Thursday, January 16, 2020

Breakfast In Bed With The Grateful Dead

The Twins sent me this photo from Melbourne Australia. They were super bummed because they rode the train to their favorite 50m lap pool. Only to discover that it was closed due to air quality conditions. So I Sent Them This Shot

But maybe I should have sent them this one instead. Still leaving hearts in the snow banks and sure hope it makes someone smile as they bound on by. Or Maybe A Change Of Perspective


Poor old Doc has been pretty down and out because he made the decision put his Old Girl Greta down last week.

Time to get him out of the house, 10,667ft later, we were under bliss conditions of sunshine, fresh fluffy snow, and reminiscing stories echoing through the Ponderosa Pines. We stuck to the groomed trails but there was still crispy crunching sounds of snow with each step forward in time.

And then Lilly makes an appearance. She is 10 years old and was happy to trot along with her human. She was happy to come right to me for a pet and butt rubbings while her human and Doc talked about how they would correct all the worlds short comings.

I took this shot of us to HASHTAG #LOKI LIVIN and then accidentally snapped this shot of my chin. Not a very flattering photo but I love the snow in the trees. What Do You Think ANDREW


Here is the LINK to my latest radio show from Wednesday the 15th 2020. And yes PERTH, I prefer to stand during my show. The show officially started at 6am but I was broadcasting just before 5am. So this copy will start with The String Cheese Incident passing around a jam during Pretty Polly. Breakfast in Bed w/the Grateful Dead "starts" about 2min into this link and that link is only good for two weeks.

Excellent Variety Show!! I had a blast and throughly enjoyed the phones calls all morning. I "opened" the show with a TRON remix, filtered in Goldfrapp, New Order, Elvis Presley, Squeeze, Three Dog Night, Lettuce, Crosby Stills & Nash, and capped the show off with Umphery's McGee covering The Police with their rendition of Walking On The Moon. Throughout the show I mixed/overdub Batman & Robin clips, Airplane Quotes, and The DAWGS scene from the Guy Ritchie film SNATCH.


Started a new routine to break up the monotony and even as a little motivating factor as well. Instead of doing my 100 push ups like I have in sets of 20 or 25 depending on my groove. I am now going with 9 sets. The breakdown/pyramid looks like this - 4 8 12 16 20 16 12 8 4

So Stay Strong And Hydrate Often,

Monday, January 13, 2020

Last of The Dude's Photos

The Dude landed back in the States last Friday Night. His "day" consisted of traveling for 48 hours straight, 8 security check points, and he was in surprisingly good spirits. I AM STOKED HE'S BACK IN ONE PIECE

He just wasn't quite ready for the -11F/ -23C temps that night. We have been under freezing temps for a high all this year so far. NO Mosquitoes

I am just knocked out by that Indigo!! And everything was Asian cheap. Full meal for two came to $6 US Dollars. Hotel room with clean sheets and a private bathroom was only $18 US Dollars. The Underground Subway was 35 cents US.

Hired a car and guide for the day, $2 US Dollars. Areas of Egypt that The Dude would have never seen for sure.

So he was wide awake by 5am Saturday morning and off to the foothills we drove. His stories were outstanding and we chattered the whole way. The Dude met some locals and talked about how one buys a home, education systems, and they shared each others traveling photos. They were all amazed that he lives here in Colorado and would just stare at his photos from home.

We ended up with cold brews while witnessing a flipping wild Tennessee Baltimore game. Nether one of could give a rats but what a thumbing. We are not anti Ravens but it was exciting to watch them get beat in every faceted of the game and AT HOME. And Tony Romo so sucks announcing games and he is such a Tom Brady cheerleader. Thankfully, the KC Houston game was on mute.

Congrats to the 9ers, The Titans, The Chiefs, & Them Packers

The Dude hammered one point home here. The Egyptian people are very kind, helpful as all get out, and everyone of them told The Dude to please tell your friends AND PLEASE COME BACK!! They are a second world country and NEED the tourist $$$$$$$$

Real Life Advertising 

So please treat others like the mideast folks treat tourist. Be Kind. Say Thank You. Pass On Random Acts Of kindness. Last But Not Least, Stay Strong


Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 And A Whole New Decade


Talk about a magical place, at least to me anyway. These mountains are alive, the streams are far from speechless, and a storm front is only a range away.

Scored a ridiculously sweet opportunity and landed a warm bed on MT Crested Butte. Two couples were originally scheduled to Ring In The New Year but one of the partners turned up with a nasty head cold and they elected to backed out.

They insisted they wanted no $$$$ and wished me all the best in 2020. In case they reads this, won't say what I picked them up as a way of saying thank you. 

 Late night shenanigans took place after all day of playing throughout this mystical valley. Free bus back up the mountain, bedroom all to myself, and an ice chest chalk full of food and snacks. I packed away a tupperware container of pork posole for the crockpot. Also brought all the necessary ingredients for a veggie chill the next night in the crockpot. A mason jar with a mix of everything for a quiche and a two pie crust box as well. Least I could do and my offering as a small token of appreciation.

Elk Ave was the happening place to be and packed with tourist and various yahoos. CB was known to have a heavy presence of locals and ski bums but not this particular go around. Still, damn good vibes in a wicked cool town. Strolled through a few pubs and talked with random folks along the way, found myself in Kochevars Saloon somewhere before 10pm. I ended up on a shuffle board table during the evening and was fed Laguntias IPA's nonchalantly by a waiter friend that I knew from way back. Maybe even a few shots came my way. Just Maybe

Then, that Phuc-N awkward moment of the inevitable count down when you don't have that someone to cuddle up with. With anticipating the embracing of patrons preparing their New Year smooch, I slithered out the door and made my way towards the bus stop. Timed it perfectly as the bus pulled in just before myself. A very rowdy ride back up the mountain for such a small group of us. I casually meandered my way "home" beneath the Milky Way.

Sometime around 4am, full bladder, peaked out the window and the fluffy flakes were falling like a goose down pillow had just been shredded. Like a little kid again, totally felt like Christmas Morning, pulled those curtains back. With a full water bottle and two packs of Emergen-C, I watched Mother Nature do her thang!! As it became light out, I flipped on my TV, picture that person dancing/marching/fist pumping on a King Size Bed, I discovered a Twilight Zone Marathon on the Syfy's Channel.  What A Way To Start The Decade

First Day of 2020 was the bomb. Super relaxing!! Just what the doctor prescribed on a snow flake falling kind of day. While watching the Rose Parade, snacking on the fresh from the oven quiche, snarfing on cheese/crackers, and shrimp cocktails, I really didn't fell obligated to accomplish much. The Rose Bowl Game itself was wacky as all get out as both teams clearly had no interest in claiming victory. But I totally couldn't give a rats ether way. All I know is this, any time in CB is completely worthy. Crested Butte, I Love You


If you by any chance you are a fan of Hip Hop, check out my latest Hip Hop/Reggae show from 12/28. I invested a tremendous amount of prep work by removing, editing, or clipped a number of explicit licks for radio friendly air play. Sprinkled in a few Snoop Dogg tracks with Dr Dre, Phillies own Roots, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, and various popular instrumentals for backing tracks. Check Out The Show, Quite Pleased With It

Egypt Photos:

Because these were well received in my last post...

The Dude 


This is Big Water and check out his live upcoming streams this January. Big is a solid friend of mine, crashed at his place in Portland while taking Ortho Classes up there, and he has been traveling since the 20's of November. He landed in Ciro the day after The Dude and they were only a couple of hotels away. Big performed a Live CrackBook Stream and it was a four song classic.

Unfortunately I had to log onto CrackBook and what a full spectrum of social media stress. A - I had no idea how to navigate the damn thing. B - The messenger continued to pop up with a Sh*t ton of folks saying hi, questioning my everything, and sending well wishing. That Part Was Way Cool And Enjoyable. C - My last post was in 2017 when I shared the news about the Boy Dogs passing. I basically posted his first ever puppy photo, a beautiful eulogy, and thanked everyone for allow us to stay with them during our travels, our adventures together, etc because he interacted with so many of my friends from the east coast to the west coast. Haven't had the urge to log back in. So you can just imagine how many notifications and private messages  D - My own mother posted the most embarrassing reposting political thing that just bummed me out. A true reminder of why I have no use for  CrackBooking. F - Phuc CrackBook E - My non-virtual friends receive regular iPhone videos and motivational text all the time from me and I bypass all the propaganda. Yeah Me

Big organized a camel tour and this is the second camel ride for The Dude. His first was while he was traveling through Jordan. He was rather comfortable this time and rode like a true racer. I Dig This Shot

Now, I carry no desire to log back onto CrackBook anytime soon. But I will admit that I throughly enjoyed some of my friends photos that they recently shared. And some of their kids that are now all grown up, WoW. So maybe in another two years I will give it a go?? Or Not


Above is a 4 minute time lapse from a Magic Carpet Ride Show I hosted. The first person after my show starts is CAPTAIN Ron!! What A Trip!! Then Cliff makes an appearance and the former E.D. of KAFM shortly after that. Uncle Karl and Janet arrive just before The Dude. The Blue Z stopped by and then Hailey and baby Avery made their way in. Hippy Jim was visiting from San Fran and the Peter Trosclair Studio was full of life again.  I can remember how happy I was that night when I watched this again. Its all mixed to a Keller Williams tune called Chillin' Like A Villain. I know this time lapse will put a smile on your face and thanx in advance for checking it out.


Here are the December numbers
579 miles on the bike
3 PR's
33 Hours
41 Activities
7 Days of Nada
No Running
12.2 miles of snowshoeing

Palindrome - Amazing - Stoked About That
2019 Numbers
6,682.7 Cycling Miles
447 HRS 51 MIN
114,977 Gained Elevation
408 Rides
205.6 Miles Ran
6,737.1 Elevation Gain
98.2 Miles Snowshoed
6,909.6 Cumulative
I now have 13,991.7 miles biked since joining Strava
1,096 Rides
101.2 Biggest Ride
2,529 Biggest Climb

My fingers are crossed in that I will double these numbers in 2020. Not sure if I can double my cycling numbers as I will be on the 575 riding a lot of single track in 2020. But Hell, Ya Just Never Know Now Do Ya

Toughest Aspect Emotionally From The Decade 2010 - 2019

From The Bottom Of My Heart, Thank You So Much For All Of Your Encouraging Comments, Following Along This Journey Through Life, Not Criticizing Me For Expressing Raw Feelings / Opinions, And For Streaming My Radio Shows Both Live And After The Fact. Its Much Appreciated

Until My Next Update, Be Well, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others First.