Thursday, October 14, 2021

Skipping Across The Horizon

We Move Like Caged Tigers     Oh, We Couldn't Get Any Closer Than This    The Way We Walk    The Way We Talk    The Way We Stalk    The Way We Kiss    We Slip Through The Streets    While Everyone Sleeps    Getting Bigger And Sleeker    And Wider And Brighter    We Bite And Scratch And Scream All Night     Lets Go And Throw All The Songs We Know    Into The Sea    You And Me  Its A Treacherous Thing     We Missed You Hissed The Love Cats 

The Cure Love Cats 

Chinese Whispers 1983

These photos of this old truckster is for The Birthday Boy Andrew down in Melbourne Australia. Another wonderful trip around the sun for Andrew and head over his way to say HAPPY HAPPY. 


This is beginning to drive me nutz like a fox. 

The above photo appears when I click on KAFM. So I went through the show details tab and came across this window down below. Apparently it is a Safari thing. It was recommended that I download Chrome and bail on Safari. 

Doing my best to reply to comments left by you wonderful people from around this beautiful globe we all call home. Sending Positive Vibes 


Hosted the Global Groove show last Sunday and listeners are currently fired up. A number of folks complained about the Executive Director. Nobody had a nice thing to say about the Program Director. 

My fingers are crossed that this newest debacle FINALLY bites the ED in the A$$. KAFM is about to lose thousands of dollars due to the lack of leadership. Will keep you updated and I believe that it is the time for me to share the story of what went down during the Summer of 2020. 

This all stems from the fact that during each break I was highlighting community radio stations on the Western Slope of Colorado and their successful FUNd Drives recently. KAFM 's drive begins NOV 1st and I guarantee this drive will be another Sh*T Show. 

After every station I gave props to, the phone rang. The biggest complaint on this particular day was that GoDaddy shook KAFMradio off line like a wet dog in the living room after a bath. That is right, the website is down and the ED knew about the situation months ago. KAFM has a huge money maker THIS Saturday and the website is down. Such A Cluster Phuc 

Kind of like NO STADIUM SEATS for a baseball game. Couldn't believe my eyes as the towering Grand Mesa is in sight and only that white crane inhibits the view. Interested in the new stadium layout for Stoker Stadium. Batter Up 


I have been sharing with you all about my lack of production, useless efforts, and overall uninspiring rides lately. 

So I am meandering along the River Trail the other day while hovering up a few miles. A younger guy rides up next to me on my left. He asked me," There you are, ARE YOU OK?" I was puzzled and replied with I think so or something to that effect as I was obviously caught off guard. 

He goes on to blab away about never seeing me ride so slow, how he told his wife that I am the politest cyclist around, and that he hadn't seen me in awhile. I must of flashed him an odd look because he went on to chatter about how I always say more than just a polite hello. He regurgitated some of the encouraging phrased I have shouted out while passing him last Summer. 

He goes on to explain to me that he went for rides last year because he thought he might have another encounter me. A number of days he didn't wanna ride but I somehow was his motivating factor. Totally tripped me out!! We go through life and sometimes we have no idea the influences we share with one another while trading pleasantries. This kid was so high on life because he saw me riding the River Trail. And me, I was riding around like a sloth while wearing my pissy pants. Amazing

SOOOO pay attention to what you say, how you project yourself, and remember that others are listening. Unless they are staring at their phone. HA


The Annual Orionid Meteor Shower began early this month and what a sight. Maybe 10 streaks per hour and I was fortunate to catch a few of them. But nothing prepared me for the Draconid Meteor Shower the other night. The Draconid always showcases a massive fireball or an astroid that skips and breaks apart across the horizon with multiple colors spraying across the moonless nights sky. 

One fire ball to the east was jaw dropping and all be damn if numerous doorbell cameras captured it. feel free to google 'Fireball in Colorado' or something like that. Then, last night, the Space Station made its way from the Southwest to Northeast and two fire balls shot across the sky during that short amount of time. So Lucky 


  1. Winterizing Projects 
  2. Work Through Daily Intentions 
  3. Bliss Out
  4. Finish The Harvest 
  5. Hydrate
  6. Lead By Example  

And I leave you with an Autumn Winters Drive over Independence Pass above Aspen Colorado during a light snow storm. Hope You Dig This One



  1. It's nice to know that you make a difference in a person's life. You just never know who's watching and the words you choose to speak when you encounter another person. Makes you feel good! I get those blogger pages too, it's aggravating. Have a great weekend and keep the positivity flowing.

  2. Dearest Travis,
    Okay, my first comment EVER, wearing a helmet... Haha, Pieter is trying to get his chain back on the bike. Just were leaving home. Glad it happened in front of our home.
    What a ride to Independence Pass! Enjoyed seeing the fresh snow as your 8th viewer.
    Those messages are oh so annoying and we're all the victims of the battle between Big Tech's Google and Apple... All about power and we're left in the middle of it!
    Love that expression of a wet dog...

  3. How true we never know who is watching us as we go through our life, I hope you make a Go Fund for the Fund raiser, at least you could send people there Via the air waves. The Apsen Trees were glowing even under the clouds. Happy Weekend.

  4. Thanks for the nice greetings Padre. They are quite intimidating looking beasts. It's nice that you have an open admirer. It is too easy to forget the people factor about people. You were keeping up well with the traffic even catching it up in the clip. The transition to below the snowline was interesting.

  5. Nice video and that road looks slippery.
    The photos are nice and always lovely scenery.

  6. Loved The Cure back then!
    Great car, too.

    Yep. "errors" all over.
    Oh, those brown eyes... And ... you must be a nice guy :-)
    Sloths are cute, btw, I think.

    Oh, yes, staring at the phone. I.hate.
    Sadly here in the heart of the city the sky is light-polluted (and likely not only that).

    #6!!! YES.

    Snow already?!

  7. Hello,
    Love the first view, the furbaby and the sky captures. I am using Chrome or Google, I do not see many errors. A few of my comments just disappear. Take care, have a happy day and a great weekend!

  8. Safari sux. Oh, that sky! One of those meteors blew up over New Hampshire. I heard the boom all the way down here in Massachusetts, but didn't know what it was until the weather dude explained what happened. Stay positive!

  9. The Furbaby is always my favorite photo.
    To solve temporarily the problem I delete the browsing history and the temporary files.
    Great photos of the sky.