Sunday, October 22, 2023

Loosey Goosey 2023

The Freaks Come Out At Night    Discos Don't Open Till After Dark    And It Aint Till Twelve Till The Party Really Starts    And I Always Had To Be Home By Ten     Right Before The Fun Was About To Begin       Crowds Of People Lined Up Inside And Out    Just One Reason To Rock The House    But In The Day Time Streets Was Clear    You Couldn't Find A Good Freak Anywhere   Cause   The Freaks Come Out At Night 


Escape 1984


Life in the office has been eye opening and hopeful. Hopeful?? You Ask???   Hopeful ?? REALLY 

Yes, Hopeful !!! So many like minded humans are combing the neighborhood while enjoying their lives over the course of Summer 2023. 

Creative folks sharing stories , new projects , creative outlets , and so many new eBikers have taken to the trails around GJ. The amount of tourist on eBikes is astonishing. 

Which equals Aches And Pains. Knee issues because of a bicycle seat that might be too high or low. Shoulder problems from working with your hands above your head. Low back pain from carrying around a beer gut while running the College Track. You know, Life At Full Speed after sitting on the couch for three wonderful years. All walks of like and I am more than happy to help them heal from within. Not Judging, Just Helping 

All of my clients are delightful in their own specific way. Some chat ( discharging ) throughout the entire session and others simply check out with their eyes rolled back in their head. Ether way, Life Is Grand !! Would love me some Wide Spread Panic. Bear Gone Fishing 

However, I am amazed and very humble by the amount of new clientele with zero public advertisements. Almost my entire 2023 calendar year has been word of mouth with added current client recommendations. Again, couldn't be more pleased with how the ball bounces these days. Yahooo0000 


Well, it happened once again. Been down south a few times with limited overall red flags but I finally threw in the towel after another red wine incident. I could clearly predict a volatile situation brewing in the whites of their eyes. 
Oh Well 

I guess that I am ether too old or too wise for these elementary drunken behaviors. Been there, done that. So much in common but I am not dealing with a wine-o my friends. The next day, I split without looking back. It is incredibly frustrating and I know that I wasn't perfect. I think my biggest problem is that I am looking for me. How Cool Would That Be 

Made the most of my travels and shared laughs but the writing is on the wall. The cycling was amazing and the locals, neighbors, and roommate were pretty cool. Discovering common ground was exciting but not worthy of tolerating. And they were rather annoyed with me because I am NOT a fan of going out for dinner. I think its time to head over seas. Right 

The good news was that I had no idea a Sepp Kuss events was being held. There were way too many people for me to get close to him but the atmosphere was really lively. He was apparently signing autographs but the line was forever long. Was thinking of jumping in on the bicycle parade but the open road was calling for me. See Ya 


The world is a better place when riding a bicycle. Friday Night Bike Nights are winding down unfortunately and this Friday will be the last of 2023. SUCKS  

And of course these photos are out of order but whatever there free blogger. The night of Cowboys popped up in rotation and we played the part once again. However, The Dudes granddaughter was performing her very first halftime dance during the Fruita High School Football Game. So we broke off the group ride and rode over to Stoker Stadium. Behind the bars us cowboys stood. Until 

The price of admission was $7 and we were not up for dropping $21 for a halftime show. So what does one do?? Simply follows the marching band and just walks on in. The group questioned my lead but I stated," Who's going to kick out two cowboys and a blonde dressed in all black?" Insert Sh*t Eating Grin 

Little 5 year old Iris found us in the end zone and she was beyond delighted that we were there. She quickly pointed out the ribbons in her hair as little girls cutely displayed so innocently. Hopefully that memory will live on in Iris' third eye. Hopefully 

The grouping of photos here represents two Friday Night Bike Night Themes. Psychedelic and Cowboys. Quite the attire for both events and its a double edge sword of emotions as this Friday nears. 


Talk about a musician that understands their audience. A kid you NOT!! Ludacris brought out two other MC rappers and they crushed the show. The three of them shared the stage as a way of saving their girlie soft voices. 

Get this, they ONLY played / sang about 30 seconds of each song. REALLY!! The Tick Tock generation primarily possesses a 20 second attention span. So why play a song in its entirely?? Ludacris shouts out F this and F that and here is track #3 off our first album. 40 seconds later, I knew you Mother F bombers would know that SH*T. Here is track #7 off our second Album. Again, 30 seconds later, You Mother F bombers like that SH*T. On to the next 30 seconds of a song. 

Amazing. I never heard of an artist only playing snippets of songs and the audience never had the opportunity to look at their phones or whatever. They stayed engaged the whole time because of the rapid fire song list. Well Done Ludacris. I mean, Well Phuc-N Done Mother Phuc-R  


Talk about a perfect job. Dogs , Chickens , & House Sitting are so in my wheelhouse. Love It 

This girl dog above was drooling over the curry smells. She sat so pretty and then licked the empty bowl of residue goodnesses with enthusiasm. Score 

Speaking of food bowls and nervousness. She was clearly not pleased about me shooting this photo during breakfast. 

I So Dig This Above Photo !! It is truly worthy of a thousand words. And yes, they are ready for a car ride. Paws Down, we B ready there Captain. 

Dinner was served above. The photo below, I added this caption to their humans. A very stressful day here on the mean streets of GJ. 

These two photos represent how the tribe really feels about playoff baseball. And notice the old boob tube here. Its been awhile watching TV in non HD format. 

W W & W:

What a day on the river!! On an October morning with a temperature of 78F / 25C, Wizards , Warlocks , & Witches took to the Mighty Colorado River on Saturday. 

Take note in the above photo from the zip line action. That's two people on the zip lines across the river while boats were rigging up their water crafts. Below, a group of Witches creating a future holiday card. 

An absolutely bluebird picture perfect day for a casual float. This was the second annual WW&W float and talk of next years event planning were chatted about all day long. GR8 Stuff 


Hands down, Best Event Of The Year. Apparently this was an event back east during COVID. So a gal from back east and a local gal created another Porchella here in Gj and my mind was blown. 

Random acoustic musicians played from porch fronts and the entire community rolled out for it. The map was a loose interpretation but numerous "bands" set up and played in their own yards. There is no way this would have flown 20 years ago. No Way 

I saw so many folks that I haven't crossed paths with in years. Everyone was joyful , smiling , and completely consumed with excitement. We all had open containers and everyone walked , stood , or biked in the middle of the street. Cars were super cool , friendly locals sharing stories , and one lady poured rounds of Jim Beam shots to christen her porch. Classic 

And for me, the highlight, the next day NOT ONE piece of trash or broken bottles to be found. So thankful that everyone remained respectful and what a spectacular event. 

I cross pollinated with the two organizers and they happily received my insights and perspectives. They agreed that Spring 2024 rather than Fall 2024 would be the way to roll , they agreed that sponsorship will provide hidden costs , and they agreed that keeping this event downtown from 7th to 12th and Gunnison to Main Street is the way to go. They said that they would start an email chain but I have yet to see one in my in box. Fingers Crossed


  1. Research Airfares
  2. Sunset Rides
  3. Rearrange The Office Layout
  4. Pay Attention
  5. Plan One More Camp Trip
  6. Smile Often 

Cat Scratch Fever,


Monday, October 2, 2023


I'm Going Under And This Time I Fear There's No One To Save Me     This All Or Nothing Really Got A Way Of Driving Me Crazy   I Need Somebody To Heal   Somebody To Know    Somebody To Have    Somebody To Hold   It's Easy To Say   But It's Never The Same    I Guess I Kinda Liked The Way You Numbed All The Pain   I Was Getting Kinda Used To Being Someone You Loved 

Lewis Capaldi 

Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent 2019 


September went rather well with a saddle between my legs. Definitely a busy month but all those miles on the bike was the game changer that allows for a positive reflection. 

Very fortunate to have this massive Grand Mesa within a 45 minute drive. In need of an attitude adjustment, head towards the 11,000ft mark. 3,352 meters above sea level brings perspective , self awareness , and fresh rejuvenating tools for accelerating forward. 

September produced a decent 31 hours on the bike and those were mostly complied with my commuter bike. During those 19 activities , not all that impressive , I covered a rather low 250 mi / 402 kms. Found it surprising that I capsulated the month on EXACTLY 250 miles. Not 249 or 253 but a rock solid 250. Giggling 


I find myself in utter wonderland when the high desert receives a little goodness from Mother Nature. 

And Yes, still rockin the old GoPro3 Silver !! Obviously I only use this sucker on Time Lapse mode only. 

These were all the lightning strikes instantaneously and everyone remembers their home shaking during this magical moment in time. Desert strikes tend to bounce and linger for that extra visually stimulating second. Cool Really 


This was definitely my busiest Summer out of the 10+ years of Body Work. I chalk up these results to the new office. Having the freedom to book within hours helps. Plus, I love what I do. 


Now this is very upsetting for me. I have zero answers but the frustration angers me to no end. Mainly, my anger is because I just hate that helpless feeling. 

I am fully aware that I am NOT singled out here and I truly feel your pain there my friends. Yes, it's free !! Yes, shall be corrected eventually. But Phuc Me 


Dogs So Rock The Casbah !! This particular dog is a classic. He is the type of dog that is so goofy he can only be happy. Goof Ball Dogs Crack Me Up 

Cats are way cool but tend to shy away when they are not yours. Nothing wrong with that but I have yet to connect with someone else cat. No Worries 

This Fall Season , I have booked a house / dog / cat gig every weekend here in the Month of Rock-toe-Ber. Plus my regular hours. Plus my previous responsibilities. Plus office time. Plus wrenching. Plus Bike Night. Before I know it, it will be New Years Eve. And as of right now, November is filling up as well. Not complaining but at this rate, Time Fly's


Speaking of weekends. Loaded up and headed south for an overnighter. Not long enough but returning soon. Very Soon!! A much needed trip and enviable belly laughs throughout the evening. Such as , when they opened the ice chest and saw all the food their facial expression was priceless. I brought enough food to feed an army for breakfast or lunch or dinner so they were pleased with me. Plus, I really get excited cooking for others. Stoked 

Below is a photo from a recent top 10 segment on Strava. The kids these days are way faster than myself and their technology is superior for sure. But this old guy still has insignificant moments of glory. Even if it is only for a second. Yahooo000 


Robert And His Nephew's Family were in attendance for the Grand Final. BTW, it just happened to be the warmest recorded Grand Final Match. The New Norm 


A couple of Fridays ago , the theme , GLOW. Talk about true self-recognition!!! Wanna talk about knowing when you are in your wheelhouse!! Talk about being on your game!! Let's talk about lights and more blinking lights !! Oh Baby 

Dressing up the old BoB Trailer with solar lanterns and battery powered strings of lights. Below is Mr Moon growing bigger by the day. More on that later. The old BoB Trailer was a rolling bar and outlined with three separate strings of lights. Plus, the solar lanterns that casted glowing shadows throughout the dark streets of GJ Colorado. Thanx Bike Trailer 

I threw together the butterfly wings as a last minute after thought. Maybe it was the Oats Wheat And Barley talking. I figured flashy lights and wings would be the ideal combo for Glow Night. Right ??

The pregame show was a hoot and I really do enjoy adding accessories to everyones bikes. For me, Bike Night is more about the whole of the event. It is the BBQ'n or it is the costume collective or it is catching up with friends during the ride or it is simply sharing stories while unwinding after the work week. All of it brings a smile to my heart. Smilingly Happy 

This photo below was sent to me a few days later. The sender says," I think that you and The Dude know how to have fun." 

Unfortunately, this below photo would be the only capture from the evening. oops !! Between the lights and outfit, I scored a $25 gift card from Octopus Coffee. Was unaware that there was a contest and I would have thanked the judges but it wasn't until the group ride ended at Foam & Folly Brewery that I was issued the card and congratulations. So That Was Cool 

Last Friday Night Bike Night's Theme ..... Punk. So under the Full Moon conditions , last day of September , I broke out the Glow in the Dark Glue and went to town. 

I have these old brewery shirts that I never wear and figured these would be the ticket. Have glue gun, Yes. Have tinfoil, Yes. Have the free time, Not Really. So this is what I came up with for Punk Night. 

I unambiguously wrapped recycled scrapes of tinfoil around the cap of a tube of Neosporin. Used the glue gun to attach those tips to the shirt and painted on with the Glow in the Dark Glue. The downside rookie mistake was that I rushed it and didn't allow for adequate dry time. Oh Well 

The Doc Martin design ran but still recognizable. The lightning bolt all but disappeared. I did a quick touch up afterwards but still a bit disappointed. The brown shirt came out stellar!! Bow Wow Wow and Anarchy boldly shined all night. Just ran out of time to add Black Flag , Sex Pistols , Plasmatics , Dead Kennedys , and The Clash. Just Never Enough Time These Days 

Again, our one and only photo from a night filled with Shenanigans. Full Moon , Field Trip , & Bikes!! One of this best Bike Nights from the Summer of 2023. And just think, all of these rides this year were top shelf. But nothing compares to Punk Night. And That Moon 


And the downside to that four letter word. This quick job tore me up. A simple switch out of fans inside an elevator and it ate me up. These girl like soft hands are no match for sheet metal products. 

I accessed the area from the roof of the elevator car. The bid for the job returned for an are you joking $1,200.oo!??!?? This motor and original fan blade cost me $125.oo and the whole job took me maybe a full hour. Maybe 

The bummer was that I didn't even feel this slice. One of those bewildering drops of blood from where situations caught me completely off guard. Cut Me Good 

And the other real bummer is when a long time Silver Sneaker passes on. Not only was it a difficult passing for me but this would be my first Catholic Funeral Service. 

And I leave you with this last detail from wrenching and working through painful circumstances. The dryer on a 220 volt went belly up. After unplugging the dryer from the wall, I was asked to plug it back in to see if the relay switch was in operational mode or not. Didn't think too much of it but the flipping hot wire was tied into the ground wire behind the metal face plate. Just as I unscrewed the metal plate to see the Mother Board , sparks shot out like a teenage horror movie. Zapped My Thumb Good

After sparks flew, I casually said," Pretty sure I discovered the issue here." The guy that I was with felt terrible for asking me to plug the dryer back in but it is what it is. As long as the dryer works, no foul I guess. I left the dryer properly grounded and used small wire nuts on the common and hot wires. Hopefully the next guy will be pleased with me. Shock Free At Least 


  1. Ride Like The Wind While Doing Scary Things 
  2. A New Hike With Someone
  3. Research Upcoming Classes
  4. Finalize Our Halloween Plans 
  5. Keep My Head Above Water 

Thanx For Watching ,