Sunday, July 24, 2022

Keep Pushing On Those Pedals And You'll Eventually Be Somewhere

Hey Mr Music     You Sure Sound Good To Me     I Cant Refuse It      What Got To Be     Got To Be     Feel Like Dancing     Dance Cause We Are Free      I Got My Home    In The Promise Land     But I Feel At Home     Can You Overstand     Said The Road Is Rocky    Sure Feels Good To Me     And If Your Lucky    Together We'd Always Be    The Sun Is Risin'     The Sign Is Risin'    Moon Is Risin'    Rainbow Country   

BoB Marley And The Wailers

Rainbow Country 1991


What a trip?!? Do I consider myself a cycling nerd, NO. Am I an enthusiast, maybe. A fan, YES. I never knew that the women raced the tour back in the 80's. Here is an article from 1984 with an interview by Tim. Racer Marianna Martin was a dominant force back then and I wonder how many of these gals are still alive today. Who Knows 

I was aware of the women racing unofficially on the tour the day after the boys raced as a protest/promotional event back in 2021 or 2019. I don't recall exactly when that was. The women started their official Tour de France July 24rd 2022. I feel as if the women get the shaft because the race coverage is on Peacock Channel and NOT rabbit ears. But it is 2022 after all and maybe there is more coverage demands on those network channels. What Do I Know

HERE is the Tour LeFemme schedule and route for this years tour from the Yahoo dot com site. For Me, I root for those leaders as well as the back of the pack participants. Will plan on gathering all my racing coverage on the good old YouTube links. Go Ladies Go  


      Early bird eats the worm or collects a lot of black flying bugs in their teeth.

Dawn Patrol sprinklings of wild flower rides are the best attitude changer of all time. Some label swimming , others say hobbies , or even sexual intimacy as their all time best attitude chargers. But for this update, let's just stick with bike rides. 

I am still slow and out of shape for sure and my fitness is sub par for July standards. That four letter word 'work' has really cramped my style this calendar year. But when I ride, I Smile From Ear To Ear! 

Where there once was a beaver damn, creeks ran freely soothing our inner ears of running water. There are days where I am focused with acute awareness of just how pent up I am. Other days, haven't gotta clue as to JUST how bad I am in needed of bathing across the forest floor with a bike between my legs. 

One aspect of happiness is when I used to "hike" with The Boy Dog and he would stop and sit. Smelling the clean crisp air and inhaling with that one big exaggerated happy breath the way dogs do. I would begin to start again and he would give me that one eyed half-moon sclera look with that sharpened tilted eyebrow as if to say," Stop right here human and just be. Don't just look around , see around. Don't just listen, hear your surroundings. Don't just breathe, smell for once in your life."


Many an evening these days are spent in the office helping others to heal from within. Our local Powderhorn Ski Resort has put a number on some folks this summer. Weekend warriors that allow their machines to transport their bodies at a much greater speed their than bodies can process. Such as, over the bars or clipping a tree with their knuckles. Loads Of Bumps And Bruises 

Other clients, a simple tune up. Lately, a new wave of first timers are walking through the door. First timer clients are almost always satisfied and label the effects post work as feeling lighter and/or taller. Dig That


  1. Experience Belly Hurting Laughter Everyday
  2. Crank Out Some Miles
  3. Collect My Marbles 
  4. Pour Two Upcoming Birthday Paintings
  5. Manifest Happiness 

I leave you here with a time lapse of mine that I take pride in with all the editing efforts. This is a longer video and might be a little busy for ya but I guarantee that this video is worthy of watching in FULL Screen HD and turn it up. This is the best road, in my option, here in Colorado. Allow yourself to enjoy a ride from Durango to Ouary in 6 minutes time.

Keep On Keeping On,


P.S. Congrats To Durango's Sepp Kuss - What A Tour There Boys

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

July Action On The Western Slope Of Colorado

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle     The First Thing That I'd Like To Do     Is To Save Every Day Til Eternity Passes Away     Just To Spend Them With You     If I Could Make Days Last Forever    If Words Could Make Wishes Come True     I'd Save Every Day Like A Treasure    And Then    Again     I Would Spend Them With You     But There Never Seems To Be Enough Time      To Do The Things You Want To Do Once You Find Them     I've Looked Around Enough To Know     That You're The One I Want To Go Through Time With      If I Had A Box Just For Wishes     And Dreams That Had Never Come True     The Box Would Be Empty     Except For The Memory Of How They Were Answered By You 

Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle

April 1972


July has been a little toasty but the continued sporadic antediluvian Monsoonal Patterns are delightful and totally welcoming. Believe me, I am not complaining because my heart goes out to European and UK folks for sure. 

There is something special about a weather cell engulfing your exposed body while on the bike with cool crips heavy rain drops pelting down. Its the whole spectrum from the petrichor raising from our covered Mother Earth to the evaporative refreshing breezes that follows. Big Fan


Headed out early as I anticipated a few lightning strikes during the later afternoon hours. Thankfully, none of that came to forution. 

The Colorado State Flower in all its glory. The wild flowers in general were rather impressive considering the critical drought conditions we are suffering from. 


Talk about mesmerizing!!!! Scored two free tix and Robert and I decided to attend for the sure entertainment value of it all and yes were the only two wearing mask inside the big circus tent. 

As we entered the tent, this love little lady escorted right to out seats. Little did we know, SHE was an entertainer and this is her on the unicycle below. The jump roping on a unicycle was impressive but I have video footage of her riding backwards while juggling bowling style pins. But instead of riding backwards with her feet on the pedals, she used her feet on the tire itself to control the speed and direction. Way Cool 

This photo below captures the water falling around the stage. All kinds of cool patterns were incorporated into those cascading showers. There were outlines of birds, vines with leaf petals, and what appeared to be North America and other countries as well. Very Unique 

These guys that build these precarious chair towers and play posing acrobatics totally blows my marbles. My hands always become sweaty while they climb higher and higher. I am well aware that this chairs lock in but it still freaks my waving flag. 

The theme for the performers was 1960 and 70's musical numbers. Hints; the checkered board floors. If you ever have a chance to witness these tour shows, GO FOR IT. The soundtrack rocks, the two Ringmasters worked the crowd to perfection, Numerous costume changes by all the performers, all the stage hands were seamless between acts, and the performers never missed a beat. And For Free, Hellz Yez 


Captured the setting moon on the 14th July and those rays appeared to be painted on the early morning skyline. My offering received all the best energy throughout the evening. Two crystals and a mason jar full of Spring Water From Marble Colorado. Good Vibes 


Riding the rails baby!!! On the morning of my B-Day, it was adventure time.

Picked up Amtrak Tix for my mom, her husband Pat, & The Dude. Robert also rearranged his plans and joined us due East. His plan carries on the next day to Denver. 

The Mighty Colorado River is in sad shape and this was AFTER the Monsoon Season. The Dude, Robert, and I never left the observation car during the two hour ride East to Glenwood Springs. 

Hippy Jim graciously gifted me this Grateful Dead pin on my birthday some four years ago or so and I traditionally showcase it proudly every year since. 

Our rental house sat perch over the Roaring Fork River and those ice cold river current sounds were soothing as ever. I blew it and never snapped off a single photo of the house. That is because I spent all of my free time out here on the lower deck. Enjoying and sharing cold brews, gorgeous sights, delightful snacks, and spying on happy floaters splashing on by from high above. SCORE

One of the two ice chests stored all three of the meals for the weekend get-a-way. The Dude smoked two Turkeys Friday Evening and those leftovers made the best Turkey Sandwiches which complimented the stellar bean curry soup that rocked my world, side fresh green salad with fixings added on, and a delicious cold pasta dish satisfied our dinner needs. I know that was a classic  run on sentence but I was pretty excited about that birthday dinner. A few after dinner drinks were consumed, a short little walk about ensued, and Rummy Hands closed out the evening. Love Playing Cards 

Mixed up eggs, milk, cheese, and veggies before leaving for Glenwood and stored them in a mason jar where they safely rode in the ice chest. Sunday mornings quiche was mouth watering. All campers waking up from their somber were quite pleased to have fresh fruit and two hot quiches.  One was heavy on cheese and the other was packed with healthy tasty diced veggies. Veteran Move

Our tribe claimed an outdoor patio area in the shade while we waited for the trains to arrive. That patio, The Glenwood Brewery of course. I shot a time lapse from that location and a short time later our West bound train arrived. Our party made the trip back to GJ while Robert was forced to sit and wait for his Denver train. 

One of my better birthdays for sure. Excellent homemade meals, righteous friends and family, and what is a train ride without a full moon provide by happy rafters. 

I had to snap off these mundane photos below and above because I am usually on my bike and waiting for the train to pass on by. This was 9th street train crossing and then 7th street below here in GJ. Choo Choo 


  1. Enjoying The Moment
  2. Pull The Trigger On That Purchase
  3. Hydrate After Three Weeks Of Drinking With Robert
  4. Back In The Gym
  5. Plan August's Adventure 

I leave you with the time lapse from the brewery. It is just an OK video but worthy of the two minutes of cloud movements. Nothing Flashy

As Always, Thanx So Much For Checking In And Able To Reply To Your Comments Now. FINALLY!! Never Mind, Still Cant Log On With Google And Comment. I was told that if I log out of every account, logging back in would correct the situation. Nope. Will try again.

Stay Strong,


Saturday, July 9, 2022

July 9th & T.C. Turns 51 Tomorrow

If I      I Get To Know Your Name     Well        If I Could Trace Your Private Number Baby    All I Know Is That To Me     You Look Like You're Lots Of Fun       Open Up Your Arms      I Want Some      I Set My Sights On You     And No One Else Will Do      And I    I've Got To Have My Way Now Baby      All I Know Is That To Me      You Look Like You're Having Fun      Open Up Your Lovin Arms     Watch Out   Here I Come       You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round     Like A Record Baby Right Round Round Round 


Youthquake 1985


Mile upon miles of thinking, processing equations, and shedding my anger about this current human race. 

My rides have been decent but my frustrations have been overboard. Can you believe how disappointing humans have become??? 

It doesn't matter who it is, this me me me BullSh*T sucks. This whole fumbling and floundering around has rubbed me the wrong way. 

The, I am so busy, oh wait, I can now attitude totally blows. The, I need, do you have, me me me, mentality is so gross.

Why are humans incapable of taking ownership? Is it really that difficult to pick up the phone and clear the air with a 5 minute conversation? Integrity has become elusive as the powerfully colorful yellow fin tuna running deep in the Pacific cold waters. Reliability, Forget About It 

And why do I follow through? Why do I give a Sh*t? Why don't I just half A$$ the job? I don't I demand more money? Why don't I carry a piss poor attitude? Why don't I project terrible customer service skills?

Why??? Because it is NOT in my DNA. It just isn't. Nothing better than laying my sleepy head on the cooler side of the pillow knowing that I followed through, did the best job I could, owned up to my imperfections, and realizing I simply care. 

I appreciate Good Humans. I value friendships. I have always wanted the best for others. I relish hearing successful stories shared by my fellow human. Creative humans enable me to thrive. Without knowing it, I love to inspire others. Pleasantries Go Along Way 


A new client came in with an ankle issue and I am so glad that they did. The communication between their Calcaneus, Talus, and Cuboid were all out of whack. I even mentioned if they were experiencing any knee discomfort as their Tibia had a twist to it. 

Their eyes lit up and they mentioned how tired their legs feel these days. It was such a pleasure releasing their 7 ankle bones while monitoring their pelvis rotate superiorly. PAIN FREE

Two of my old neuromuscular massage clients returned and thats always a joy for me. Bit painful for them but a treat for me. Neuro work is mostly elbows and lower leg work on my end. Much easier form of body work for me and all I do for applying more pressure is bend my knees. The results are always impressive and I missed working on those two characters. They are both high end athletes and are very in tune with their nervous systems. 


These town floats have been a gem. I throughly enjoy checking out and floating along in the currents of higher water levels. 

A lunch break above and eddy out below. Always a bonus floating with others and quite nice to share creative adventures with like minded folks. 

The views along the Colorado River banks never disappoint. An incredible amount of birds in flight and Bambi is always near by. Below is a photo of my Niece and good old Dick Butkus floating along. Such A Good Boy

We were so lucky this past week as the monsoonal patterns have taken shape. Just as Mr Sun begins to burn your skin, Mother Nature rolls in. Only rains for about 3 to 5 minutes at most but the cloud cover is beyond dreamy. Life Is Good 


Dogs are such a crack up. Cats are way cool as well but dogs have that ability to capture your heart with those eyebrows of theirs. So unconditional they are. Love It 

June and July are and was packed with pet sitting jobs. This guy below is about a hundred and fifty pounds and loves his homemade ice cream cups. He has a delightful human and was a pleasure to be around. 

These two below melted my heart. A female Akita and 100 percent Akita. And her baby brother the brown chocolate lab. Incredibly smart lab and I couldn't get enough of these two. Dogs, They Just Wake Up Happy


This work week will be rather massive on hours as there is so much on the docket already. Back at another house and dog sitting gig starting Monday, family gathers throughout the week, office appointments, and traveling on the rails are some of the bullet points on my outline. 

My buddy Mr Cliff from AZ arrived to attend a retirement party. We enjoyed catching up over a few crisp oats wheat and barley on tap. Now that I think about it, consumed a few brews in June. Him and I couldn't believe that half the years is in the history book and we have all kinds of Summer plans as well. He is just as active as I am and he has me by a decade. Cliff, Damn Solid Brother 

Hosting a radio show this Thursday and I have been jonesing to get back on air again. Looking forward to offering up a few tasty deep cuts and simple embrace the moment. I have already compiled about 6 hours worthy of dynamite tunes. Unfortunately, it's a 2 and a half hour time slot. YIKES

I am also toying around with a major purchase coming down the pipe and I can't wait to share it with all of you. Way excited but don't want to jinx the situation by putting the cart in front of the horse. Fingers Crossed


  1. Surpass The 500 mile / 800km in July
  2. Continue To Be The Better Person
  3. Seek The Best Possible Outcome
  4. Cherish Amtrak
  5. Lead With My Heart
  6. Hydrate Between Adult Beverages 
  7. Swim In The AM 
  8. Resinate With A Drummer
  9. Catch A Movie At Glade Park
  10. Embrace Bachelor Life 

I Leave You With This Time Lapse Of Mine, And Yes, There Is A Rainbow At The 31 Second Mark. Thanx For Watching


Be Well Out There And Stay Hydrated,