Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Next Radio Show

At every party there are two kinds of people -- those who want to go home and those who don't. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.

Ann Landers

It doesn't make a difference what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature.

Steven Wright

How Can You Not Fall In Love With This Face??? Shadow Boy is just beyond the best damn dog!! He eats with enthusiasm, stretches before he does anything, and sleeps on ME with his nose facing the hallway. He seems to be on duty all the time and that boogieman has stayed away so far. Thanx Boy

My best birth control now is just to leave the lights on.

Joan Rivers

What a dog I got, his favorite bone is in my arm.

Rodney Dangerfield

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.

Mae West

 Check Out These Photos!!! A Professional took some well framed photos and captured a number of brilliant moments from racers faces, the lush green territory of the desert, and fans cheering on the racers. Well over 180 pre-registered athletes and another 23 trail runners.

My next radio show will be THIS THURSDAY the 28th of April. I am hosting the Magic Carpet Ride at 6:30pm Mountain Time Zone and I am way fired up about it. I just scored an Umpherys McGee CD from Augusta, GA and its flipping fantastic!! I also plan on mixing in movie clips from School of Rock. 

Then, hosting the Paradise Cafe on Friday the 29th at 1pm Mountain Time as well. That particular show will be filled with Reggae and Lounge tunes for a weekend jump start.

Pamela Anderson

Our local CMU Mavericks are hosting a huge road race this weekend that I signed up to volunteer for. They are racing a criterium, Little Park Road hill climb, and then a road race near Whitewater. Should be pretty damn exciting!!  

This dog below was a crack up. His name is Rugar and belongs to a deaf woman. Rugar is young and full of life and completed about 2,000 wind sprints. He then became a very happy and relaxed dog. He was quick to greet other dogs and over the moon when those dogs would play, roll, and chase. Rugar didn't have a care in the world about UCI Points, timing system gremlins, or Mother Nature sand blasting the SH"T out of us. 

And Who Knew The Boy Dog Would Love Dried Mango!?!?!?!?! Maybe, its just the opening of the package that draws the attention. Ether way, he knows when to become really focused!!! Its hard to believe that he will soon be 11 years old. Where in the hell has all that time gone?? 

The Boy Dog is so good at helping me find my youth and I do feel 10 years younger these days. He is so true to give me that little look at 10:30pm of please.... can we go... please... short walk.... please.... and away we go. I love walking the streets at night. We have had clouds and rain for the past few weeks but last night was amazing with that Bright Mr Moon cascading its gorgeous shine across our valley. 

This is a bad A$$ Time Lapse If I Don't Mind Saying.... Click 720HD... Click Full Screen.... And Turn It Up

Monday, April 18, 2016

Movie Goer

The Madre was here to meet her Great Grand Child and what family dynamics they were.

We decided that the Jungle Book was the way to go on Friday, opening night. The Dude scored early tix and away we went.

Wish I had seen it in 3D but 2D was still outstanding!! That mangy tiger was killer, the animation is so life like now, & Bill Murray totally stole the show.

And YES, Keep Texting Out of the Theaters!!

The clients that I saw this weekend were beyond awesome. Athletic clients respond so well to Ortho-Bionomy. The work is brilliant and I so appreciate how releases show up in the body.

I was completely shocked with three new clients this weekend and all three got it!! Thats the best feeling ever!! One of them had a specific issue, low back, the other two just came in to experience Ortho as they had never heard of this modality.

One of them were totally open to organ relationships and immediately felt the 7up bubbles. We address their kidney/bladder communication. Just with that gentle release, their pelvic floor shifted, the result produce a longer neck and their shoulder pain went away. Why is that?? I have no clue. But Ortho is just that. I don't need to know, don't need to know the history, don't need to know the why, just simply notice what we notice and honor what arises.

CX Skiing on the Grand Mesa, commuter rides, road rides, yard work, Palisade Brewery, movie, Spring Clean Up, and a strong week in the gym. That all took place and this week will be radicle. Gym on Monday/Wed, Feedback session with my mentor on Tuesday, and then its 11 mile trail run Saturday and Rumble at 18 Road Mt Bike Race on Sunday.

Lets Rock

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Time Lapse Video

Set up theGoPro at 5 second time lapse mode.... Just over 3 hours worth.... Soundtrack by The String Cheese Incident from 2004.....Watch in Full Screen.... Click 720HD.... And Turn It Up..... Thanx For Watching

Monday, April 11, 2016


If A Man Says He'll Fix It, HE WILL.... There's No Need To Remind Him Every Six Months About It

Super fun weekend and tackled my chores with gusto. I also spent quite a few hours at KAFM as its the opening weekend for their week long FUNd Drive. Well, a majority of Saturday was in the office. But the rest of the time at KAFM was awesome. Had a chance to catch up with a number of folks that I hadn't seen in a few years.

$12.59 is the Crime of the Day
Our valley saw some weather pass through and the air is so clear and clean right now. Dig That!!

Notice My Supervisor 

The Boy Dog & I added up some miles Sunday morning. We fast hiked up the Ribbon Trail rather than down and that trail is in perfect shape!! I was able to find power in my gluts and my quads are so much stronger than a year ago. In fact, my body as a whole is fluid. Of course the Boy Dog burned up the trail and back down to check on me. Or just to make fun of my pace.

The Ribbon Trail usually has heavy traffic but we didn't see another soul all day. Thank You Mother Nature!! The views are always amazing along this trail. Especially looking back across the Grand Valley.

Here is a Time Lapse from my Commuter Bike. I mounted the GoPro on the back of my panniers and set the GoPro at 2 seconds TL Mode. I slowed the video down in iMovie during the Skate Park footage and added a mix from Queen's Bicycle Race.

GOALS: Grout the Master Bath, Gym Days all Week, Answering Phones at KAFM, Two-a-Days with the Boy Dog, Painting the Sun Room, and Completing All of this by Thursday Morning.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Thursday Folks

Training: Legs feel fantastic!! Shadow Boy and I have been cruising along the past few evenings. I began this new focus on really feeling my toes spread out during impact, then my ankles, and then how my arch absorbs and rebounds during my controlled strides. I have a much quicker turn over when I am pay attention to this. Maybe even a little more getty up in my step.

The gym workouts have been awesome. I have peppered in some one rep heavy sets during my chest and back exercises. I totally surprised myself on Tuesday by setting the Lat Pull Down at 150 pounds and pulled that sucker down with power. Yes, I shook and looked weak but I did it!!

The socializing has really picked up. I am NO fan of the piped in music so I have my earbuds in and constantly pull one ear free to hear the chit chat coming my way. Not sure if its just Spring in the air or what but I do a hell of a lot of listening. And Thats Cool.

Some would say that I picked the wrong day to ride the Midnight Racer but I think it is what it is. GJ saw 56 mph winds, Meeker recorded 72 mph winds, and Monarch Pass lit it up at 91 mph gust!!! I was very fortunate to be heading east and then back west as the wind came from the north. Side winds are totally fun but head winds and sand in the eyes sucks. Again, rode with power, focused on full range of motion with each pedal stroke, used my quads, pulled with the hammies, and anticipated for gust by noticing my surroundings and or position on the road. The odd factor from that ride was I drank very little. Didn't mean it but kinda blew my hydration. No Cramps but didn't wiz for almost 3 hours after the ride. oooooooops

Clients: I am over the moon with my Ortho-Bionomy practice!! I have two new clients tonight, one new client on Saturday, one new client next Saturday, and two new clients from last Tuesday. I built a new Ortho page on CrackBook and its finally paying off.

My machine client that has been dominating the old geezer categories is in the lottery for the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler. Hope he gets in!! We had a really good session and I am finding myself tracking much clearer these days. Athletes benefit much quicker for sure.

I received one of the best compliments from a performer in the dance theater group. I originally put out the word about releases in the ankles, feet, and lower legs. One of the gals took me up on it and they really didn't get the whole Ortho thing during our session. They didn't come right out and say it but I can tell as I am a pretty good body language reader. Ortho is VERY gentle and I often see that reaction. So yesterday they call to say they couldn't believe how GREAT they feel. They explained how their right leg/feet felt very stiff before going to bed after the session. Thats the second step of noticing. The next morning ALL the pain was gone, ankles didn't pop when getting up, and their ROM was super fluid and relaxed. Best Phone Call Ever!!!

Avery: Avery has changed so much in just a few short days. His little face is developing and his baby blue eyes are tracking towards the outdoors. He wieghed in at 8 pounds 4 oz during his latest Doc Appt. I only saw him twice this week and hope to spend some more time with him this weekend. Both of my visited allowed me to read to him while his mom nursed. Avery is breastfeeding much better and learning something new everyday. Photos to come.

And Heres To 27 Scoreless Innings To Start Off The 2016 Season. I Can Always Count On My Padres To Set New MLB Records!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Awesome..... Miles.... Lifting..... Ortho..... All of It..... Thanx For Watching