Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Graduation!! Another Monumental Achievement

Body Work: After 2+ years of training, I finally graduated from The Rocky Mountain Orth-Bionomy Center w/a Practitioners 600hr Occupational License!! I am now an Ortho-Bionomist!!! Completed my schooling with about 6 other graduates as most of us needed the Cranial course credits to fulfill our required classes. What a journey its been and blown away by how rewarding of a feeling that rushed over me w/a sense of accomplishment as Sheri read my name off my certificate.
Its wild to me that my first class was 01/17/2013 and I can now see the finishing line. Meaning, I have some paperwork left, a signature or two, and then mail my transcripts off to Indiana. As we were expressing our feelings, thoughts, etc I was more than happy to explain that I will be forever a perpetual student. I shared to the group that I'm not emotional and I don't feel as if its a closure like other achievements we have all been through. In Fact, I reminded everyone that I have already paid in full for the August Crested Butte classes w/Ursula and how out of my mind I am about FINALLY meeting the Gr8 Ursula.
And the gals made it very clear that I must enroll in the Instructor Program!!! That felt good to hear    

Radio Show: This Thursday the 25th on June, I will be hosting the Magic Carpet Ride ( MCR ) on KAFM at 6:30pm. The Blue Z is on the upper Colorado for another couple of nights under what must be an amazing display of stars. The sliver of that moon dancing around Jupiter and Venus has been awesome!! Anyway, looking at airing some B-Side Classic Rock. The Kinks, John Mellonhead, Eddie Money, Rush, and some odds and ends like Fat Freddys Drop, Mulligan Brothers, maybe even some Jerry. SO PLEASE STREAM LIVE!!! WWW DOT KAFMRADIO DOT ORG
Training: Must admit that I have taken almost a week off from ALL of it. No Swimming, No MTB, No road rides, No trail running, No lifting, and I feel FANTASTIC!!! Mostly my "reasons" are time related but I still walked the Boy Dog, Perfect Push Ups, and walked over 10 miles a day during Country Jam. This is my closest guess because Melissa had her Apple Watch tracking her movements. My first encounter w/an Apple Watch, crazy, that watch is. Rode the commuter bike yesterday for the first time in 5 days and No Aches or Pains!!! No Power But Who Cares when your riding towards town???
Spent sometime around bikes as The Dude brought over his two bikes. They both needed tires, minor tune ups, and a much needed BATH. Easy stuff, relaxing stuff, happy to do it.
Received some Ortho yesterday, spent all day Monday & Tuesday working at the office with clients, and hosting an Open House today and Friday at the office. I might even drive the car because its Bike 2 Work Day, I ride my commuter to the office 99% of the time because I refuse to pay the parking meter. So the drive was a joke, HHHHHHEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee
And I leave you with this……. You are as powerful as your mind sees fit….. Right now, you can achieve your dreams by simply taking that first step…… I encourage you to follow your dreams…. Enjoy the best possible outcome….. And I wanted to take a second and thank ALL 52 of you that stopped by my blog……. Big Hugs

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  1. Brother Jim, beyond fascinating!! Its a full spectrum of body work. From runners and injuries to cancer patients to arthritis or a simple tune up. I am more than pleased to see that you did some of your own investigating!!! Way Cool and Thanx So Much For The Recognition!!!