Monday, July 15, 2013

Killer Kick A$$ Sunday..... At 1st light, headed out the door w/the Boy Dog

We pounded out the miles before it got 2 warm, before others were mowing their yards, and before others were walking their dogs. Downtown was sleepy and we didnt wait 4 any cars. Awesome. A number of butterflies floated along w/us. The rise of the sun casted bolts of light through the few high cirrus clouds. My hip is building strength and I havent had any problems w/my feet sense wearing my new shoes. Feeling Good

Back in time 2 see the amazing stage 15 from the tour. Talk about inspiration?!?!?!?!? I hope and believe that these guys are racing clean because they are impressive 4 sure. 4+ hrs of riding in the heat and then digging deep and dancing on those pedals 4 another 45min up hill. They all made that climb look easy. When was the last time you rode up a "hill" while talking??? These guys are talking 2 the team car, talking 2 their mates, and talking 2 fellow racers. ALL WHILE HAMMERING ABOVE TREELINE!!!!

So 2day the 15th of July....... I will be breaking out the Midnight Racer.... Yes, thats my road bike

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