Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Rolling Along And Heading South

Where there is smoke
There is fire
Where this is fire
There is ash
Where there is ash
There is growth
Where there is growth
There is hope
Where there is hope
There is Love & COMPASSION

As darkness gave way to dawn, my camping vehicle headed south. The San Juan Mountains were calling upon my name!! They Held The Vision Quest

The Boy Dog & I meandered our way south many a times during his birthday month of August. His two favorite areas were those San Juan Mountains and that aggressive little ski town of Crested Butte. Actually, he loved any single track with a trickle of spring water descending near by.

Our thin horned moon guided me south towards the monolith formations provided by the pronounced San Juan Range. The adventure was much needed as my raspy throat has suffered enough by the amount of smoked filled layered days. The smoke was been prevalent all August long, having succumb accustomed to it just as if we were the back seat children of smoking parents from the 1970's. And if those Californians would have just raked their forest floors, No Fires. The Donald Knows

I was definitely amazed by the amount of out of state license plates scatter along the dirt roads and cluttering up the campsite areas. Not complaining but noticeably not feeling alone. However, nobody was hiking the early morning goodness. Or maybe they were oblivious to the threatening afternoon lightning storm possibilities. Who Knows??? But I was pleased to hike along in my own world of make believe. Just Me & The Vividly Gorgeous Wildflowers

And there it is, Mt Sneffels. Sitting at a mind clearing elevation of 14,185ft /4315m. My third eye still allows me to visualize that 100 pound black and white Boy Dog dancing along this ridge line ahead. Shadow Boy hovered around the 94-97 pound range, max weight was 116/52.6kg, and graciously took that orange shoot of death at a skinny 76 pounds. Phuc I Miss That Boy

Enlightenment!! That was the rush of endorphins as I stood so mightily above the hanging valleys below. Free to do, Free to be, and Free to be better than I was before I started up this sucker. This photo is looking due east towards Colorado Springs were a tasty Red Leg IPA awaits my dry mouth.

Holiday Three Pack 
Stay Strong & Think Of Others First,

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Head's UP

My Advice - Put on your seatbelt as this is a roller coaster for sure. In fact, this entry is for filing under 'later re-read' posts. My Thoughts , Two Cents , A Baptism Of Fire , Also Know As A Witch With A Capital B


Zero Baby!! Sh*T you not and haven't turned on the Garmin in days/weeks. Commuter Bike, Yes. Grocery store, office, and house sitting jobs. But no effort rides. Speaking of watering gardens, the sky was raining ash while I was hand watering. Little tiny white/grey ash floated down like a winter snow storm. So Eerie!! Our valley appears to be Mother Nature's ashtray.

Currently Singing U2 - RED SKIES AT NIGHT 

SO many little insignificant things are frustrating me these days. Every damn day for about 7 months the wind blew. 40mph head winds, 15mph headwinds in both directions, every time I was on the bike for any significant time, there was brutally Phuc-N winds. We now have the 4th largest Colorado wild fire and NO air movement???

People running their autos A/C while parked. WTF?? The other day, parked in the shade, car at idol, windows halfway down/up, the amount of heat pouring out from their iron horses was unreal. The person behind the wheel was staring at their phone. Is it that difficult to get out of the car and sit under the shade tree?? To simply sit on Mother Earth and reconnect. Take off you shoes and EXPERIENCE the freshly cut sod. But no, the umbilical cord to our cellular phones takes precedent. False Comforts Of The Automobile

Cigarette Butts?? They used to bother me so much and now I see littered masks replacing discarded butts. The amount of trash EVERYWHERE is shocking. That poor old indian in the commercial would not just be shedding a tear, rather suffering from a stroke.

I know, first world problems. Struggling to let that SH*T go. My last road ride nearly 14 days ago took me all over this magical valley for just over 11 hours, 98mi/157.715km and 2,300ft/701m of climbing. The photo above was from Mr Sun rising in all its glory and the photo below was showcasing Mr Wind Maker blowing the smoke North Northwest. Miss Those Days


The grim reaper has been busy. Such A Bummer. I met Jamin through Craigslist back in about 2007ish. He bought, repaired, and sold refurbished MACs. He later became a full-time car mechanic and employed a number of wrenching characters. I rang him last November and he shared with me with a cracking voice that he was diagnose with stage 4 colon cancer. From that day on, never missed a day, I sent him a video of whatever I happened to be doing. On July 26th, video of a water fall from Ouray, "This is Jamin's Wife. Jamin Passed Away This Morning."

Then, if that wasn't a punch in the nuts, all my fears became reality when I stopped dead in my tracks reading of BLK Dog passing. That hurt my heart. Crushed my heart with eyes of tears. I never crossed paths with BLK Dog and only began following BLK Dog after life weathered him into a blind old happy lab. BLK Dog was very fortunate to have brilliant humans that met his every need and made him as comfortable as possible during these last few months. So appreciate every day as if its your last. Make A Difference

KARMA Coupons:

How ya like this replacement?? These kind folks were dog sitting and that poor dog became spooked and bolted right through their old screen door. Ripped the screen to hell. Originally, I was simply going to replace the screen but the trim held no integrity left to offer up. The upper boards of the older door were split from the scared dog's sprinting velocity and no amount of Gorilla Glue could cure this situation. Purchasing brackets, new roll of screen, thin trim boards, and my time was driving up the cost. Yikes

True Value Hardware had this brand new door on sale ( originally $119.oo ) for 40 bucks!! No Brainer!! Trimmed off the bottom, painted it brick red, chiseled out for the hinges, second coat of scarlet, added in the golden highlights, screwed  a new screen into the the frame, and added a paw print as a final touch. Impeccable Results


I have actually been in the office twice this past week. Once for a long time regular client from way back. Super basic tune up really. A tune up for the both of us. Second, someone I hadn't spoke with in many moons, reached out regarding neck issues.

Regardless of how those sessions went, my attitude shifted for the better. For The Dynamic. For the What Else Is Possible Outlook. For True Enlightenment. Moving Towards Ease Without Complexities. One forgets how depressed about life's daily issues or fanatical measures or whatever when focused on task at hand. But my whole demeanor shifted after the first session. My mind was completely benevolent to my own dimensions until riding the commuter bike afterwards. I love the mechanism of the human body. Wake Up

Close Encounters of a Third Kind 

  1. By definition - the object of a person's ambition; an aim or desired result
  2. Too Smokey For Immediate Cycling Plans But Set A Longterm Seed 
  3. Swim - Indoor Swimming 
  4. Add Oil/Lubricant To All The Swamp Cooler Bearings
  5. Purchase New White Canvases For Pouring Acrylic Paints   

Stay Strong Folks,

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Higher Vibrational Quality

Love Confidence Dominion Wisdom Spirit Achievement Resourcefulness Intelligence Persistence Purpose Success Happiness Alertness Inspirational Life Goodwill Lindo Power Harmony Grato Poise Energy Health Strength Ambition Supportive Believe Dream Astronomical Laughter Determination Happy Joy Heart Clarity Knowledge Ambition Versatile Peacefulness Optimistic Empowering Beauty Less Is More Go Towards Ease Right Relationship Classic

Think Of Others First

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Damn Good Opening Week To Aug 2020

I need your advice. Both legally and constructively!! How do I engage with the youth while promoting the benefits from cycling?? How does one encourage kids to ride bikes to school?? Where the hell do I start?? All those questions were answered with one simple phone call. YES

Red Columbine Flowers Here At The House I Am Taking Care Of
The choking smokey valley has been my poor A$$ Excuse for the lack of effort riding the last few days. On the commuter bike, YES. But no real sporty miles to speak of. You know, the sun was in my eyes. Those who think they are at a disadvantage, as their assumptions put up barriers between themselves and the truth, it's the ones who understand their own ignorance who will learn the most.

Floating From GJ to Fruita - The Dragonfly Day 
And the hiking, most excellent. So many happy people on the trails compared to the concrete jungle of the city life. Everyone waves and offers a simple greeting when meeting face to face on a single track trail. There is no time devoted to political assessments. Polite humans do exist still. Who Knew

Strava sent this notice to me via e-mail. Had no idea?? But its always refreshing when receiving positive acknowledgment. When I really think about it, I offer these unusual beliefs that are surprising. It's those rarified ideas that open new thought processes and move me in a fulling direction. Local Legend

The triple digits are tolerable but the winds haven't been a favorite. The Western Slope has been windy everyday since January. Those poor pressure gradients are all mixed up and I am so thankful that I am not a migrating bird these days. Its Been Weird

Before the smoke invaded the Valley, enjoyed a solid 5+hours in the saddle. Felt very strong all day and finally packed proper nutrition for inhaling while turning the cranks. I actually ate twice and consumed 3 liters of water while rolling along this perceptibly tangible long distance. This ride supersedes my awfully mercurial headspace. Not Bad

Sunday the 2nd of August was rough. Woke up way hung over from late night marauding around town on bikes. The Dude talked me into playing dress up and decking out the beach cruisers with holiday lights for a spin. So anyway, woke up early, threw the GT in the back of the truck, drove to Fruita, parked at the take out ramp there, and rode for 1 hr 14min INTO A HEAD WIND OF COURSE. The Dude was pleased we didn't have to shuttle vehicles before putting in. Nice

The float was truly radicle. Beautiful day for it. So many folks floating on rafts, SUP Boards, two canoes which seem to be an obsolete means of river transportation these days, and a number of groups locked up on inner tubes.

Very Inspiring Family Outing 
Here is a cool little moment, the older lady in the red jacket, she was very wobbly on her bike. I casually called out like I always do and spoke like I do with newbies. "Plenty of room." I reassured her. "I am in no hurry here." I then say while they regain control of their bike. We chatted a little and she informs me that its her 80th birthday and her son is leading her on a ride. Phuc Yes

 That lady Dana on top of the leader board is currently riding the Great Divide. That would be the route from Canada to Mexico. They obviously were not allowed into Canada but are having the time of their lives. So she clearly dominates our Strava group. Dana totally rocks in all facets of her life and I am proud to call her my friend for over 6 years now.

As for the numbers before the fire, 236mi /379km in 17 hours and 41 minutes, all before the 7th of August. So in my own world of make believe, back in the olden days, a normal 40 hour work week, I was on the saddle for almost half of that time. Classic

Full Moon Soak - The Powers That Be 
Here is my latest YouTube video from my old dinosaur iPhone footage. This particular video is just over 4 minutes in mesmerizing length. Thanx for watching as I really appreciate your support and feedback.

Be Well & Think Of Others,

Monday, August 3, 2020

July 2020 Is History

These trails twist and turn through almost a medieval fairy tail setting. Totally feeds the soul when hiking around these 10,000ft +/3,084m + locations. A number of times I just stopped to listen to how quite the world can be. My heart grew three times. Smile Inducing

Biking Miles - 476 but only 22 days of riding
Hiking Miles - 21
Activities - 30
PR's - 13
Miles On The Year - 2,456.2 miles ( July 2019 536mi )
Kayak River Miles - 24

One of the highlights while riding the River Trail, Wildlife!! There was this little dove perched on a Cottonwood limb singing away. To my left was this crazy alien looking spacecraft clearing the tree tops by inches without moving a feather. POW!! It was a Bald Eagle in stealth mode and just as it approached the dove, threw forward its razor sharp talons, nothing but little white feathers lingered representing where that dove once sang. Like A Cartoon

Another moment worth mentioning here was completely engulfed by Mother Nature last week. Full on Bluebird Day here in Colorado. I rode out to Highline Lake and the thunderheads climbed into the atmosphere while I rode. While on my return trip, a massive headwind slowed me to a defeating crawl. Before I knew it, massive tailwind propelled me for about 2 race pace miles. Then, the sky opened up. I was soaked in a matter of minutes. Welcome To Colorado, Just Wait 5 Minutes


On the 28th of July, tribute show, hosted Wildlife On The Highway. One of my better shows but not perfect by any means. Still continue seeking that elusive perfect show. Opened the show with Mr Blotto covering America The Beautiful and then it was classic B-Side rock. Here is the link to the show https://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/wildlife-on-the-highway-2-kafm-community-radio

Some of the deep cuts I threw out there were from Super Tramp, Outlaws, Mountain, The Allman Brothers, John Lennon, Join Mitchell, Tom Petty, Peter Gabriel, April Wine, The Doors, David Bowie, Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, and Steely Dan. Loads of piano cover instrumental tunes as background tunes while I spoke on the mic. Again, this was a tribute show for Old Dog that recently passed away so a number of stories were shared surrounding Old Dog's influence on community radio. Good Stuff


My latest adventure down the Mighty Colorado River covered 9 miles / 14.4 km in 3 hours time. Obviously on a high water day and adding some animated effort, could be rushed in about two hours. Will have to admit that the water has never been so damn refreshing. I would submerge my towel in the current with the water plunking against my boat and then draping the cool wet towel across my legs for a decrease in overall body temp. Refreshing

Something way cool happened and was unaware of just how many species or genus of Dragonfly's are out there. One in particular appeared black but translucent with a giant red spot on both wings. Together we floated along while the river pebbles whisked about in the under wash like pieces of glitter. Super Cool

A number of blueish grey Dragonfly's lazily found my boat and a few opted for a little rest on my UV protected long sleeve shirt. I wondered if this was a sign or just a coincidence?? And the birds of prey were plenty to say the least. At one point, wasn't sure what I was witnessing. It was a baby boy buck swimming across the river. Only its rack, eyes, and snout were above the waterline as it effortlessly fought through the swift current. Dig It


August will showcase a number of autonomy highlights. The Delta Aquarius and Alpha Carricornids meteor showers are tops on my radar. The Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn will all dance together in the night sky. The Sturgeon Moon will be full on August the 3rd. A waning gibbous moon will meet up with Mars by August the 8th. With a ready telescope, the 15th of August will offer a rare double transition across Jupiter. Two of its major moons will cross in front of Jupiter and be sweet. Looking forward to this one. On the 28th, basic binoculars, Saturn plays hopscotch with Mr Moon. Good Stuff


There are two aspects of my current life were I am clearly struggling with. One is finding it more and more difficult to have meaningful conversations with folks based of facts and logic. Consistently dodging combative responses and plain and simple delusional reactionary replies. On a number of occasions I have witnessed someone speaking far from being present and spouting off absurd BS comments. Head Shaking

My other issue is that I truly miss bodywork. I miss my practice and I miss the human interactions. I miss this form of giving back. I miss contributing to the community and I miss having something to offer. I really miss the older folks telling stories and reminiscing in general. Our weather has been scorching with over 100F and guess what ......... The virus has yet to magically go away bigly


Here are two photos for Sondra. I went up and over McClure pass last week and Mount Sopris was in clear view with all its glory. The Boy Dog & I climbed this beast many moons ago. Back before blogging was cool and no printed photos unfortunately. Sure wish I had taken the time to print photos of that Boy Dog. Damn U Digital Times

This would be the view from McClure Pass facing North. Sopris is just outside the world famous Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs. Hike up to the top, experience the vast landscape, and back down for a soak before dinner. Totally Feasible


  1. AUG 2019 664 Miles
  2. Work Through The Dark Years
  3. Hydrate 
  4. Rebuild My Resume
  5. Seek The Best Possible Outcome
  6. Be Thankful For The Little Things