Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Off-Road Endurance Weekend in Grand Junction Colorado

Colorado's Western Slope offers some of the most unique terrain and folks travel from all over the world to see places like the Grand Mesa, ride up & over The National Monument, float world class white waters of the Mighty Colorado River, and tackle some majestically rugged single track trails.

Now in is seventh year, the Grand Junction Off-Road and Downtown Music Festival has become one of GJ's premier event. I personally worked my buns off the first 5 years of this event. Last year, the 6th annual, The Dude & I participated in the Klunker Crit on Friday and then took an afternoon field trip on Saturday. The Motet performed the final live act last year and they brought some nasty funk and afrobeat the H E Double Hockey Sticks out of us.

Brand New Mavic Rear Wheel 
Epic Rides claimed that just under 1,000 racers registered this weekend. That is a huge number in comparison to the previous six years. And then just think about all the family members and tribes that financially impacted our community. THANK YOU

So this year, I embraced the OFF-Road Endurance Weekend with a whole new set of eyes. I wanted to witness this successful event from a business stand point and bring ideas of what worked/didnt work to MAD Racing. On Friday, the second day, we at MAD volunteered at the aid station near the halfway point just off Little Park Road. I had a blast while standing in the blowing snow storm, the high winds, and sideways rain. We all continued cheering on the 15 milers as they wheeled through. Suffering Through

Also on Friday, only the Pro Men & Women hammered out a 20 min crit race Plus 3 Laps on their race ready mountain bikes. And take notice of those ominous clouds lingering above. We scored a brilliant double rainbow!! Sure hope the hired photographers captured this amazing marketing opportunity. 

Saturday morning, standing behind the hay bales of turn one, the Amateur 30 mile and 40 mile racers were underway at 7:30 and 8:30am. You know what, Mountain Bikers are honest and genuine people. That's Refreshing

I hung out all day long downtown and throughly enjoyed myself on Saturday. In other words, socializing 101. Main Street was vibrant and alive. I casually placed myself under a tree limb during brief showers passing through. Loads of street walkers ducked under awnings in a panic and scurried off before the rain melts way their wicked ways. Many of us locals made eye contact and smiled because we know that Mr Sun will reappear in 5 minutes. No Biggie. After what I stood in the day before, Bring It. 

70 Pro Men Started on Sunday Morning 
While standing on 5th Street, moderately enjoying the live set by Tim & Richard, started realizing how nice companionship would/could be. Holding hands and laughing with someone in the rain while dancing away any issues. Like a ton of bricks, it dawned on me, WHY WOULD I WANT THAT?? Nobody has passed judgment on me and I am NOT being accused of "doing it" wrong or reminded that I am not paying enough attention to or being asked the famous question,"Well What Now?"                  

26  Pro Women Tore Out with Vengeance 
Saturdays live music would be the ONLY disappointing aspect from the entire weekend. I really felt bad for Zac and his Trio because Snob Production Phuc-D their sound right up. Snob has ruined a number of shows here locally and I promise that I am not the only one who knows this to be a fact. I was near the stage for their first few songs and then remembered how much I can't stand Snob running sound. I quickly retreated to 4th and Colorado Ave. That IS Right, A Full Block Away!! It wasn't as loud but still so muddy.

The poor Rebirth Brass Band, headliner of the event, were so disrespected by Snob Productions. The band itself was amazing and put on a hell of a show even thought they were freezing their A$$ off on stage. I did have the pleasure of reconnecting with a number of faces that I hadn't seen in many moons. Saturday really was stellar overall and what a gathering of good folks. The Rebirth Brass Band played a solid two hour set without a break. Yes

My favorite live performance came from the local act Zolopht on the 5th Street ( a total of three stages were set up around downtown ) Stage. They are known for a reggae vibe but they went a little space/dreamy with their first set. I was impressed and so were the party goers. Sure hope those guys sold a lot of merch. 

Now Mother Nature created a masterpiece near the base of her red rock cliff formations. A full spectrum of color painted the landscape in our beautiful little hidden valley. A funny side note; I viewed Sunday's race on The Gunny Loop where a very difficult climb lay in wait. As a Pro would hammer on by, I would shout encouraging phases and then throw in " Remember To Enjoy Those Wildflowers"

Something that also opened my little brown eyes, the Pro Men constantly shifted gears during this climb out. They retained the same heart rate , same cadence , same momentum , all by working their gear ratio. So Cool

And with those massive 29'rs , Damn , they navigated those rock gardens with ease. Those guys read the single track so well and make all those minor/major adjustments look so effortless.

Then, The Pro Women rolled in and they were so fluid and beautiful to watch as they took advantage of different lines , sections , and managed the grueling terrain. Very Impressive!! One gal sheered off her rear brake leaver and was still motoring along with ONLY a front brake. Crazy Impressive 

We all cheered like wild creatures of the landscape and blasted each and everyone of those racers with cowbells. Up Up Up 

Our weather was ideal for 3 plus hours of exhilarating racing and the demanding attention along our well defined single track trails. This 40 mile race rides like a 50 miler and a number of Pro riders shed  some blood. I felt the pain of one rider, we have all been there, he clipped a dead branch just below his armpit, jersey left flapping open, a nice red gash laid open for a sweaty filled afternoon. Oh Baby That SH*T Stings

Sunday excited me for the simplest of reasons. Number ONE, Yes, The Wildflowers!! Number Two was while waiting for the first Pro Male, a couple of ravens took flight. A Redheaded Turkey Vulture soared down through this canyon but then this particularly gorgeous valley went silent. A massive Golden Eagle rode the thermals without one single flap of a wing. The chatter came from all the spectators pointing out the obvious. We Were All So Fortunate To Witness Pure Beauty

And all the race fans!! It was remarkable!! So many locals were scattered along the trail systems and showing their support. Love It!! Those Kind Of Moments Re-energize Me!! Dig It

I am always more than happy to strike up a conversation with an out-of-towner. Talked with a couple for Arkansas that rode the 30 miler on Saturday and were cheering on their daughter during her race on Sunday. I agreed with their perspective of our Grand Valley and smiled when they told detailed reports from their "race" on Saturday. Its A Brutal Course

But it is a Phuc-N rewarding course. When you finish the 15mi, 30mi, or that son-of-a-Witch with a Capital B Windmill RD Climb, you just know that you could conquer anything. I highly recommend you adding this weekend to your calendar for 2020. You Will NOT Regret It!! You Will Prevail With Honor!! You'll Be Able Achieve Enlightenment!! Be Righteous

                                         What Do You Think About This Above Photo??  

And now I will really toot my own horn. I am very proud to say that four of my clients took a podium spot throughout the whole epic weekend. Flipping Stoked

Did I do all the work, NO. Did I invest any of the time on the course, NO. Did I dedicate hours to the bike, NO. Did I suffer through workouts, NO. I am not taking credit for their placements. I am just pleased to watch these folks cross the finish!! Two of them were beyond thrilled with the cash prizes.

Yes, Thats Right, Equal Payouts!! Top Male AND Female Scored $5,000!! 2nd handed out $3,000, 3rd $2,000, 4th $1,500, 5th $1,000, 6th $625, 7th $525, 8th $425, 9th $350, 10th $275, 11th $200, & TWELFTH Place Walked With A Cool C-Note. Total Women's Purse $15,000.oo & Total Men's Purse $15,000.oo And Thats The Way It Should Be

So Monday & Today were long days in the office for me. Almost all session were recovery massages and two in two days were Ortho sessions to release stiff joints. These sessions are convivial for me when hearing their trials and tribulations as they see them. One of my clients DNF'd on Saturday and was really quite bothered by it. I allowed them opportunity to work through and discharge without any reservations. Only then I offered up this question, " How Many Of Your Friends Or Neighbors Rode With You?"

Meaning: You were out there. You were outdoors. You were suffering, You learned something about yourself. You now know the definition of motivation. "As your practitioner, I am proud of you!" I Said With A Smile

THIS VIDEO WILL CRACK YOU UP!! The Bloopers Are Fantastic!!! Its A Video Of How To Ride With A Child Seat Strapped To Your Ride. Beautifully Entertaining.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Single Track Trails Around North Klondike Bluff Utah

MAD Racing was once again the timing company for the Grand Fondo race in Moab Utah. Its been highlighted on my calendar and my anticipation was building as we neared our departure date.

Registration had closed the Saturday before the events so we were able to causally assign bib numbers and program chips for the capped 300 riders. The event sold out at 314 but about 50 or so never picked up their bibs the night before.

The race is basically a KOM and QOM for the top 5 for each category. The organization designed it this way so that nobody would take chances back down the other side of the La Sal Mountain. I bring this up because ALL the finishers were in fabulous spirits after a 100K ride. Nobody pissed or moaned about their time or placement. Dig That

5th Month 
After the well run Grand Fondo, Klishy & I headed for the North Klondike Bluff near the Moab airport. Utah's desert floor painted us a full on blooming BoB Ross masterpiece and I was completely awestruck.

I have never witnessed such spring like beauty here in Utah. As Junction warms up, Moab trends about 5F to 10F degrees warmer than GJ, I would load up The Boy Dog and we would head for the Grand Mesa in search of remaining snow pack levels and cooler temps. The Boy Dog throughly enjoyed eating and rolling in snow.

Look at all of those Flatbud Prickly Poppy standing at attention in this valley. Normally, these trails are like riding on Mars. Sure, its beautiful when its arid and weathered by the intense summer heat, but a lush desert is something else entirely.

And check out the La Sal range in the distance. This ride would be example of when I am not Strava  hungry. Sure, I recorded the mileage. But I was so mesmerized by the colors around me that pace or time became secondary. I even admit to that daydream feeling of flying like a bee with a full on desire to be pollinated.

Even this simple hunk of quartz grabbed my attention with all the Wolly Locoweed and soon to open Cooper's Dogweed in the background. There were scattered quartz pieces along the trail and dotted colorings of wildflowers as well. Klishy and I parted ways at this spot. He is a gifted athlete and powered himself around the larger loop. I was satisfied with rolling back on the Dino Trail.

I mean, CHECK THAT OUT. This is Utah after all

A Blooming Hesperoyucca Whipple?!?!? Unreal. I have only seen these in bloom down in La Paz Mexico. And they were everywhere here in Eastern Utah!! And just behind it was the start of a blooming Barrel Cacti. And behind that is the beautiful Raglan Bahia in all its healthy glory. Crazy Gorgeous

I stopped here to send off a few photos, videos, and noticed almost no evidence of mankind. Again, normally this ride feels as if its the virgin solo mission on Mars but today this area was waking up and chalk full of new life.

This section of the Dino-Flow between Little Salty and Baby Steps flippin' ROCKS!! Pun Intended. The Juniper Trees are in perfect aliment for leaning through the curve or hopping over a slab while keeping safe from its projecting limbs. Beautifully well placed rocks define the trail. The whole Dino Flow line is Epic!!

My loop consisted of the Chilkoot Pass > Agate East > Jasper West > Jurassic to Dino - Flow. At that point of Dino, Klishy rode up Klondike Bluff > Baby Steps > Alaska > Homer.

On this map, the HAPPY FACE next to the Dino TH, righteous section to ride. Klishy & I updated each other with cell phone photo of our current locations. All Went According To Plan

These Purple Fringe groupings were tucked in  so nicely around all that sandstone. They enjoyed the company of Notch-Leaf Phacelia and jaw dropping Silver-Leaved Phacelia. Oh, by the way, were are my paleontologist friends because dinosaur tracks are everywhere in this particular region. And I Am Clueless

And Now For Something Completely The Same
Hope you find the humor in that Monty Python twist. My last few days on the borrowed bike wheel from Fast Eddie was spent on morning rides at the Lunch Loops and I enjoyed even more blooming wildflowers. So Picture Perfect

The stunning Indian Paint Brush normally stands out to me but those Bur Marigold yellows have totally drawn me in.

This patch of Navajo Spinach stopped me dead. I sat here and munched down on my sandwich and soaked up the views from this vantage point. I responded / sent texts and never saw a single soul.

And that is just about the time a sexy common gardner snake slithered right between my feet and up along the "boulder" that I was seated upon. I didn't move a muscle and he didn't have a care in the world. Peaceful Crossing of Paths


  1. Hosting Uncle Grubby And Showing Him A Tremendous GJ Time
  2. Speak My Truth With Wingnut
  3. One Max Rep on the Bench, Weigh Myself, & Incorporate A Few New Exercises 
  4. Finish Off My Notes For The May 13th Radio Show
  5. Hydrate Baby 
Until Next Time,

Thursday, May 2, 2019

April Numbers & Latest Radio Show

                                                      The Boy Dogs First 14er

The Boy Dog was about 2 or 3 years old there and he was so upset at this particular moment. We embarked upon this adventure towards Handies Peak around 5am and Mother Nature was happy to provide a sunrise full of color. The whole hike was beyond perfect with that full spectrum of rich colors. Wildflowers lined the American Basin Trail and at about 11,00 feet ( 3,352 meters ) Mother Nature rolled in. Thankfully NO Lightning!!

But The Boy Dog NEVER Dug The Rain OR Backyard Sprinklers. As The Boy Dog and I surveyed the mountain ranges along the horizon, a random guy made his way to the top, the three of us looked around at all the beauty, we casually departed our pack as quickly as it emerged. Shadow Boy leading the way.

I Miss Him

Top 10 Baby!! I know someone would have said WHAT can't cut 6 seconds for a Top 5

April Numbers:
Run   -  59.5 miles
Bike  -  740 miles
Hours - 58
PR's - Lucky 7
14 Traveling Days and Two Days of Zero Activities

Riding my two wheel aluminum GT has to be my most head clearing space in time. Nothing but options are offered when I head out on my bike. Its Beautiful

Thank You Mother Nature 
Somedays are focused on Strava segments and other days are meandering routes with no real cadence or destination in mind.
Wish This Shot Justified The Suffering AND Beauty 
Then, I found myself on Smyth Mountain. Talk about majestic views and peacefulness around every twist and turn. I experienced moments of clarity. All the rain has helped bring out those gorgeous desert floor aromas and our clear views become endless. The western slope offers such usually shaped juniper trees. They could all be featured in a western cowboy film with handsome young Clint dueling it out against The Duke. So Much Potential

Love It   -  Lucky 4's  -  Score

Inspiring Bird Mask For Halloween 2019??
The velvety night sky was filled with entertainment and I absolutely embarrass those plans of nothingness. I killed my damn neck by starring at the Spring Constellations dotted in so high above. Numerous satellites glided across that blanket of stars. They fly so much lower then those stars that they allowed depth of space to become so 3 dimensional for me. Way Cool

98 Streams!!! Amazing And THANK YOU

I also appreciate Spring races because the start time isn't until 9am. The Bed & Breakfast whipped up the most incredible breakfast!! The husband and wife team have a secret crape/pancake recipe. They only shared with me that its a cottage cheese base, high in protein, low in carbohydrates. Fresh Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Bananas. And one beautiful cup of joe waiting for me at 5:05am. Totally Accommodating Folks

A Beast of a Climb - 1,300ft in 4.2 miles - But The Views 
Those Clouds - TE from GJ made an Appearance - Rock Star For Sure 
I am going to toot my own horn here for a second. I pulled off one of my top 10 radio shows Monday. OK, maybe top 20 if I really think about it. Actually, it was just an OK show.

Sunrise On Mt Garfield During My Ride Last Week 
I was the host during Enjoy The Ride and you will want to stream this show if you are an 80's fan. There is a peppered in mix of 70's rock and other obscure tunes as well. Stream This Link HERE For The Next Two Weeks. Hope Ya Dig

My Commendations For The Week 
Some of the tracks you will hear are from bands like Funky Soup Bowl with Way Down, Missing Persons, Sabrina Claudio with Tell Me, The Flirts, Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, Alice In Chains acoustic version of Rooster, Billy Squier's Stroke, Devo, Elvis Costello's Pump It Up, Grace Potter's Paris, Modern English, English Beat's Tears Of A Clown, Squeeze Cool 4 Cats, Slightly Stoopid with Karl D, a live 1973 Golden Earring recording, Kajagoogoo's Too Shy, and The Vapors one hit wonder Turning Japanese. Just To Highlight A Few

What month of body work. I was out of town a lot so I built my schedule around those trips and I felt pretty good about it. I was under the impression that about 4 clients a day was my limit because I am not a guru yet. Ortho does take a fair amount of focus and patience and listening. Not so much ear/conversation listening but more about what arises in the clients body. But on two different occasions, I saw 5 clients. During Easter Sunday, bitchin thunder storm rolled through, I worked with 6 clients and I wasn't wiped out from it. This Only Took Me Five Years Of Practice

For Perth - The Twins 
In fact, those longer days had the exact opposite effect on me. I was surprisingly energized and pleased about holding my own energy. I used to be completely drained after 3 or 4 sessions. Plus, I have noticed that I am tuning into the clients nervous system pretty quickly and tracking much better. Again, this had taken me over a decade of different combinations of body work studies. The Ortho Work Is Finally Becoming Clear

Having 19 of you streaming LIVE totally rocks my boat!! 

  1. I am NOT reaching for 700 miles again because of my schedule this month
  2. Slowing down and holding morning calisthenic poses/stretches 
  3. Remind others around me how they have made a difference
  4. Trouble shooting the old FJ Cruiser 
  5. Homework of bands/songs for my May 13th radio show for mixing Mr Robot 
  6. Pound The H2o

Until My Next Post, Be Well, Think Of Others First, Follow Your Gut Brain, And Lead With Your Heart