Monday, April 11, 2016


If A Man Says He'll Fix It, HE WILL.... There's No Need To Remind Him Every Six Months About It

Super fun weekend and tackled my chores with gusto. I also spent quite a few hours at KAFM as its the opening weekend for their week long FUNd Drive. Well, a majority of Saturday was in the office. But the rest of the time at KAFM was awesome. Had a chance to catch up with a number of folks that I hadn't seen in a few years.

$12.59 is the Crime of the Day
Our valley saw some weather pass through and the air is so clear and clean right now. Dig That!!

Notice My Supervisor 

The Boy Dog & I added up some miles Sunday morning. We fast hiked up the Ribbon Trail rather than down and that trail is in perfect shape!! I was able to find power in my gluts and my quads are so much stronger than a year ago. In fact, my body as a whole is fluid. Of course the Boy Dog burned up the trail and back down to check on me. Or just to make fun of my pace.

The Ribbon Trail usually has heavy traffic but we didn't see another soul all day. Thank You Mother Nature!! The views are always amazing along this trail. Especially looking back across the Grand Valley.

Here is a Time Lapse from my Commuter Bike. I mounted the GoPro on the back of my panniers and set the GoPro at 2 seconds TL Mode. I slowed the video down in iMovie during the Skate Park footage and added a mix from Queen's Bicycle Race.

GOALS: Grout the Master Bath, Gym Days all Week, Answering Phones at KAFM, Two-a-Days with the Boy Dog, Painting the Sun Room, and Completing All of this by Thursday Morning.

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