Monday, April 13, 2015

Uploaded Photos From Dennis/Robert's Camera

Patrick, Peggy, & Dennis in San Diego California
Looks Like A Cowboy Hat On My Head….. From L to R…. The Dude, Me, Dennis, & The Blue Z
Dennis teasing the Boy Dog with his already eaten corn on the cob
Bleu Girl Being Bleu
Art Hopping During The 1st Friday Art Walk

Completely blown away by how much water was flowing over the falls
The old gathering spot of friends from centuries ago
Love This Shot
Bleu Girl & Dennis on the back deck soaking up the setting sun

Looking at the north side of the San Juan mountains as I drove over Dallas Divide & Dennis shot this from the back seat
The Mica Mine

Bleu Girl wondering why SHE can't ride up front
Gr8 American Photo
The Dude, Dennis, & Myself above the snowmobile expo
Me, Robert, & Dennis being photo bombed by the peace sign
The twins love the older cars
Robert wanted a photo of all those license plates but I DONT BELIEVE they were close enough to see the variety
Me, Dennis, & The Dude under the every 5min weather changing rule
Robert wanted a shot of the Hot Tub but us hams had to be seen
Took the twins up to the Cul-de-Sac were I started running/hiking to after class while I was studying/living in CB
Dennis & I in front of Mt Red Lady
The Regional College Rodeo Championships held at our very own Mesa County Fair Grounds
The top riders will move onto the Nationals from here. Students from ID, WY, NV, NE, KS, NM, & Montana competed throughout the evening.
The Twins working the iPad
" I Could Eat." he says
" How about some ice cream??"

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  1. Today I Am Sad…. Its The Fact That We Have Crossed Paths Over The Past 30 Years… I Know They Enjoyed Themselves…. We Will See Each Other In Rio For The Summer Games… But Saying Good Bye SOOOOOO Sucks… Be Present… Love That Moment You Are In… Friends Carry Value…. Cheers