Monday, April 27, 2015

MOG - The 12 Annual Manufactures Outdoor Gear SALE

TRAINING: Excellent week of time well spent in the gym. I mixed up my routine by mixing muscle groups. Such as, I normally hit shoulders and then my triceps. This past week I did my usual chest routine and added triceps. My shoulders were mixed in with my back and I did a "just" arms day that so worked me. I have also added exercises between my lifting sets. Like a plank after a lift, stair steps on the wooden box after a lift, and those damn russian twist while I am catching my breath?!?!?! Mt shirt was soaked after Thursday's session and I am very conscious about cleaning/sanitizing the bench/machine afterwards.
Shadow Boy & I are still on our no excuse loops in the morning and twice in the evening last week. My cadence has picked up and my hips are rolling with power. I haven't been out on the trails at all this past week because we have received some much needed rain. Like 2.31 inches in 72 hours!!! The record for ALL of April is 2.47inches. Our high desert landscape is emerald right now!!! The cacti should be exploding with color this week as we might hit 80's by Thursday.
On Sunday, an off completely day, I rocked the perfect push up's throughout the day. So much for an OFF DAY, Right?!?!?! I played games during the Indy race in Alabama, I would do 10 push ups during the 1st commercial and 25 leg lifts when live coverage came back on air. It rained all day on Sunday so the Boy Dog took the day off as well. He is so anti rain. He even stands on the sidewalk, drops a deuce on the lawn, and saunters back into the house with his ears straight back. Classic
The Ears

RADIO SHOW: I will be hosting the Divided Sky the next two Tuesday at 9am Mt Time Zone. Super stoked about this!! The time slot is ideal for me and my training schedule. The 1st show will be a total lounge and remix type of show. Plus all of the baseball updates. I will be acknowledging all of the supporters from our Spring Fund Drive and highlighting a few shows that I really enjoyed listening to. Its going to rock

CLIENTS: I didn't just pick up a new client this month BUT four new clients!!! All by referrals!!! Ortho so works that way!! I do have a woman that I haven't quite figured out what is going on with her hand. We did a huge neck release but her arm/hand is still bothering her. My new plan is that I am going to pay Sheri for a consultation and bring in my client so the we can all work together. The client can give more clues to Sheri, we can discuss what I have done and IF I could be holding/releasing differently, and together we all can build a game plan for this client.
Another little boy came in and claims to have an on going headache. What a drag, so young, living in pain. We balanced his pelvis and I held his calcaneus ( heel ) and explored his ROM. We both heard the "clunk" in his hip. I then did some very simple rib releases, sternum work, and shoulder holds. I basically palpated his neck as I didn't want to over work this kid's nervous system during his 1st session. I added some light traction to his neck and he asked if he could walk around. "You Bet!!" I immediately told him. He claimed to be dizzy a little bit but he told his mom he felt FAST. They hung out for about 10 min and away they went. The next client ( a regular ) came in and I sort of forgot about that little boy. Then, his mom called me about 8:30ish PM and expressed her gratitude and I could hear that she was on the verge of breaking down. I asked her if she had a few minutes to do an over the phone visual with me. She wasn't sure what the hell I was talking about and I felt as if I almost lost her because I went "too far out there" but she simply agreed to try. I used the path in the garden visual and focused on what her energy was like throughout the visualization. She Loved It!!! She hung by saying that an angel has brought me into her life. Her voice was strong before we disconnected I sensed that she felt alive and was ready to tackle the world. She Found Her Power!!!
Sunshine Makes The Boy Dog Happy

HOUSE CHORES: My time has also been spent up in Orchard Mesa cleaning up my rental property. Let's just state the obvious here….. Renters just phuc-n suck!!! They just don't care, they just live that lazy lifestyle, and they have NO Ownership. Why??? What is that like to live like that??? To always have the VICTIM response???? Anyway, I enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning up and the backyard is really coming around. Shadow Boy just loves a ride in the truck so he doesn't complain about the yard work. The weeds are being taken over by the lawn and the positive vibe is turning in the right direction. Thats cool

So this week will be filled with trail runs, hill repeats, track workouts, cleaning at the airport and downtown locations, radio show, clients in the office after 5pm, lifting, mt biking, pulling weeds, and cooking for the week. Plus the early morning calisthenics and Boy Dog outings.

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