Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Totally Motivated Part III

Physically: Woke up feeling great!! Early stretching, rehydrating, and controlled calisthenics with a few cups of joe. A bike commute into a head wind and a trip over to the gym.

Shoulders/Tri day and damn that felt good. I saw a video about the military press and I followed that advice. Instead of the bench at a 90, drop to back a few holes. Now this does active the pecks but damn my shoulders were smooth and pain free. Lateral raises were awesome because I used the 10 pounder in my one hand at a 90 degree while I focused on my medial deltoid with the other arm.

Then, compared my card from a year ago. UNREAL. One arm kick backs.... year ago .... 10 pounders .... That was my warm up set today .... Again, Unreal. Its been a really good week and will have a 3 day weekend coming up for recovery period.

John & I hit the road Friday morning for Steamboat Spring Colorado. We have been hired to time the Cody Challenge Saturday ( APRIL FOOLS DAY ) and I couldn't be happier. An excellent cause, Steamboat is awesome, and we are looking at damn near perfect conditions.

Mentally: Shook off the old engrams, walking on water with my renew rejuvenation, and thanked my diaphragm for the number of breaths todays. Like, walking into my bank and holding the door open for a 3 or maybe 4 year old kid. He was a classic, as kids that age are. But the point was, I dropped the ball before Vegas and was penalized $2 dollars .... I didn't lose my marbles ... Just processed the situation and moved on ... Its were writing my intentions down comes into play ... I blew it, the bank saved me, the sun set.

Tomorrow is a full body routine at the gym and a massage. Wont take me long to pack and get organized. Then, severing up the concessions for the local reggae/infusion jazz/funk band at 9am. These guys are real good but they have a terrible name. Zolopht is starting their Spring Tour here at KAFM and then they are heading eastbound.

I am so ready to just find my groove, sells some brew, socialize, and get funky. Its What We Need

Here is last nights time lapse from Grand Junction Colorado. Another sweet on and hope you dig the Keller Williams!!


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