Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Remembering The Good Side of Life

Gramps showed up here on a failed foster program four years ago. He was in bad shape both physically and mentally. His poor guts were tore up from stress, his little back right leg really had no function, and he was beyond exhausted from all the new barking dogs entering the facility. When he arrived here, knocking on deaths door, he slept for 3 straight days on his new bed. He only weighted in at 44 pounds and would barely eat a cup of dog food. He would sort of shake when you would put your hand on him to pet or comfort him. I can clearly remember telling him that "it's ok now" and I will help you pass on. "You are safe here" but I knew not to get too close or attached if you will. Well Gramps provided me wrong. I completely feel in love with him and he is the first dog that didn't know his name. I tried all kinds of names but he never responded to any of them. So I labeled him Smokey. Well, that morphed into Grandpa Smokey. After receiving a lot of Ortho-Bionomy and an extremely healthy diet twice a day, Smoked weighed in at 77 pounds one year later. Even the Vet couldn't believe the progress he made. And the brushing, Gramps got brushed about once a week because his coat became so thick and lush. Four Happy Years Later, Gramps gave me that look. His back legs hurt, poor old guy was confused, he often fell down or fell into place he would say, and I would seriously worry about him every time he was on his own. I just never knew what I was going to walk into. His last day here on Mother Earth, he ate very well and often!! He enjoyed extra treats. Somewhere around the noon hour he simply laid down on his bed for the last time. He would look up at me with just an eye but his body was done. He got brushed and slipped another treat but you could just tell. Grandpa Smokey passed away on Thursday ( 2018/02/15 ) evening and I know he began enjoying his new legs immediately. I just know that Sadie-Girl was waiting for him and together they are enjoying themselves immensely. Gramps, You enlightened my life. You proved me wrong often. You enjoyed hitting the lottery here and I could tell that you appreciated every meal. You owned the backyard and truly grew to love Shadow Boy. You knew just how much I loved to love on you and you know that you will never be forgotten about. You So Deserve Peace!!! Rest In Peace Gramps. We Shall Play Again Together. You can count on that. I Really Miss You Gramps, Run On

Rock On!! Gramps Goes Heavy Metal 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Olympic Fever 2018

The Dude and I started this tradition of changing out the flags back in 2000 during the Sydney Games. The Dude has hung the Brazilian flag for the past couple of days and now we welcome the Olympic Flag for the Winter Games of 2018.

Thanx FJ for documenting this honor. The Dude was pretty consumed with emotions as he spent his 50th in Brazil for the Summer Games. Deep Down, I know he wishes that he was in Korea right now.

And Avery Charles between puppy kisses. Too Funny!! Everyone showed up with Korean dishes for the Opening Ceremonies and its great to see the "regulars" show up every two years now. We allow cultural dishes from the previous host city, current, or the upcoming country for the closing ceremony. But for now, lets stay in the present. 

Go Athletes!! Represent And Do Your Best!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What I Noticed In January

Didn't really struggle to accomplish the one mile a day and 100 push ups goal. I had a few days were I damn near spaced the push ups. Walking with the Boy Dog everyday is way easy. Also, I can feel the moment when my stiff "whatever" loosens up. Way Cool

Running 65.4 miles
On The Bike 235.91 miles
Push Ups 100 x 31 days = 3,100

The foam rolling helped a tremendous amount for sure. I experienced a few aches and ( not really ) pains but the roller melted them away. I have focus like crazy on my position while doing push ups. Some sets were in 10's, most sets are grouped in 25's & banged out two sets of 50 when the body feels really strong.

I have been amazed by how strong the shoulders feel and how "easy" the first set has become. I'm still focusing on a really well defined plank position before I start. Sometimes, like during the Grammys, I would do a set during commercials and that seemed to work for me.

The only time I really track my time is when I am at stoker stadium but then it was pointed out in my last video that running in lucky lane 7 adds extra distance. So I Got That Going For Me

THE RADIO ROOM!!! Its AWESOME!!!! Tony Furatdo performed TWO shows on Super Bowl Sunday. The 5 o'clock show sold out as Bronco fans mentioned how the NFL so sucks right now. The 8 o'clock show only had 10 available seats left. So Stoked!!!

Tony has an incredible way of story telling in-between songs and is currently traveling with the 3 time fiddle champion Luke ??Price?? I think. Luke makes it look so damn easy.

ORTHO-BIONOMY!!! Yes!!! Its ALSO Awesome!!! A new client that came on a referral and he just happens to be hearing impaired. His history includes making the deaf olympic team and finished in the top 10 last year in Turkey. It just happened to be the first time he ever left the country.

He has a goal of a solid Boston Marathon finish but wants to break 3 hours during the Chi-Town Marathon this Fall. He came to see me because he has had some kind of an issue with his right calf. He explained how he tried different drops size shoes and saw a massage therapist but still has this issue.

So we started with his hips while in the supine position and released his left psoas and from there, life is good. His body had little micro releases throughout the session and he was stoked. He gave me brilliant feed back as if I had seen him at least a dozen times.

Very In Tune With His Body!! That helps so much and I continue to enjoy working with kids and athletes based on that factor. The Nervous System, Phuc-N Epic

RADIO SHOWS!! Pretty Damn Awesome!!! I will be a guest on air at noon today and will be addressing Stress, Ortho, Love, And Surfing The Waves Of Chaos. Then, this Sunday Night at 9pm I am covering a show. That particular show will be heavy on the Jam Band front, few GD tunes, and some tasty little stand up comedians mixed in.

Thats It For Now As I Gotta Get The Boy Dog Out. He Is Currently Staring At Me As If To Let Me Know That Another Dog Could Be Marking HIS Tree Right Now. They Are ALL His Trees.