Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sounds Gr8!!

The Birthday Boy!!

                                                    HAPPY HAPPY BIG WATER

Photos From When Big Water Played On Air @ KAFM

Thanx Uncle Karl & Janet

Shadow Boy Says," He Feels Gr8!!" OK, no more Gr8 during the making of this post. Shadow Boy has been pulling me along and my hips finally opened up and relaxed. My strides are picking up and my posture feels tall and strong. Now, keep in mind, the first few blocks I am stiff and my ROM isn't 4 sh*t. I do feel more limber and the stretching is becoming a little more like natural. The form roller has helped my IT Band tremendously. 

2day I make my way over 2 that damn Home Depot and purchase the few items that True Value didn't carry. My rental property had a little leak ( Some Tenants Are So Phuc-N Wonderful ) which caused a lack of wall behind the shower. The renter ( B4 She Moved Out ) left me a perfect imprint of her fat A$$ in the wall tile. Yes, her ass pushed in the tile while she was washing her feet, maybe??? And then was happy not 2 say anything and continue 2 use that shower because the hallway shower is 2 far 2 walk 2. Oh, Lucky Me. The good news: I am building a happy little shelf in its place. More good news: I only busted 2 tile while removing the back wall of the shower. Better News: NO MOLD!!! I plugged the shower drain and went ape sh*t looking 4 mold and water damage. Everything looks good and clean. Score!!!!

After I work another day on the rental, Shadow Boy & I will head out 4 a multiple loop trip. I told him last night that we would do another lap Wed nite. I will allow more time and not claim so many excuses on why we could only do a single lap last night. I have also enjoyed not riding the bike over the last few days. I don't really care 2 drive but the lumber and tools make it easy 4 me 2 jump on in the truck and be as lazy as I can be. 

Snow Shoeing Saturday. Anyone Wanna Go????? I will be on County Line if u have the time.

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