Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Graduation!! Another Monumental Achievement

Body Work: After 2+ years of training, I finally graduated from The Rocky Mountain Orth-Bionomy Center w/a Practitioners 600hr Occupational License!! I am now an Ortho-Bionomist!!! Completed my schooling with about 6 other graduates as most of us needed the Cranial course credits to fulfill our required classes. What a journey its been and blown away by how rewarding of a feeling that rushed over me w/a sense of accomplishment as Sheri read my name off my certificate.
Its wild to me that my first class was 01/17/2013 and I can now see the finishing line. Meaning, I have some paperwork left, a signature or two, and then mail my transcripts off to Indiana. As we were expressing our feelings, thoughts, etc I was more than happy to explain that I will be forever a perpetual student. I shared to the group that I'm not emotional and I don't feel as if its a closure like other achievements we have all been through. In Fact, I reminded everyone that I have already paid in full for the August Crested Butte classes w/Ursula and how out of my mind I am about FINALLY meeting the Gr8 Ursula.
And the gals made it very clear that I must enroll in the Instructor Program!!! That felt good to hear    

Radio Show: This Thursday the 25th on June, I will be hosting the Magic Carpet Ride ( MCR ) on KAFM at 6:30pm. The Blue Z is on the upper Colorado for another couple of nights under what must be an amazing display of stars. The sliver of that moon dancing around Jupiter and Venus has been awesome!! Anyway, looking at airing some B-Side Classic Rock. The Kinks, John Mellonhead, Eddie Money, Rush, and some odds and ends like Fat Freddys Drop, Mulligan Brothers, maybe even some Jerry. SO PLEASE STREAM LIVE!!! WWW DOT KAFMRADIO DOT ORG
Training: Must admit that I have taken almost a week off from ALL of it. No Swimming, No MTB, No road rides, No trail running, No lifting, and I feel FANTASTIC!!! Mostly my "reasons" are time related but I still walked the Boy Dog, Perfect Push Ups, and walked over 10 miles a day during Country Jam. This is my closest guess because Melissa had her Apple Watch tracking her movements. My first encounter w/an Apple Watch, crazy, that watch is. Rode the commuter bike yesterday for the first time in 5 days and No Aches or Pains!!! No Power But Who Cares when your riding towards town???
Spent sometime around bikes as The Dude brought over his two bikes. They both needed tires, minor tune ups, and a much needed BATH. Easy stuff, relaxing stuff, happy to do it.
Received some Ortho yesterday, spent all day Monday & Tuesday working at the office with clients, and hosting an Open House today and Friday at the office. I might even drive the car because its Bike 2 Work Day, I ride my commuter to the office 99% of the time because I refuse to pay the parking meter. So the drive was a joke, HHHHHHEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee
And I leave you with this……. You are as powerful as your mind sees fit….. Right now, you can achieve your dreams by simply taking that first step…… I encourage you to follow your dreams…. Enjoy the best possible outcome….. And I wanted to take a second and thank ALL 52 of you that stopped by my blog……. Big Hugs

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Look At This Guy, Look At Him, I Mean Really?? Best Day Ever!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mother Nature Allow Us To Race This Weekend

One of my best mistakes so far!!! This video is only 1:11 long and the music by Umpherys McGee matched up perfectly. I'm stoked!!! I set the GoPro on top of John's truck and began the time lapse of us setting up the finish area for the Gunny Enduro Downhill. The wind began moving the GoPro around and then finally flipped it onto its backside. But no rain.

The Pro Men flew down the 4 mile course in 17min!! Crazy Fast!!! And on Sunday, MAD Racing held the Little Park Road Hill Climb!! Huge success and EVERYONE dug it. A mass rolling start, 5.2 miles of climbing, 1600 ft of lung burning hammering, and 1st place only took 24:17 to end the punishment. I was also blown away by how many spectators are coming out for these events. Its amazingly awesome!!! During the awards, we had a number of folks giving us ideas of other hills, series climbs, and how if we want more female riders we should drop the word race. Do you believe this to be true?????

These are wonderful thoughts but the fact remain that MAD Racing is 100% concentrated on SPONSORS because we pay $500.oo damn dollars for EVRY EVENTS Insurance. We want to host all kinds of events, Triathlons, etc but we are in need of sponsors to pull this off. So We Will See.

I didn't workout all weekend and even had a few beers Sunday night during Game 2 of the NBA Finals. What a sloppy entertaining game. Not pulling for ether team but I want to see a full on shoot out with a final score of 145 - 149. I only bring this up about not working out because my body feels great. No pains, no blood, and ready for the gym. Keep in mind, I walked all weekend and carried a ton of equipment. Missed the F1 in Canada, the Indy in Texas, NHL Finals, and Golf playoff holes but I wouldn't trade it for anything because I saw the JR Racers finish with a smile, proud parents "talked" about their little ones, and simply enjoyed the atmosphere around the finishing area. I had no idea how sucked into the family dynamics and how everyone shares stories with such enthusiasm really could be that electrifying and engaging. Its like I wanted to jump on my bike and ride!!! Life Is Good

Goals This Week: Few goals for the week. Doing some track work, gym on Mon,Tues, and Wed. I have a cranial class on Thursday and Friday. Mt Biking on Wed night out at Horsethief Trail System. Moving some river rock. Dancing with the Boy Dog. Hope to swim at some point. Awesome sessions with clients. And maybe a road ride in there somewhere. MAD Racing meeting on Wed. Hot Damn

On A Side Note: Please take the time to remind others around you how you feel about them. A guy I don't know is dealing with the passing of a longtime bike rider that was struck AND killed by a truck. Here is Steve Tilford's Story that I am referring too.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Thank You….

…… So Much For Watching My Latest Clip HERE From The Off Road Endurance Race

GoPro Every 2 Seconds Of Shadow Boy Being, well, Shadow Boy

Shadow Boy & I headed up Little Park Road to check out tomorrows course that MAD RACING is hosting June 6th & 7th. Saturday starts off with the Gunny Enduro & The Little Park Hill Climb will be raced on Sunday.

Clipped along the 4 miles downhill at an 11min mile pace.

Ran the uphill at an easy 15min mile pace

 Legs felt strong. I focused on the terrain of the trail and full ROM in my ankles. Worked on relaxing my shoulders and rotating my hips. Didn't count foot strikes and just slowly and calmly beat the rain.

 Its this some killer single track or what??? This is part of the Gunny Loop System that was NOT part of Epic Rides ORGJ Race

 How About These Two Shots??? Two Different Rocks In Two Different Trees. Flippin' Sweet

 Shadow Boy telling me that he could eat so we should stay ahead of this storm. Look at Mother Nature moving into the Valley from the South.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

100 Mile Month Update

I was totally expanding my high from the last weekend of racing, music, Klunker Krit, & never explained the 100 mile month title from my last post. I joined a group that wanted to encourage each other to run 100+ miles for the month. And now 3 days into it and I am at 11.65 for the month.

so last night the Grand Valley Bikes host a leisure family ride to kick off Bike To Work Month. We all arrived at City Hall on 5th and Rood Ave at 5:30pm, held a meeting regarding safety 3rd, glanced over the map that highlighted the route, and way we went……...

A very RELAXING cruise that caused us to meander up and over the train tracks, down along the River Front Trail System, on over to the Botanical Gardens, and back to City Hall. And YES, I talked the whole time. I chatted with anyone and everyone that wanted to engage in a little casual conversation.

Well, actually, I hung way towards the back. My dear friend Biz rode lead and works for Grand Valley Bikes. These photos here are when Biz took us around the Amphitheater and we circled up like a wagons as preparing to fight off  oncoming warriors. I began ringing my bell and the kids all giggled as if they were at Bush Gardens riding the water slides. This section of the ride was the favorite by the group and was discuss over Gelato.

We even saw the sights of GJPD Bike Crew!!! Let it be known, why not, over the past few years I have crossed paths with one of the cycling officers in particular. I have been involved with the downtown district association for awhile now and remember when the Bike Patrol was started up. Then, last summer, I worked the Farmer's Market and interacted with them a lot. We have all become quite friendly as I see them all over town and during GJ Rockies Rookie League they were at every home game. So last night, they popped on by the Leisurely Family Ride.

 Then, it was doggie time!! I took Ol' Grandpa Smokey on a little loop around the hood and then loaded up the Boy Dog and the desert we went. I really haven't been out 27 1/4 RD much since Sadie Girl passed. The Boy Dog was stoked and about jumped out of the damn car when we crossed the cattle guard. These photos are for Candice because she also has a Karelian Bear Dog mix. Plus, its hard to believe that this is the high desert because its so green still.

My legs are feeling stronger and my cadence was short and quick. I focused on striding uphills and pushing through with my gluts. I did notice that my hip flexors were rather stiff for the first 15-20min and that kind of threw me off a bit. Thats when I shortened my cadence and relaxed my toes and gripped the desert floor with each stride. Overall, I am feeling way more confident about the Lead King 25K compared to last years race. And Thats Awesome

I took this photo because it used to be a 4x4 road. I used to power hike throughout this ravine ( from R to L ) and up the other side as part of my "hills" workout/repeats. At some point during all of our rain the past few months, this area was under water. Look at how the vegetation is still on its side and almost embedded in the soil still. The highlight was that Shadow Boy flushed out a cute little bunny and it passed by me within 2 foot or so. I wish I had captured Shadow's face as he really thought that for the first time in his 9 years of existence HE HAD HIMSELF A BUNNY. And I let him down by not reacting. Imagine this and it all took place within 2-3 seconds. I am taking this photo, bunny comes from the right of me out of this ditch, Boy Dog in tow, and they both fly by me kicking up dust. How can I react to that??? "Damn useless Human!!" The Boy Dog Says

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A 100 Mile Month

Epic Rides hosted an incredible 4 day "festival" this past weekend. The 3rd annual Grand Junction Off-Road 2015 was a huge success and rides from around the WORLD came out in full force to tackle our looping systems.
Here is another link to a write up describing the event and I just happen to be in the very last photo.

 Thats Right, from around the world!! Backing up a bit, Thursday night was the kick off party with James McMurtry at Edgewater Brewery. The music was OK, the attendance was PACKED HOUSE status, and the sunset was perfect. Like, everyone was pointing out the cloud formations as they turned from pink to purple to that ever so frightening display of thunder cells moving in. And then the hail pounded on down!!! Its Was Awesome!!! The crowd scurried indoors and left about a dozen of us standing around to wait out the storm.

Friday was amazing weather wise. After receiving a very unusual amount of precipitation over the past few weeks, Friday Was Gorgeous!!! Epic Cycles was in full set up mode and venders for the Bike Expo were pulling in from all over the states. Epic also partnered up with the once named Arts & Jazz Fest of GJ. So Main St transformed into a huge beer garden, 5 stages for live music, vendors, and a Start/Finish right on Main St.
 Friday was also host to the 15 Grand,
 the Klunker Krit, the men/women Pro Criterium Races, and a live performance by Sam's Funky Nation. The Dude & I decorated our bikes while BBQ'n and both dogs checked in quite frequently. He & I dressed up and downtown we headed. And too my surprise….. GJ came out in full force!!! The costumes were most outstanding!! Very well attended by both riders and spectators. The Klunker Krit was a 2 lap parade of the race course and then the Pro Riders took off like a shot. Thrilling is an understatement. And Sam's Funk, Off The Damn Hook!!!

Saturday morning started out way early after a pretty late night and thats OK. I drove up Little Park RD just ahead of the Amateur 40/30 Grand Riders and parked just above the Gunny Loop portion of the race. Something like mile marker 7 of the race.
This was my 1st year of NOT volunteering during this event and I wanted to simply soak up the atmosphere. And That I Was Doing!! I walked part of the Gunny Loop and called out names of local riders, snapped some photos, and shot some video.

 Hello Mr Sun, thanx for making an appearance today. In the orange socks stands Mr B as he is waiting for his wife to roll on through. The leaders at this point looked strong and then it was as of a switch was flipped and the out of shape riders made their way up to this point. These folks were suffering and I kinda felt bad for them because some of then still have 30+ miles of hammering. But still a lot of smiles pasted by me and I made it a point to THANK EVERY RACER for coming out and riding in our valley of awesomeness.
THE ONE AND ONLY…. Pittbrownie

I made my way up Little Park RD and parked across from the staging area of Bangs Canyon. It wasn't long before the 30 Grand Racers were making their way out of that section and the 40 Grand Riders were flying down on the pavement after pounding through Rough Canyon. Turns out, damn good thing I was there because the "volunteer" was totally useless. You have to understand that 40 Grand Rides AND cars were coming downhill and 30 Granders were turning onto that same road. So I took over and shouted out to the 30's to turn tight when I saw cars/racers bombing down the road. And still THANKED them for coming out.

I mean, LOOK AT THAT VIEW!!! What a killer course and extremely challenging!! Saturday brought out a ton of locals for our local bluegrass band Stray Grass. The problem was that the sound was awful. When you can't hear the Upright Bass, sound engineer needs to go. Then, Shakey Graves came out with his "band" and hammered out 5 or 6 songs. I witness my friends walking away. Shakey then played another 5 or 7 song acoustic by himself and then brought back his band. Afterwards, the general consensus was that he should have played acoustically to start out and then hammer out songs later in the night.

Sunday was totally radicle!!! The Pros ripped and made our trails look easy and manageable. I just met Kya on Saturday during a performance by local We Speak Imagines. Her and her dog Willow were hanging out in this spot.
I shot video along the trail and filmed most of my "movie" from this location. After about 40 riders had come through, I hiked back out at about a 12min mile pace. I was fully inspired by all the beautiful quads I had just seen. I do believe that I will be focusing more on my own gluts this summer!!!

And what I want everyone to understand and where I am coming from, its this, this whole weekend was really just for me!!! I went full on selfish and planed the weekend on the idea of finding the best possible outcome. That was achieved and more. I saw so many wonderful faces that includes folks I haven't seen in over ten years. I crossed paths with travelers from St. Louis, Idaho, Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, Montana, California, and bloggers from right here in Colorado. The Atmosphere was unbelievably heart warming and I was totally in my element. Having a blast, hugging old friends, hell, hugging ODD friends, but just having that satisfaction of positive interactions and happy people on every corner. So Yes, These Past Few Days Were Just For Me…...
….. And even if it came off that I was bitching about how loud the music was or something could have been different, the fact is, Epic Rides held an amazing event that everyone MUST add to your bucket list. Something a rider told me on Sunday was how he was able to stay downtown in a hotel, put on his helmet and ride to the starting line, and how his wife had something to do all day because of the Art Fest & All The Live Music For FREE!!! How Awesome Is That?!?!?!
     Junk Town, I Am Proud Of You!! Epic Rides, Thank You So Much For Hosting This Amazing Weekend!!! Dave Grossman, Hats Off Brother!! And to you the reader, thanx so much for stopping by and I can only hope to see your happy A$$ next year for the 4th Annual Off Road Endurance Race in Grand Junction Colorado!!!