Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Cycling on Through

Dallas Divide - Mt Snuffles on the Left  

Dancing on the pedals is simply enjoyable. The freedom of riding in any direction at any point in time, righteous. Been focusing on driving my legs with the strength provided by my hips. I know my teeter-totter butt must look really funny from behind but who cares, RIGHT?? Plus, I am very comfortable with my full range of motion throughout my lower legs and ankles these days. Sometimes its just for the movement of it and other times its while powering out some watts. No Rhythm Or Reason

A Little Red Curry 
So I am cruising along with the crisp morning air fueling my cardio vascular system and the day quickly became the Wild Animal Kingdom Tour. Bald & Golden Eagles soared along the Colorado River, Beavers swam the narrow channels, Osprey circles above while the Turkey Vultures bothered them the whole time, darting rabbits scurried into the under brush, Blue Herons became aware of my existence & took flight, and grasshoppers were every where. One grasshopper flew along like a drunken good ol Saturday night with me and lands directly in front of my lead wheel. SPLAT!!! Its guts totally coats my right shin. So Gross

The Basket Is Dead Center of This Photo 


What An Experience!! If I was hosting my first ever show, I don't think that I would ever do it again. Right out of the gate, two people with two different types of distractions. Then, my iPhone took over my Mac. Crazy!! Any text "bing" on my Mac and over the airwaves, received a phone call and the FACETIME App opened up on my MAC, and then every possible window popped opened to ask about sync , allow, etc AND If that wasn't bad enough, an advisor board held a meeting in the other room which offered up all kinds of interruptions. How I Prevailed, Never Know!?! Anyway, it was a pretty damn diverse bluegrass and beyond show. Here is the LINK for the next two weeks. The highlight for me was the amount of transvalue phone calls. Loads of folks are regular listeners to Veta's Bluegrass and Beyond Show. They Clearly Appreciated My Wing-Nut The Style

Another Batch of Cleaner Yogurt 


An older lady at the store dropped her grocery list on the laminated floor. Her fingers just wouldn't operate they way they used to and she wasn't able to retrieve her list. I happily picked up and handed her the fallen list. We chatted and I offer to work with her hand for a moment. She was skeptical but allowed me the opportunity. After reorganizing her digits, the smile across her face was unforgettable. She closed her hand "for the first time in years" and showed me her fist. Pure Relief

Be You And Think Of Others First,

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday The 13th AND A Full Harvest Moon

August was just one of those months and I am beyond thankful I made it through. I wanted to wear my piss pants all month but another perspective altered my state of mind and my big boy pants were found. A friend of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer AND the first round of treatment was rejected by his own bodies immune system. Phuc


Hours - 56 of them
Miles - 664
PR's - 33 but most of those were recorded in Paonia on the same single track sections
Activities - 40
Hiking - 42 miles - Isn't That Always The Number
Travel - 4 Days
Days Off The Bike - 2
Push Ups - 2,200

This show predominantly kicked A$$ despite me and my running at the mouth dialog. I made so many boneheaded statements and kinda wished I hadn't spewed over the airwaves. For example, I said Robert Plant when I was about to play Robert Palmer. Stupid Sh*T Like That!! What The Flock Of Seagulls?!?!? This particular Radio Rapture ( click that link to stream for next two weeks ) showcased Classic Rock, Shel Silverstein poetry/spoken word, and I pushed the edge in hopes that only my shoes would be discovered behind the board afterwards. If you allow yourself to stream over the course of the next two weeks, you shall be treated to a shakespearian journey. I aired the great Jimi, The Association - Along Came Mary, Santana - Primera, Stephen Stills - Sit Yourself Down, Todd Rundgren - Black & White, Cream - Swlabr, Jethro Tull - Mother Goose, Robert Plant - 29 palms, Robert Palmer - Sneakin Sally Through The Alley, The Band - Daniel & The Sacred Harp, and my very own creative mix of Jefferson Airplane/The Blueman Group mash up of White Rabbit. Hell, That's Worthy Of A Listen In Itself. Oh Baby


Check out my spirit animal. This taxidermy owl hovers on the wall at the Highline State Park and I couldn't pass up that opportunity. Just over a decade ago, during a personal facilitation class, we executed a meditation exercise regarding our Medicine Animal. You wouldn't believe what prevailed that time. Less than a year later, another Spirit Animal guided meditation produced an owl in flight in my third eye.

So why share this??? Well, it all ties in with a rescript session with a troubled client. They experienced a traumatic ( very mild in the bigger picture ) incident and this shows up in their Rhomboids, Subscapularis, and Erectors in general. And in the body metaphor world, In The Past.

We worked through about a 30 minute "vision" quest together. Their eyes were closed and I guided them through a "forest" with possibly different outcomes from what they were "dealing" with. About 10 minutes or so, we reached a standard point of choices, I was surprised by what rolled over their tongue. Later, while we began the return to the table, office, and session in general, their shoulders began a shimmy shimmy shake, their neck elongated with a chin protraction movement, their hips to their feet rolled out from a medial orientation to laterally outward position. They even made the comment," I have never taken a breath like that before." That session was more rewarding than just an exchange of payment. It Was Rejuvenating

  1. Adding In Longer Rides While Chasing Shorter Days
  2. 3,000 Push Ups For The Month
  3. 100 Miler 
  4. Maintain Composure Next Week
  5. Spend Some Quality Time Above Tree-Line Before The Flakes Fall  

Until Next Entry, Stay Strong Folks

Monday, September 2, 2019

Foothills of the Contenital Divide


I scored a lovely house sitting gig through Labor Day Weekend. And this place is absolutely magical in every way , shape , and form. My duties include watering and feeding all the live stock , irrigating the gardens as they grow their own food , and making sure that The Cat is spoiled and content. My Ideal Job

After fulfilling my chores upon arrival, time to get rowdy, off on the 575 I rode. Had planed on about an hour and a half or so ride.

These trails are beyond dry and dusty but I didn't mind. What did hurt was the 1,800ft/548meters of climbing right out of the gate. LITERALLY, out of the gate. The trail head is just past a residential neighborhood and through a large green cattle gate. Let The Single Track Navigating Begin

I did end up a little lost but nothing to panic about. I could see the cosy little town down below so I knew that if I continued following the sun I would eventually find my way back home. Overall, a beautiful 2 hr 38 min loop. Just Shy Of 2,500ft/762m Climbing For The Day

The Milky Way, millions and millions of our ancestors have stared straight up into the night sky and identified these same gas light formations projected by billions of galaxies. Those folks that migrated across the Bering Strait, they recognized that same gas filled sky line. That night, while I sat on my bike outside of a pizza joint listening to a local band jazz up cover tunes, I gazed up to enjoy that same beautiful moonless Milky Way Galaxy. Shooting Stars??? U Know It


Turned myself inside & out. This climb hits double digit percentages on the steepness front. It Phuc-N Hurt!! I succumbed to the pain and stopped twice in the last .5 of a mile before the top. I didn't walk the 14% grade, only stopped, wiped sweat from my eyes, took on some fuel, and then rode to the obligatory signage photo opportunity. Talk about burning quads under thin air conditions. Yikes!! Ended up riding 33.32 miles , concurred 2,971ft/905meters of climbing , top speed on the decent of 48.7mph/78.38kmh into a headwind of course , and recording 2 hr 30min 27seconds in the saddle. Moving Time That Is

Numerous birds chirped from the thick lush roadside brush , Wild Perennial Silver Lupine , Desert Mule's Ear , Ballad Head Sandwort , and Rocky Mountain Penstemon dotted the hillsides , minimal traffic in both directions , and a crystal clear snow melted cold Gunnison River meandered right on by. That's The Definition Of A Happy Place

At the time, I was unaware of the snot hanging out. I was actually trying to focus on capturing the snow on Mt Treasury. That mountain peak is just outside of Marble Colorado and I was standing on the north face of McClure Pass that I just rode over. Here it is August 29th and there is still snow on the peaks and colorfully vivid wildflowers are blooming!!! Unreal


This would be my new favorite chair. Not so much the chair but the surrounding views. That chicken behind the Dave Davis Art Piece was a little iPhone6 shy but the bees were in full on action mode. I never knew that honey bees fly in formations as if they were in commercial airline patterns. Its Bitchin , Fascinating , & Beyond Graceful

When friends know ya, they leave a 6'r on the top shelf for your arrival. I so giggled when I opened their refrigerator to unload my ice chest. I knew I would be spending hours burning up the legs and consciously ONLY packed food in my cooler. Purposely Passed On Bringing Up Any Grog

Just look at that colluvial soil with gradient sloping. Bet it makes a Geologist's heart sing.

And these colors!!!! Sipping my morning joe to this scenery is breath taking. All day long its Honey Bees , Silver Skippers butterflies , Mexican Cloud Wing butterflies , common Monarch butterflies , and my favorite Painted Lady butterflies , orange and blue dragonflies , hummingbirds swooping in for a quick feeding , and a wild of assortment of colorful birds that come and go. Its A Living Wild Kingdom Here

This humble abode even plays host to these friendly dinosaurs. They totally followed me around like curious little dogs. I always took the time to throw out a little cup of scratch when I walk by their coop. Very Pleased They Are

I rode with this guy and he flat out kicked my A$$. Yes, my legs were a bit dodgy from the road ride the day before but turns out that this was a perspective ride that I needed. I know where I stand, what I should be focusing on, and what I need to improve on before the end of the year rolls around.


Saturday morning started off with a casual walk over to the old train station that has been converted into yoga studios , useable office space , and who knows what else. I was there for the 11:30 Yoga Class and that turned out to be a very sleepy stretching class. Totally Fine By Me As I Breathed Through Some Tightens

After scoring on the freshly picked veggie front, stumbled upon a $6.50 matinee. The Paradise Theater was showing Once Upon A Time In Hollywood for $6.50!!! Oh Hell Yes!! ONLY if you are a Quentin Tarantino fan, you gotta take this one in on the big screen. Sure Hope You Catch It At $6.50

The Last Day Of The Boy Dogs Birthday Month, Cheers Boy


Just could not fall asleep the night before, racing my mind went. Upcoming events , traveling , The Boy Dog , and who knows what else, drifted off well after 2am to the soundtrack provided by an orchestra of cricket stridulating. There ARE three styles of crickets chirping in the evening. Oh Baby

Windy morning to the start but those stratocumulus clouds provided the right amount of shade. I could feel the heat rising from arid soil while riding the day before and knew that there would be more of the same if I didn't get on it. Cooler morning temps were my sole motivation for rolling the 575 around Jumbo Mountain. Dug Deep And Rode Strong

The lizards were darker than the high desert ones we house in GJ and seemed much more spooked by my presences. Grasshoppers took flight along the trail and I don't know if it was my jersey that day, the color of my helmet, or stupid luck but I lost count on how many of them bounced of my noggin. Besides for them, this whole recreation area is completely quiet, still, and showcases new found beauty over every ridge line. I Mean Look At It

However, riding those trails were flipping grueling!! Grabbing the granny gear and grinding away felt empowering as the next crest became reality. Sure, it would be nice to ride with someone but just because I am all alone doesn't mean I am lonely.


This morning was quite chilly and I took advantage of the mosquito-less garden by harvesting an army of veggies. The smell of dill was so delightful that it literally slapped the pickling idea right up side my head. Fresh array of peppers, firm lemon and traditional cucumbers, flowering dill, and a couple unearthed bulbs of garlic were cleaned and prepped for their boiling vinegar bath. Outstanding

How about that action?!?!?! Those two ice cubes wedged perfectly across the lip of that pint glass. Call me Bat Sh*T Crazy but I thinks that it's pretty damn cool. Oh, how could I forget?? Taking care of this cutie. She tried so hard to be a cat but I really pissed her off by not falling for her demands. First thing every morning, she cried for wet food. So I would go feed the chickens. She would come rub up my leg while I was at the table or doing dishes, so I walked over to the couch. By about day number three, she ate all of her food. Some thing her humans hesitantly informed me she wasn't doing. They have no reason to worry her digestion track. She Is A Happy Eater

So this is the best of my recollection from the past fulfilling six days. Hydrating, eating, riding, cooking, eating, riding, hydrating, eating, canning, and repeating. YES!! Not Just Yes But Phuc YES