Saturday, December 24, 2022

Happy Holidaze

Hey Hey Mamma Said The Way You Move     Gonna Make You Sweat     Gonna Make You Groove    Ah, Child, The Way You Shake That Thing     Gonna Make You Burn      Gonna Make You Sting     Hey Hey Baby When You Walk That Way     Watch Your Honey Drip      Can't Keep Away 

Led Zeppelin 

Led Zeppelin IV 1971/11/18 

Talk about, wait, sing about a special moment in time. I so dig breaking trail with verve. The experience brings me to the notion that I am the only living sole tromping through Mother Nature's magical landscape. Peaceful 

Of course I sense a tenuous feeling as I really used to be in solid shape for these outings. The Boy Dog definitely adheared to that. Him and I would trudge along for miles and miles. And our shared PB&J seemed to taste just that, excellence. Most Excellent 

I always bring up the Boy Dog around this time frame of our calendar year because him & I walked to The Dude's place every Christmas morning together. We both thrived on this jaunt because there tends to be nobody out at sunrise Christmas morning. The Boy Dog was the definition of enthusiasm. Think Snow 

The Boy Dog will be forever in my heart like the sunshine warming my bones along some crunchy frozen snow covered pathway. Love You Shadow Boy 


WoW!!! Having a tough time wrapping my head around the fact that it is currently Christmas Eve and New Years Eve will be a memory in no time at all. But while it is here, Merry Merry My Friends

I simply want to thank you all so much for your kind offerings. You have inspired me to drop my pissy pants act and discover new and exciting creative outlets. Have a sneaky suspicion that 2023 is going to rock the casbah. Rock The Casbah

I am planning on meandering around the Mantey Hight's neighborhood tonight. Those fine folks have lined their entire streets with ( luminary ) paper bags. The neighborhood prides themselves with the fact that they are the only hood in GJ that Xcel turns off ALL the street lights for. And yes, it is stated in the Home Owners Association that if you are out of town, you MUST have a plan in place as no driveway will be left out. Talk About Communal 

Cars drive up, down, and over throughout the glowing streets. Unfortunately, the newer model of automobiles are unable to dim their headlights. They seemingly stick out like a sore thumb for sure. But it is a sight to see with all those bags cascading a yellowish orange shine onto the pure white snow banks of coolness. So Cool 

Christmas morning/afternoon will be spent with The Dude's youngest at her place. She has the big inviting home and two little ones so it feels more like a spirited Christmas festivities around their parts. H & B put out the hard word that nobody is welcome to 'Rock Around the Christmas Tree' before 10am. Outstanding 

To the doctors and nurses, the pilots and flight attendances, the firemen and police officers, and ALL YOU POSTAL/ UPS / FEDeX members, THANK YOU 

I leave you with this time lapse for our It's a Wonderful Life live radio read at KAFM seven years ago. It's about 3 minutes long, in time lapse mode of all the cast of characters, I make an appearance at :29 for the crowd noise during the holiday party - 1:04 on the mic as the Toy Shop Owner - 1:57 in black as Bartender Pinky, and I then spliced in real voicing lines that were read long the way in post production for generating this short video. Turn It Up

Wishing Y'all A Delightful Celestial Seasons Greetings,


Monday, December 19, 2022

New Office And Six Long Days Before XMas 2022

I'll Never Be Your Beast Of Burden      My Back Is Board But It's Ah Hurting       All I Want Is For You To Make Love To Me      I've Walked For Miles      My Feet Are Hurting      All I Want Is For You To Make Love To Me       Am I Hard Enough?    Am I Rough Enough??     Am I Rich Enough???    I'm Not Too Blind To See 

Rolling Stones

1978 Some Girls


Still room for interpretation and possible Feng Shui modifications. 

But overall, pretty darn pleased with the situation. Did I lose the 3rd floor views? Yes Did my rent increase? Yes Did I lose the easy Downtown Main Street address and desirable location? Yes Do I still ride my bike to the office? YES 

Are my clients happy? YES  So that means that as long as all parties are comfortable We B Jam'n !! Small bonus, I was able to finally display all my muscular, skeletal, energy meridians, and worldly maps up on the walls. Claiming this space as mine flipping rocks. Owning the situation and bettering that situation has been empowering. Proudly inviting the opportunity for a shift builds a stronger mind. The other gratifying bonus from an income stand point would be the fact that I am able to work 24/7!! In the office is exactly where I want to be. It's That Simple 

In my old office, established for just over a decade, I worked in the evening hours and weekends. When my office mate was out of town or teaching or family matters to tend to , more frequently then not , I worked the business bankers hours. But I mainly booked all clients on the weekend or after their work day. Now, I have the flexibility to schedule a client at the drop of a hat. So That's Cool 


High winds once again visited the grand valley and battered older fences and exposed the rotten undersides of the mighty fence line. As a weekend storm rolled up from the desert floor of Arizona creating our pressure gradients into motion and high winds blasted on through the Grand Valley. Here is a pro tip for ya when cementing in a 4x4 Post. 

Ideally, I recommend that you drive in 8 long wood screws directly into the base of your post. However, I only have enough room for three wooden screws drilled in to my 4x4 post at an angle at this particular plum line I have going. Good but not perfect unfortunately. 

Your post will obviously shrink over time and separate itself from the dried concrete. So all those screws act as a lovely anchor into that ready mix concrete pour some 15 years from now. But today, holding steady my friends those older original posts are. Only two technically rotted out and the others will definitely be recommenced in about 5 or so years time. The photo above showcases the mini mold I created for my post deep below the soil line. 

One at a time and only three more 17 inch / 43cm holes to dig for this project. I am adding support post between all the original post that are still holding their integrity. Later, will attach sister stringers and drill into them from the street side. This old fence still has character so I happily address her needs and offer compassionate support there my girl. Smile


Completely booked and began a new week of dog sitting today. Stoked 

You long time readers will most definitely recognize this guy above. I will also be in the office a lot and I am currently house sitting three homes. This means December will be gone before I know it. Just as this calendar year has. Poof 

Next up in the working world for me, two more fences to repair this week from last weeks weather front. Along with usual recycling, watering trees, and other miscellaneous projects that I am unaware of at the moment. Always Something 


Viva Argentina !! This was a significant match for me as I remember my grandmother watching Argentina claim the cup back in the summer of 86. She was extremely wise and was my influence to the fact that there is a whole other world than Lake Tahoe or even Sac-A-Tomtoes California. I remember witnessing a number of monumental moments in time with her. I truly thank her for exposing me to just more than Arts & Culture as a little bambino. She Was A Rock Star 


Where am I going or what direction is it going or what is my motivating factor to continue on with this blog site?? Really?? Whats the biz?? Say What 

Unable to comment on ( /  / / just to acknowledge a few )  blog sites, my photos a janky when I upload, and some days it's a fact that I lack motivation has almost become frustrating for me. Is it really all that important that I comment on blogs?? Phuc Yes!! You all post some righteous Sh*T.  So What Is My Own Deal Here

I know that this scenario is totally elementary compared to everything else on my plate, shoulders, or even current worldly affairs right now. But sometimes my pent up frustration gets the best of me. My stress levels aren't diapering anytime soon. I have neglected real rides, proper lifting exercises, and upholding my best initiative to not tumble myself into the category of just another disappointing human. Life

I will hopefully continue this journal of What Else Is Possible but I am not going to entertain myself with thoughts like "Posting Every Friday" or "At Least Three Post A Month" or any other misleading statements. It's just that this blog has lost its spot on my priority list these days. My eyes roll open just after 4am because of my bladder, I am on a world wind tour all day, the sun was in my eyes, and the evenings are over before I even realize what I have accomplished or even reflect upon what I have to show for my efforts. Wow was that ever a rabbling rant of justifications. Whats The Deal With This Responsible Adult Living 


  1. Float These Holidaze Under The Radar
  2. Riding My Bike Around & Check Out All The Decorated Homes  
  3. Keep Cracking Myself Up
  4. Remain Thankful
  5. Not A Goal But Two Points Here!! Those aluminum beer cans are a 4 pack. Not a six pack but 16oz four packs for $20 to $23 smackers. Must Be Some Classy A$$ Alacrity - Second Point Here !! The video below is from Sunny Sand Diego California 


Wish You All The Best Over The Next Two Weeks, Stay Healthy By Keeping Them Paws Clean, And Embrace Mother Nature. AND THANK YOU ALL so much for your continued thoughts and feedback. Your sentiments, empathy, and heart felt replies are appreciated here. 


Friday, December 9, 2022

Snow Travels And Turkey Day Events

Is This The Real Life ?       Is This Just Fantasy ?      Caught In A Landslide       No Escape From Reality   Open Your Eyes        Look Up To The Sky And See      I'm Just A Poor Boy      No Need No Sympathy     Because I am Easy Come       Easy Go     Little High    Little Low     Any Way The Wind Blows Doesn't Really Matter To Me          To Me 


A Night At The Opera 1975

There is something rejuvenating about the sounds aloft while standing in the middle of nowhere. The snow covered surface was frozen and crispy under the 11F / -11C conditions. The freezing pattern will be here to stay awhile at 10,000Ft / 3,000M

Each crunch from the metal frame breaks a perfect snowshoe print achieved until the next storm blows through. Or hopefully a wild animal will break a new trail with scents of its own pheromones. 

But where ever I turned and gazed my sight into focus, evidence of man was quickly discovered. The forest is always alive. It's quietly soothing my third eye once again and reminds me that I am alive. Grounding 


All I can express about Thanksgiving , where in the hell did this calendar year vanish off to?? The past two months have been full speed from the time my eyes open until the time my head slaps down on the cool side of my pillow. Long Live Stewart Scott   

After an ant hill of activity, we all ate well with those delightful poppysmic moments from across the table. The Bird was properly smoked and carved, Football games entertained the background visuals with randomly played LP's as a soundtrack, and inside jokes were all the rage as a trove of information was delivered periodically. Or Pondered 

The Dude and I began recycling these TP cardboard rolls into Xmas hanging decorations. Yes, we painted them later on before showcasing them on the tree. Its & Crafts 101 

Thankfully, I steadied myself with the alcohol intake. I really could have cut loose but I maintained my suave demeanor throughout the evening. And what do you know?? By about 9:30pm, it was just me and The Dude at the dinning table. Everyone else retired like the rookies they are. Oh Well 


The turkey sandwiches the next day at 9,000ft / 2700m were ideal. So dang good and pretty darn messy when you are standing in a winter wonderland setting. 

This was more of a walk than an actual snowshoe trek. But still, I was outside breathing in the fresh crisp mountain air. Notice the ice chest there and a cold brew never found my hand during the particular day time hours. Oh Baby 


Talk about a weak month for miles. My rides were so lame that Strava politely sent me this slap on the wrist update.

Now I still ride the commuter bike almost everyday and I reframed from driving to the office. In fact, have NEVER driven the car to the new office!! The evenings are pleasant while I ride through the haze of wood burning stoves, catching a meteor streaking across the night sky, and rustling of leaves blowing along the street as I pedal towards the darkness. And 42 is still the number.


Seven days after Turkey Day, I was back on a plane. 

The photo below is zeroing in on my place here in OM. Starring out the window is my favorite aspect of traveling by aircraft. DUH 

The photo above captures the disappearing Gunnison River as it makes its way north towards the not so mighty Colorado River. Below is a terrific photo of the Gateway pocket through Unaweep Canyon. Flippin Stunningly Gorgeous 


My mothers husband turns the ripe old age of 80 and a party for him took place on the first Saturday of the month. The photo below is a shot of ( LEFT 2 RIGHT ) my mom's cousin Louann, me, cousin Joe, and The Dude. Everyone else in attendance represented Patrick's family tree. Sadly, this would be the one and ONLY family style photo. Totally bums me out that we missed the opportunity for family portraits, me and The Dude with Patrick's grown kids, or even a photo with the birthday boy. 

The Dude & I floated the idea back in August of some sort of a plaque or bench or something that wouldn't feel like a memorial but would carry a memory. We all agreed to pitch in and have an American flag embroidered with all the kids, grands, and great grand kid's names. 

Patrick's eldest daughter ran with the idea and even purchased a telescoping flag pole for their backyard. Her and her husband installed a pole bracket and cemented that sucker down a few weeks prior to this gathering of tribes. They covered it with a brick paver that has been in their backyard for decades. Me and her husband then quickly lined up the pole during the presentation. Now the new flag pole and American flag will wave freedom for the oldies. 


Spent a day along the coast and immersed my self in the Monk's Meditation Gardens in Encinitas CA. Talk About Peaceful 

I was desperate for a break from all the Trump loving Lauren Boebert Republican sickness that I was subjected to. These beautiful grounds was the perfect recipe.  

You would never guess that these photos were taken in December. Think about that, blooming flowers in December here on the Northern Hemisphere. 

Observing and simply being was the byproduct of washing away my turbulent thoughts and concerns. The gardens were so quiet that the calmness reverberated in my bones. I nestled my little boney butt down on a semi seclude boulder and sent out the vibes. You can label it whoo whoo if you would care to do so but a light breezy picked up off the coastline and gently carried those messages across Mother Earth. 

Let me ask you something? Do you have the comprehension for this? Got any idea how hard it is for me to   be emotionally & spiritually present? Smelling the salty sea air, noticing the verity of bird calls, and the natural environment as a whole. Remaining mindful and focused on the here and now?? Its so hard!! Such an unwelcome challenge. Even right here in these gardens my mind raced else where, overheard a phone buzz in, old ingram repeats, or the bloody sound of air traffic. I Tried. I So Tried 

A number of my contacts received short videos and/or photos from these perfectly manicured grounds. At one point, a very well received video, I recorded that water feature there for exactly 30 seconds. The plants were a hit but the highest response was from the babbling sounds of trickling water during their Friday work day.  

As I casually meandered the gardens, I made the conscious decisions to elevate every single insignificant moment to the sublime. To fully appreciate the surroundings and those future opportunities that are lying in wake. Breathe 


The Dude & I scheduled a round of Disc Golf with our good buddy Johnny. Another one of the San Diego highlights. 

Johnny is one of those cool cats that is always a gas to be around. We brought along enough brews in a can to supply a couple of foursome groups. Never A Shortage Of Oats, Wheat And Barley 

I threw exceptionally well all day and dropped back to back birdies for the first time in many moons. Johnny, as always, out threw me by miles. That boy can rip a disc. Sipping on quality tasty brews during play is venturous but relaxing. The park isn't all that hip about drinking on the park grounds. So it has become common knowledge amongst the locals to act unpremeditated and discrete. Then, I quickly realized, everyone playing was puffing on prerolled and vape pens. Funny, we were the only ones breaking prohibition. Can Of Beer = 10 years in the slammer " Smoke A Joint = Thumbs Up Emoji " The Times Are ALWAYS Changing 

The true bonus was experiencing the lymphatic system in motion for a few more hours. Walking the coastal towns was cool and all but twisting, throwing, and bending over was the game changer. Catching up with Johnny's family dynamics, concert going outings, and current work projects were special conversational pieces for sure. You Know, Friendship!! And thanx to the gardens, I was beyond sensitive, compassionately present, and centered in my body.  

Then, completely out of the blue, while we were standing on the next tee pad, so lucky, a Red-tailed Hawk swoops in and parks itself right there on the fence. Totally commanding our attention and we remained frozen is our tracks. The air was still and quiet as can be. Such a privileged encounter and we all knew it. I snapped off this shot with that Hawk starring right at me. So Dig It 

Anyway, overall, what an enjoyable Friday. The only thing I could have asked for would have been a veggie burrito food truck after our round. But what a solid day in Sunny San Diego. Thanx SD


December's sky has loads to offer up. The Grand Valley was receiving much needed rain but those pesky clouds block our viewing of Mr Moon eclipsing Mars. That would have been sweet. But the 15th is the peck of the Giminid Meteor Shower. Obviously visible a few days book ending the 15th. Then the Ursid Meteor Shower peaks during the New Moon Phase on the 22nd of December. Pretty Stoked 


  1. Politely Speak During These Holidaze 
  2. Lay Out A Schedule 
  3. Assist When Needed
  4. Yonder My Happy A$$ On Down The Road 

Will Do My Best To Post A Little More Regularly, Be Kind To One Another, And Say Nice Things No Matter What The Situation