Monday, January 27, 2014

Missing The Mt Bike

Amber & Mr Jim


Me at the end of the Iron Horse Classic

Mr Jim

Bike Parade In Paonia Colorado & Mr Jim

Judd & Amber

A Bike "Race" in Crested Butte

My Yeti

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sure, I'll Go

Phone call comes in asking if I wanted to head downtown and see Stray Grass. Sure, I'll Go!!! Checked the weather before I headed towards the garage and its a clear 14F at 9pm. 
I grabbed my scarf for my face, changed my jackets, and gave the dogs a treat. A little thicker jacket was needed from my short time in the garage. Shadow Boy was happy to assist me w/pumping up the rear tire of my throw around bike. He is such a funny Boy Dog. He had his head down low because he knew I was riding and not walking but still gave me that look w/those killer brown eyes. I Love That Boy Dog!!!
 Yes, THAT LOOK!! So here comes The Blue Z. He was going out for movie night but stopped on by for a minute or two. He gave me that look like," Your really riding to Naggy's??" Told him that my brother wanted to go and getting him socialized was A OK w/me.

Our bike ride was a blast. I was so happy to be outside!! I talked like a little school girl!! I went on and on about who the phuc knows what. I was in my BoB Ross World were there were happy little trees and friendly friends right here. Rang my bike bell a few times. Downtown is still lit up from Christmas and totally beautiful. All the LED lights in the trees. Frozen A$$ snow in the shadows of the store fronts on Main St. I rang my bike bell a few more times. We pulled up to Naggy McGees and the place was packed full from the outside looking in. As my brother handed me his bike he says," Holy Sh*t, THAT TOOK FOREVER!! I didn't think we would ever make it." Maybe it was the cold, maybe he hasn't been on a bike sense the Farmers Market, or maybe I was riding way too fast and talking out my A$$. Still, cracked me up. I didn't mean to haul A$$ and I didn't feel like I was cruising along because I was talking the whole time. Then it dawned on me, I was so not present. My model of the world was Blahhhh Blahhhh Blahing away and The Dude was freezing his buns off the seat. OOOOOOps.

We were asked about ID at the door BUT NO COVER?!?!? I didn't ask, I just walked on in. I couldn't believe how many people I knew. The first gal I hugged said,"Your face is so cold. You rode here didn't you?? Are you really that crazy??" A number of folks were totally stoked that I brought my brother. Jamie, an old co-worker, gave The Dude a big old hug and they talked for awhile. Its Gr8 to see The Dude out and about and doing his thing. We camped out on the north end of the bar and chatted away w/a number of people while we watched Mr Wise school the competition in Aspen at the X-Games. Side Note Here: We grew up in a little unknown town and a few doors down from us were the Wise family. All boys and I think there were 6 brothers. Bob Wise was the principle of the school and the football, ski, and track coach. One of the boys had David Wise and he is the 3 time goal medal winner at the X-Games and is seated number 1 for the Olympics in about 12 days. He doesn't know we even exist but we know all of his uncles quite well. Ok, I got side tracked w/details of who's who.
Stray Grass

The band Stray Grass was really good!! They started off by playing about 4 or 5 Dead Covers. Nice and slow w/o a bango. A sing along opening set followed up w/some of their own material and then a set break. Kelly and Hugh walked up and filled us in on their get-a-way during the holiday season. They went south to Toas NM and sat in hot springs, ate well, and witnessed Indian New Years Ceremonies. They really seemed to have a blast and what impresses me the most is that they still really love each other!! The love you can feel, not just see. Speaking of seeing love. This gal in a red dress consumes a little too much to stay warm and climbs over the bar to hug the bartender and totally flashes the whole crowd. I mean everyone is looking at cheeks and a little blue patch of thong that covered her goodies. The whole bar area started clapping and cheering. What a small lonely town here in GJ,CO. Stray Grass started a Pink Floyd set which always makes me happy and then went back into their own stuff. Gr8 Job you three!!!

We stayed until midnight and thats when The Dude was ready to cash in. We gave out hugs and headed on out. It didn't feel as cold and I unlocked the bikes. We took off down Main and rode casually  under a moonless night. Well, almost moonless, hhhheeeeee hhhheeeeEEEEE. Constellations were glowing down on us, I reminisced the whole time about some of the people we just saw, and we arrived safely back home. What a night. I almost missed it. What a fun night. And we didn't drop a dime!!!

Life is so much fun, it can be so unexpected, and faces in the crowd are so beautiful. Live Life Kids

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Totally Awesome

Check me out from the Crested Butte days. I posted this photo because it dawned on me that this bike is 20 years old!! I bought this GT Ricochet in 1995 as a discount because it was the 94 model. The story is…….. YESTERDAY was AWESOME!!

I have a killer BoB Trailer that I hooked up 2 the old GT and loaded it up w/all my recycling. I took off at 1pm while we sat at 36F and the day felt more like 70F. Thankfully I only wore a very light flannel and my thin homemade cap to keep the air off my ears. The recycling center is a simple few miles away so I took the long route because I felt great riding. The streets were quite empty and I went w/a high cadence. I had the weight in the back which makes it feel like your always riding uphill. I always give myself enough room for a quick turn, a slow stop, or a lean out towards traffic to keep the passing cars honest about the 3 feet they should allow us cyclist. Ya RIGHT. My ride south went well and event free. Dropped off all the recycling and headed for the river. 

Shadow Boy after our loop. Check out the tongue action. He pulled me and I ran thoughts threw my head. Ya Know, the ideas that save the world. My legs feel so good. Its just the lungs I have yet to find. The nights are incredible to walk and check out the constellations above. We are have clear and cold nights. No moon at 11pm so the blanket of stars rolled on around me and the Boy Dog. Here is something to chew on……. Walking w/your arms swinging for 15min once a day can improve the muscle we call the heart. ONLY 15min!!! Get out and walk. And drinking 20oz of water everyday will burn 25 pounds over the coarse of a year. So Get Out And Drink Water While Walking w/your friend, partner, pet, OR BY YOURSELF!!! Get Out And GO……..

Do You Know This Guy??? You Should!!! Tony Furtado is more than just a bango player. The Blue Z and I headed down to our local community radio station. The building was a little room ( perfect 4 acoustic style bands ) and Tony's 3 piece band played the room well. VERY WELL!!! Its the kind of room where you want the artist to talk between songs. When I am at big shows, I don't want the singer to wing a " How is everyone her in ****** town?" I say," Just Play!" But the Radio Room offers an intimate surrounding and an up close and personal atmosphere. Tony told short little stories about the band and a few of his songs and song writings tales. One story was how he never listened to the Grateful Dead but played a private gig for a Jerry B-Day Bash and needed to learn a few songs. So he played Peggy Sue and it was unreal. What a voice. Another story was about losing a friend, a writer, and later, his father so he played Fallen Angles. Very few dry eyes during that little gem. The room was packed, faces I haven't seen in over a decade, and Tony was a professional for sure. A Lot Of Notes In 2+ Hours

I may not post in a few days but wanted to throw out a bone here. I am hosting a radio show Thursday Night at 6:30 Mt Time Zone. Hope You Can Stream. www dot kafmradio dot org

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Tuesday Folks

My New Tat

Not Really. I am still tattoo free but I totally dig art work like this. The half moon shadows are awesome and the white highlights are perfect. I personally would have removed the front brake cable but I don't know the whole story here. I do like how the rear wheel sized up well on the love handle. I don't know if a better body part would bring this bike to life. Not on the shoulder, not on a quad, not on the calf, maybe on the upper chest of a male. Like Me???? Hell No!!

2day here in Colorado is amazing!! Not a cloud in the sky. A nice cool breeze and a high of mid 40's. Yesterday was incredible riding weather. The air was still and clear. No inversion layer and I found my legs, FINALLY. As you know, I have been looking 4 flat tires because I am so out of shape. I called on my legs as a light turn yellow and they responded and I felt strong. My cardiovascular system is another story all together. I shall stay positive 4 now. My ROM in my ankles were loose, my quads were active, and I loved the feel of Mr Sun on my body. I am still wrapped up because it was only 22F when I started but I warmed up quickly. I even rode w/my pits unzipped ( Thanx 2 U Jen Taylor ) and my Mountain Sprouts jacket breathed well.

Amy Dombroski
This is my shot of Amy during the Grand Junction Off Road 40 last Labor Day. We totally hit it off and she has been a major influence in my training. Maybe some day I will share more about how we crossed paths that weekend. I miss her. If you don't know, Amy was hit by a car on a training ride a few months back in Belgian. I called on Amy yesterday because I thought about turning around and heading home. Yes, I wanted 2 quit 4 the day. I found a smile on my face, that sound of ice bouncing off each other on the Colorado River, and a Red Tail Hawk looking down on my soon 2 be dead A$$. Away I rode……. In My Happy Place

Friday, January 17, 2014

Shadow Boy Says," Ah, Yes!!"

Thats ah yes I am trying 2 sleep here……..

Shadow ran wild at the rental property. New cats, 2 new dogs, & the old 3 neighbor dog 2 bark at. He was so stoked. The master bathroom is coming along & I feel as if I made a turn 4 the better. The new studs are in place, the old insulation is out, the old tile has been grinded down, & the new pocket shelf is built. This weekend will be motor & grout. On one of my many trips 2 the garage I saw Shadow Boy relaxing on the deck in the sun. His eyes were squinting open & his nose was wet w/new smells. He looked like a pup again.

Saturday evening will be a lose & relax trail run in the high desert w/the Boy Dog. Sunday early will be a trip up on the Mesa 2 snowshoe, the Donkies Game, & then the 9ers game. Its going 2 be a wonderful weekend!!!

Happy Friday Folks

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bikes. They Are Everywhere People!!

So yesterday I wrote a quick note about how I was feeling about riding the bike. Or lack of riding and feeling good about it. Well, that festered inside me 4 awhile and away I went. Thats right, jumped on the commuter bike and rode around town. I completed almost all of my errands around town and even had that moment of feeling I over dressed. The day felt warm and it was only 31F. I began 2 notice how many drivers were dressed or bundled up tight in their cars. It was weird because everyone was wrapped up like cocoons and missing the fact that it was beautiful day out. And how many drivers had that DEAD look in their eyes as if they just weren't alive behind the wheel. Then it dawned on me that nobody was on the phone. Its strange 2 me because all of my observations happen so quickly because I am scanning around w/my eyes at sculptures around town and birds overhead. I don't recall taking in many of the drivers while I was riding along. I even remember checking out some of the grass thats more green than brown. Then a flash back 2 drivers flying on down 5th street racing 2 that next red light. Hands at 10 & 2 and that empty stare into what????? During my ride I was just wondering the roads and taking in the bluebird Colorado day and was down 2 my last stop. The Bank. I has leaving the Post Office and heading 4 the Bank. I am riding east bound on Rood Ave and was about a block from the bank when it happened. Again, I am riding east on Rood and approaching 7th street. I am coming up on the zone were drivers make that decision about picking a lane 2 drive 4ward, make a left from that same lane, or pull over 2 the right lane and turn right. Here comes an audi so close 2 me that their side mirror brushed wind over my handle bar. It woke me up because it was the only car that passed me on Rood Ave. About the time I wanted 2 yell something at this woman, she turned on me 2 make the right onto 7th. Her rear bumper caught me front wheel and out goes my left leg because I was going down. Some how I didn't blow out my knee catching myself and I didn't hit the pavement. This lady never stopped at the intersection and rolled on her merry way. Total Hit & Run!! I had the post accident jitters 4 sure and as I gathered myself a guy pulls up next 2 me and claims he saw the whole thing. He quickly made sure I was ok and said he was going 2 track her down. I told him don't bother because she will sue me 4 scuffing up her bumper. He mumbled something and drove off after her on south 7th.

"Sure, I Could Eat!" He Says

The rest of my ride totally sucked as I was all phuc-d in the head. What if games rolled around in my mind. What if I broke a wrist?? What if she clipped my knee and my head was the 1st 2 bounce off the pavement??? What if her side mirror hit my hand and I went under the rear wheel?? Sure, I would heal and just deal w/it but what if I had died right there and my last posting was how I was enjoying the break from riding??? Who would take care of Shadow Boy?? I understand that there is a fallout 2 death but the one that really upset me is Shadow Boy would never understanding why his human never came home!?!?! My friends would be sad but would have some kind of closure, my family would move on and say things about how he died doing what he loved, but Shadow would never be the same dog. That is so hard 2 shallow.

I never made it up 2 the rental, never made it 2 the bank, I just rode home and gave Shadow Boy the most love I could. And he knew something was up. He says he thought we were going 2 the Vet. Yesterday was my 1st nap of the year. Me and the Boy Dog butt 2 butt and away we drifted off as one.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sounds Gr8!!

The Birthday Boy!!

                                                    HAPPY HAPPY BIG WATER

Photos From When Big Water Played On Air @ KAFM

Thanx Uncle Karl & Janet

Shadow Boy Says," He Feels Gr8!!" OK, no more Gr8 during the making of this post. Shadow Boy has been pulling me along and my hips finally opened up and relaxed. My strides are picking up and my posture feels tall and strong. Now, keep in mind, the first few blocks I am stiff and my ROM isn't 4 sh*t. I do feel more limber and the stretching is becoming a little more like natural. The form roller has helped my IT Band tremendously. 

2day I make my way over 2 that damn Home Depot and purchase the few items that True Value didn't carry. My rental property had a little leak ( Some Tenants Are So Phuc-N Wonderful ) which caused a lack of wall behind the shower. The renter ( B4 She Moved Out ) left me a perfect imprint of her fat A$$ in the wall tile. Yes, her ass pushed in the tile while she was washing her feet, maybe??? And then was happy not 2 say anything and continue 2 use that shower because the hallway shower is 2 far 2 walk 2. Oh, Lucky Me. The good news: I am building a happy little shelf in its place. More good news: I only busted 2 tile while removing the back wall of the shower. Better News: NO MOLD!!! I plugged the shower drain and went ape sh*t looking 4 mold and water damage. Everything looks good and clean. Score!!!!

After I work another day on the rental, Shadow Boy & I will head out 4 a multiple loop trip. I told him last night that we would do another lap Wed nite. I will allow more time and not claim so many excuses on why we could only do a single lap last night. I have also enjoyed not riding the bike over the last few days. I don't really care 2 drive but the lumber and tools make it easy 4 me 2 jump on in the truck and be as lazy as I can be. 

Snow Shoeing Saturday. Anyone Wanna Go????? I will be on County Line if u have the time.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The old legs felt better 2day. Worked the hell out of them on Saturday and a nice easy walk during halftime of the 9ers game. Rode the commuter bike 2day and felt strong. I should clarify w/stronger. They didn't carry that dead feeling when I started out.

Off 2 see Wolf On Wall Street w/Erin & Alli. I haven't seen a movie on the big screen in quite some time ago. Oh, the 1st Hobbit in 3D, when ever that was.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Old Legs & Happy 1-11

After a week off from riding, walking, swimming, or anything that brings a heart beat up, I finally found my commuter bike. Friday started out w/a nice crisp 11F. Mr Sun came up from behind the gr8 Grand Mesa and danced around the spotted sky of pink, purple, red, & blue clouds of a 30% chance of snow. I was bundled up like a child & I hoped that I could hold back a coffee pee now that I am multi layered up. As I started riding on down the road I wanted 2 believe that there was fierce head wind but no. I looked down at my front wheel because it must be low on air but no. I even stopped on 12th street 2 wait 4 cars( in the past I could have just pedaled on through ) I took a 2nd look at BOTH tires because I must have a flat. But No.

Then reality hit & just slapped the SH*T out of me. My quads are powerless!!! My core is old!!! I am slow!!! In just 1 weeks time I have lost my drive. Hell, I should take up smoking.

Riding south 2wards the river is when it hit me. I do enjoy riding. I have always loved that childhood feeling of freedom I get from my bike. 2 wheels & away I go. No $$$$ 4 Gas. No Insurance Needed. Just a simple ride. And thats were I am 2day. Starting simple again. Yes, I can remember long days in the saddle but that only reminds me of where I was & goals I have reached. 2day I just ride because I can. I am riding because I enjoy this. Before I knew it, I had been riding along the Mighty Colorado River 4 miles & miles. Just as I became aware of my surroundings a Bald Eagle took flight right before my very eyes. THIS IS WAY I RIDE!!!! The unexpected & unknowns!!!

So Yes, I did let myself go a little this winter. Yes, all of my times have fallen off. The good news is, I CAN start off slow. I dont need 2 time myself this month of January. I can simply ride my bike. Shadow Boy doesnt complain if I am slow. He only reminds me that we are in motion & everyday is the best day ever.

Him & I are headed 4 the desert 2day. Its only 17F right now so we can dodge the mud & chase the rabbits. Its our time 2 shake out the cob webs & enjoy each others company. Its my distraction as my Saints play their redemption game at 2:30pm. Just the Boy Dog & Me. No Time. No Training. No Repeat Hills. Ah Yes, Just Shadow Boy, Me & The High Desert Of Colorado. Best Day Ever!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

I'll Be Happy When....

Ever heard yourself utter those words? I’ll be happy when I buy a house. I’ll be happy when I lose 5 pounds. I’ll be happy when I’m done with school. I’ll be happy when I’ve [insert goal]. We’ve been taught to set goals and strive to achieve them. It’s great to set goals and expect more out of ourselves; it’s a great way to realize our full potential and flourish. However, it’s easy to get to caught up with striving for the future and forgetting about enjoying the present.

Lets think about that. What does this mean to you???

I have 3 races this year:
1) Hits Triathlon Half Ironman May 17th
2) Grand Mesa Ultra Marathon July 26th
3) Epic Rides: Grand Junction Off-Road 40 Mile Grind Labor Day Weekend.

Shadow Boy & I are happy everyday when we wake up 2gether!!! He is my happiness!!!!