Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Totally Motivated Part II

Physically: Today was a Back/Bi day at Crossroads. Hopped up on the Dreadmill for a 20 minute warm up and focused on really rolling my hips towards that forward motion. Quads felt really loose, calves were unnoticeable, and my hammies felt healthy.

Staying with the new charting card theme, started off with Lat Pull Downs. My warm up set was with my last years main set numbers. Really contracting the Rhomboids with each rep and focusing on my lat while relaxing my hands as my as I could get away with.

Seated rows are so damn cool. Its just one of those exercise were you body remains quite. Sometimes I drift off as if I was really rowing.

My whole back routine was enjoyable today and I am thankful for that. Curls were entertaining because someone inflated the Bosu Ball I stand on. Took some concentration but handled the 20 pounders just fine.

A new exercise I really like is holding one of the 10 pound dumbbells at 90 degrees and curl with the other 10 pounds. Its pretty cool engaging all those stabilizing muscles while performing a normal curl. I used the 10's but could possibly try the 12.5 next time.

MENTALLY: Found myself running old engrams a few times today. Kind of in a bipolar way. Such as, while riding the commuter bike, wondered why I haven't been running all along?? Have Been. Why haven't I lifted heavier weights?? Have Been. Should I be riding more?? Have Been.

Basically, that was the theme in my head. A negative and then reinforcements. Another neg and then a justification. Just strange little moments in time to process and move on. I'm thinking that I'll pass on referring back to my old card at the gym tomorrow and just go through my shoulder/tri regiment.

Pulling into together. One day at a time. Feeling better everyday. Becoming stronger everyday.

Now this time lapse rocks!! Specially if you like Stave Kimock!! I ran the clip backwards at the end and sped the video up. Its only a minute or so long and worth a watch.


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