Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day……. AWESOME!!!!

We had a blast!!! Shadow Boy woke me up just before sunrise and told me 2 look outside. We scored another winter wonderland and we could be happier. Off we went!!

Started down our NO EXCUSE loop and WoW. About 2-4 inches of new snow covering solid sheets of ice. Him and I were heading west at a pretty good clip and thats when the Boy Dogs toes started flipping and slipping and down I went. He knew I went down hard and before I looked up, he was in my face checking on me. I must have pulled the sh*t out of his leash. And all of this chaos took place in about 1.3 seconds.

The trees on the south side of the street cooled the asphalt which allows the ice 2 build up. The city of GJ turned into a giant piñata, a surprise around every corner. The rest of our walk was in intervals of training. We picked up the pace were the street allowed and then we tip toed when we knew it was a bed of ice. We took Ouary all the way down 2 the end and turned north on 2nd st. The snow was almost completely untouched until we started heading east. It took a few blocks 4 it 2 hit me that its because of the schools. All these "damn" moms drove their kids 2 school, the city threw out rock/salt on the roads, and what blew me away was all the moms sitting in their cars talking on their phone while their car sat at idle. No Global Warming Here. Diabetes, shut up and drink your coke 4 breakfast.

Unfair statements???? The 2nd elementary is about 3 blocks on down the road and IT WAS THE SAME SCENARIO PLAYING OUT!!! Cars lined up, running, and moms looking at me as if I was crazy 4 walking my dog in this snow "storm"

On 2wards the golf coarse we walked……….. And more reindeer games

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