Monday, June 8, 2015

Mother Nature Allow Us To Race This Weekend

One of my best mistakes so far!!! This video is only 1:11 long and the music by Umpherys McGee matched up perfectly. I'm stoked!!! I set the GoPro on top of John's truck and began the time lapse of us setting up the finish area for the Gunny Enduro Downhill. The wind began moving the GoPro around and then finally flipped it onto its backside. But no rain.

The Pro Men flew down the 4 mile course in 17min!! Crazy Fast!!! And on Sunday, MAD Racing held the Little Park Road Hill Climb!! Huge success and EVERYONE dug it. A mass rolling start, 5.2 miles of climbing, 1600 ft of lung burning hammering, and 1st place only took 24:17 to end the punishment. I was also blown away by how many spectators are coming out for these events. Its amazingly awesome!!! During the awards, we had a number of folks giving us ideas of other hills, series climbs, and how if we want more female riders we should drop the word race. Do you believe this to be true?????

These are wonderful thoughts but the fact remain that MAD Racing is 100% concentrated on SPONSORS because we pay $500.oo damn dollars for EVRY EVENTS Insurance. We want to host all kinds of events, Triathlons, etc but we are in need of sponsors to pull this off. So We Will See.

I didn't workout all weekend and even had a few beers Sunday night during Game 2 of the NBA Finals. What a sloppy entertaining game. Not pulling for ether team but I want to see a full on shoot out with a final score of 145 - 149. I only bring this up about not working out because my body feels great. No pains, no blood, and ready for the gym. Keep in mind, I walked all weekend and carried a ton of equipment. Missed the F1 in Canada, the Indy in Texas, NHL Finals, and Golf playoff holes but I wouldn't trade it for anything because I saw the JR Racers finish with a smile, proud parents "talked" about their little ones, and simply enjoyed the atmosphere around the finishing area. I had no idea how sucked into the family dynamics and how everyone shares stories with such enthusiasm really could be that electrifying and engaging. Its like I wanted to jump on my bike and ride!!! Life Is Good

Goals This Week: Few goals for the week. Doing some track work, gym on Mon,Tues, and Wed. I have a cranial class on Thursday and Friday. Mt Biking on Wed night out at Horsethief Trail System. Moving some river rock. Dancing with the Boy Dog. Hope to swim at some point. Awesome sessions with clients. And maybe a road ride in there somewhere. MAD Racing meeting on Wed. Hot Damn

On A Side Note: Please take the time to remind others around you how you feel about them. A guy I don't know is dealing with the passing of a longtime bike rider that was struck AND killed by a truck. Here is Steve Tilford's Story that I am referring too.

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