Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Photos & Meeting New People

Another Bitchin' Ryan D Video From The White Rim Trail

The Cody's Challenge was epic!! MAD Racing was invited to time this event. This event was MORE than just a timing gig. 

The organizers treated us like royalty, as they did with everyone.

Friday Night's Meet And Greet was awesome. The Band, The Parents, Race Director, Friends, Board Members, and Old Room Mates/Friends of Cody's were all in attendance and represented. For me, they were so easy to find common interest with.

The host " Cabin " was donated but the Grand Daughter of Behr Paints, or so I think thats how it was explained to me, during the weekend. The craftsmanship around this place was remarkable for sure. I would encourage you to click on these photos to really capture your eyes attention to the finer details.

I am in the process of finishing up a time lapse from just outside of this picturesque view. The video will offer some snow dropping in, clouds rolling in and out of the canyon, and a perfectly gorgeous water fall spilling down to the valley below. Amazing

And EVERY single racer was brilliant!! They thanked us over and over again, brought us food off the BBQ during Saturdays race, and were beyond casual during registration or finishing across the line. So many of them were surprised to find out that their finishing times were live on the net AND a web cam photo was available.

Listen Up Bloggers!! The Cody's Challenge will be celebrating 10 Years in 2018. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up, donate, and be apart of these amazing festival.

This blog is for my own personal benefits, logging miles, journaling my Ortho-Bionomy journey, and a photo archive of the Boy Dog. But the Cody's Challenge is worth selling.


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