Thursday, October 31, 2013


Get your freeeeeeeeeeek on....... What will Shadow Boy be this year??????

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Tough day 2 ride the bike. Gusts of wind hit 48mph!!! I set up the time lapse before I left and again during sundown. Shadow & I took a break from our nightly walk because my brother showed up 2 watch Game 5. We will take company anytime!!!

Stretching more, drinking a lot more h2o, and passed on ice cream. Life is good and hope 2 get a swim in 2day.

I would also like 2 clean out the hard drive so I might be posting a sh*t ton of photos soon

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few Weeks Of Vaca

After leaving T-Ride w/Rob, Den, & The Dude, I made a left and headed up the 141 through Unaweep Canyon. The colors are always kick a$$ and this trip was no different. Autumn is simply amazing and the display of colors w/the backdrop of Red Flagstone, Green Cacti, & Green Cooper blanketing the hillsides, AWESOME! I drove this road for years and very familiar w/cool little pulls offs.
Along the 141
 This is one of the many stops along the way.
Black Canyon
 We spend the weekend of the 20's in Paonia. We saw many more colors, awesome friends, & a quick trip to the Black Canyon North Rim area. WoW!!! A few views "rocked" my world. You can stand right on the cliff where the Gunnison River flows some 1,00ft+ below. I have some video but this blog site wont upload most of my GoPro videos. We stopped at most of the pull offs, we stood at most of the viewing areas, and thanx to the Flying Fork, we ate beautiful bagels and cream cheese. Super relaxing and I felt like I was visiting another planet 4 sure.
Self Portrait 
So the Tuesday morning when the twins left 4 Vietnam, my poor old body just shut down. Its not that I ate bad, its that I ate out of the normal. Like wheels of brie, salami, and way too much beer!!! 2 weeks of sleepless nights, hotel beds, hot springs, & booze caught up w/me in a big way. Last Tuesday I didnt move much but felt so rotten that I couldnt even nap. But it was a damn good 2 weeks!!! Holy Smokes did we have fun!!! And saw so much!!! Thank You Colorado!!!!

Updates on back 2 training soon........

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Here comes a weekend of trail running

Sort of took a smack in the face 2day. Just found out that former Oilers coach Bum Phillips passed at 90 yrs of age. Those who know me from my childhood remember that during our street tag football days, I was always Earl Campbell as a RB, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson WR, & Dan Fouts as QB. I was so into the Oilers as a kid, then the Chargers until the TRADE, & now a life long fan of the Saints. RIP Coach.

This week blew on by........ Trail running w/the Boy Dog, night hikes under a full moon, & a trip 2 the desert..... The only event I missed was the pool...... Oh Well....... More swimming 2 come during the winter.

And 4 those of you that have never seen a colorado during the autumn flow, GET YOUR A$$ OUT HERE!!! Its simply unreal!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photos Only.... Video Wasnt Have Any

 Here is saturday morning at about 7:15am....... Dennis, Rob, The Dude, & Myself arrived in Ouray Friday just before 9pm. Our room 4 the night was the Box Canyon & we had a good hour of soaking ahead of us. I clicked on the St, Looieeee game 4 sure while we suited up & had tasty shots of Dickle Tenn Whiskey. REALLY SMOOTH. Off 2 the pools. These pools are quite cool in deed. 4 pools at 4 temps. The top pools had folks already claiming their ground which totally works 4 me as they are the warmest. On the lower landing, 2 gals where getting out & offered that pool up 2 the 4 of us. Totally scored because over the next hour there where couples coming & going & no space. I just happened 2 be seat facing south & pointed out a meteor streaking across the sky. A way clear & cold Colorado sky. The kind you think about from your childhood while laying on the grass w/your favorite cousin. Rob & I saw that sucker skip across the sky from the east!!! I love it when I see a falling star, I really Do.

 The pool next 2 us opened up somewhere around 9:45pm & Rob & The Dude jumped on over. By then, I was pretty shot. I was on my 2end sweat & looking 4 h2o. By 10pm, the stars were stunning, the moon was 2wars the south, & we laughed until our feet hurt. As you can see, Saturday was beautiful. We soaked until check out & headed 4 T-Ride. Yes, that magical town called Telluride.
 How about this...... The Horror Film Fest ....... Cant tell how much fun this weekend was. T-Ride had a special place in my heart. The 1st few time I made my way up 2 Telluride, I treated the place like lent. 1st time I gave up soda 4 the year & was felt compelled 2 give up something 4 a year. The next time was sugar. Same as soda, I know. 3rd time was beef jerky. 4 a whole year. Once I started working in T-ride, I gave up the giving in. Still cool w/that.
 Rob, Den( totally board), & The Dude
Short horror films..... Not the slash w/blood but scary damn plots..... Bugs & what nots.... Halloween Style...... AND YET.... During most of this weekend, fun as it was, I couldnt stop thinking about Shadow at home. Him & I should be running these trails before the snow falls. He could have pulled me up the mt while everyone rides the gondola. My legs wanted 2 go. I am feeling stronger each & every day. This weekend off, taking a break was a good thing. I didnt pull anything, didnt roll anything, & 2nites hike went so well.
The Dude & I

This is a shot on the 141 headed north. I know quite a few little stop offs which worked in Rob & Den's favor. My brothers famious last words where," Its a 2 can trip." More like a 4 can trip as we checked out all kinds of nooks and crannies along the way. The lighting was gorgeous & the colors were perfect. Greens, Golds, & Bright A$$ Reds. You have gotten drive the 141 sometime. Hell, I will drive if you just show up!!!!

Shadow & I went up the lunch loops as the sun touched the Monument 2nite. I felt fresh & Shadow Boy was so ready. We saw our friend Erin & had a pair of dogs show up & phuc things up. On we went. Shadow is a damn good dog. Hell, he got me out 4 the sunset 2nite. He has also helped me 2 cruise our little loop like nothing flat. Life is good!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Took the weekend off and headed 2 T-Ride!!! 2 my surprise, Telluride was host the 4th annual Horror Film Fest. I have a bunch of video and photos 2 sort out and will posting them here. The snow was falling, the colors are still turning, and relaxing felt so damn good.......... Stay Tuned

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2day Is The Day

The founder, British-trained Osteopath Arthur Lincoln Pauls, discovered how to gently stimulate the body’s reflexes for self-correction in a way that supports a person’s own healing mechanisms. The body is stimulated using gentle movements, comfortable positioning, brief compression and subtle contact. The result is seemingly effortless pain and tension relief, natural re-alignment, relaxation and a deep sense of well-being. The individual is empowered to participate in their own recovery, and through the process can begin to rediscover the ability to heal and restore comfort, ease and balance back into their body.

I start my 2 year program of Practitioner Training!!! Oh Doctor, You Can Hang A Star On That One

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Feeling Gr8!! Legs are so much stronger, Finding my lungs, & Dreaming about more free time. I say this as I start a 2yr program this Thursday. Wish me luck & Shadow Boy & I are out the door before sunrise. Awesome

Monday, October 7, 2013

Running The Lunch Loop System

Shadow Boy & I have been having a solid few days of training!!! Swimming ( just me ), Biking ( just me ), & walk/running w/the Boy Dog!!! We have had a small blast of cooler weather move in over the weekend which I find 2 be awesome. We havent hit the 20's yet so that is why I claim it 2 be cooler weather.

On Sunday I was able 2 catch the F1 Korean GP & I have so many reasons why I totally dig the big boys racing. The camera angles, the sheer speed in short distances, & I am totally into the 3 second pit stops. So after the race I loaded up the Boy Dog & headed 4 the Lunch Loops at 63F. The parking lot wasnt even half full under these perfect biking type of conditions & Shadow & I felt like we had the whole place 2 ourselves. From the video above....... you will see that the Boy Dog pulled me up the trail in no time at all. He was so happy & wanted 2 hit full speed right out of the gate. We started up the famous Tabeguache Trail under those perfect Colorado Bluebird Sky kinda day. We headed 2wards the left on High Noon because thats were Shadow wanted 2 go. Up through Pucker Up and back around Lemon Squeezer. Thats were we encountered our 1st set of bikers & then we were all alone until we were near the parking lot.

I really enjoy trail running over walking the streets at night w/Shadow. Walking the streets has been Gr8 4 me 2 focus on my posture, foot strike, & pace. The trail walk/run has so many benefits from using the small stabilizing muscles 2 contracting hamstrings up hills. Balance is good. Once, while I was running relaxed, I went w/muscle memory & started walking. Maybe this will allow me 2 run injury-free??? My body also reminded me that I need 2 stretch after enjoying the local trail system. My concern was Shadow drinking h2o & not burning up in the car.

Other than that...... Life has been sweeeeeeeet........ This week brings on training, working, & school..... Thats right, I start my 2yr program this week...... & the twins will be here Tuesday

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Head Wind

2day was one of those days were Mother Phuc-N Nature showed her cards face up. She never fooled me when I hit 41mph, didnt fool me thinking "around this corner and I will be fine" & Mother Nature has been covering us in fresh & clean & clear rain. That Smell!!! That wet smell!!! That sound of rain tapping!!! Mother Nature painted a rainbow west of Palisade Colorado that set hundreds out in search of their pot of gold. Gutters running again, flowers smiling the way they do, & Californians have not a clue. BURN

Here is the part of the story that I hope you can smile along w/me...... Skinny Tires, Mid Night Racer, & Piercing Droplets of rain in my eyes while dodging the ever so famous texting cell phone talker.....

Let just say that I was very happy 2 see Shadow Boy. Even more than how happy he was seeing me!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Skipping Along

Dancing, Running, & Full Filling 
What a sunrise!!! Our Grand Mesa Flattop stands over 10,000ft and the sun peaking over the top  ascents the cirrus clouds w/pinks, purples, & yellows. It is something you just have 2 witness 4 yourself someday. Shadow and I started out and he was fired up 4sure. I was doing my normal posture and hips and where are my feet landing and then NUMB NUTZZZZZZ I finally tuned into the moment and realized that Shadow was ready 2 take me on a journey. And we took off!!! My strides were long and I could feel my hamstrings contract as they helped 2 pull my upper body along behind the Boy Dog. We covered our 1st normal mile in seconds flat and Shadow held a course rather then our usual turn north. Around that time is when I noticed my body was relaxed and we cruised on pain free. Time began 2 fly by w/o thinking about a damn thing while still buzzing around in my our head at full speed.

Next thing I knew, we were at the mighty Colorado River!!!! Darkness w/so much beauty!!! That unreal time B4 the sun cooks ya and at the same time the sky is coming 2 life and going 2 sleep all while I am wide eyed checking sh*t out. Stars, Planets, thats a given. Its all that along w/the fall colors painting themselves in the trees. Sounds totally what stood out. The river rock catching the current, wild animals ( probably just a bunny but sounded like a heard of giraffes bust on through), city noise, airplanes, and massive coal train from P-Town. ITS ALIVE!!!! Shadow Boy was stoked and away we went. The sun gave me that feeling like a need a shower and head 4 the office. More cars made their presences known and The Boy Dog and I made it back safe and sound. Both of us where feeling dehydrated and full of life. He drank and I started my stretching route. Cleaned up and threw some granola, berries, and yogurt down my throat as I jumped on the commuter bike.........

Again, feeling Gr8 and digging it