Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Remembering The Good Side of Life

Gramps showed up here on a failed foster program four years ago. He was in bad shape both physically and mentally. His poor guts were tore up from stress, his little back right leg really had no function, and he was beyond exhausted from all the new barking dogs entering the facility. When he arrived here, knocking on deaths door, he slept for 3 straight days on his new bed. He only weighted in at 44 pounds and would barely eat a cup of dog food. He would sort of shake when you would put your hand on him to pet or comfort him. I can clearly remember telling him that "it's ok now" and I will help you pass on. "You are safe here" but I knew not to get too close or attached if you will. Well Gramps provided me wrong. I completely feel in love with him and he is the first dog that didn't know his name. I tried all kinds of names but he never responded to any of them. So I labeled him Smokey. Well, that morphed into Grandpa Smokey. After receiving a lot of Ortho-Bionomy and an extremely healthy diet twice a day, Smoked weighed in at 77 pounds one year later. Even the Vet couldn't believe the progress he made. And the brushing, Gramps got brushed about once a week because his coat became so thick and lush. Four Happy Years Later, Gramps gave me that look. His back legs hurt, poor old guy was confused, he often fell down or fell into place he would say, and I would seriously worry about him every time he was on his own. I just never knew what I was going to walk into. His last day here on Mother Earth, he ate very well and often!! He enjoyed extra treats. Somewhere around the noon hour he simply laid down on his bed for the last time. He would look up at me with just an eye but his body was done. He got brushed and slipped another treat but you could just tell. Grandpa Smokey passed away on Thursday ( 2018/02/15 ) evening and I know he began enjoying his new legs immediately. I just know that Sadie-Girl was waiting for him and together they are enjoying themselves immensely. Gramps, You enlightened my life. You proved me wrong often. You enjoyed hitting the lottery here and I could tell that you appreciated every meal. You owned the backyard and truly grew to love Shadow Boy. You knew just how much I loved to love on you and you know that you will never be forgotten about. You So Deserve Peace!!! Rest In Peace Gramps. We Shall Play Again Together. You can count on that. I Really Miss You Gramps, Run On

Rock On!! Gramps Goes Heavy Metal 


  1. Heres to Gramps in doggie heaven! Glad to read that he was happy when he moved on.

  2. Oh my! You had me all teared up Padre, but I'm soooo happy that Grandpa Smokey had such a loving home for his last four years, that was a blessing for sure. I know you and also Boy Dog will be missing him so much. You did a good thing, big hugs ✨

    1. We shed tears together Perth. He was such a happy ol guy those last few years. Many Thanx For The Acknowledgment.

      Big Hugs

  3. Sorry to hear it, at least he had a good life the final few years.

  4. RIP Grandpa Smokey. You thrived with love and compassion and are running free over the Rainbow Bridge. My condolences.