Sunday, August 21, 2022

Mid August And Radio Shows

The Long And Windy Road     That Leads To Your Door    Will Never Disappear     I've Seen That Road Before        It Always Leads Me Here      Lead Me To Your Door     Many Times I've Been Alone    And Many Times I've Cried        Anyway       You'll Never Know      The Many Ways I've Tired         And Still They Lead Me Back   To The Long Winding Road    You Left Me Standing Here     A Long      Long Time Ago      Don't Leave Me Waiting Here       Lead Me To Your Door 

The Beatles

Let It Be 1970


An older Mr Silver Sneaker pointed out one day, usually points out the obvious. He said that he used to have a cousin that hardly left the house and watched TV Movies all day long. Mr Silver Sneaker ask me," What do you see around here?" He points out that all he observes are alive people milling about. His cousin that was a homebody, died two weeks ago in their young 70's. I was speechless as I was unaware that we were shifting towards deeper waters. Thankfully, Mr Silver Sneaker rambled out and I was off the hook. Just Listening 

Another two punches to the jewels this month was Olivia Newton John passing. Grease will forever lack that gumption it once had. Wait until Travola shuffles off this mortal coil. I am well aware that her passing was not a surprise but a bummer for sure. The other bummer was my friend/mentor John Parker passed at 83. 


So there is this bridge here in town that crosses over the Colorado River and I was lucky enough to cross this sucker the other day. What I noticed was the swift flowing currents, colorful birds singing, and the cool breeze from the south. Epiphany would be how many drivers miss out on these precious moments and observations. 

Cycling around town as a way of commuting is a headspace changer. Rushing home after a long day of work while missing out on a vidid rainbow trout jumping out of the water because you you were "busy" is such a missed opportunity. Stumbling through the door with a smile could have been a prime example of how our demeanor is carried. 


Friday Bike Night's theme was Butterflies. Right up my alley of course and I sort of went all in. I mean Come On, BUTTERFLIES 

       The college kids are back in town and we experienced our largest turn out. Ready for this???  

Someone counted 146 riders, one wheel, and boosted board participants. Pure Righteousness 


Scored a new client and couldn't be happier. They are way in shape, just completed their two year dissertation, and carries the most amazingly strong nervous system. Best client in a long time!! They picked up the tracking quicker than I have ever witnessed.  

                               Creating thoughts through action and patterns 


Stream HERE to listen to the rebroadcasting of my show. This link starts with an ad and then Michael Travis ( Drummer For The String Cheese Incident ) converts you to Mormonism. Turn it up as its going to be a Freakers Ball.

This Magic Carpet Ride was one of my better shows. I featured Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs from the big screen Cinema. Aired about 6 different movie trailers and shared tales from the 60's & 70's. Its worthy of a little preview. My next show TIED TO THE TRACKS was absolutely brilliant and the phone calls were overwhelming.  

Now you have to understand something, Wolfman has a huge following. Folks were tuning in to hear the Wolfman and I just happened to be subbing for him. The feedback was rather positive and the text messages kept me on my game. Both shows are worthy of a listen as both shows are radically different. Tune It Up 

Need I Say More:


  1. Think Snow
  2. Finding Parts 
  3. Researching Sand Injected Stains 
  4. Document An Adventurous Ride 
  5. Write Down Goals And Intentions 
  6. Volunteer  

Enjoying Life And Making It Out,


Friday, August 5, 2022

Eye Opening August 2022

Looking In Your Eyes     I See Paradise    This World That I've Found Is Too Good To Be True    Standing Here Beside You    Want So Much To Give You    This Love In My Heart That I Am Feeling For You    Let Them Say We Are Crazy    I Don't Care About That    Put Your Hand In My Hand    Baby, Don't Look Back    Let The World Around Us    Just Fall Apart   Baby, We Can Make It     Heart To Heart 


No Protection 1987


Making it happen!! Finished the month of July on a high note as I became a man of action. Completing numerous task those last few days of the month then I did all month long. Stashed away a bunch of cash into the tax account as that quarterly payment is due in a months time. Loaded up the car insurance account so that is now off my mind. Finally lubed the bike, washed off all the spring time gunk, and rolled away with 120psi into the future. 

My July numbers were pretty piss poor as I pickled the liver in a big way. Nothing crazy what so ever but early day time brews, a can of brew or two while BBQ'n for the fam, red wine with dinner, and cold brews while playing cards and other board games into the wheeeeeeeeee hours of the night.  No complaining at all, just lacked the rides and long walks along the beach front. 

And Last But NOT Least - Congrats To Annemiek Van Vleuten on winning the Tour after the 33 year hiatus. Vleuten wears the Yellow Jersey, Marianne Vos supports the Green Jersey, Demi Vollering hoist the coveted Polka Dotted Mountain Climbers Jersey, and Shirin Van Anrooji claims the White Youngest Rider Jersey after the 8 day 600+ miles / 970+ km tour throughout France. Go Ladies Go 


Way fired up as I will be hosting a live edition of the Magic Carpet Ride on the 11th of August. My plan is featuring Biker Movie Sound Tracks & Trailers featured in Motion Pictures while airing various righteous deep cuts as well. Stream LIVE HERE at 6:30pm Mountain Time Zone. 


Big anniversary coming up next month as the Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center celebrates 10 years. Boy, a decade flies when you're having a damn good time. So there will be a Phase 7 class the day before and then an open house that I am really excited about. 

I wonder where and what direction those original folks went or are after 10 years time. Sure hope they make the effort and attend. How Cool Would That Be 


The Mighty Colorado River Is In Sad Shape!! This might have been the last seasonal float through town for me as the water level has plummeted.

Again, not complaining as we enjoyed the good moments and made the best of the rough moments. The amount of humans married with the same ideal was astonishing.

Reminded me of the 4th of July when everyone took a dip in the river. On this particular day, a little warm at the start but those monsoonal patterns offered up a blanket of cloud cover. Me Likey 

My first photo from this end of the bridge. The current normally rages through this section of bridges and the conjunctions looms just ahead. It's a section where you better have your Sh*T together. Something else that turned out to be A OK was all the new rapids as a result of low water levels. So That's Cool 

On the other end of that perspective, a disc golf basket hangs there in the darkness sum 700 feet / 213m straight away. The above photo was a relaxing stretch of the river where you are able to simply be. 


The Dude and I were able to attend Friday Night Bike Night and the theme of the evening was FISH. So I cut out three cardboard fish, quickly drilled an outline, and lined them out with a string of multiple patterned flashing LED AA battery powered lights. 

We then strapped on two fishing poles to The Dude's bike with reusable rubber Z Ties. One fishing rod out the back and one pole straight ahead out the front. And away we rode.

I throughly enjoy these group rides and the youngsters are totally hip. I always meet someone new and wish we knew more about each other. Lots of common interest within these variety of species. Right  

But the over whelming highlight was the sunset. Literately Mesmerizing Sunset!! As I previously mentioned, the Monsoons were evident and a cell was unleashing with all its might, Mr Sun cascaded light rays through those water droplets to a sailors delight. 


  1. Build A Story Board
  2. Hydrate With Crisp Cool H2o
  3. Continue Logging Miles / KM's 
  4. Safely Surf These Waves Of Chaos 
  5. Purchase A New Pair Of Shoes For Walking Into The Future 

Here we are, August 2022. Important attractions are on the horizons this month. May we all accomplish goals and problem solve issues with flying colors. May the Pink Moon on the 11th  put a special emphasis on your home and family. You will have ample time to devote to those you hold dearest. 

All the best,