Sunday, August 22, 2021

Photos Really Are Worthy Of A Thousand Words

Riders On The Storm     Into This House We're Born    Into This House We're Thrown    Like A Dog Without A Bone      An Actor Out On Loan     Riders On The Storm      There's A Killer On The Road   Take A Long Holiday     Let Your Children Play     If You Give This Man A Ride      Sweet Family Will Die    Killer On The Road  Yeah 

The Doors 

1971 L.A. Woman  


Waking up with a healthy smile from ear to ear is a game changer.


Catching live outdoor shows has been a real luxury. 

Single Track As Far As The Eye Can See

Dogs that are regularly exercised are happy dogs. Hands Down Paws Up 

Every morning, while I refuel with homemade yogurt, granola, and a mix of nuts, this guy awaits. Not sometimes, every morning. A Trustworthy Companion 

The mountain offers a challengingly fantastic 18 basket disc golf course with commanding views along the way back down the ski run. 


The monsoon patterns are rolling across the state again. Thanx Mother Nature 

This bolt above struck so close to me that the electricity confused my aperture.  See that straight "light" line across the frame. Wicked Thrilling Strikes 


There is this house on the market for $29.4 million dollars or $21.5 million Pounds! It's difficult for me to even wrap my mind around the POINT 4 but this mansion is move-in ready and furnished. You know, let us just buy this one AND the house next door.

On the back deck is not ONE hot tub but two hot tubs with dreamscape views from ether wrap around deck. So I ride as surreptitious as possible to the empty neighborhood in the evenings, the late night evenings, to take advantage of the one 103F / 39.4C six person tub. Full On Stealth Mode 

And those evening views are spectacular. The tiny little twinkling lights from the town way down below. The Milky Way shined across the sky from North to South. Not a noise coming from any direction. A perfect way to relax and simply be. Plus, it is all downhill back to my place where the dogs greet me with excitement. Always Happy They Are 

And sunsets??? Nothing like watching an hour long setting sun rolling down the backside of a mountain range. Magical sun rays cascading back up into the clear mountain air. Mesmerizing 


  1. Working With A Purpose
  2. Find Or Borrow Someones Riding Legs
  3. Weigh In 
  4. Discovery Of Others Laughing 
  5. Write Down Intentions While Sipping A Cup Of Morning Joe 

Leaving You With Positive Vibes,


Monday, August 9, 2021

Stars In My Eyes

Some May Say     I'm Wishing My Days Away    No Way     And If It's The Price I Pay    Some Say    Tomorrow's Another Day   You Stay    I May As Well Play    Giant Steps Are What You Take   Walking On The Moon    I Hope My Leg Don't Break    Walking On The Moon    We Could Walk Forever    Walking On The Moon     We Could Be Together     Walking On    Walking On The Moon 

The Police - Walking On The Moon

Regatta de Blanc 4 NOV 1979


The last few days have been an absolute blur, delightful, and pleasant. The views are incredible and I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity. Awakening my slumbering soul at 9,000ft / 2743 meters and heading outdoors with the tribe doesn't get any better. 

This post will be more of a narrative of the photos and just as random as how these images were uploaded. Kind of like this sleeping dog above, the Blogger Layout was also doing its own thing upside down and backwards.  Like Way Random 

For the past three weeks, no complaints, the tribe has me up at first light. We load up and head for the deep wet forest. We then all have breakfast, find our comfortable or acceptable positions after circling , and then a repeatedly visit by this Juvenile Cooper Hawk. Best Way To Start The Day 

How do you like my panoramic photo below??? To the left is the trail that I navigated down and to the right is that same trail I am about to descend like a rowdy cowboy tightly holding the rope around a bull named Lucifer. Yah00000ooooooo

I would often find myself staring off into space or at wildflower filled meadows. Don't ya love that feeling?? Like peacefully BBQ'n out back and then daydreaming about who knows what. Isn't not all that common for me to feel serenity as the big city of GJ offers continual distractions or disruptions. Talk About Breathing  

Just listening to the trees and simply being. Talk about a refreshing and soul calming location. Breathe with me my friends. Imagine yourself surround by Aspen Trees, the composting earthy matter aloft in your nasal passages, and a blanket of vivid color covers the hillside as far as an eye can see. Mesmerizing  

And then there was this happy accident. The above photo, I dropped my phone when I pressed upon the shutter release button. After the phone tumbled about, it "switch" into this filter mode. Remember how fired I was when I discovered the long exposure effect. HA, That Was Nothing 

The tribe of dogs and I created a new game that none of us enjoyed but we all took part in. Stepping on each others paws!! Extra points when I was able to step on their back paws and their extra points came from their elbows driving into my big toe when one would lay down next to me while I was at the dinner table. Boys & Their Games  

And are you ready for this one???? I found a house on the market and couldn't stop pondering the options. The main house is only 650 square feet / 60.38 square meters. There is a loft above the kitchen that is not build into the footage of the house. Out back is an updated one car plus motorcycle garage/ work shop. All up to code as well. 

My compulsive thoughts over ran my common sense and I met with the realtor on Friday. Every bone in my body said GREEN LIGHT. Not one red flag was thrown, the solid hippy couple next door were rather ideal mountain town dwellers and super friendly, and this home marked all the boxes with a glorious CHECK. 

One downfall to the deal. Only one mutilate downfall. There always has to be bad news when your completely overwhelmed with child like excitement on Christmas Morning. The selling price is listed at 580 Thousand Phuc-N Dollars. That is $418,000 in British Pounds. A half of a million dollars!!??!! Might of had a few Gin and Tonics that evening. At least I can afford Fresh Limes for Phuc Sake. Such A Bummer 

My morning Cooper Friend attacked my GoPro while on Time Lapse Mode and captured this shot. How cool was that??? So to answer our good friend LITTLE WENDY, dogs are great and I love a well trained canine. But I am just not ready for a pup yet. My busy schedule wouldn't be fair to a new dog. A majority of folks around Colorado have a Subaru or a dog and many own BOTH. So a doggie fix is never far away.

The above photo is shining down to the place that I am at. If you follow all the buildings/condos up to the right front the left , the house is on the far right of that"town" there is me. The house is pretty much center low in this shot above. Score  

I have trained my dogs in the past for hours on end and incorporate as many hand signals as possible. I am just not ready to prioritize my selfish desires for that amount of dedication. Yes, it would be way nice to have the companionship but I am not quite ready. Wendy, thank you for asking. Happy Thoughts 

Happy Dogs?? Only happy dogs when they have been throughly exercised. Once they are able to run freely, they are at their best. But at 3am licking themselves, not so much. But watching them bound around in wildflowers taller than them was laughable. And I laughed a lot. You know what, I have been giggling a lot these days. Hope To Continue That Behavior 


  1. Continue Pounding The H2o
  2. Morning Foam Rolling Without Wet Tongue In My Earhole 
  3. Survive This New Moon In Leo
  4. Stumble Onto A Suitcase Full Of Exactly $580,000.oo 
  5. Host A Sensational Radio Show
  6. Cultivate Optimism 


Thanx For Checking In And I Will Be Visiting Ya Soon,

P.S. Hosting BLONDE ROOTS ( click here for KAFMradio dot ORG ) this Saturday the 14th at 3pm Mountain Time - 10pm in the UK and Croatia - 5am Sunday in Perth Australia - & 9am Sunday in Fiji