Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Do Pressure Gradients Cause????

Differences in air pressure between different locations are critical in weather forecasting and climate. As indicated above, the pressure gradient constitutes one of the main forces acting on the air to make it move as wind. Note that the pressure gradient force points from high towards low pressure zones, it is thus oriented in the opposite direction from the pressure gradient itself.
Sound waves and shock waves are events that can induce very large pressure gradients, but these are often transitory disturbances. ( Copy/Paste off Wikipedia ) 


Check out this video!! Tim Dacosta is a freak!! I shot a time lapse of the Fat Bike Race on Sunday. During the race we experienced snow, wind, and crazy racers that loved the course. Every racer was over the top excited about the event and are encouraging us to host one more before the snow melts away.

We arrived at the resort just after 5:30am and it was incredibly warm. I know it was in the 30's but it felt more like 50's for sure. Just as I took off my heavy jacket, the cold wind blew in like an old dogs fart. And it blew. And it blew some more. The wind was a steady 20+mph all day. Well, you can see what I mean in the video.

Next race, Steamboat Colorado on April 1st. Yes, Really. On April Fools Day. Its a summit mountaineering event. Races skin up and "fly" down. Its going to be epic!!

Stay Strong,


  1. Haha! He really was a bit over excited wasn't he 😀 incredible skies in the time lapse video..Sounds like you have more faith in the weather forecasters than I do Padre, apart from summer when it's easy hot, hot and hot ☺

    1. Tim is a very excitable kinda guy. The cloud movement always boggles my mind. I was aware they were in motion but the time lapse effect creates such a dynamic appeal. Also, I would love to be a meteorologist because its one of the only job that you can be dead wrong and still collect a paycheck.
      Big Hugs Perth