but two ran off before I could snap the above photo. And below is one of the new baskets. You can see were the volunteers cleared away brush and thankfully added orange flags to all the new black basket locations.  Banner Mountain Trip 


Just a few miles around town but nothing all that flashy. The city is replacing sections of the River Trail that have been in need of repairs for years now. So I am slowly spinning out miles and jacking around really. 

And check out the storm that never made it. A perfect display of how the Grand Valley is shafted once again. Our massive flat top Grand Mesa diverts weather systems and all we receive is wind and beautiful sunsets. And Yes CJ, 42 Is The Answer. 

I was riding the other evening and Mr Moon was so bold and beautiful. The Grand Valley was blanketed by those high translucent cirrus clouds so the old moon flashed and dodged and shined its light upon the blackened asphalt. I am always mesmerized by the way the moon knows how to hide on the other side of those mature Cottonwood Trees and then peek out at just the right time.

Couldn't pass up this here Nomad. It's completely gutted out and the motor is weeks away from firing its pipes to life. The midnight flat black paint is fresh and those rims are eye catching. So I rode over and snapped that shot. Most of the time on the saddle is all about those insignificant moments in time. Eyes Wide Shut 

Overall, our weather is totally perfect these days. Somedays I am not all up for a ride but with ideal temperatures I feel obligated to spin those wheels. Midway through every ride, I am glad I bucked up. 


  1. Bust A Move
  2. Finalize My Halloween Costume
  3. Dance More & Bark Less
  4. Finish My Latest Art Gifts 
  5. Enjoy Time With Friends Next Weekend 

Until Next Time, Dig Deep And Lead With Your Heart,


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Skipping Across The Horizon

We Move Like Caged Tigers     Oh, We Couldn't Get Any Closer Than This    The Way We Walk    The Way We Talk    The Way We Stalk    The Way We Kiss    We Slip Through The Streets    While Everyone Sleeps    Getting Bigger And Sleeker    And Wider And Brighter    We Bite And Scratch And Scream All Night     Lets Go And Throw All The Songs We Know    Into The Sea    You And Me  Its A Treacherous Thing     We Missed You Hissed The Love Cats 

The Cure Love Cats 

Chinese Whispers 1983

These photos of this old truckster is for The Birthday Boy Andrew down in Melbourne Australia. Another wonderful trip around the sun for Andrew and head over his way to say HAPPY HAPPY. 


This is beginning to drive me nutz like a fox. 

The above photo appears when I click on KAFM. So I went through the show details tab and came across this window down below. Apparently it is a Safari thing. It was recommended that I download Chrome and bail on Safari. 

Doing my best to reply to comments left by you wonderful people from around this beautiful globe we all call home. Sending Positive Vibes 


Hosted the Global Groove show last Sunday and listeners are currently fired up. A number of folks complained about the Executive Director. Nobody had a nice thing to say about the Program Director. 

My fingers are crossed that this newest debacle FINALLY bites the ED in the A$$. KAFM is about to lose thousands of dollars due to the lack of leadership. Will keep you updated and I believe that it is the time for me to share the story of what went down during the Summer of 2020. 

This all stems from the fact that during each break I was highlighting community radio stations on the Western Slope of Colorado and their successful FUNd Drives recently. KAFM 's drive begins NOV 1st and I guarantee this drive will be another Sh*T Show. 

After every station I gave props to, the phone rang. The biggest complaint on this particular day was that GoDaddy shook KAFMradio off line like a wet dog in the living room after a bath. That is right, the website is down and the ED knew about the situation months ago. KAFM has a huge money maker THIS Saturday and the website is down. Such A Cluster Phuc 

Kind of like NO STADIUM SEATS for a baseball game. Couldn't believe my eyes as the towering Grand Mesa is in sight and only that white crane inhibits the view. Interested in the new stadium layout for Stoker Stadium. Batter Up 


I have been sharing with you all about my lack of production, useless efforts, and overall uninspiring rides lately. 

So I am meandering along the River Trail the other day while hovering up a few miles. A younger guy rides up next to me on my left. He asked me," There you are, ARE YOU OK?" I was puzzled and replied with I think so or something to that effect as I was obviously caught off guard. 

He goes on to blab away about never seeing me ride so slow, how he told his wife that I am the politest cyclist around, and that he hadn't seen me in awhile. I must of flashed him an odd look because he went on to chatter about how I always say more than just a polite hello. He regurgitated some of the encouraging phrased I have shouted out while passing him last Summer. 

He goes on to explain to me that he went for rides last year because he thought he might have another encounter me. A number of days he didn't wanna ride but I somehow was his motivating factor. Totally tripped me out!! We go through life and sometimes we have no idea the influences we share with one another while trading pleasantries. This kid was so high on life because he saw me riding the River Trail. And me, I was riding around like a sloth while wearing my pissy pants. Amazing

SOOOO pay attention to what you say, how you project yourself, and remember that others are listening. Unless they are staring at their phone. HA


The Annual Orionid Meteor Shower began early this month and what a sight. Maybe 10 streaks per hour and I was fortunate to catch a few of them. But nothing prepared me for the Draconid Meteor Shower the other night. The Draconid always showcases a massive fireball or an astroid that skips and breaks apart across the horizon with multiple colors spraying across the moonless nights sky. 

One fire ball to the east was jaw dropping and all be damn if numerous doorbell cameras captured it. feel free to google 'Fireball in Colorado' or something like that. Then, last night, the Space Station made its way from the Southwest to Northeast and two fire balls shot across the sky during that short amount of time. So Lucky 


  1. Winterizing Projects 
  2. Work Through Daily Intentions 
  3. Bliss Out
  4. Finish The Harvest 
  5. Hydrate
  6. Lead By Example  

And I leave you with an Autumn Winters Drive over Independence Pass above Aspen Colorado during a light snow storm. Hope You Dig This One


Friday, October 1, 2021


Alright   We're Jammin'    I Wanna Jam It With You    We're Jammin'     And I Hope You Like Jammin' Too     We're Jammin'      To Think That Jammin' Was A Thing Of The Past     And I Hope This Jam Is Gonna Last     Now We're Jammin' In The Name Of The Lord       We're Jammin'     Now We're Jammin' Right Straight From The Yard      Ooh Yeah     We're Jammin'      I Wanna Jam It With You   Jammin' About My Pride And Truth I Cannot Hide       To Keep You Satisfied       Love Now Exist True Love I Cannot Resist      Jam By My Side   

BoB Marley

Exodus 1977


My brilliant mate Robert from Melbourne Australia has been on quite a journey this winter. He flew up to Darwin just before Melbourne went on lock down again. 

While in Darwin, he met up with a new friend from Perth by the name of Janet. And on towards the West Coast he traveled. 

With huge disappointment, all the tix sold out in minutes. He then went on a quick release site and struck out. His WhatApp messages were defeating in tone and his frustration levels were running way higher than any normal retired human should be living. 

He then received an email from the MCG Club Membership were his family have been members forever and a day.

That is how it happened, He Scored A Ticket To The Grand Final!!! Over the moon he was. Wish I could have video recored our phone call because he expressed gratitude with every descriptive sentence. Robert Was Thrilled 

You see, this was more than just a Grand Final for Robert. This goes beyond his beloved Demons in the Grand Final. This was about representing his twin, Rest In Peace Dennis, and their best mate, RIP Mr Matt. Robert was carrying the weight of his mates that no longer dance around the earth with us.

A day or two after the Grand Final, Robert took a train ride down to Freemantle for a look around. Working up a thirst landed him in a pub for a brew or two. To his complete surprise The Champion Melbourne Demons were celebrating inside the pub!! 

Christian Petracca 
Cozzie Pickett

An Old Mate And Ex Player Ben Cousins

Ben Brown

The Captain Max Gawn 

Robert's highlight for sure was drinking with the boys and sharing his story. Plus, Robert has a lifetime history with The Demons and knew the lingo and was quickly accepted by the team. A guy from the MMM Radio in Perth took notes on Robert's story. I didn't quite understand the whole deal but the guy works at Channel 10 as well. So Grace, Please Keep In Ear For My Mate


Rounding off my last week here in Carbondale and have been taking advantage of this strikingly breathtaking location. Early morning soaks, relaxing hikes with The Basil Boy, and staring at the night sky are the ideal recipes for living life. 

To my surprise, the folks around here are completely addicted to their mobile devices while driving. The pervasive usage became flipping stressful to be honest with ya all. 

Triple A ( car insurance ) sent me an article that there were 2 million distracted accidents in 2020 and 4,000 cyclist were killed as a result. The article went on to layout the fact that 500,000 mobile device caused accidents occurred as well. Apparently, If the police officer is investigating what appears to be a distracted driver, the law allows/mandatory that the driver turns over their records to investigators.

The article explains how the technology works and the lawyers/law/officers actually know if the driver was streaming videos, texting, etc and AT WHAT TIME. Blew Me Away 


Sheepishly, I admit that I have never watched so many movies during a two week time frame. My go to up here is Tubi. Netflix is ok but I resort back to Tubi because they have ads. While I am engrossed in a flick, a commercial set of 5 ads pops up, I stretch out or pound out a few push ups, back to the movie we go.

Two movies that have worped my sphere of influence was The Founder & Personal Effects. The Founder is a "Hollywood" documentary showcasing Ray Kroc and The Golden Arches. I have a personal connection with The Kroc Family and was oblivious as to how their fortune actually materialized.

And here is Basil Boy after a hike through the turning Aspen Trees. His left rear leg was kicking like crazy while in this dream like state. For you dog folks, it always amazes me how they can appear so uncomfortable but happily sound asleep. Remember, the entire backseat was available. But the armrest on a bumpy dirt road was the preferred position for snoozing.

I was vigorously staggering through my "chores" list when I came across this guy. The Buck in the above photo, his right antler was wrapped in a string of Xmas Lights. Rather festive Buck he is. Thankfully, the lights are not solar battery powered. Right


KP is one talented little lady and has been working diligently with stained glass for years now. The whole house has a number of her award winning pieces and this one in "my" room is my favorite by far.

She has a winter show coming up and these would be her latest creations below. My mouth literally dropped. The possibilities are absolutely endless here. 

My world of make believe went bananas and I motor mouthed with all kinds of ideas. KP politely smiled with patience and waited for me to shout the hell up. Train Sets is when she might have even shook her head at me. I couldn't control myself because these little hobbit style houses rocked my little pea brain.  

And Yes, Those Are From Real Pinecones On The Roof. The attention to detail is remarkable and I am pretty excited about all the accessories yet to find their place. Compelled me to snap off a comic strip photo.


Took Basil Boy for a little drive the other day and Colorado lived up to its reputation. The slogan goes,"just wait 5 minutes " when it correlates to weather. First Autumn Snow Fall Of 20BLK Jack 

I Thank Each And Everyone Of You That Continue To Think Snow For Me. These mountain sides covered with sprinkles of golden yellows, rich fire orange splashes for depth, evergreen pines that hold the soil as one, and an unprocessed dusting across their peaks with fresh wet heavy snow brings a majestic warmth to my heart. Colorado 💗 


Before we get to that, for some reason, up here in Carbondale, maybe its my computer, maybe it is the satellite style of internet, this message pops up whenever I comment on a fellow blogger's site. So pisses me right off. Please believe me that I have visited you all but you haven't heard from me because of the above. What The Flock Of Seagulls 

Anyway, back to the the regularly scheduled animal programing segment. Basil, the above photo, has become quite the little buddy. Him & I have packed up together these days and he loves curling up in a ball near my belly at nights. He doesn't necessarily care for me rolling over on him though. It has taken me about a week to get used to him sleeping there. But We Manage 

This Elk was impressive and so massive!! We both spooked each other and I harped on Basil for not giving me the heads up. That lodgepole fence post there is over six feet high or about 1.8 meters high. Lets just say that the pole was over my head as a reference here. This Bull Elk just casually walked towards his harem as if it were just another Sunday stroll in the park. Basil & I observed him for awhile and then we continued on our path.  

Then, the elusive cat that occupies residency here trots on by. I only know it is alive because the food bowl is empty every morning. Then it happened!! Two nights ago this cat finally harmonious graced me with her presence. As I began a peacefully spirited reach over for a pet, her head quickly snapped my way, eyes dilated with hunting instincts, "Don't touch me Mother Phuc'r. I'm Not A Filthy Dog!" She stayed there on her perch and I kept my eyes forward. Kitty Kat Companionship

Lesson Learned!! I will keep my paws to myself and happily play with this guy below. Basil & I agree that the cat is half possum and half cacti. Plus, the cat would never belittle herself with a game of fetch. Basil Boy loves a game of toss and I never deny him a throw. Boys Will Be Boys


  1. NOT Even Sure If I Know After Holidaying For The Past Two Weeks
  2. Working Out But What Exactly Does That Entail 
  3. Freeing My Mind & Allowing My Bike To Follow
  4. Host The Most Righteous Sessions In The Office
  5. Float The Kidneys With H2o
  6. Keep The Last Man Standing Streak Alive
  7. Home Projects, Yard Duties, & A Green Waste Run
  8. Now That I Know The Theme , Work On My Halloween Costume 
  9. Celebrate The Best Holiday Ever 


A time lapse with A Bambi And Tribe quickly sneaking on by. Thanx For watching and for supporting the cause. 

Be Well Out There,