Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Thursday Folks

Another Plank Done….. And I feel stronger in my guts…. HHHHEEEE HHHHhhhheeeeee

Yesterday simply ROCKED!!! Spent the whole day w/Amber. How Much Fun Is That??? It Was The Best!!!! Then, got some work done. Then, got the Boy Dog out. Then, why the phuc did I watch the qualifying Women's Half Pipe???? OK, Sochi hosted 9+ hours of racing and events and NBC shows us a very lame qualifier!?!?!? And why wouldn't the women go 1st and then the men??? Watching the men was OK but then watching women "fly" 11 feet is kinda lame. Oh, we watched it because not 1 BUT 2 Americans scored a medal. Right. The Americans blow chunks in XC so that won't be seen. Phuc U NBC

Anyway, the body feels good. My posture was been relaxed while out w/the Boy Dog. My hips have really opened up and my lower legs don't tighten up as quickly as they used 2. My ROM in my feet have improved, which pleases me. I might hit the track at Stoker Stadium 2nite if nobodies around. I do believe a road ride 2day because we should be slammed by the wind Friday. I don't care much 4 the wind while I am mt biking but I can't stand the wind while on my Midnight Racer. All I know is the trails are so muddy as we might hit mid 40's 2day & 2mar & the little bit of snow that is left will be gone by Saturday.

However, I will be stronger soon 4 trail running just as the trails dry out. AWESOME


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