Friday, April 28, 2017

Time Lapse & Radio Show

This Time Lapse Video Is Awesome!! Don't Mind If I Say So.

The Fat Tire Festival in Fruita
Radio Show at 6pm
US Cycling Collegiate & Para Road National Championships
CMU Woodwind Symphony
Mystery Dinner Theater
Barrel into Spring Wine Tasting
WSCC Coin Show
Community Contra Dance


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pollock Bench Run .... Sort of

Doc and Toe-Moss swung on by and picked me up for a Tuesday hike. We headed towards the Monument and arrived before I finished sending off text/e-mails. The weather front cleansed the air last night with wind and about .25 of an inch of rain. Ideal Trail Conditions


We walked and proceeded to solve all the 1st world problems in just a few short hours time. We would find a little shade or stare at the blooming cacti. AND NOT ONE DAMN PHOTO. Paint Brush, Fuchsia Blooming Barrel Cacti, and Tapertip Onions were all reaching for the sky. Photographers Dream

Rut Row

Fun little hike around the Pollock Bench area under sunny but cumulus clouds nearing by. Those pressure gradients pushed together and wonderful winds picked up. Something was building to the south but I wasn't all that concerned. Maybe an hour or so, we turned off Pollock and funneled our way down Flume Canyon Trail as Mother Nature was about to make an appearance. Thunder Rumbled

Rainbow Anyone??

In the bigger picture here, wasn't bad at all. Just walking around these canyon walls takes all the worries out. This would be my second Tuesday outing with Doc and what a kick in the A$$ he is. We all enjoyed each other company while finding common interest. My Kind Of Hiking

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bangs Canyon/Rough Canyon Hike

The Boy Dog 

Gramps & The Boy Dog 

Kalinderrr's B-Day BBQ Sunset

Wanted to say," Congrats To PERTH And Her Six Years Of Blogging!! " She post such amazing photos damn near daily. She doesn't know it but she is also responsible for snapping me out of my blogging funk. Thank You Love

John MAD Racing Klish

Push Ups Anyone 
 Extremely solid days at Crossroads Gym these past few weeks. More info detailed HERE and some sweet little Strava numbers. Having said that, I can understand were the Strava Haters comments come from, I simply like checking out a months worth of workouts. No Worries


Monkey Man Thinks He Is A Mountain Goat

 I also would like to thank PITTBROWNIE for his inspiring posts. Hope to see that guy/$100/dogs in May. Two other bloggers that have driven traffic my way are GZ Hang Nine and 50 after 40. All three of these bloggers speak from their heart, tackle daily life obstacles, and indulge in weekly adventures.

Lets Rock
RADIO SHOW THIS SATURDAY!!!!! You all remember the TV Show HEE HAW?? I remember my grandparents watching this show and I didn't have a clue about all the adult humor. I just liked the music, the old blood hound dog, and witnessing my grandpa laugh like there was no tomorrow.  

So this Saturday ( Earth Day 22nd of April Here In Colorado ) at 6am, web cam live, I am hosting The Oasis Show and will be highlighting skits from Hee Haw. I have some amazing clips of Dolly Parton ( like young 20's ) and Chet Akins and Baseball HOF Johnny Bench and a bunch of corn field stand up comedy to air on KAFM

Click on that KAFM link and that will take you to the home page. You will see the LISTEN! tap for live streaming. Next to it, ON AIR will give you the drop down option. Click on LIVE VIDEO STUDIO. I will be holding up the LP Covers of what is spinning, The Boy Dog will be in the studio with me, and maybe a guest or two??? 

Feel Free To E-Mail Me With ANY & ALL Musical Requests at

Thursday, April 6, 2017

RIP Brother Steve

Low Quality Audio ... Not A Professional Vlogger

UPDATE!!! Tuck is OK

2017/04/14 Update:
Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of kind words and memories.
Steve is my everything.
Now I realize how special he was to all of you.
We are blessed to have Steve in our hearts.
❤️️ Trudi

Let’s come together for the evening!
An evening to share our memories of a life rich with love, happiness, humility and compassion. His drive to be the best brought out the best in all of us.
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Cider Gallery
810 Pennsylvania
Lawrence, Kansas
5:30-9:30 pm
Open House
Small plates, beverages and of course, pie!
Please RSVP to Stacie by April 17

Update 2017/04/17: 
Thought about Steve and everyone else this weekend. I will be updating a half months worth of numbers by the end of the week. Photos as well.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Photos & Meeting New People

Another Bitchin' Ryan D Video From The White Rim Trail

The Cody's Challenge was epic!! MAD Racing was invited to time this event. This event was MORE than just a timing gig. 

The organizers treated us like royalty, as they did with everyone.

Friday Night's Meet And Greet was awesome. The Band, The Parents, Race Director, Friends, Board Members, and Old Room Mates/Friends of Cody's were all in attendance and represented. For me, they were so easy to find common interest with.

The host " Cabin " was donated but the Grand Daughter of Behr Paints, or so I think thats how it was explained to me, during the weekend. The craftsmanship around this place was remarkable for sure. I would encourage you to click on these photos to really capture your eyes attention to the finer details.

I am in the process of finishing up a time lapse from just outside of this picturesque view. The video will offer some snow dropping in, clouds rolling in and out of the canyon, and a perfectly gorgeous water fall spilling down to the valley below. Amazing

And EVERY single racer was brilliant!! They thanked us over and over again, brought us food off the BBQ during Saturdays race, and were beyond casual during registration or finishing across the line. So many of them were surprised to find out that their finishing times were live on the net AND a web cam photo was available.

Listen Up Bloggers!! The Cody's Challenge will be celebrating 10 Years in 2018. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up, donate, and be apart of these amazing festival.

This blog is for my own personal benefits, logging miles, journaling my Ortho-Bionomy journey, and a photo archive of the Boy Dog. But the Cody's Challenge is worth selling.