Monday, September 18, 2023

September 2023

We Were Young And Strong     We Were Runnin' Against The Wind   The Years Rolled Slowly Past    And I Found Myself Alone    Surrounded By Strangers    I Thought Were My Friends    I Found Myself Further And Further From My Home     And I Guess I Lost My Way     There Were So Many Roads    I Was Living To Run And Running To Live    Against The Wind 

Bob Seger 

1980 Against The Wind 


Still rolling them round wheels daily. Some days with a little more enthusiasm than others. Mostly, stopping to smell the flowers while observing those little honey bees in action cross pollenating some beauty.  

Still have YET to drive to the office and I am rather proud of this feat. I wonder how many miles I have spared Mother Earth? How many oil changes have I missed out on? How many pounds of carbon I have I kept out of the skyline? How many car accidence I have avoided??? 

Looking forward to Halloween there my friends. September is almost POOF and ghouls will be hanging around in the shadows very soon like. 


This photo below of our tribe was from a few weeks back when the theme was Colorado MESA University. Yes, the theme was the college. Lame theme but I understand as I call home to the Colorado Mesa University. So I cut up one of my old masters swim team shirt, fabricated a cape, threw on some bunny ears, and rode into the night as Captain Mav. CMU's mascot is the Maverick. 


This section below is in honor of Brother T.


Last Saturday Night was incredible. Three musicians from three separate bands hosted a Nashville Tennessee round table for the evening. Was A First For Me 

They went on to explain skills behind song writing, chords they choose and why, & what's the inspiration behind original tunes of theirs. Definitely a fascinating evening and the Palisade attendees were highly entertained.

I am throughly amazed with folks who are able to explain their craft so eloquently and comprehendible. The socializing arferwaras was a hoot. Met some new folks and caught up with some old faces. 9 out of 10 stars on the night. You all know what the one lonely missing star is. 


The highlight to my whole week, if not month, was Clown Night Bike Night. Now, I went full on veteran move. Prepared a filling protein crockpot meal earlier in the day. Added fresh locally grown greens and veggies about two hours before actual "dinner" for all. On the side, boiled up some mash potatoes for the topping. I called it Shepherd Clowning Pie and then wrote up these silly jokes to hand out during the ride. 

I sent out a group text the night before with an agenda for attending Clown CooLLege. The main meal , side dishes to bring , prepare for make up tutorials , bring a chair , and blinking lights would be properly strung. During the ride with 162 riders, I handed random folks these quotes and jokes from the above photo. Then, I asked them to read them aloud. Talk about FREE laughter. 

The Dude, The Blue Z, Cuz K , Twinkles , Red Nose , & Me in my sad clown pose. As you would imagine, we happily posed for so many group photos throughout the evening. Once again, we stayed in character for the entire evening. Just Clowning Around All Night 

The group rode an actual bike ride and the Old Garmin 500 tracked 12.9 miles / 20.76 km for the night. We are loosing daylight rather quickly and that works in my favor as you all know that I just love lights. And of course my bike had all the balloons and our refreshment container. Clown College Baby 

A section of town is receiving a face lift and our tribe was feeling the burn from our "uphill" ride. So I asked them to join me in another photo. It was a resting breather but we played it cool for those non riders. We ended back on Main Street and the place was a ghost town. We joked about how it feels like a Tuesday here on Main Street. I was then talked into storming Quincy's and I haven't been in that place in years. Like even before C19. I was third of fourth through the door and I observed the bartenders pointing and lip reading about watch out for these guys. And I get it because so many yahoo's try to skip on Bills or other teenage horse Sh*t games. 

So we snaked our way back to the dance floor, Not A Single Person Was On The Dance Floor!! A live DJ playing techno house beats and nobody dancing. The Dude, The Z, & Myself never left the dance floor. When we called it a night, The Dance Floor Was PACKED. AND AGAIN, we were in so many videos and photos. The texting videos rolled in the next day and the word legendary was frequently used. 

As we were leaving , I stopped by the same bartender and said," What do you thin about that dance floor now?" He shook his head and mention something like unreal or whatever and I replied with," And they are all going to be thirsty."                     Fall Is In The Air 

And I leave you this thought , so glad I am not that guy hanging out!!! Hellz No   

 These last few photos were from a birthday gig the other weekend. A beautiful spread of food, barrels of spirits, and kids were running a muck the only way they know how. The evening was way relaxed , casual, and a number of talented musicians passed on through. Righteous 


  1. Miles & Miles Of Joy
  2. Hydration
  3. Educational Courses Next Week
  4. Empowering Others
  5. Laughing 

Stay Classy,