Monday, March 27, 2017

Totally Motivated & Why

Two weeks off worked wonders for me. In ways that I was unable to articulate during that time.

Physically: I went crazy not too long ago and busted out a bunch of push ups which resulted in a nagging lingering shoulder issue. Not necessarily a tweak but just something to make note of.

My calves were always tender/tight most mornings after 5 mile plus outings from the day before. But no biggie.

The real physical hang up was that I had run myself into a rut. My body needed this break from that current routine. I just didn't realize that I was in that rut at the time. Thats were my "frustration" over this bothers me. I have read about these situations, I should know better, and I am not necessarily bitching about it. It is what it is.

Last week, we can chalk that up to laziness, never made it to the gym all week. My body felt relaxed and pretty good but not strong or stronger. The issue is whats above the shoulders.

Mentally: Simply no fire. I rode the bike to the office but thats just about it. The Boy Dog & I took walks but nothing worth mentioning from that week.

I loaded him up ( #1 Motivated ) last Sunday and we hit the desert for a pretty sweet outing. It was a perfect reminder. Cleared my headspace some and allowed me to focus on my visions, setting intentions, and asking the questions" Where Am I?" and "How is this serving me?"

So the two week break was perfect!! Hiking around with Shadow Boy, stretching out our legs, and ramping up our lymphatic system felt marvelous. That brings me to todays events....

Numbers: I rode to the gym today and you know it was a headwind the whole way. Its Spring Time in Colorado after all. After locking up the commuter, I began turning off the Garmin  ( #2 Motivated ) only to recognize that I complete this ride in under 8 minutes. I was just riding my bike.

I started the Dreadmill ( #3 Motivated ) at a very easy speed. Sorted out my iPod and entered in a preprogramed activity. I walked along and focused on hip rotation and body alinement. I stayed in and out of focus but found time to notice how my toes landed, spread, and pushed off. All of a sudden, almost lost my teeth, the Dreadmill went into cool down mode. Scored an effortless 2.2 miles in 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes of cool down time.

While I was sort of burn out/plateaued in my fitness route, I also had abandoned my gym program tracking card. So today I was inspired to fill out a new card and pulled my old one from the file box. My lasted updated entry ( #4 Motivated ) was 2016-01-04. That original card had the date of 2014-03-12. Two years of past data was right there in my hands.

So my blank card started filling up with todays chest route. This is were the elevated testosterone blog title TOTALLY MOTIVATED came from. I easily warmed up with my peak weight from last years numbers. Like I said, my fitness had plateaued, it took a vacation to Vegas for me to realize this.

I felt so strong today. Every new entry was met with amazement. The peck deck ( #5 Motivated ) is a perfect example. Last year, 70 pounds for 3 sets of 12. Todays warm up was with 85 pounds!! My whole routine today was like this. Now, I am on the current plan of researching new exercise routines and advice for keeping fresh and alive mentally and physically.

Ortho-Bionomy: Our Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center graciously ( #6 Motivated ) footed the bill for a booth during the Alternative Health Expo here in Grand Junction Colorado this past Saturday. I always arrive early and Saturday was no different. Hung banners, set out broachers, and displayed Biz Cards.

I performed a number of finger releases, shoulder demos, explained Ortho, and handed out a ton of Business Cards though out the day. Lets see how all that plays out. I spoke my truth and I seek the best possible outcome.


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