Friday, January 17, 2014

Shadow Boy Says," Ah, Yes!!"

Thats ah yes I am trying 2 sleep here……..

Shadow ran wild at the rental property. New cats, 2 new dogs, & the old 3 neighbor dog 2 bark at. He was so stoked. The master bathroom is coming along & I feel as if I made a turn 4 the better. The new studs are in place, the old insulation is out, the old tile has been grinded down, & the new pocket shelf is built. This weekend will be motor & grout. On one of my many trips 2 the garage I saw Shadow Boy relaxing on the deck in the sun. His eyes were squinting open & his nose was wet w/new smells. He looked like a pup again.

Saturday evening will be a lose & relax trail run in the high desert w/the Boy Dog. Sunday early will be a trip up on the Mesa 2 snowshoe, the Donkies Game, & then the 9ers game. Its going 2 be a wonderful weekend!!!

Happy Friday Folks

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