Monday, July 10, 2023

Happy Birthday Tim

I Used To Think Maybe You Loved Me Now Baby I'm Sure        And I Just Can't Wait Till The Day When You Knock On My Door      Now Every time I Go For The Mailbox        Gotta Hold Myself Down       Cause I Just Cant Wait Till You Write Me You're Coming Around      I'm Walking On Sunshine , Wooah    I'm Walking On Sunshine , Woooah    And Don't It Feel Good 

Katrina & The Waves 

Walking on Sunshine 1983 


Going to allow these photos to speak for themselves throughout this post and wish a very magical birthday to my brother Timbo 

Above is The Dude's old neighbor boy from around 2000 - 2002. We couldn't believe we randomly crossed paths at the put in. Below is a photo of me taking a photo of Robert taking a picture. Classic 

                                          Love Rocks Baby 


Well, not car camping the whole trip 

Fortuitous accommodations and you wanna talk about crashing out like a big dog. Oh Baby 


The month of July has been a full spectrum of all of it and it is ONLY the 10th of July. But Friday Night Bike Night saves the soul once again. $9.99 Helps 

On Thursday Evening, it was posted that the theme would be Neon for Friday Night's Bike Night. I was originally going to pass and just ride to ride. But the bug caught me as I was fixing bikes , adding accessories to their bikes , and then I unearthed my pink wig from one of the costume tote bins. So bright pink swim trunks, my lime green shirt, and that pink wig found its way onto my body. Let's Ride 


  1. Dance 
  2. Hydrate
  3. Travel Safely 
  4. Consume Happy Pills
  5. Play Nice 

So I leave you with our latest jam during Open Mic Night. Nate and I played an original sandwich with jam in the middle. I was awfully terrible during a number of occasions but Nate's voice carried my sorry A$$. However, it was super inspiring hearing a patio full of friends cheering us on and catching their dogs barking at the exact proper time frame. I totally appreciate sympathy , empathy , and I desire admirations. In fact, I crave it for sure. It is after all a small portion of why I still upload today. We all agree, blogging just isn't what it used to be a few decades ago.

Seriously, thank you so much for watching these videos of mine , thank you for all the positive feedback , and thank you for being you