Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Already????

Mt Shasta & The North West Has Been Rolling Around In My Mind
So Tuesday went well. Killer Kick A$$ session in the AM & I learned a lot about X-Country Skiing. Most of the Hr & 1/2 we discussed the Olympic Games. Right up my alley. Tuesday afternoon I hit the miles on the Ol' Midnight Racer. I didn't have the best responce out of my quads but maybe I didn't really try. Thinking back on it …….. Well…… Thinking….. I rode pretty much all flat ground. I know my posture was solid because my elbows felt Gr8 all day. I looked down at my lower legs a lot & its funny how I think my calves are pumping. Looking down now, where are they???? Hope skinny legs are still in. Wait, were they ever in????

Wed was awesome. Just over a year ago I was given the best gift. Our local gym offered me a trade out and has helped me save $386.oo BIG ONES!!! I clean their equipment for a FREE membership. Dude, Awesome Or What?? Plus, I am kinds sweet on the front desk gal. Yes, she is married. Yes, she is easily half my age. Yes, she is super cool. From 9am - 1pm I cleaned and sanitized everything I saw. 4 hrs a month is pretty simple. A majority of the regulars know my face and often give a hello or even take the time 2 have a conversation. I really enjoy meeting up w/the Silver Sneakers group. Old folks that simply wanna talk. Oh, and I can listen. The rest of the time I walked around w/my earbuds in as I was preparing 4 a radio show.

On The Banks was incredible 4 me. You forget how different a daytime show is compared 2 night. More phone calls, people coming and going, faster pace, etc. It was the hobby I needed at that time. Rough start 2 the day and ended w/a radio show. All Is Well.

2day was going 2 be a riding day and it totally cracks me up because I was thinking last night about pulling out the 575 and riding some trails in Fruita Colorado. The rain on the way doesn't bother me and I am not a trail wrecker. NEVER HAVE BEEN!!! But its the damn wind. Lame, I Know, but just not a fan. After this blog I am still taking the Boy Dog 4 a hike in the desert. Looking at backing out on the ride. Hell, I may suck it up and ride the Racer but not going off-road 4 the 1st ride of the year. Just finished a session and adding a play listen 4 2nites radio show. Covering the Yellow Dog Radio at 6:30pm Mt Time Zone. Throwing out some classic rock, maybe? Never fails that I change my mind all day. Eric Clapton, The Who, Joe Walsh, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, And maybe some Crowded House. That kind of rock show. If you are reading my bog 4 the 1st time……. www dot kafmradio dot org…… Click on listen live

Anyway, I need 2 eat, finish up e-mails, make 2 calls, and load up Shadow Boy. Stay Strong

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Monday!!!

The last week of the Winter Games flew on by. Last night was the wrap up & I hosted quite a little party. Some of the radio folks heard about my opening ceremonies party & wanted 2 know about the closing. So we had Korean Short Ribs, brogues, a root based dish, & I slow cooked a Korean Seafood dish in the Crockpot. We had more food than we knew what 2 do with. And NBC so sucked!! Who gives 2 flying phuc's about Nancy & Tanya?!?!? Do You?? If I am way off the mark here, leave a comment 4 sure. The good news was that I was able 2 watch Americas Funniest Video w/o anyone asking me 2 turn it back 2 NBC.

Finally, the closing ceremonies came on at 7:30pm mt time zone. And Yes, I enjoyed the whole show. And Yes, I am sad that the games came 2 a close. Yes, I truly love the Olympic Games!!! I Do. Its hard 2 fathom the 2 weeks of Games were gone. How can that be???

2wards the end of last week, the miles added up on the road bike. Thursday, I went 4 a relaxing road ride. I left the house & really didn't have much of a plan as 2 where I was headed. A few streets down from here I turned south in a bike lane. That took me 2 the River Trail & east I rode. Everything felt right!! My legs had power, my elbows were soft, beautiful people were in motion, birds came alive, & before I knew it, I was in Palisade. Damn near 20 miles one way. I was on top of the world. As I turned back 2wards the west, SON OF A WITCH w/a capital B……… I was riding w/the wind the whole way east. Total Rookie Maneuver!!!

Once again, I simply pulled off the road. I sat 4 awhile. I looked around at the amazing Book Cliffs, the snow capped Grand Mesa, & turned my mind set around 2 make this a positive experience & reminded myself that everything is OK. Dude, You Are Alive!!! Roll Them Wheels!!! & thats what I did.

I had a really good ride. I worked on my hips, foucused on my posture, & powered the Ol' Midnight Racer into the wind. I won the mental game & felt strong. Shadow Boy was waiting on the step in the garage when I rolled up. He gave me that look of……. well, glad your ok but does this mean its the season of you riding most of the day while I wait???? He is such a damn good dog because he went out of his skin w/excitement when I walked in. He said he couldn't be mad at me.

Friday was an easy ride on the mt bike w/the BoB Trailer full of recycling. I wasn't stiff. I wasn't sore. My legs are coming around. Just haven't found my cardiovascular system yet. Saturday was a cleaning the house w/the front door wide open. Watched the Biathlon & Hockey Games from Sochi. Spring Clean feels so good!!! Shadow Boy called the backyard while I brought in the shop vac. There is something really satisfying after dusting. Really. Sunday the Boy Dog & I headed 4 the desert early because of the Olympics. I kinda blew it because I was fooled thinking it was warm out. 27F!!! The 1st 10min of our run was flippin' cold because of the wind. Shadow Boy was diggin' it. My legs felt pretty damn good. The desert was still soft in some places & I felt like I could go on 4 miles but I had 2 get back & cook 4 the party. So Shadow Boy & I had an out & back & called it good. He loves the desert like I love dessert. More Please.

So 2day is a full day. I have 2 appointments, helping the Blue Z move some sh*t at his place, & then a road ride 2 Little Park Road 2 meet up w/a new trail running group. I have been following a guy from Foot And Feathers blog & he moved 2 GJ & started a running group ( over the coarse of about 6months ) Mondays, Thursdays, & Saturdays. I am meeting w/them 4 biz & checking out a new trail as well. I won't be running w/them on Saturdays because they are scheduled 2 run 16-20 miles. 2day will be in the mid 50's & a few miles will work 4 me. All Is Well

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Colorado Weather

Made it 2 the recycling center before Mother Nature dropped some much needed rain…… Shadow & I didn't walk last night in the rain and I totally spaced the Plank Challenge…… I am treating this as a day off and will restart the 40 second mark…… Feeling Good & Living Large

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Damn Good Day….

New Inspiration….. Woke Up Feeling Gr8…..
Jumped On The Midnight Racer….. Heading up 2wards the Monument, the quads started 2 burn. Looking down, only 2 see, I was at the 2.3 mile mark. WHAT?!?!?!

That was the flash that woke me up. Are u confused? I mean, THIS is a road bike & its only my 2nd ride of 2014. Total Rookie Status. My body mechanics changed 4 the better w/n about 20yrds. Pulling up w/them hammies, Loosening the upper body, & Looking ahead. Becoming Aware Jedi He Is…...

So Monday, my friend Hugh, he invited me 2 head out 2 Moab, UT ( VIDEO IS COMING SOON ) w/him & 4 wheel around 4 the day. Pinto Bean, Shadow Boy, Hugh, & Myself on I-70 West!!! Hugh is what I needed & I didn't even know it. He brought up insights that I hadn't seen. We talked about community, volunteers, relationships, etc but it wasn't just bashing & bitching. We discussed ideas & possible improvements. Thats what I love about true conversation.
Lunch Loop Stories Coming Soon. Almost Out Of The Mud Season.

My ride was going well as I headed back 2wards town. I really felt relaxed & focus. Even though I was processing thoughts from Monday. My elbows felt much better & the Racer really felt under me. I was able 2 enjoy the moment & I began 2 absorb some windy vibrations coming FROM the Racer. Midnight Racer was wondering as if I was on a thin sheet of soft mud covered by water. Totally felt it coming on & controlled it w/o panicking. Looked at the rear 1st & then saw the low front tire failing even faster. Totally dailed in my surrounds, completely knew were I was, & slowly but quickly pulled over. I then walked the Racer just past my friend the rail guard. The very 1st thing I did was shot down some water & I remember being quite relaxed & happy. I even said 2 myself, " GOT THAT FLAT OF THE SEASON OUT OF THE WAY. " Easy 2 quick release the front, disengage the brake cable, my little blue tire leaver worked beautifully, & the "new" tube was installed in no time "flat". Feeling pleased about this. Very Pleased. Of course this is when the trouble shooting came into play. Is it this pump??? Is it the valve??? Its this dam pump??? Just as the ugly monster of frustration reared its ……… I told myself w/a smile," This is so much better than my best day driving trucks."
As you can see from the above photo, Houston WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! My spare tires were all cracked up from my jokes. Still pleased w/my tire change, still enjoying the day, safe location 4 me, the day is still bluebird gorgeous, & time is on my side. Pulled out the patch kit, found the original puncture, rubbed on some glue, cleaned up around me while it drys, took a photo of the obvious, placed the patch after the glue was beyond dry, reinstalled the tire carefully, & inflated like a champion. ALL W/O LOSING MY SH%T!!!

Back On The Ol' Midnight Racer & Away We Rode. Checked 4 air a few times while waiting at intersections. All Is Well. I even headed 2wards Hugh's 2 place a note in his door. Wanted 2 thank him again. Pretty damn happy w/the whole deal. Glad I rode 2day. Looking 2wards the adventure among the original.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Thursday Folks

Another Plank Done….. And I feel stronger in my guts…. HHHHEEEE HHHHhhhheeeeee

Yesterday simply ROCKED!!! Spent the whole day w/Amber. How Much Fun Is That??? It Was The Best!!!! Then, got some work done. Then, got the Boy Dog out. Then, why the phuc did I watch the qualifying Women's Half Pipe???? OK, Sochi hosted 9+ hours of racing and events and NBC shows us a very lame qualifier!?!?!? And why wouldn't the women go 1st and then the men??? Watching the men was OK but then watching women "fly" 11 feet is kinda lame. Oh, we watched it because not 1 BUT 2 Americans scored a medal. Right. The Americans blow chunks in XC so that won't be seen. Phuc U NBC

Anyway, the body feels good. My posture was been relaxed while out w/the Boy Dog. My hips have really opened up and my lower legs don't tighten up as quickly as they used 2. My ROM in my feet have improved, which pleases me. I might hit the track at Stoker Stadium 2nite if nobodies around. I do believe a road ride 2day because we should be slammed by the wind Friday. I don't care much 4 the wind while I am mt biking but I can't stand the wind while on my Midnight Racer. All I know is the trails are so muddy as we might hit mid 40's 2day & 2mar & the little bit of snow that is left will be gone by Saturday.

However, I will be stronger soon 4 trail running just as the trails dry out. AWESOME


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hump Day

12.88 On The Miles
Yes, broke out the Ol' Midnight Racer 2day. Earliest rode ride of the year in many years. I can't recall the last time I was on the rode bike in Feb. I am a winter guy. I focused on my posture, pulling up w/the hamstrings, full ROM in the ankles, staying loose w/the the elbows & shoulders, & remembering 2 look around as much as possible. Absolutely NO SPRINTS what so ever!!! No single leg workouts. Nothing stupid on my 1st ride. Does this make me old?????

Day 3 Plank Challenge: 20 done, 20 sec done, & 30 second 2nite after our walk. Last night I notice a little belly wobbling during the plank. I am feeling stronger overall & my little glut hasn't started shaking yet while planking it up. The foam roller has been kicking my A$$ & it feels Gr8!!! Rolling out the legs everyday this week. Thanx Shadow Boy!!

I am spending the day w/Amber from the foothills!!! She is coming 2 town & asked me what I was up 2. She Is The Best!!!!

Also, the Olympics have been awesome!!! The Primetime crap at night totally blows A$$ but the daytime coverage ROCKS!!! My biggest concern is this…….. Its 51F….. Hard 2 host the Winter Games when it hasn't snowed yet. Please ride your bike & leave the car where it sits.

I will update my training log on Friday from this past week. Its been a solid week 4 sure.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's New Training Guide

Awesome, Try It 4 Yourself!!!

Over the weekend, Shadow Boy & I went 2 a sushi rolling party. I renamed it SOCHI rolling party. Turns out, I found myself being the only Olympic enthusiast of the group until Jen showed up. Thats OK w/me. More on that later.

The one and only photo from the party. Stacy's father shot this deer, which we sampled, Shadow Boy couldn't leave it alone. He could smell fear, death, wildlife, etc. Who Knows?? Yes, Olympics on the TV!!!

So basically we all had a blast rolling up our own sushi rolls. We laughed and rolled like champions. After dinner, feeling stuffed, Shadow, Jen, & myself headed out the door. Mother Nature was dropping some of that beautiful white stuff and away we went. Jen is a funny little girl. She told me stories about her mt bike racing adventures, what she does 4 work, family gatherings, cross country skiing, and the way she speaks, its fluid and matter of fact. I enjoyed hearing her voice while the Boy Dog ran, sniffed, & marked when he wanted. All while the flakes landed on my face like little dots of happiness. That familiar sound of crunchies under each step makes me so happy. It really does!! The simple aspects of life. We were strolling alone when we came under the Red Cliff Bridge. Maybe thats not the name of it but it is what it is. As I was looking up into the falling flakes of snow, the memories of my childhood slapped me in the face. Not from that part of my growing pains but the good memories of growing up in snow storms, building tunnels from where the snow plows built up the berms, sledding down Colorado St from 5th St, and making snow angles but enjoying just laying there frozen in time and feeling those little flakes almost burn onto your face. Yes, it took me back. Back 2 those good times. Anyway, Jen was the comfort that helped me out of my funk. She had a soothing voice and was never over powering w/all the ME ME ME crap of tales. Thanx Jen

The next morning, came early, Shadow Boy and I headed 4 the Shriners Mine. The good folks of Red Cliff Colorado trade in their cars 4 snow machines and this Sunday was just that. Snow machines down  Main St, they rode up above me were you could only hear them and not see them. They rode in pairs, they rode in groups, and they rode 2 ride. I was very proud of Shadow because when he was off leash he ALWAYS came back when we could hear the next machine coming towards us. Just like when we stop 4 cars here in GJ when we are on our No Excuse loop. He would come 2 me and stop until I gave the BEST BOY acknowledgement. There were times that we were all alone and my ears almost hurt because it was so quiet.

The whole weekend was what I needed even though I didn't know it at the time. The Opening Ceremonies Friday night, the socializing Saturday night, and walking w/the Boy Dog. I feel mentally stronger and feel more likely 2 embrace this week ahead of me. Off 2 start my PLANK work out and push up routine.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday

Dig This Photo
I hooked up the GoPro on a 2 second time lapse and this is a shot while heading out of the garage. It wasn't 2 bad of a video but the cold weather shut off the GoPro so I simply deleted the file. No Biggie. On that particular ride, felt pretty good, over all. My quads felt loose, full ROM in the old ankles, and really enjoyed the views of the Colorado River, downtown shops, and drivers that were so pissed about what ever.

-13C Baby

Just told the Boy thats its FRIDAY!!! He was almost sound asleep and now…… He is out the doggie door like yesterday. He is happy everyday!!!

The Boy Dog's Print
We broke trail and his prints were so cool. They were frozen in time like a pictograph painted centeries ago on sandstone walls. Its so amazing how many humans walk this earth and only a few minutes away we find pure pristine untouched snow. A fresh blanket of mother nature and Shadow Boy and I ran around like school children. At one point, he was running circles around me while I pretended 2 snatch at his trail. His ears were back, his trail tucked, & his whole face gave that expression of digging in w/his paws 4 maximum traction and power. Then, the downward dog, off in the opposite direction and its on once again. The circle play of love!!!!

2nite I am hosting an Olympic Opening Ceremonies Party were everyone brings a Russian dish. I have looked 4ward 2 the Summer/Winter games as far back as I can remember. Even as a little spaz, I was blown away when we would family trip over 2 Squaw Valley and you could see the Olympic Rings hanging in front of that massive Sierra Mt slopes. I will never 4get watching the torch run right next 2 our backyard in 84 and the parade around the torch. My good friend Mark's older brother Kirk swam in the 88 Soul Summer Games. Atlanta Games, WoW!!! Then in 2002, the torch ran down Main St, here in GJ on its way 2 Salt Lake City. I was way impressed by the London Games and the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing China. Hope you saw the Beijing's Opening and Closing w/all the drumming and 3D work. AWESOME!!! I totally understand the cons around the games and the anti Olympic moods. I get it. I choose 2 see that the WORLD has 1 common denominator over the next 2 weeks. The WORLD becomes as 1 during the Olympic Games. The WORLD is viewing the same stage of athletes, drama, and traditions. Plus, when am I ever going 2 see Sochi, Brazil, China, etc???? On a side note, I still cherish attending the 2006 Common Wealth Games in Australia.

Enjoy the company of others, be in the moment, and help make a difference.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day……. AWESOME!!!!

We had a blast!!! Shadow Boy woke me up just before sunrise and told me 2 look outside. We scored another winter wonderland and we could be happier. Off we went!!

Started down our NO EXCUSE loop and WoW. About 2-4 inches of new snow covering solid sheets of ice. Him and I were heading west at a pretty good clip and thats when the Boy Dogs toes started flipping and slipping and down I went. He knew I went down hard and before I looked up, he was in my face checking on me. I must have pulled the sh*t out of his leash. And all of this chaos took place in about 1.3 seconds.

The trees on the south side of the street cooled the asphalt which allows the ice 2 build up. The city of GJ turned into a giant piƱata, a surprise around every corner. The rest of our walk was in intervals of training. We picked up the pace were the street allowed and then we tip toed when we knew it was a bed of ice. We took Ouary all the way down 2 the end and turned north on 2nd st. The snow was almost completely untouched until we started heading east. It took a few blocks 4 it 2 hit me that its because of the schools. All these "damn" moms drove their kids 2 school, the city threw out rock/salt on the roads, and what blew me away was all the moms sitting in their cars talking on their phone while their car sat at idle. No Global Warming Here. Diabetes, shut up and drink your coke 4 breakfast.

Unfair statements???? The 2nd elementary is about 3 blocks on down the road and IT WAS THE SAME SCENARIO PLAYING OUT!!! Cars lined up, running, and moms looking at me as if I was crazy 4 walking my dog in this snow "storm"

On 2wards the golf coarse we walked……….. And more reindeer games

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 2 Of The White Stuff

Shadow Boy & I have soooooooo been diggin' what Mother Nature is bringing!!! We took a walk on down towards Main Street and what a delight for sure. The lights covered in snow is magical. Hardly anybody was out and about.

This morning, it was still coming down………. Awesome!!!!!!

We are headed for the golf coarse

I will post photos soon

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday

Yes, its snowing!!!! Woke up and Mother Nature started dumping the white stuff 4 me. The flakes are drifting down w/o any wind. They are landing softly and covering the brown of our winter landscape. 

I am posting these photos because its a small statement of WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! Why Only 1 Day???? Tour de France organisers Amaury Sports Organisation has announced that a women’s one day race will coincide with the final day of this year’s Tour de France in Paris on July 27. This is a copy and reposting from the cycling news web site. Again, why only one day???

I enjoy all aspects of racing. I flew down under for the F1 big boys racing. I have attended Common Wealth Games. I have attended Winter Olympic games. Indy Cars, Baseball, High School Sports, College Games, etc. And I have logged hundreds of hours volunteering for a wide range of events.

Cycling, Triathlons, and Mt Bike racing brings a whole different melting pot of "racers" to the table. They bring comradery and spirit. Such As; 2 gals racing Labor Day Weekend  here in GJ and 1 blows a tire and the others stops and says," Do you need help?" Its a race but they takes the few seconds 2 check in. Awesome!! I was racing the Silver Rush 50 mt bike race in Leadville Colorado when 2 guys crashed in front of us. We all stopped and helped patch up and wait 4 an official 2 take the 1 racer out by 4x4.

Sports in general bring people together. Its a fact. Sports bring racially separated groups together, underprivileged lifestyles together, social gathers happen as a result of that common thread, SPORTS!!! So again, why are female pro racers only racing one damn day during the Tour? These gals should have their own Tour de France. Hell, they should race the same coarse the day before or the day after the men race. The coarse is already marked off, right??? How many $$$$$ would that bring??? Our Colorado Pro Tour in Aug would bring BILLIONS of dollars if the men raced and then the women raced the same tour. Remember, all these racers sign autographs and are real humans.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Thanx 4 my brother…… Many Thanx 2 My Bro…… He came by yesterday and MADE me leave the house w/him. Of all things, he took me 2 the CMU Lady's Basketball game. They were 18-0 and ranked #2 in the nation. NCAA Division II and ranked second in the nation??? Whole-----eeeee-----Smokes!!! So he had a coupon 2-for-1, 5:30pm start time, & away we went.

The stadium was packed and way flipping loud. We walked up 2 the ticket booth and The Dude asked if there was any kind of faculty discount. The lady asked if he his Mav's Card, which he produced. She says," You can go in." So he asked about me and she smiled and said," Just go in." SCORE!!!!! I am in ( $10 Adult Tix ) 4 freeeeeeeeeee. As we walked into the arena, I was blown away by how many visitors came 2 see and root 4 their team. Totally Awesome!! The Mav's Band was rockin' and on we went.

We sat about 5 rows up on the north end. We were lined up perfectly 2 watch the 3 pointers from the corner come out of the hands of the shooter. And them lady's can shoot the 3-Ball!! I don't know why I was so surprised, but them gals were physical. The 1st half ended in a tie, something like 44's, mid 40's at least. Then the adjustments were made in the locker room and the second half was a blow out. The Lady Mavs are now 19-0!! Congrats Girls!!!

The Boy's game was much faster. The pace was amazingly fast. The officiating was horrible. I mean the refs shouldn't have been paid 4 that game. The men kicked the crap out of the Colorado Christian State Cougars. The big men inside were just 2 powerful 4 the Cougars. The final score was 94 and something like 66 or 68 or whatever. However, it took my mind off the week. Thanx Dude!!!

So this morning I was up and the Boy Dog and I were walking into town. We wanted 2 check out the Bronco hype. Now its prep time as I am BBQ'n, stir fir veggies, rice, beans, and everyone can make their own burritos. Looks like everyone that is coming by will be bringing a dog as well. Its going 2 be loud, crazy, and rockin'!!! Bring It On!!!

Happy Sunday Folks!!! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! Show Me Some Funny A$$ Commercials!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ups & Downs

Team Building or Team Work
This past week was full of ups and downs. I can pass on FRIDAYS story. Lets just focus on the ups, shall we.

1) We finally got some snow!!! Only a few inches here. My friend Stacy recorded 31inches at here place!! My friend Jen's roof over the porch gave way 2 the wet stuff.

2) Really strong week at the gym. Saw lots of faces that were pretty damn happy 2 see me. Thats always AWESOME.

3) Hard 2 recall the rest as Friday just simply sucked

Here is a happier video 4 ya

Things 2 look 4ward 2 this week……… Well, the Super Bowl!!! Miles on the bike, swim at the gym, snow shoeing on the Mesa w/the Boy Dog, dancing like nobody's watching, opening ceremonies of the Winter Games, & a sushi rolling party on Saturday.

Let's stay positive and put 1 foot in front of the other, right?