Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Already????

Mt Shasta & The North West Has Been Rolling Around In My Mind
So Tuesday went well. Killer Kick A$$ session in the AM & I learned a lot about X-Country Skiing. Most of the Hr & 1/2 we discussed the Olympic Games. Right up my alley. Tuesday afternoon I hit the miles on the Ol' Midnight Racer. I didn't have the best responce out of my quads but maybe I didn't really try. Thinking back on it …….. Well…… Thinking….. I rode pretty much all flat ground. I know my posture was solid because my elbows felt Gr8 all day. I looked down at my lower legs a lot & its funny how I think my calves are pumping. Looking down now, where are they???? Hope skinny legs are still in. Wait, were they ever in????

Wed was awesome. Just over a year ago I was given the best gift. Our local gym offered me a trade out and has helped me save $386.oo BIG ONES!!! I clean their equipment for a FREE membership. Dude, Awesome Or What?? Plus, I am kinds sweet on the front desk gal. Yes, she is married. Yes, she is easily half my age. Yes, she is super cool. From 9am - 1pm I cleaned and sanitized everything I saw. 4 hrs a month is pretty simple. A majority of the regulars know my face and often give a hello or even take the time 2 have a conversation. I really enjoy meeting up w/the Silver Sneakers group. Old folks that simply wanna talk. Oh, and I can listen. The rest of the time I walked around w/my earbuds in as I was preparing 4 a radio show.

On The Banks was incredible 4 me. You forget how different a daytime show is compared 2 night. More phone calls, people coming and going, faster pace, etc. It was the hobby I needed at that time. Rough start 2 the day and ended w/a radio show. All Is Well.

2day was going 2 be a riding day and it totally cracks me up because I was thinking last night about pulling out the 575 and riding some trails in Fruita Colorado. The rain on the way doesn't bother me and I am not a trail wrecker. NEVER HAVE BEEN!!! But its the damn wind. Lame, I Know, but just not a fan. After this blog I am still taking the Boy Dog 4 a hike in the desert. Looking at backing out on the ride. Hell, I may suck it up and ride the Racer but not going off-road 4 the 1st ride of the year. Just finished a session and adding a play listen 4 2nites radio show. Covering the Yellow Dog Radio at 6:30pm Mt Time Zone. Throwing out some classic rock, maybe? Never fails that I change my mind all day. Eric Clapton, The Who, Joe Walsh, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, And maybe some Crowded House. That kind of rock show. If you are reading my bog 4 the 1st time……. www dot kafmradio dot org…… Click on listen live

Anyway, I need 2 eat, finish up e-mails, make 2 calls, and load up Shadow Boy. Stay Strong

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