Thursday, June 4, 2015

100 Mile Month Update

I was totally expanding my high from the last weekend of racing, music, Klunker Krit, & never explained the 100 mile month title from my last post. I joined a group that wanted to encourage each other to run 100+ miles for the month. And now 3 days into it and I am at 11.65 for the month.

so last night the Grand Valley Bikes host a leisure family ride to kick off Bike To Work Month. We all arrived at City Hall on 5th and Rood Ave at 5:30pm, held a meeting regarding safety 3rd, glanced over the map that highlighted the route, and way we went……...

A very RELAXING cruise that caused us to meander up and over the train tracks, down along the River Front Trail System, on over to the Botanical Gardens, and back to City Hall. And YES, I talked the whole time. I chatted with anyone and everyone that wanted to engage in a little casual conversation.

Well, actually, I hung way towards the back. My dear friend Biz rode lead and works for Grand Valley Bikes. These photos here are when Biz took us around the Amphitheater and we circled up like a wagons as preparing to fight off  oncoming warriors. I began ringing my bell and the kids all giggled as if they were at Bush Gardens riding the water slides. This section of the ride was the favorite by the group and was discuss over Gelato.

We even saw the sights of GJPD Bike Crew!!! Let it be known, why not, over the past few years I have crossed paths with one of the cycling officers in particular. I have been involved with the downtown district association for awhile now and remember when the Bike Patrol was started up. Then, last summer, I worked the Farmer's Market and interacted with them a lot. We have all become quite friendly as I see them all over town and during GJ Rockies Rookie League they were at every home game. So last night, they popped on by the Leisurely Family Ride.

 Then, it was doggie time!! I took Ol' Grandpa Smokey on a little loop around the hood and then loaded up the Boy Dog and the desert we went. I really haven't been out 27 1/4 RD much since Sadie Girl passed. The Boy Dog was stoked and about jumped out of the damn car when we crossed the cattle guard. These photos are for Candice because she also has a Karelian Bear Dog mix. Plus, its hard to believe that this is the high desert because its so green still.

My legs are feeling stronger and my cadence was short and quick. I focused on striding uphills and pushing through with my gluts. I did notice that my hip flexors were rather stiff for the first 15-20min and that kind of threw me off a bit. Thats when I shortened my cadence and relaxed my toes and gripped the desert floor with each stride. Overall, I am feeling way more confident about the Lead King 25K compared to last years race. And Thats Awesome

I took this photo because it used to be a 4x4 road. I used to power hike throughout this ravine ( from R to L ) and up the other side as part of my "hills" workout/repeats. At some point during all of our rain the past few months, this area was under water. Look at how the vegetation is still on its side and almost embedded in the soil still. The highlight was that Shadow Boy flushed out a cute little bunny and it passed by me within 2 foot or so. I wish I had captured Shadow's face as he really thought that for the first time in his 9 years of existence HE HAD HIMSELF A BUNNY. And I let him down by not reacting. Imagine this and it all took place within 2-3 seconds. I am taking this photo, bunny comes from the right of me out of this ditch, Boy Dog in tow, and they both fly by me kicking up dust. How can I react to that??? "Damn useless Human!!" The Boy Dog Says


  1. I love when the dog looks at you like that ... "you did not do your job."

    1. And The Boy Dog so works me over with all of his dynamic looks of…..