Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Relinquishing My Allegiance

Number One
The Saints Coaching Staff Lost The Game NOT The Poor Officiating

Number Two
I Am No Longer A Saints Fan

Do any of you remember the old paperback publications of Guinness Book of World Records??We had a small library north of Lake Tahoe. Talk about bazaar memory, can you recall the sterile smell of childhood libraries??

As a kid, flipping on through, mesmerized by all of those strange photos, I came across the Tom Dempsey 63 yard field goal vs Detroit Lions photograph captured in black & white. I began my New Orleans Fascination.

From that day on, Thank You Chuck Muncie, I was a faithful New Orlean Saints fan. I was an Aints fan through think and thin. I could easily talk SH*T about anyones team because my Saints were worse.

As for the game versus the Rams?!!? The Saints had the ball, in field goal range with 1:59 left in the game. Everyone knows that the number goal is clock management!! You run the ball, stay in bounds, and MAKE the defense burn their two remaining time outs. Kick the FG and move on.

1st down, The Saints threw the ball!!! I don't give a RATZ A$$ if that play resulted in a TD. If that play ended up a Touchdown, Rams STILL get the ball back with 1:50 on the clock AND TWO FLIPPING TIME OUTS!! The Saints lost the game on that one play by throwing and stopping the clock. And Am No Longer A Saints Fan

I came across this Moroccan spice blend and figured why not. Mixed up all the described ingredients in this recycled jar of oregano. Rubbed them on some farm fresh chicken thighs/legs and laid them to rest on fingerling potatoes, red onions, and garbanzo beans. Severed with an apple chutney, easy to make.

My Saints Huggie In The Trash Can

Earlier, the sunrise was glowing upon me, I worked over some dough and boiled up some bagels. They turned out Sooooo damn good. They had an almost chewy type of texture but way flavorful.

 My New Huggie Now!! From My Aussie Travels 

Sprinkled a few with poppy seeds, garlic salt, and/or sesame seeds. They whole spread was well received.

The New York Style recipe only called for a three minute boil and finish them off in the oven. Nothing was note about elevation so I was worried that our Colorado water wouldn't boil hot enough for a prescribed three minutes. Overall, Super easy really

Here ( ) is the link to my latest radio show. This was another 6am classic B-Side rock ( Elton John - Sixty Years On , The Zombies - Time of the Season, Kurt Vile - Loading Zones, Spirit - Mr Skin, & Savoy Brown - Street Corner Talking ) show with The Simpsons sound bites added into the mix. Its a pretty damn good show and this link is good for two weeks. Turn It Up

My favorite piece of feedback during the show was from an older guy that was impressed that he could remember these songs. He went on to explain that he was in San Fransisco 1966-1969.

Another caller told me that my voice doesn't match the style of music. " You sound too young to be playing this.", was what they said. So I Got That Going For Me

Oh Baby

Numbers As Of The 22nd:

Running Miles- 84.2
Riding Miles- 332.9
Total Miles- 417.1
Gym Days- Groovy

Feeling so strong on the bike again. What does that mean?????? It means powering through a round-a-bout in order to match the flow of texting drivers, hammering up the bicycle/pedestrian bridge to OM, or putting a bead on a fellow rider ahead and tracking them down. Plus, I simply enjoy riding my bike. Hope you are doing something that puts a smile on your face.


P.S. If you are reading this, you're a Phuc-N rock star.
Per The Title
Yes, I am licking my wounds after the Saints game but I am A OK with dropping the "my favorite" team accusation. Maybe accusation is the wrong word. What I mean is that I only watched three games this year. Thats Right. Three regular season games

For more than 13 years, every Sunday, rain ( not rain because of the mud ), snow, or shine, I was north of the airport in the desert watching the sun appear above while running the dogs. Sadie-Girl was about 6 when Shadow Boy found me. So every Sunday, to disperse restless energy, we would run in the slot crayons. The Boy Dog & I added rigorous miles after Sadie-Girl passed.

When I knew about The Boy Dogs tumor, I passed on filling out a March Madness Bracket in 2018, didn't compete in Last Man Standing, and had generally lost interest in most sports. Well, not sports but spending time in front of the idiot box.

So its rather easy for me to say," Piss On You Saints, I'm Done."
Not Bitter, Just Not Subscribing Anymore

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Divisional Round in VEGAS

Woke up to a blanket of snow and flakes continued to drift throughout the morning. Not totally ideal for traveling but there is something about snow storms. Just can't get enough

Driving through Utah on the I-70 & I-15 is a breeze these days. The posted speed is 80mph/127kmh but someone always blows by me. I cruise on behind them and allow them to pick up the ticket for me. The Dude & I started our March Madness trips together in 2001 and that scenario plays out ever trip. BOTH WAYS

Need I Say More

We arrived in Vegas in just under 7 hours. Vegas offered up a beautiful blue sky but it wasn't all that warm.

Oh Baby 
Uncle Grubby now calls Las Vegas home and took us over to showcase his local watering hole. The place was overwhelming. Its a liquor store but has a tap area as well. You can literally buy a 6'r and drink it in the store as you meander around. Brilliant Marketing Idea!! Catch A Buzz And Make A Spontaneous Purchase

For Amber The Human 
The assortment was extensive and I obviously enjoyed walking around reading labels. The boys sat out on the patio chit chatting while I met up with locals and shot the sh*t. A number of times I had to stop myself and shake my head that this place is in Vegas. So Relaxing

The Fin Took A Few Selfies 
Del took this selfie and posted it to his CrackBook page. Because I dumped my account, a number of my friends blew up his account with likes and comments. He asked all night long," Who is..."  "So & So Just Responded With ..."  and he seemed pretty entertained by it. Too Funny

Uncle Grubby 
Uncle Grubby was totally on his game and was pleased to be hosting in his new place. He played tour guide, whipped up our first evening meal, he bought The Dude & I a new Crockpot so we didn't have to travel with ours, and provided us with whatever. True Hospitality

Year of the Pig
I always like to hit the Bellagio when I am in Vegas. Their creativity is masterful and carries this calming effect. They always have a water feature of some sort and accentuate an open concept that is so impressive.
Last Year was the Year of the Dog - Go Figure 
And for me, it actually was rather nice to NOT be in movie/YouTube creating mode. The evening was rewarding for me and simply being present was a treat. I used to overthink my videos angles, B-Roll shots, story board telling, and dissecting the purpose of the video. Not These Days

While our tribe strolled around a bit, I was quite happy to find a seat and people watch. Vegas truly is a world wide destination. I do wish I had an audio clip from all the different dialects I was hearing as they walked on by.

Unbelievable Floral Arrangement 
We pretty much laughed, reminisced, and drank the evening away. BUT.. pounding water between beverages was a smart move on my part. I wasn't going to pull a rookie maneuver and wake up feeling like Rat Sh*T on day number two.

Enjoying The Moment 
The above photo is one that I cherish. The Fin asked the cocktail waitress to take our photo. Uncle Grubby held on to her tray while we all posed for another CrackBook update. And take note, we had jackets on. The Fin clearly didn't need one but the air was chilly at night.

A Nip Or Two 
Night two was a bit of a Pendleton's night and we had an absolute blast living it up with an evening on Fremont Street. I really get a charge out of taking photos with people. Older gals would boldly walk right up and ask for a photo as were the younger crowd or overseas travelers would take a shy approach. The Dude & I were in a lot of photos this trip. Just like the motto reads - What Happens In Vegas Is Talked About All Year Long - HA

The King Lives
Elvis memorabilia in the Westgate was pretty sweet. Way old Marilyn photos hung on the casino walls, Elvis posters from past events, black & white Barbra Streisand photos lined the hallway, and that statue that is forever photographed. Elvis might have worn a feather boa for a CLICK or two.

A 1,000 Words 
We parked on the roof top garage and packed the ice chest full of brie, prosciutto, The Dude's hummus, micro greens from the greenhouse, wheat wraps, and maybe a brew or two. We caught the KC/Indy game and The Smell-A Rams/Cowgirls beat down inside the Westgate theater room.

Uncle Grubby's New Soccer Shirt 
We hung out at the Green Valley Resort & Spa on Sunday. The Bolts/Pats game was such a drag in the since that it was a blow out by the 2nd quarter. That casino finally came alive for the Saints/Birds battle. And what a game that was. Those dippy bird fans thought that they were on the road to the Super Bowl with a 14-0 lead after the first Quarter. But No. The Saints clipped those wings and pulled off the 20-14 victory. Take That Philly

Epic Three Pick Parlay 
My bets/predictions were so much clearer than during my typical March Madness waverings. Or my gut brain was on its game?!?!?! Only having the four games might also be the difference of clarity?? Plus, Vegas works on a mathematical base decision and they paid me to play. Example of both; The KC game was posted at 57 1/2 combined point total for the over/under bet. No brainer on two counts. #1 only one wild card game broke 40 points the previous weekend. #2 Its was snowing on game day in KC. Easy Bet, Easy Win Taking The Under

And Talk About Karma!!! The Dude & I walked on out to the pool and I see a piece of rubbish on the step in front of me. So without much thought, little did I know, I pick up the slip to drop in the trash, IT WAS AN $8.01 CASH OUT VOUCHER that someone accidentally dropped. The Dude & I just looked at each other

Motley Crew 

A boys reunion. All four of us are Sun Devil graduates and here we are a few decades later. Life Really Is Magical

Moab, UT

The drive home to Colorado was effortless. Sure, a bit hungover but an easy drive just the same. The Dude & I chatted a fair a bit about upcoming travels. He went through his seeds catalogs for this springs orders. I shuffled the iPod for this Thursdays radio show. Of coarse we solved a number of worldly problems. Before we knew it, back in the valley again with a few extra franklins.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Week Into The New Year & Numbers

Its been a dynamic couple of weeks walking with this guy. He is a funny little boarder collie and is a true worker bee. He cracks me when when its walk time. He carefully watches me dress the part and intently studying my every move as if he is asking," Really, I can come along?"

He has really enjoyed the late night walks. The OM neighborhood is so peaceful at night. I did have a funny moment when I was blinded by high beams. I wanted to give them the bird but my gut brain told me to just relax. All be damn, it was a Mesa County Sheriff. I [ should have ] Worn My Sunglasses At Night

Loki Making Time
Landed 9 hours on the bike and 218.2 miles for the week of Dec 31st - Jan 6th. Some of those miles were dicy as you can see the streets are still white. We experienced flakes falling on the 31st and NOTHING melted until recently. This unfortunately put me on main streets, the mean streets, and dodging cell phone users. It Happens

The River Trail was well plowed and bone dry by the 3rd of January. So Thats Cool. There are usually a number of New Year Resolution folks out but the trails have been rather empty. Loki and I were out at the Lunch loops and it was as desolate as can be??? Tire Tracks But No People

And its always rather entertaining when I cross paths with someone I know and they are astonished when they see me on my bike. Sure, its 1c out but I was riding last week when our high hit -8c. Mid week looks way warm at about 40F / 4.4c and I expect a massive run off. Will keep in eye on the River

High Noon!!! -9c 
The Grand Mesa has been a radically different story for sure. Cars race up and down the mountain all day long. C-Dot keeps the road clear from the highway to Powderhorn Ski Resort but its packed snow on up to county line. I have only witnessed one spin out, helped one family as they were bamboozled in a bank of snow, and there is always evidence from novice drivers spinning out. Speed IS the factor

So Dig Glistening Snow 

My Garmin doesn't track my snowshoeing worth a crap. My friend R.S. and I stomped around for awhile and her suunto watching MAPPED our route and logged 9.7 miles. My G500 recorded 2.3 miles. Drag

Everything I own is Old Dinosaur Technology!!! Even my snowshoes bear old straps compared to the new light weight velcro shoes. But walking in the snow is better than my best family gathering. HA
My Strava running/hiking/snowshoeing has me at 14.4 miles for the week. If I could just eliminate the Auto Pause from my Garmin, wonder what that new calculation would read???

But Damn do I ever enjoy simply standing still and hearing the life of the forest. The temperature came up so fast that coated heavy branches would release their loads to waiting lower branches. That distinct sound of each pile meeting the ground with a pillow like thud. Its Epic

Crushed the weights at the gym!! The body is feeling terrific and my focus has finally come around. I have passed on counting reps lately and slowed my movement down. Using more dumbbells and cables over bars. Not sure what that is all about but those sets worked me.

I am enjoying the ROKbarre classes. One of the instructors has that young, annoying, fitness voice, and if my eyes are closed, full on Flight Attendant monolog. Its no biggie but I could do without. The other gals are way in tune and have helped me manage my form, the theory behind, and shout encouraging words.

Wait, that what it was!!! Her voice is like spanking in a sentence. My mom was a pro at that. Don't - swat - Leave - swat - Your - swat - Shoes - swat - In - swat - The - swat - Hallway - smack

A Delicious 10K Loop at 10,000ft

But I do like the class. The core work has been beneficial on my low back. Examples; We are in a V shape with our feet planted firmly on the floor in front of us. Our back is flat as if on a board. Then we make micro movements while contracting the belly of the muscle until it fatigues/shakes. Those micro movements burn like crazy.

Donkey kickbacks but with very small movements. This draws my attention to all those stabilizing muscles and they burn because they are so weak. We did a side plank and lifted the top leg about 2 inches from the inside leg. No Biggie but pumping that leg about 3-5 inches up/down burns after about 12 seconds. The instructors shoot of 45 seconds to a minutes. I am such a wuss

Not So Mighty Colorado River

The bike bridge across the Mighty Colorado is so damn cool. After I leave the office, I sometimes stop and listen to those ice chunks bouncing off the pillars. That river is so alive!!! And so are their banks. Two homeless guys were "screaming" at each other and it crossed my mind that a stray bullet could take me out at anytime. 
Thats A Bit Of A Hollywood Thought, Right??? The bird population is thick these days. The Canadian Geese/Crain are everywhere and I enjoy watching them circle, honk, and fly above in formation. Life Is Good

The Ducks/Mallards have such colorful feathers. The black crows have such a distinct flapping wing sound. But I am in love with TWO Bald Eagles that have been hunting along the Colorado River for about three months now. One will observe from a tree branch while the other floats effortlessly in flight.
Married 36 Years 


1) Rebuild A Blissmill Relationship
2) Max Rep On The Bench
3) Check In With The Oldies

Sure Hope Your New Year Rips So Far, That You Are Hydrating Your Kidneys, & Please Continue Thinking Of Others First.

A High Riser Selfie Moment w/the Blue Z

Incredible Icicle Display with a National Forest Playlist 

A Complete Day w/Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, & A Heart - Righteousness 

Crested Butte, I Miss You Dearly 

P.S. Like A Bike Ride, Keep Looking Forward Towards What You Want To Accomplish

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

And 2018 Is A Wrap

I am thankful about the calendar year of 2018 is in the books and put to rest. I'm creating a righteous 2019 for myself and focusing on a number of personal aspects of/in my life. Pretty Damn Excited About That

2017, for a reference point, produced 295 hours 3,067.2 miles 39 personal records 439 activities recorded on Strava. A majority of those miles counted for cycling. I missed a thousand miles running by 11. And these numbers were a reflection from when I actually starting tracking numbers with an intention.

This Photo Is For THE HIGH RISER 


Hours - 463 but what does that really mean??
PR's - 140 plus all the new terrain
Activities - 558 stoked about that
Total Miles - 5702.5
August Posted 768 Miles with October taking the biggest hit
Elevation Gained 126,716 which is a shame as I call Colorado home
Biggest Ride 101.2 miles
Biggest Climb 2,529ft
Running/Hiking from Jan-Sept 340.3 miles
Biggest Climb 2,719ft

I am convinced that these numbers are just little ripples in the pond as there is a great big ocean out there to explore. I was invited in by a group from the UK to join their 10,000km club for 2019. Not only will I crush 6,000 cycling miles but I am determined to reach 10,000 miles by the end of 2019.

Christmas Bowling Party with Workmates - I Broke 100!!!


Started or sat in on a ROKbarre class. My first time so I have no true understanding yet. Basically, we contracted a muscle group until it began to shake from fatigue. This style has potential and I hope that it merries my schedule until the end of February.

The Inevitable Selfie 

Ortho helps people break the cycle of pain WITHOUT causing pain. Its Epic!! Ortho is very effective for recovery from surgery, injuries in general, and the always lingering stress. Ortho reduces muscle tension, increases flexibility and/or full range of motion, and improves overall circulation.

I will be distributing myself to those who have lost perspective regarding the brilliance of their own healing options from within. Its Going To Be A Fabulous Year

1) Keep It Simple Stupid
2) Deepen My Appreciation In General
3) Schedule An Ortho Demo at Crossroads Gym
4) Handcraft A Couple Of New House Warming Gifts

Way Back When, New Year Resolutions Were Important For Me To Build, Analyze, & Discover. Based on anecdotal evidence, other bloggers tell inspiring resolutions for this new year that lays in waiting. Such As: Mr Pitt , the brilliant GZ , the creative MacicEye , Colorado's Own Jill , Running Beth & JAX , helping my nutritional outlook with Momma Trail , Camera Eyes Romping & Perth , And the man that inspired me years ago 50 at 40.

Again, Looking Forward To 2019,

4th of July 2011 , 2012 , or  2013

P.S. If You're Still Reading, You Phuc-N Rock