Monday, April 27, 2015

MOG - The 12 Annual Manufactures Outdoor Gear SALE

TRAINING: Excellent week of time well spent in the gym. I mixed up my routine by mixing muscle groups. Such as, I normally hit shoulders and then my triceps. This past week I did my usual chest routine and added triceps. My shoulders were mixed in with my back and I did a "just" arms day that so worked me. I have also added exercises between my lifting sets. Like a plank after a lift, stair steps on the wooden box after a lift, and those damn russian twist while I am catching my breath?!?!?! Mt shirt was soaked after Thursday's session and I am very conscious about cleaning/sanitizing the bench/machine afterwards.
Shadow Boy & I are still on our no excuse loops in the morning and twice in the evening last week. My cadence has picked up and my hips are rolling with power. I haven't been out on the trails at all this past week because we have received some much needed rain. Like 2.31 inches in 72 hours!!! The record for ALL of April is 2.47inches. Our high desert landscape is emerald right now!!! The cacti should be exploding with color this week as we might hit 80's by Thursday.
On Sunday, an off completely day, I rocked the perfect push up's throughout the day. So much for an OFF DAY, Right?!?!?! I played games during the Indy race in Alabama, I would do 10 push ups during the 1st commercial and 25 leg lifts when live coverage came back on air. It rained all day on Sunday so the Boy Dog took the day off as well. He is so anti rain. He even stands on the sidewalk, drops a deuce on the lawn, and saunters back into the house with his ears straight back. Classic
The Ears

RADIO SHOW: I will be hosting the Divided Sky the next two Tuesday at 9am Mt Time Zone. Super stoked about this!! The time slot is ideal for me and my training schedule. The 1st show will be a total lounge and remix type of show. Plus all of the baseball updates. I will be acknowledging all of the supporters from our Spring Fund Drive and highlighting a few shows that I really enjoyed listening to. Its going to rock

CLIENTS: I didn't just pick up a new client this month BUT four new clients!!! All by referrals!!! Ortho so works that way!! I do have a woman that I haven't quite figured out what is going on with her hand. We did a huge neck release but her arm/hand is still bothering her. My new plan is that I am going to pay Sheri for a consultation and bring in my client so the we can all work together. The client can give more clues to Sheri, we can discuss what I have done and IF I could be holding/releasing differently, and together we all can build a game plan for this client.
Another little boy came in and claims to have an on going headache. What a drag, so young, living in pain. We balanced his pelvis and I held his calcaneus ( heel ) and explored his ROM. We both heard the "clunk" in his hip. I then did some very simple rib releases, sternum work, and shoulder holds. I basically palpated his neck as I didn't want to over work this kid's nervous system during his 1st session. I added some light traction to his neck and he asked if he could walk around. "You Bet!!" I immediately told him. He claimed to be dizzy a little bit but he told his mom he felt FAST. They hung out for about 10 min and away they went. The next client ( a regular ) came in and I sort of forgot about that little boy. Then, his mom called me about 8:30ish PM and expressed her gratitude and I could hear that she was on the verge of breaking down. I asked her if she had a few minutes to do an over the phone visual with me. She wasn't sure what the hell I was talking about and I felt as if I almost lost her because I went "too far out there" but she simply agreed to try. I used the path in the garden visual and focused on what her energy was like throughout the visualization. She Loved It!!! She hung by saying that an angel has brought me into her life. Her voice was strong before we disconnected I sensed that she felt alive and was ready to tackle the world. She Found Her Power!!!
Sunshine Makes The Boy Dog Happy

HOUSE CHORES: My time has also been spent up in Orchard Mesa cleaning up my rental property. Let's just state the obvious here….. Renters just phuc-n suck!!! They just don't care, they just live that lazy lifestyle, and they have NO Ownership. Why??? What is that like to live like that??? To always have the VICTIM response???? Anyway, I enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning up and the backyard is really coming around. Shadow Boy just loves a ride in the truck so he doesn't complain about the yard work. The weeds are being taken over by the lawn and the positive vibe is turning in the right direction. Thats cool

So this week will be filled with trail runs, hill repeats, track workouts, cleaning at the airport and downtown locations, radio show, clients in the office after 5pm, lifting, mt biking, pulling weeds, and cooking for the week. Plus the early morning calisthenics and Boy Dog outings.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Harsh Reality and Richard Cheese Rocks The Casbah

Today was that day of sacrificing any reindeer games and tackled the task of chores. Winter freedom from yard work, picking bugs out of my teeth on bike rides, and unseen goat heads have come to an end.

Gr8 News…. The old weed wacker would cut out when I gave it gas. Just had this serviced last fall and the bill was only $20 with Carburetor Adjustment. So thanx to Youtube, I watch an simple 1:40 video and off to True Value I rode the commuter. With my little " wrench " I am tuning in the carb during the start of this video. Up and running and away I go until the last of the line flew out. Rerolled new line and away I went. The mower fired right up and I set the wheels high and went rather slow. Dropped the wheels down and cleaned up some of the clumps of grass.

Best News….. Did all the work WITHOUT bleeding!!! SCORE!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Local Stray Grass Has A Coming Out Party

Under wet and windy conditions……

……. And The Bat Barn Full Of Life…...

….. Our local Grand Junction Colorado band takes stage…..

….. Stray Grass went from a trio bluegrass band to a duo to a dynamic quintet full energy and joy…. These musicians really like each other

I totally recommend that you click on these photos and examine them in full screen mode

Shot these all with the GoPro 11MP and you really need to hold that sucker still. I deleted a ton of blurred photos. But damn I dig the fisheye effect.

I debated to only do the time lapse of the clouds rolling through and had I known the indoor photos would be so blurry Set break was at like 2:30pm and time lapsing this storm would have been radical.

Felling stronger again after a full two weeks back in the gym, adding miles on the commuter bike, and hiking hill repeats.

Each step up, I took. I didn't just follow the trail and pick the best line. More of a lunge hike and focused on engaging my gluts, lifting with my full quad, and noticing what and where my arm swung. My pace was quick and my cadence felt neutral compared to a more controlled environment.
I have really enjoyed myself at the gym lately. Maybe its the music that I have been playing. Keller Williams show from Alaska. But overall, I have been visually stimulated with the ROM and controlling each exercise. Like on Monday, while doing the military press, dropped the weight down from 25lbs to 20lbs and slowly just pumped out 3 sets of 12. I watched how my wrist turns and concentrated on feeling the difference between 90 degrees and 120 degrees.
Most of my exercises, I start off with two practice reps without the weight. A byproduct for that is that my diaphragm has really come into my awareness. Thats cool. That warm up has really helped me fine tune my proprioception and its building my confidence. Thats cool. Amazed by how I can really kick a$$ in 50min and be in and out within that hour. Thats cool!!!
My spinning legs have yet to find the true granny gear just yet but my legs are coming around. So unique to call the high desert home until Spring hits. This place is so alive. Alive with people, tourist, and life in general. I have been riding much slower in town and noticing what I notice. The streets are pretty busy these days so anticipation is rather key near downtown.
The next few days are going to fly by like Feb but not as quick as March. Friday is the big, wait, HUGE mountain film fest outdoors at Edgewater Brewery. Then the massive MOG sale on Saturday AND THE COLLEGE ( CMU ) IS HOSTING ITS DOWNTOWN CRITERIUM RACE ALL DAY!!! Its called the Maverick Classic and its crazy awesome watching them kids fly around town and you can get so close to the action. Its one of my favorites, the whole weekend I mean.

So my goals are simple for the rest of this week:
1) Stretch
2) H2o Consumption
3) Chest, Back, Bi,
4) 30 Miles On The Commuter
5) New Client
6) One Mt Bike Outing Before The Weekend Rush
7) Wake Up w/The Boy Dog And Feel Blessed

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Its Snowing!!

Thank you all so much for thinking snow!!! Big flakes, very wet, and the Boy Dog was stoked!!! Out the door we went!!!


Today is exactly what we needed here in the Grand Valley, Wet , Heavy, Massive Flakes!!! After almost a full week of training and finding my groove after the twins departed, I am feeling much better after a 3 damn day hang over. SideNote… The Blue Z, The Dude, Den, Rob, & Myself threw more than a few back at the Ale House. Our bartender gave us as many samples as we wanted!!! Nitro, Porters, Oak Barrel Aged I.P.A., & beers that I would never buy. This is how we ends a two week bender. Like Real Toxic
So Tuesday I woke up feeling rough and thats an understatement!!! Walked the Boy Dog to start the day & he continuously looked back my way as if to say," Pick It Up!! This Pace Doesn't Work For Me!!" Rode the bike down to the gym for a chest workout. All exercises were slow and controlled. I was quite surprised that I was able to stay with the weight per my schedule and not wusssssss out. The gym was wide open and empty so my 60min ( normal) time dropped to 45min. Total score & elevated my heart rate. The ride home almost felt better!?!?!?!

Wednesday was a solid shoulder and triceps day. Woke up still feeling kinda hung over but our morning outing went much better. I didn't use the Garmin but the Boy Dog thinks in was about an 11 min mile walking pace. My hips rolled much looser and I didn't feel as if I was heel striking. Like I Said… Finding My Groove Again


A very dear friend of my at my bank asked me if I could help her fingers. She has had numbness in her hand and her neck has been bothering her big time. She came to the office and I quickly explained to her that I might not "fix" her in just this one session. She Smiled!! We had a fantastic session!! She was so pleased and alive when she left. Her arm didn't ache, she claimed that her neck and head felt like it was on a swivel, and her low back "wasn't talking to her". How much fun was that???

Saw another boy, my diabetes boy's parents referral, he rolled his ankle playing basketball and showed up on crutches. It was obviously that he was guarded and I asked him if I could try a new release on his hand that I just learned. He almost immediately calmed down just by me working on his wrist and elbow. By opening up his hands and neck, he started discharging out his mouth and talked on and on which is so healthy!! His mom just starred at me completely speechless. The boy tried to convince me that he could walk out of the office w/o his crutches. Classic
Another new client came in with questions about what I am doing. She came to me from our local gym where I posted a flyer. She tested me by saying that she wasn't going to tell me what hurts. " Thats Gr8!!" Lets push out all that justifications and get to work. Come to find out, shifting her sacrum " fixed " her neck!! Afterwards, I explained to her that I picture a humans spine like a shovel in the dirt. The sacrum is like the spade, the vertebras are the shovel handle, and picture yourself digging in the garden. You step on the spade and use the handle like a fulcrum. What happens if you dig down to deep and the handle slips out of your hand?? That release in the handle is violent and now your head is being whipped around like that after an accident. I even made the sound of a handle shaking back & forth while the spade is in the ground. And by doing a very simple ankle release, she tells me her knee isn't bothering her. What A Session!!! My nervous system was rebooted and I even felt totally alive!!! She asked for my Biz Card, Ortho works like that!! Love It

Radio: We are hosting our Spring Fund Drive this week!! I will be sitting in with The Blue Z during his Magic Carpet Ride. Allow Yourself To Pledge At 970.241.8801 & mostly likely I will be answering the phone during his show!!!

Commuter Bike: Strong start to the month on the commuter bike and then dropped off pretty quickly with the twins in town. I still rode to the Letterpress for work everyday and ran errands but nothing extra. I was able to get them on the bike once but I really got the sense that they weren't into it too much. I wasn't racing or riding crazy or trying to intimidate them by any means. I even filled my panniers with an ice pack and PBR just for them. The next few times I brought up a ride downtown or to the Ale House, I was left with a room full of the sounds of crickets echoing on.

This week has been better on the miles and I might hit 400 miles by the end of the month. So far this week, 35 miles on the commuter, hope to ride the Yeti Saturday during the 18 RD Rumble. Again, this snow is what we need as it will melt by this afternoon, dry out of Friday, and be "raceable" on Saturday. If If If we can keep all the dipsh*ts off the trails until then.

End of Throwing Them Back: I am totally surprised by how many opportunities keep coming up to drink when I said NO MORE after Monday's Ale House Fest. I was answering phones on Tuesday at KAFM and the other phone operators were throwing back our local Off Belay I.P.A.'s and just I couldn't do it. Without thinking, I started to reach for one, my gut said DUDE?!?! Plus, that I.P.A. is incredibly tasty!!! So for me to just say no, WoW. Wednesday I was asked if I wanted to hit the Copper Club for a pint. I declined with a " Thanx 4 Asking But I Need A Break "
Then, After Working Out, I found a Ranger in the refrigerator and almost cracked it without thinking about it. Water Water H2o!!! No worries from here on out as Saturday is a race day and next week I will be in the office all week. Back on track, tough week, back to the basics, lifting, riding, and trail running with Shadow Boy!!! AWESOME

Shadow Boy Will Focus On Our Marathon Schedule After A Nap 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Uploaded Photos From Dennis/Robert's Camera

Patrick, Peggy, & Dennis in San Diego California
Looks Like A Cowboy Hat On My Head….. From L to R…. The Dude, Me, Dennis, & The Blue Z
Dennis teasing the Boy Dog with his already eaten corn on the cob
Bleu Girl Being Bleu
Art Hopping During The 1st Friday Art Walk

Completely blown away by how much water was flowing over the falls
The old gathering spot of friends from centuries ago
Love This Shot
Bleu Girl & Dennis on the back deck soaking up the setting sun

Looking at the north side of the San Juan mountains as I drove over Dallas Divide & Dennis shot this from the back seat
The Mica Mine

Bleu Girl wondering why SHE can't ride up front
Gr8 American Photo
The Dude, Dennis, & Myself above the snowmobile expo
Me, Robert, & Dennis being photo bombed by the peace sign
The twins love the older cars
Robert wanted a photo of all those license plates but I DONT BELIEVE they were close enough to see the variety
Me, Dennis, & The Dude under the every 5min weather changing rule
Robert wanted a shot of the Hot Tub but us hams had to be seen
Took the twins up to the Cul-de-Sac were I started running/hiking to after class while I was studying/living in CB
Dennis & I in front of Mt Red Lady
The Regional College Rodeo Championships held at our very own Mesa County Fair Grounds
The top riders will move onto the Nationals from here. Students from ID, WY, NV, NE, KS, NM, & Montana competed throughout the evening.
The Twins working the iPad
" I Could Eat." he says
" How about some ice cream??"