Monday, May 23, 2022

May Grey, Nope

Money Talks      But It Don't Sing And It Don't Walk     And As Long As I Can Have You Here With Me   I'd Much Rather Be Forever In Blue Jeans       Honey's Sweet     But It Ain't Nothing Next To Baby's Treat     And If You'd Pardon Me     I'd Like To Say     We'd Do Okay Forever In Blue Jeans      Maybe Tonight    By The Fire     All Alone     You And I    Nothing Around     But The Sound    Of My Heart And Your Sighs 

Neil Diamond   Forever In Blue Jeans

You Don't Bring Me Flowers 1978


The Magic Carpet Ride was over the top and couldn't be more jazzed about it. Listen HERE NOW while you surf the world wide inter webbie. Simply click on Thursday the 19th , Magic Carpet Ride, and then Dan Yankee. I linked the calendar to the above 'here now' for easy navigation. 

The theme for your listening pleasures would be The Twilight Zone and Rod Serling's words of wisdom. The music gracefully intertwined with the short clips and the feedback was beyond my wildest dreams. Phone calls rang in from enthusiastic folks that I hadn't heard from in many many moons. I thought a lot about how to smoothly pull off this show, made copious notes, and this show is a representation of complex prep work. It's a damn entertaining show and worthy of a stream. Stoked 


This would be an explanation from the rattlesnake photo in my previous post. A few of you showed interest and here we go. 

I attended a Personal Facilitation course way back when and there was rousing chatter regarding spirit animals and medicine animals and all that good hippy dippy Indian stuff. The instructor agreed to lead us through a guided meditation of sorts to discover our spirit animal. We relaxed stretched out on the floor, dimmed the above LED lights, and slipped into a parasympathetic state of being. 

He descriptively began our journey through an open meadow and explained how we would reach the first of many forks in the path. He would always give us the option of moving down or towards or up and would give us silence at appropriate times for a few seconds as our thoughts sank in. And then he painted us onto the next section of our journey along waterfalls, woody forest, etc.

At some point, we were hiking along a ridge line and a rather large opening between builders was presented to us. Very comfortable and we casually followed the space between that narrowed into a warm cave like opening. Something like that with my elementary rescripting here. We were then asked to imagine the first animal that came to mind while we calmly stood there in this opening. 

For whatever reason, not of fear based judgement, a fully belly coiled rattlesnake appeared in my third eye. No Rattle, No Protective Strikes, Just A Coiled Happy Reptile. So my spirit animal became a Rattlesnake. My medicine/healing animal is the Great Owl from another class/exercise. My power animal happens to be the mighty BLK Bear. My birthday animal is a vividly colorful butterfly because nobody ever suspects the butterfly. Long Live Bart Simpson 


North America was so LUCKY as we were able to watch the lunar eclipse during the last full moon. Mr Full Moon appeared to be so bright and full as it crested over the Grand Mesa. Within about 45 minutes or so, Mother Earth's shadow slowly slithered up from the bottom left side of the moons surface. 

As the shadow engulfed Mr Moon, an eerie blood red dot hung in the night sky. The star constellations popped as much as possible with the light pollution beaming from the Big City of GJ. My mind always drifts off during these celestial events. What would the moment have been like back in BC or Roman Times or whatever when they witnessed something like that?? A Blood Moon 


What A Classic!! My current read while I am dog/house sitting. Spencer speaks two languages fluently. Dog And Suspense! This is a tale of a DOG that flunked out of K9 School and hooks up with a private eye. Been highly amused throughout the chapters so far and the unique style keeps me from falling asleep around a decent time frame. Sure hope this dog doesn't die in the end. 


Burning the legs and covering some higher ground. Then, some weeks are working like a yahoo and nearly covering 20 miles / 32km for the week. Talk about your ups and downs. 178miles / 274kms one week and almost nothing the next week. Feel free to leave me with 4 of the 6 lottery numbers as living independently wealthy sounds terrific. And you all know me, would happily donate a healthy amount to Roice Hurst Humane Society

Road riding has been exactly the same as it ever was. Talking Heads there for ya. The River Trail is always there and who cares about the headwind both ways. I ride while catching up on phone calls and the flying wildlife is remarkable. Never A Dull Moment 

The single track is just as dusty as ever. The trails are well used by trail runners and MTB Bikers for sure. My favorite by far are the blooming cacti and the Spring Time Life in general. 

The high desert fools us into believing everything will be okey dokee. Hillsides are lush, succulents are going off with color, and the snow melt run off is totally misleading. Rain Dance Please

Overall, my fitness is par at best but The Western Slope is Flippin Gorgeous. I become antsy while working because I want to be submerged in it. Will be posting more photos for sure. Thanx for checking in, have been commenting on your blogs, bat sh*t crazy busy still, and will keep you in the loop when my next radio show is offered up. Big Hugs 

What Will Your Future Self Be Proud Of,


Friday, May 13, 2022

Children Learning To Talk & Adults Learning To Smile

Oh My Love    You're So Good      Treating Me So Cruel     There You Go      With Your Fancy Lies     Leavin' Me Lookin'     Like A Drumstruck Fool    With All Your     Jive Talkin'     You're Telling Me Lies   Jive Talkin'   You Wear A Disguise    Jive Talkin'   So Misunderstood   Jive Talkin'.  You Just Aint No Good     

Bee Gees - Jive Talkin

Main Course 1975


Damn This New Blogger Sh*T Change!! Every single time the Blogger folks make a change, WHY MUST THEY, my vintage MacBook Pro doesn't digest those changes. It Blows!! What happened to the edit icons?? I was planning on adding a number of you to my "inspired" blogs but its gone. Under my layout, I can add or delete widgets but not edit or add?!?!?! Anyone?? Muller

I am currently struggling with clicking links, commenting on blogs, and even replying on my own blog. My friend Mariette's experienced difficulties dropping a comment, Little Wendy just ran a stellar event in ATL and my comment on her blog disappeared, and zero notifications transport to my email address. Isn't that weird, absolutely no email notifications??? YouTube notifications still operate just fine but Blogging, NOPE. Mr Bill, Olga Girl, And Brother Drew, Erased. So Frustrating

Last question and it isn't a yes or no question. The question is not about your view but the why. In the middle of dire climate change, horrific war on Ukrainian soil, why the Phuc are Americans still discussing Roe vs Wade??? Why are we still spending millions of dollars over this issue?? Again, I am not asking for your side on women reproductive organs. I am asking why we are spending money!?! It is so disappointing for me as there are much bigger fish to fry. Enough of my frustrations and on to better content. Big Hugs 


Much better outings recently as I have dedicated or prioritizing my time and scheduling "me time" these days. Mostly, been scheduling these rides as therapy for my own exigencies. A majority of my rides are consumed with making phone calls , headwind, cold winds , cold fronts , and bone chilling headwinds. Can you imagine the picture that I am projecting??  

This was a cool like ride by observation in the photo above. A real true cowboy was using his three Boarder Collies to herd /work his four massive Angus Cows. Another highlight was an evening ride and quietly listening to the sounds of flowing creeks before the deposit themselves into the Mighty Colorado River and flow together as one. The birds are unreal this Spring and wish I was a member of the Audubon  Society because we have such beautiful yellow belly birds and albino white harons or cranes. I can't tell the difference between these two families of cranes. Plus the soaring eagles, hawks, osprey , and other hunting verities and sizes of birds of prey are simply mesmerizing.

Numerous newbies on the multi used trail systems these days. They are unable to say hello or are completely off guard when I say Hello Hello. Cracks me up on how they stand out so and clearly present themselves as such. Some of them are unsure of their current situation and waving is just not an option. And when I say," Hello." Pure Innocent Shock. Classic

Last Friday was Field Trip Fun Day as the Friday Night 7pm Group gathered at the old courthouse for a group ride around town. I was informed that the theme for the night was Birthday. I replied with "OK?" thought about for the day or two or whenever The Dude sent me the update. Decided that a Clown Outfit made sense to me. Every birthday could use a happy go lucky clown, Right??

And all kinds of life came out for the ride and over half of the 72 riders were dressed up. A group of One Wheel came out and one of the gals in that group worked over a bubble maker. Classy Move. Then this guy jumped in at the college, so 72 plus a door rider, made his way back downtown on his electric board. Yes, that is a proper front door bolted to an electric skateboard. Ideals I Have

After we all dispersed towards our separate ways, The Dude and I marauded the town for a few more hours. And check out that night shot above. Can you believe that I shot that with my old dinosaur iPhone?? Nutz 


I have two house and dog sitting gigs coming up so I shot up to Marble of a car camping overnight. Let me explain to you how peaceful the higher elevations are these days.  

There is just something about solitude as those twinkling little ice crystals dotting the night sky vaults magic down upon all of us. Drifting off with the Crystal River trickling on by is the cats meow. And a mountain glow sunrise, spectacular. 

If I ever begin suffering heart or healthy issues, along a crisp mountain spring creek is where you will find my carcass.  

Smile, Shine, And Roll On 


My antiquated office time has brought such a comforting sense of joy. After all the construction, manual labor, and walking yards behind the noise maker, Body Work Rocks!! 

Working with an older client and the funniest thing happened. I began with their feet and they were jabbering away with random thoughts and then just like that, SNORING. I mean, out cold. I continued to work my magic and filled the session with my patterns and releases. They slept and snored over the entire 50 minutes. Cracked me up and they were so happy and refreshed when their little sleepy eyes fluttered back to life.  

With another client, crazy A$$ winds, they are suffering from Tennis Elbow. As we worked together the windows rattled from gusty winds. The photo below is from my office and I added a filter effect to capture the Utah Dust. Anyway, they appreciated the work and I am so thankful to be switching gears again and spending more time in the office these days. Life Is Good


Will be hosting a righteous edition of the MCR on May 19th at 6:30pm. Click here to listen live during the show. Click ( HERE ) to listen to the recorded show from the calendar after May 20th. 

While I am hosting the Magic Carpet Ride, will be featuring short sound bites and/or clips from The Twilight Zone. Plenty of Rod Serling voice overs throughout the show and eerie well known clips as well. 

I continuously hear songs that I impulsively add to my playlist. Currently, I am sitting at just over 4 hours of music in this particular playlist for a 2 and a half hour time slot. Happy Friday The 13th 


  1. Wag More Bark Less
  2. Smooth Out Issues
  3. Ring Friends
  4. Intake More H2o
  5. Host The Best Dang Show 

I leave you with my spirit animal. Will happily share that story with you if you're interested in another post. Hiking along with the dog that I am currently watching over and caring for. The dog was roaming around just below me when I heard the distinct sound of those rattles above me. While the dog bound around down below, I circled up and around and suspicious observed this beauty. Check Out Those Rattles

Grin And Say Nice Things,


Sunday, May 1, 2022

April Antics & Such

Now That I Have Found You      In The Coolth Of Your Evening Smile    For The Shade Of Your Parasol   And Your Love Flows Through Me     Though I Drink At Your Pool       You And I Are Lovers   When Night Time Folds Around Our Bed    In Peace We Sleep Entwined    And Your Love Flows Through Me   Though An Ocean Smoothes My Head      Stars Will Fall From Dark Skies     As Ancient Rocks Are Turing    Quite Fills The Room    And Your Love Flows Through Me    Though I Lie Here So Still   I Burn For You    I Burn For You 


Bring On The Night 1986


Not all that impressive and even worthy of mentioning but here are some pathetic numbers by my standards. 

Miles - 232 / 373kms

Hours - 26

PR's - Zip Zero Nada Not A Chance 

Most of my rides have been phone call induced. Or they have been fierce headwinds both ways. It's that time of year when our pressure gradients are in full motion. 


My latest sessions in the office have been tremendously fascinating. A young vibrant kid was struggling with a shoulder problem and plays High School Baseball. Now, I can't say for sure, we experienced a clunk with their collarbone / clavicle, their shoulder issue melted away. Was it because of the neck / Cervical Spine work, Maybe. Was it the shoulder blade / Scapula, Maybe. Was it the Rib 1 or 2, maybe Yes. Maybe No

Another client inquired about a neuromuscular massage session and we agreed on a pay rate and scheduled the session. Talk about outstanding and rather enjoyable for me as the practitioner. This style is painful for the client but produces very desirable results. I slowly move from the origin of the muscle to the insertion point. As I move step by step through the belly of the muscle, the client contracts the muscle with each stopping point of mine. Example; The Quad - my elbow is just above the knee, they breathe, they contract the quad muscle and release, I only move my elbow superior about an inch, they contract the quad and release, I move my elbow another inch, and we repeat this process until I am near the hip joint. 


I am hosting another edition of the Magic Carpet Ride in May and I am beyond fired up. My plan is to highlight Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. Finding clips from famous or well remembered shows has been such a rush. Passing on some of them because they are more visual than dialog painted for the radio listeners. But the clips I have edited so far, Oh Baby!!! 

As a clip rolls across my feed, a particular word will jump out like a jack in the box springing up and saying PICK ME PICK ME. Such as, a scene with a guy's journey, Ramble On by Led Zeppelin. Right?? I can't wait and will post links and dates soon. 


Interesting Bluegrass Bash last weekend out in Palisade. The highlight by far was the attendees. Everyone was smiling, dancing in the rain, and sharing hobbies from the past two years. So many creative people in the world. No Fox News Sh*T, No Me Me Me Issues No Drunken Storm Offs 

Bluegrass gatherings offer unquiet vibes and everyone is simply there to be there. When the rain fell, we danced. When the band was picking, we danced. When the after hours acoustic jams happened, we danced. So Needed

And just how can it possibly be May 2022?? Seriously, how are these calendar pages ripping away so quickly?? This dog's face in the above photo encapsulates my feelings about time flying. 

Baseball is back in full swing and I personally enjoy listening to the game on the radio. I obviously do not sit and watch games but radio games are perfect background noise while working. And it is interesting while I am installing flooring or hanging drywall and an old Silver Sneaker pops in to check on me and they immediately go back in time and begin reminiscing. All kinds of old engrams roll up and discharge from their mouths. Its Flipping Fascinating 

While house sitting, friendly neighbors, because they needed something, walked over and asked if I would have a look at their irrigation system. Everything was super basic and I happily went to work. Most of their sprinkler heads were clogged from last year slit, no breaks in any lines, and their system fired right up. Really didn't think much of it and they told me that WD Yards charged them $165.oo last year to start up their system. Breaks my heart hearing that. Hate it when others take advantage of others. So the next day they asked me if I would care for a pie from Pablo's Pizza. Of course I told them that it was unnecessary but I do love a hot fresh pie. That night, taped to the box of my Thai Style Pizza was an envelope. Inside that was a cool crisp C-Note. Dinner and Cash!!!!! Why Thank You!!!!! 


  1. Post Here Frequently 
  2. Rest A Saddle Between My Legs
  3. Gather My Thoughts
  4. Reach Out 
  5. Solidify Travel Plans
  6. Paint The OM House
  7. Catch Up On Sleep, Yeah Right 
  8. Discover Something New
  9. Sell Off Some Sh*T 
  10. Host A Righteous Twilight Zone 

Time Again, This Time Lapse Was Seven Years Ago!!!! I was a press operator back in the early 2000's when I first moved to GJ. My old boss asked me to run a job, trim it out, and package it for shipment back in 2015. So I set up the old GoPro and captured the moment in time. 

Lead With Your Heart,


Friday, April 22, 2022

Snoop Dogg In GJ

With So Much Drama In The L-B-C   Its Kinda Of Hard Bein' Snoop D-O-double-G  But I Somehow Some Way    Keep Comin' Up With Funky A$$ Sh*T Like Every Single Day    May I Kick A Little Something For The G's     And Make A Few Ends As I Breeze Through     Two In The Mornin' And The Partys Still Jumpin'     Cause My Momma Aint Home   Rollin' Down The Street Smokin' Indo    Sippin' On My Gin And Juice    Laid Back     With My Mind On My Money     And My Money On My Mind 

Snoop Dogg 

Down To Earth 1993


Snoop Dogg actually visited Disfunction Junction for a live performance. I swore that it was just a rumor but nope. It really happened. Sort Of  

The Dude & I rode our bikes down to the outdoor amphitheater but threw a quick few baskets beforehand at near by Watson Island Disc Golf Course. We showed no desire attending and spending the $$$ didn't sound attractive ether. The Amphitheater sold 5,000 tix for the show and that is pretty much maximum capacity.  After Snoop left his BLK GMC Suburban , he walks out onto the stage, hits the space bar on the Laptop, and plays other artist songs. What The Phuc?? He is a rookie DJ and played Blondie, Joan Jet, Talking Heads, & a few other recognizable artist. About every third song, he would shout out," Where Are My Weed Smokers!" He half baked a Karaoke verse or two over RAP Tunes from NWA, Nate Dogg, and other popular rap hits and I didn't get it. Totally incredulous showing of entertainment. No Band, No Snoop Songs, And A SHORT One Hour And 14 Minute Set. Odd 

So The Dude & I rode over to the other side of the Amphitheater for a different perspective. A guy that I worked with for years at Country Jam waves me over to the fence. We shook hands and were catching up when he says," You Guys Wanna Come In??" He hands over two Comp Tix & VIP Pink wrist bands. When I introduce him to The Dude he projected really nice affirmations about my character and referred to my ethical work habits and all that. Really good of him for sure. So we locked up our bikes and walked in like complete rock stars. Classic 

Couldn't believe how many folks in attendance I knew. And there were literally a full spectrum of local culture and they were totally thrilled to witness Snoop Dogg play Mr DJ. It was a weird mindset when I was scanning the crowd for more familiar faces but knowing that I was really only wishing to see one face. One person was my fancy but knowing they would most likely only muster up an emblematic wave of saying hello at best. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be found in the crowd. Only friendly fist bumps were exchanged and friendly hugs from true honest friends. But Snoop Dogg as a DJ, Super Lame! Why not just send a body double, Hide out in your GMC until showtime, play your prerecorded DJ set, wave to the crowd, and fly out with a pocket full of cool hard cash. No Photos , No Autograph Signing, No Interactions 


A number of projects have come my way and then some. I was feeling way old from the 84 days straight of working. OK, minus two days when I drove over 11 hours per day out west and back. But attending the funeral, all those greyhairs, not feeling so old anymore as I have my teeth and still able to trust a fart. 

I work with two old guys and Old Man Wiggly is a character. He is a true relic and is no longer allowed on ladders. This leaves me with climbing, decoding the nest of wires, hearing Wiggly tell me to simply cut the BLUE wire, I often rely on snapping off a photo for clarification, and rewiring what he is asking of me. These Spring days fly by for sure. A series of morning situations played out and our pedantic young buck help blew us off when we needed to pull the old carpet from this office for the new lament flooring. Self Fellating Phuc 

The two old guys and me started ripping out carpet. Wasn't fun to tell you the truth but we made the best of it and told jokes and shared stories to pass the time. Sure As Sh*T, we were down to the last three feet or so and poor Old Man Wiggly crossed up his size 14 shoes and fell down backwards. All Phuc-N day I was watching Wiggly, checking in with him, doing as much as I could, and I took my eyes off of him for a split second. Old Man Wiggly has been working as hard as I for the past two months. We have all been working hard and long hours. A number of times he has almost tripped or stumbled and I grab him by the arm or once a bear hug as he kinda feel into me. I knew better and I should have been there for him. I knew immediately he was hurt as his face was pale white when we made eye contact. I went into Ortho mode, began slowly taking to him, and kept him from trying to stand and move around. I asked the other old guy to call the owner and then him and I lifted Wiggly up and onto a roller chair. Needless to say.... Old Man Wiggly was under the knife by 5pm that night for a broken hip. I feel so very contrite and sick to my stomach just thinking about it. The Orthopedic Surgeon inserted a titanium rod down his femur and bolted him back together like a new born tin man. His spirits remain high every time we chat over the phone these days. Fingers Crossed 

Another odd job here. I was beat and was trying my best to talk myself into a bike ride. Just ride 10mi/ 16km, just 20mi / 32kms, or just ride to Fruita you lazy A$$ when the phone rings. A gal I know just picked up a puppy dog. They were speed talking with excitement of a school child on Christmas morning. Bottom line, asked if I would put in a doggie door. So off to Home Depot I drove, purchased a medium size dodge door, and went to town on their kitchen door. Came out pretty well and just between us, I left a time capsule inside the doggie door frame. Just might put a smile on someone face down the road. 

And while I was at it, could I possibly install this Keyless Door Lock?? My first time. Wasn't even sure if I could but they are rather simple and didn't take me all that long. And with this particular mode, you can save up to 5 separate 4 digit numbers. WAY COOL!! Anyway, back in the project world.


The progression of the Mind & Body Studio that I have had the pleasure of working on since the end of February 

Working off of the blueprints, building steel stud walls, running electrical, conduit with wires, screwing in wooden door frames, hanging nasty A$$ insulation, mudding up drywall, and now professional painters are touching up from here on out. 


The Spin Room has been converted into an office, a reception area, and a future conference room for holding meetings


Here is the other major project. The steel wall there was moved back a foot and rebuilt. Two office areas were fabricated out of wood and a smaller gathering area appeared by luck. HA

Again, painters are going to texture and roll out some magic


Nancy J is a wonderful lady from New Zealand and I absolutely fell head over heals for their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardarn during the early days of C19. Jacinda Ardarn spoke to the people daily with updates and encouragement. Who knew that a leader would speak empowering words to those who voted for her. New Zealanders so rock!!! Anyway, Nancy J asked me about health advice and my thoughts regarding minerals, antioxidants, vitamins , and preventive measures in general. Mainly, Nancy J was asking about a defense against C19 and its variants coming down the pipe.

My whole thing I preach is nutrition, Nutrition, NUTRITION. Nancy J asked me about Zinc and I am an advocate of rich sources of zinc that the body will absorb. What Does That Mean?? A diet that consists of chickpeas, lentils, and beans are excellent low calorie sources of zinc. Magnesium was also on Nancy J's radar and I say yes. Seeds, nuts, clean dairy, and eggs are beneficial for sure. Tofu, black eye peas, avocados are high in Magnesium but my favorite Magnesium subsistence is Dark Chocolate. I am a push over for beautiful organic dark chocolate. Yes Please 

Now fresh greens and shellfish also play their roles and can be debatable. My point is, most over the counter "pills" or multivitamins aren't necessarily processed by the body for a number of reasons. These pills are rather expensive and sort of harsh on the kidneys. Not every meal is for everyone and there is no perfect diet. However, when it comes to C19, a plant based diet carries merit in my model of the world. Healthy nutrient dense meals build healthy cells, healthier cells aids stronger immune systems, and active immune systems allows for a better overall defense against C19. 

Is a plant based diet a cure all, no. Am I saying that you will not contract C19 if you don't eat meat, NO. I am simply answering Nancy J with YES zinc and magnesium are highly encouraged for a healthy outlook on life. If you only have access to multivitamins, crush them up before ingesting them. I am a big fan of Emergen-C packets and add them to my water bottle about every other day. Yes, even when I am not sick I consume C Packets for the vitamin B and electrolytes. Plus, for my active lifestyle, I truly believe Potassium, Sodium, and Phosphorus supports my recovering muscles, overall structural component of my muscle train, and reinforces the function of my nerve and muscles relationship. 


Ortho clients are amazing and the work is brilliant. I am in the office during the evening hours and most weekends. In fact, all Sundays and every other Saturdays. I have been making house calls and those are pretty cool. When I was only practicing massage, house calls weren't my thing. Never minded but preferred to practice in the office. But with Ortho, house calls are A OK.

A regular husband and wife house call was fantastic on two fronts. Excellent $$$ and a take home plate of food. They always offer me a delightful meal and they are such wonderful folks. They live in a standard downtown Victorian style home and I wonder if there is a friendly ghost roaming the hallways during the moonless evenings. Spooky 

A Silver Sneaker with a bad wing has been witnessing desirable results from our Ortho-Bionomy sessions. Lucky for me, numerous referrals as a direct result from them. I have seen three new clients through this word of mouth advertising now and I am stoked as all get out because of it. The construction and handyman work is nice and all but my focus is better spent in the office. Obviously easier on my body, clearly ideal pay, and witnessing a release in what was a dysfunctional movements makes everyones day. 


Speaking of happy muscle contractions, Love Riding Bikes!! Stole that line from a Youtuber but I don't recall his channel at the moment. Him and his mates always say Love Riding Bikes while in the rain or heat or other adverse conditions. 

My friend Little K reached out and we rode out to Fruita and back together. We worked together many moons ago and we chatted as if we were brother and sister. Little K filled me in with all of her updates and we giggled a lot. She is happily seeing someone new as she was married when we worked together. I am happy for her and he sounds terrific. Of course she asked and all I could preach was that I am the square peg in a round hole in the dating world. She gave me the vote of confidence and defaulted with "Oh, You'll Find Someone." Other than that conversation, we chatted the whole 25+ miles/ 40kms without much effort. Excellent Evening Cruise 

Last Friday was flipping amazing!! There's a regular gathering on Friday nights at the City Building. I just caught wind of it and this particular theme was Goth. I so dig dress up and group rides rock! There were 73 of us roaming around town, ringing bells, super casual pace, and all while dressed in our best goth appearance. We collected another group of four as we rode through the college and one person claimed we had a grand total of 91 riders. My Starva upload landed me at 2 hours+ on the saddle and just over 7mi /11.2km in total. I suggested "WIG" night for the last Friday of the month. 

The Mighty Colorado River flows so low that it hurts my heart to witness. But I still enjoy riding the River Trail and I make the rides the best for what it is. I am way out of shape but I do enjoy a bike ride when I have the free time. My last few rides were devoted to phone calls so my resent rides are nothing worth bragging about. Ride On 


  1. Remain Present For Optimal Decision Making 
  2. Promote Success 
  3. Hydrate As The Humidity Is Plummeting 
  4. Arrange Travel Plans 
  5. Smile Like There Is No Tomorrow
  6. Gather Relevant Information 

I am leaving you here with four random time lapse clips of mine from various location around GJ. Thanx for watching this two minute video. 

Good Night Orion The Hunter And Winter Constellations,