Sunday, July 28, 2013

Had a really good week!! Damn week flew by & where did the 1st half of 2013 go??

Started the early part of the week working the morning hours and yard work in the evenings. Like clock work, the Boy Dog informs me that it is 9pm, and its our time 2 walk. Both Thursday and Friday walks consisted of walk/run as we headed back. The running has been pain-free and my posture has been solid. My hips are also pain-free and the stretching has totally helped my hams. I really wanted 2 time a mile at Stoker Stadium but the rain and timing just didnt happen and thats OK w/me.

Also, reclaiming the OM house felt Gr8!!! Cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing opened up the house. What does that mean?? Getting rid of the smokers smell, dusting off the dog hair, opening the windows and replacing the screens, and oh my god, window cleaning!!! I had on latex gloves and w/a bleached soaked rags, I wiped it all down. The counters, the windows, and doors. Almost every wipe left that brownish haze on the rags. Smokers, what the hell are you thinking??? Quit 2day!!! I pulled the plug and passed on renting the carpet shampooing machine and thankfully I did as its rain everyday sense. Tuesday or Wed I will be steam cleaning the carpets. Oh Joy

Last night..... The Couch Tour!!!
My brother and Jeff came by 4 the String Cheese Incident couch tour of Red Rocks Live. I will say this, as a cheese fan, lame A$$ show. I would have been totally disappointed if I drove al that way and paid all that money. The band was flat as can be. They are a jam band and damn near stopped after every song. The highlight was Jason & Travis drumming the second set from the 2 towers above the amphitheater. Other than that, they were way off the mark. However, BBQ'n from home, having cold IPA's near by, no lines 4 the bathroom, and turning the volume down was awesome!!

This weeks goals:
#1 Add some more miles on the bike
#2 Swim twice this week
#3 Shampoo the carpets
#4 Remove the tile in the master bath
#5 Stretch and walk the Boy Dog nightly
#6 Radio Show This Friday

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