Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End Of July???

Wait, what??? What happened to the 1st wave of 2013??

Training has been going Gr8!! Why??? Because my body hasnt broken down, I am injury free, and the Boy Dog has time to go again!!! Tonight we are going to do our loop twice, 2mar is the Infamous  String Dusters, and this weekend the Grand Mesa is calling Shadow Boys name.

Bring on the wildflowers, cold clear streams, and the 2nd half of the year....... Lets Rock

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Had a really good week!! Damn week flew by & where did the 1st half of 2013 go??

Started the early part of the week working the morning hours and yard work in the evenings. Like clock work, the Boy Dog informs me that it is 9pm, and its our time 2 walk. Both Thursday and Friday walks consisted of walk/run as we headed back. The running has been pain-free and my posture has been solid. My hips are also pain-free and the stretching has totally helped my hams. I really wanted 2 time a mile at Stoker Stadium but the rain and timing just didnt happen and thats OK w/me.

Also, reclaiming the OM house felt Gr8!!! Cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing opened up the house. What does that mean?? Getting rid of the smokers smell, dusting off the dog hair, opening the windows and replacing the screens, and oh my god, window cleaning!!! I had on latex gloves and w/a bleached soaked rags, I wiped it all down. The counters, the windows, and doors. Almost every wipe left that brownish haze on the rags. Smokers, what the hell are you thinking??? Quit 2day!!! I pulled the plug and passed on renting the carpet shampooing machine and thankfully I did as its rain everyday sense. Tuesday or Wed I will be steam cleaning the carpets. Oh Joy

Last night..... The Couch Tour!!!
My brother and Jeff came by 4 the String Cheese Incident couch tour of Red Rocks Live. I will say this, as a cheese fan, lame A$$ show. I would have been totally disappointed if I drove al that way and paid all that money. The band was flat as can be. They are a jam band and damn near stopped after every song. The highlight was Jason & Travis drumming the second set from the 2 towers above the amphitheater. Other than that, they were way off the mark. However, BBQ'n from home, having cold IPA's near by, no lines 4 the bathroom, and turning the volume down was awesome!!

This weeks goals:
#1 Add some more miles on the bike
#2 Swim twice this week
#3 Shampoo the carpets
#4 Remove the tile in the master bath
#5 Stretch and walk the Boy Dog nightly
#6 Radio Show This Friday

Monday, July 22, 2013

Will the video upload????

Last nights full moon was awesome. Took the Boy Dog on our walking loop last night. I let him pull me along and we covered some ground. A few times we were walking fast enough that my lower legs were burning and I had to tell him EASY BOY. My hips felt Gr8!! My feet and toes were open and solid!! No pain in my knees afterwards!! Because it was rather late, we didnt have to deal w/stray cats or traffic!!

The Tour's award light show was unreal. Did you watch it????? Amazing 4 Sure. I will catch a replay because the tech was worth it. Paris under a whole new light show.

Monday- Riding the bike 2 work- Walking the Boy Dog
Tuesday- Yard work here and Jeff's w/a Green Waste Run
WED- Swimming and Hospice
Thurs- A mile 4 time
Fri- Road Bike

Looks Good.... Happy Monday

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life Is A OK
Feeling pretty good these days. I am crossing my fingers that I will be adding a few more miles on the road bike training, should be able to swim at least 3 times this week, and I just might hit Stoker Stadium 4 a timed mile. I am wondering if I could do a less than 10min mile. I wonder??

This "new" Mac is unreal. Super fast, solid keys, and the GoPro is showing me true clarity in HD. I have an urge to climb up near tree line and capture a few wild flowers. We have a new trail on the Mesa that starts at 10,000ft that is calling my name.

Now its time 2 check in on the last day of the tour. I am pretty fired up 2 see the night time finish and which sprinter will claim the photo finish victory.

Until then, lets ride......

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My MacBook Pro is back!!! 

Total Score. 500G HD & 4G Ram. Much Faster and I should be able 2 post photos AND videos soon. Training has been going very well. Feeling stronger and walking smarter!! Looking at stretching a weeeeeee bit more in the morning hours. 

The question is: Do I head 4 Denver next Friday???

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Well Fed Dog Is A Happy Dog

Yesterday was my BIG B-Day. And it was awesome!!! Started w/a walk w/the Boy Dog. We started out as the sun was coming up. The temp was a cool 68F but the humidity was 87% here in the desert of Colorado. By the time we finished up, my shorts were soaking wet. My hips are feeling much better these last few walks. Call that " progress of stretching " and my feet have been in much better shape w/the new Gel Asics and the overall up in milage as well.

Then it was time to head to the station for a radio show. AWESOME!! I played some older tracks of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, and more. Plus I added my usual wacky stuff like the old Bud Light commercials, Sheik, and Leave It To Beaver clips. Jeff and Kelly at different times stopped by to say hello. The staff came in and sang Happy Happy and they didnt think I would put them on air while they sang. I Did. Pulled down the music and turned on the mics. Super Fun.

A friend of mine took me to the Nepal restaurant for lunch, Hugh & Kelly gave me 2 tix for the Bruce  Hornsby show, and the All Star Game was in full swing. The downer aspect was that Hugh & Kelly gave Jeff & I THEIR tix. I thought that we were going as a group. The show was really good but I miss   Hugh & Kelly as I enjoy there company. They are amazingly generous folks and I cheerish there friendship.

Then the night finally started. About 11:30pm the lightning flashed from the south but no thunder. Little bit of rain started falling but not much. I stood outside as the wind picked up but the rain started to cool its jets. Just before 1am I was calling it a FULL day. 5:30am-1am on my Birthday, thats a full day. At about 2am the thunder shook the whole house. My room flashed and again CRACK, BANG, BOOM, and then the thunder rumbled away from the strike. I so dig that!!! Shadow Boy was on my bed in seconds flat. The lightning was so bright and the thunder was totally wicked. I am talking simultaneously!!! The rain was pouring and the thunder lasted until 2:45am and then the storm slowly moved NE and away it went. Shadow never left the bed and we slept great.

Ready for this???? The preschool 6 blocks away was struck by lightning!!! The power of mother nature blew out the windows and burned most of the roof off. 6 blocks away!!! I am telling ya, it was an awesome display of discharge. Nobody was hurt, everything will work out, BUT I WAS 1 HAPPY CAMPER. My B-Day and bolts spittin' from the sky.........

Monday, July 15, 2013

Killer Kick A$$ Sunday..... At 1st light, headed out the door w/the Boy Dog

We pounded out the miles before it got 2 warm, before others were mowing their yards, and before others were walking their dogs. Downtown was sleepy and we didnt wait 4 any cars. Awesome. A number of butterflies floated along w/us. The rise of the sun casted bolts of light through the few high cirrus clouds. My hip is building strength and I havent had any problems w/my feet sense wearing my new shoes. Feeling Good

Back in time 2 see the amazing stage 15 from the tour. Talk about inspiration?!?!?!?!? I hope and believe that these guys are racing clean because they are impressive 4 sure. 4+ hrs of riding in the heat and then digging deep and dancing on those pedals 4 another 45min up hill. They all made that climb look easy. When was the last time you rode up a "hill" while talking??? These guys are talking 2 the team car, talking 2 their mates, and talking 2 fellow racers. ALL WHILE HAMMERING ABOVE TREELINE!!!!

So 2day the 15th of July....... I will be breaking out the Midnight Racer.... Yes, thats my road bike

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just Been Missing Her

Sadie Girl was such a lover, a true friend, and ALWAYS HAPPY 2 SEE ME WALK THROUGH THE DOOR. Hard 2 believe that its only been a month.

So I stand corrected, at least for a day, about KAFM's CrackBook update. Maybe the ED heard me during my show. Again, only one day of updates, time will tell.

Saturday went well for me. Caught the tour early and had an awesome session w/a new client. Rode the bike hard and beat the down pour of two thousand thirteen. Downtown was flooded and folks posted crazy photos on CrackBook. Way cool 2 see 4 sure

Second client of the day went so so. They wanted a little more pressure but then they were way stoked w/the neuromuscular rhomboid work. I truly hope this client returns for more bodywork.

Then an easy bike ride 2 the central library, a walk w/the Boy Dog, and asleep before the sun went down....... Happy Saturday!!!!!

2day was an early tour and totally inspired. So I took the Boy on a walk before we start cooking. We logged some miles and I made a few phone calls. Hope 2 catch the Indy Cars in Canada and then head 4 the gym 2 swim. I am thinking SNOW

Friday, July 12, 2013

What a Thursday ( yesterday )

Started w/the Tour!!! Racing, crashes, and castles. Then, worked on a client that went really well.

Now, the odd part of my day begins......

I saw an ad on Craigslist for a delivery driver. It just so happens to be a printing company here in GJ that I found out is a national company. Booooo. Not local. My 1st impression via e-mail was that this guy named Russ is a prick. He asked in his e-mail.... Why do you want to work for me??? 1st thought was.... I dont. However, I wrote him back about my clean record, my history of printing ( 5yrs ), understanding the lingo, years of customer service, and the fact that I havent called in sick in over 10years of employment.  His response was...... " Just come in and ask for Randy." Thats it. No directions, No Info, etc. Ok, I understand that I am a big boy and should just know that my smart phone will tell all. Not really, I still have a dumb phone. I reply w/ what time does Randy take a lunch? Ready for this....... "We dont take lunches."??????????? " Just be here at 3pm and Randy will meet you." At this point, I should have sent an e-mail like,"Fuck You and find a high schooler at 8 bucks an hour." You get what you pay for. Maybe I should have pulled a no show because at 2:50pm I arrive and nobody is around. The guy that sees me says," I am just the IT guy. What do you really want?" This is coming from a guy in a Jeter Jersey. As I was about to walk out, why I didnt, then I asked if Russ was around. Russ pops out about 3:09pm and acted totally put out. He had no idea were the application  forms were and when he handed it to me I so wish that I would have set it back on the table and walked out. But.... I am the better man. Turns out that Randy was the only guy that shook my hand, saw my potential, and told me how much he wants me on board. AWESOME Randy. Randy asked me," Do you want to see the floor?" As we walked the shop, I begin to notice that each and every employee ( 10 or so ) looked like death. Nobody had a smile, the shop had that chemical smell, and NOBODY made eye contact w/me or Randy. After my " TOUR " of the shop, Randy has his big blow it moment. He says," Well being its Friday, we cant bring you on today." ITS FLIPPIN THURSDAY and pay was never discussed, hrs were never brought up, and I was never asked if............

Next, I have a radio show at KAFM at 4pm. Now backing up, I did apply for the Program Directors position at KAFM June 13th and never even received a call or any acknowledgement from staff that I even applied. And at about 4:15pm, here comes the E.D. of the station. As unprofessional as can be, she talks in circles and gave me 3 different conflicting reports. "We are looking at a guy w/tons of experience but we cant pay his moving cost." And she goes on w/the updates around the station and how busy staff is ( a way of justifying dropping the ball on a number of events, programs,etc ) and the whole time I couldnt stop thinking about my cover letter to her. The fact that I stated wow excited I was to set up an interview and here she is talking sh*t while I AM DOING MY RADIO SHOW!!!! How dare you come in and throw others under the bus per say, talk out your ass, and try a tell me how you are the leader of this tribe. Believe me, its so on my mind to walk in her office today and calmly blast her. From the lack of production on produced pieces, lack of quality, the fact that a number of folks openly told me their dislikes of the station after finding out I applied, and the simple fact of WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE WHILE THEY ARE ON AIR!!!!!! It all starts from the top down, right? Hell, look at the KAFM CrackBook Page. Do you see a daily schedule??? What about a sub covering a show today. Any updates?? How long does it take to update your CrackBook status??? 6am we have_____ 9am will be ____ NOON hr will be_____ 1pm is ____ 4pm covering that show is the one and only____ 6:30pm and so on and so on


So at this point I have to step back and ask," Is it me??" It must be

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check It Out, in the Crystal River

What A Way 2 Wake Up
My Mac is BACK!!!! My Mac desided 2 take a little nap which left me computerLESS 4 about 5 long days. On the up side, my fantasy baseball team picked up 9pts w/o me. CLASSIC!!!

Marble Colorado was unreal. Was it green? Totally. Were there wildflowers? You Bet. Did it rain in the afternoon? Everyday. Did the Boy Dog and I sneeeeeeeek up 2 any wildlife? Yes we did unknowingly. 

My B-Day gift 2 myself was cashing in on my dividends from REI and a gift card 2 buy a GoPro 3 Silver!!!! I walked out of REI w/the whole shaaaaaa-BANG for 279 and some change. Many thanx 2 youtube 4 reviews and out of the box updates. As soon as I learn how 2 upload some videos, I WILL. The time lapse rocks!!! The still photos in HD rocks!! A highlight, filming underwater as the Boy Dog walked by the cam. So cool 2 see how his paws "hold" river rock as he walked along. Another awesome shot came from the time lapse of a thunderhead building over Red Stone Colorado which took about 3hrs of filming. SUPER COOL FEATURE that I will continue 2 use. The two photos from above were from the GoPro.

My training has been going really well and injury free. I have swam twice this week, road bike, and loads of miles w/Shadow Boy. Him and I had a very relaxing run around Beaver Lake just east of Marble. I concentrated on my posture and foot striking. I felt relaxed and I had 2 remind myself 2 take it easy as I really wanted 2 take a second lap. Plenty of water and stretching b4 jumping back in the car. We had a solid hike from 7900ft to 9100ft and back. I never left Shadow of his leash because of the wildlife near by. #1 I didnt want 2 upset the deer, elk, ducks,etc #2 Would he come back if he took off,maybe. When it was dinner time. #3 Shadow pulled me up the trail!! He worked his tail off pulling me along and we cover more working together then him running a 3/1. Every mile for me is 3 for him. 

This weekend I hope 2 make it up 2 Crested Butte 4 more high altitude hiking!!! AND GoPro-ing

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gr8 Week

What a week and Happy 4th.....

Pounded the pedals this week and super stoked about it. The Boy Dog and I covered a lot of miles. Went down the Colorado River w/my bro, friends, family, and a MoM and her kids that I hadnt seen in about 10 years.

It felt awesome to pull and work the shoulders and feel the lats. I did blow it and space the camera. I have no idea if anyone even took a photo or not. I dont think so

Shadow and I are leaving in the AM Sunday for Marble Colorado...... Cant wait to be under a blanket of stars

See ya early next week w/updates and photos

Monday, July 1, 2013


Feeling Strong... Riding Faster.... Swimming Longer..... And Dodging The Heat.... I Am looking at weighing in this week

The Boy Dog after a long walk w/intervals of Speed & Me Holding Him Back & Then Speed

Sleepy Boy Is A Happy Boy

This weeks training started today w/an hour on the bike. River trail, OM, Crossing the NOT so mighty Colorado River, and back. On the way back was a head wind OF COARSE. The Heat Picked Up. Again, Of Coarse. THEN, I saw an old Central Truck and my attitude totally changed & away I went. Felt Strong, Felt Alive, And I am NOT THAT GUY. Awesome

I swim Tuesday and Wed this week, Walk everyday w/the Boy Dog, and Biking Wed and Friday. Saturday will be a rest day and then Marble Colorado HER I COME SUNDAY!!!!!