Friday, June 5, 2015

Thank You….

…… So Much For Watching My Latest Clip HERE From The Off Road Endurance Race

GoPro Every 2 Seconds Of Shadow Boy Being, well, Shadow Boy

Shadow Boy & I headed up Little Park Road to check out tomorrows course that MAD RACING is hosting June 6th & 7th. Saturday starts off with the Gunny Enduro & The Little Park Hill Climb will be raced on Sunday.

Clipped along the 4 miles downhill at an 11min mile pace.

Ran the uphill at an easy 15min mile pace

 Legs felt strong. I focused on the terrain of the trail and full ROM in my ankles. Worked on relaxing my shoulders and rotating my hips. Didn't count foot strikes and just slowly and calmly beat the rain.

 Its this some killer single track or what??? This is part of the Gunny Loop System that was NOT part of Epic Rides ORGJ Race

 How About These Two Shots??? Two Different Rocks In Two Different Trees. Flippin' Sweet

 Shadow Boy telling me that he could eat so we should stay ahead of this storm. Look at Mother Nature moving into the Valley from the South.

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