Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunset Hairdo

Came In From A Rainy Thursday On The Avenue     Thought I Heard You Talking Softly     I Turned On The Lights , The TV , And The Radio    Still I Cant Escape The Ghost Of You        What Has Happened To It All     Crazy    Some Say     Where Is The Life That I Recognize       Gone Away       But I Wont Cry For Yesterday       There Is An Ordinary World       Somehow I Have To Find       And I As I Try To Make My Way     To The Ordinary World      I Will Learn To Survive      Passion Or Coincidence 

Duran Duran 

The Wedding Album 1993


This gorgeously lingering Autumn Season has produce golden papers falling from the abundance of trees here in this picturesque Grand Valley. Still rocking out the diversity of house/dog sitting gigs as well. Adjusting to the new office space and photos coming soon. Click 

I am responsible for a number of houses these days. I rake leaves , winterize irrigation lines , and am randomly approached by a neighbor or two while I perform my various task at hand. Such as, an older couple stopped by to introduce themselves and explain how they have observed me over the course of the past few months. They asked if I would be willing to check out a corner gutter of theirs. I obliged and climbed my trusty ladder. Easy clean out, no breaks, no damage reports, and of course I didn't charge them a dime. Karma Coupons 101


Totally Screwed!! Just as the disk of Mother Earth began making its appearance across Mr Moon, high cirrus clouds whispered good night. Within about forty minutes, thick darker cumulus clouds engulfed my viewing pleasure. 

I could have thrown on my big boy pants and waited it out. But by 3am, I was a sack of baked potatoes. My pillow never cradled my sleepy cheeks so well as I drifted off into never never land of dreams and puppy breath.

The green light there is a usual lens flare that my camera picks up. The first photo below showcases an airplane. The second photo below captured the moon and Jupiter. But that halo around the moon was the precursor that moisture was in the air on this particular evening. GREAT 

But my mason jar of spring water survived the frigid temperatures and my rocks were all energized once again. I even remembered to lay my favorite rose quartz on top of the sealed jar. Feeling Good 


Cycling, or rather not cycling much. I mustard up 24 miles / 38 kms this past week. All of those numbers were commuter bike related. It was a circular pattern consisting of Gym, Office, And Yard Jobs. 

And because 42 is always the number, I did mange a 2 plus hour spin yesterday. This was NOT a high intensity ride by any means. I focused my attention skyward to the migrating birds in flight, the incredibly low water levels, and those mysterious unseen critters rustling around in the underbrush. Oh Baby

You Know, Simply Enjoying The Moment! My hydration has been worthy, morning calisthenics to reinsure a pain free day, and evening stretches are paying off. I felt limber on the bike with full range of motion in the legs. So That's Cool 


Two deaths hit home this week. One that rocked the casbah was the passing of Keith Levene. I believe that I even muttered the words 'Oh No' upon reading the headlines. Maybe I didn't say that. However, would be a monumental tombstone that reads 11/11/22. 

The other punch in the gut was the long time coming passing of Sledge O Metic himself, Gallagher!! I was fortunate enough to catch two of his shows in Sunny San Diego back in the 90's and then during the Summer of 2017 here in GJ at the Mesa Theater. I was aware that his health was failing but the news still sucks. I snapped a screen shot and forwarded it onto The Blue Z as he was next to me on the evening of July 7, 2017. Memories 


I took advantage of the cold air accompanied by a dusting of snow and began riffling through my poster collection. My intention was to unearth old muscle charts, acupuncture meridian posters, and my throw back foot reflexology charts to hang in the new office. 

These two gems were rolled up nicely in my poster tube. Above was our first Gears & Beers poster from 2010. We featured local home brewers, CSA farmers, an ex pro MTB'r skills clinic for free, and local bands throughout the weekend of May 21st 2010. We provided munchies, prepared a fabulous parade of bikes in costumes of course, and the vendors were stoked with the communal support. Everyone made out like bandits that weekend. YES 

Sent this photo to the creator Jenn T from the old MOG Fest. MOG stands for Manufacturers Outdoor Gear. This was about the forth or fifth one and the first MOG Sale that was held in the Rockslide Parking Lot. Again, excellent meals, live music, and sweet deals to be discovered around every tent. Righteous 


Really enjoyed myself the other night as a buddy hosted a Scorpio Birthday Party. I happily hung outside manning the fire pit while socializing with the verity of waves of groups that shuffled their way through the night. Snap Crackle Pop

I wasn't all that keen to attended as COVID is beginning its ugly Winter Season surge. But thankfully The Dude talked me into picking him up and heading over to partake in the festivities. The evening worked out well as a number of folks that I haven't seen since before Covid arbitrarily made an appearance. Way Cool 


  1. Mobility Exercises 
  2. Cycle When Available 
  3. Photo Shoot Of The New Office
  4. Meet With The Graphic Artist 
  5. Smile With Confidence 

When The Time Is Right, Ring Someone You Truly Care About


Thursday, November 3, 2022


When You Are Walking Down The Street At Night       And Behind You There's No One In View      But You Hear Mysterious Feet At Night         Then     The Munsters Are Following You     If You Should Meet This Strange Family          Just Forget What Some People Have Said         The Munsters May Shake Your Hand      But They're Not Necessarily Dead


The Munsters Jack Marshall 1965


My favorite holiday by far. Hands down! I love choosing a theme with the family, building on that suspense, the art of dressing up, corralling ghoulish friends around for the pre-game, and then accompanying the little ones while we all scurry from house to house. 

The Group Theme Was Demons And Witches. H Bird And Baby Dad hosted this years festive event and them two little ones there were committed as kids should be. A devil and mini me!!! 

I was over the moon for this years trick or treating. Our past few years, many of you know from What ELSE Is Possible, our group themes have exceeded tame theme costumes. This year falls on the other side of the moon as the kids were ok with a "scary" Halloween Group Theme. 

We trolled ourselves around Fruita and everyone was so nice. Groups of kids walking from house to house said hello or Happy Halloween or some form of acknowledging gesture. It Was Refreshing 


Miles - 187 / 300km

Activities - 23

Days Off The Bike - 9

In Closing, life kicks A$$. Went on a radicle vacation, family bonding, and working multiples facets of life brings me to my one and only complaint. I hit the ground running after my vacation!!